Review Bike Sleeves is a Scam Online Store -Don’t be Deceived!

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Bicycle shop with bikes, cycling apparel and accessories from all top brands

Purchase a new bike online? It’s no longer unusual these days! Huge selection of goods and brands speaks in its favor. Good shops offer one-stop shopping for cycling acces­sories, spares and bike wear. All that is not a problem these days. No matter if you would like to buy a mountain bike or a road bike, a ladies’ bike or a children’s bike, you will find a huge selection of all these goods on the internet. But, the vendor should know what you are after, plus the price should be low enough to convince you. Look­ing for a test ride of the new bike and expert advice? Welcome, you will find all that at HIBIKE! No matter if you are going to visit our retail store in Kronberg or just taking a look at our bikes, parts and accessories online shop. We can offer Specialized and Trek from one source! In addition, we can offer many more premium brands such as Santa Cruz, Haibike, Coboc, Kona, Salsa, Suryl, Bergamont and Ghost!

About HIBIKE: MTB, road bike, E-Bike & more

We are your mail order selling for more than 25 years. Our online shops offers almost everything that has to do with mountain bikes, E-Bike, road bikes and utility bikes. We have star­ted in a garage with the import of suspension forks – nowadays HIBIKE belongs to the leading mail order sellers of bike accessories and cycling apparel. Located in Kron­berg( Rhine-Main-area, in the middle of the tri-city area of Frankfurt on the Main, Mainz and Wies­baden) we have the chance to practice what we preach: Riding bikes! This area has lots to offer. Big climbs and descents around the Gros­ser Feldberg mountain just nearby our store and remote road bike tours in the northern Taunus area are waiting for us every day. Mountain bike, cross country, downhill or road bike – we feel comfortable with any bike category. You will find an expert for any kind of riding in our shop – active road racers, weight wee­nies looking to save grams, downhill racers, single­speed lovers, dirt jumpers, commuters, long distance racers, cross coun­try riders, singletrack fanatics and many more. This is our specialty: We know how you feel and what cycling means to you, this is why you are in good hands shopping with us. Numerous Trusted Shops ratings confirm it – feel free to rate us as well!

Retail store with bike workshop in Kronberg:

HIBIKE is more than just a classical mail order vendor or a bicycle discounter. We have more than 1000 square meters in our retail store, where you can not only take a look at lots of bike bust test ride them as well. Our bike enthusiastic colleagues will love to give you expert advice to just about any topic related to bikes, parts and accessories. Our workshop staff can help to deal with both small issues and more complicated one. We can lace up wheels, service your shock and fork, face mill a frame and more. Get to know our bike guru Rainer whom you might know form our Youtube channel. Besides a nice selection of high class bikes of every kind and all top notch brands you can buy all bike parts and you will find a huge range of bike wear in every color and size, no matter if ladies’ or men’s versions. Some of the items could not find any space in the retail store, these are sitting in our big warehouse. These goods can be tried on and purchased locally as well.

Low shipping costs, easy payment and a slogan that tells everything: “One Love. Bikes!”

Our shipping costs are reasonable and we ship bikes and frames for free within Germany! You can pay via PayPal, credit card or bank/wired transfer. If you are going to pick up your order locally using your electronic cash card as well of course. If you order your apparel and bike parts in the morning, pay immediately and all the goods are in stock we usually can ship your parcel the same day.

Not just a bike store – you will meet lots of like-minded people at HIBIKE. We take cycling seriously and we are pride of it, this is why our slogan is “One Love. Bikes!” No mountain too steep, no descent too fast, no track too dirty – work, ride, sleep and do the same the next day. We offer expert advice and a mighty selection of brands in almost any category you or your bike might need: road bike shoes, bicycle helmets, bike jerseys, cycling gloves, bike backpacks, bike tires, cycle lights, bike trailers, and many more. We have got low priced offers and bargains all year long. Sign up for our newsletter! Here you will get news, promotions and vouchers every week!

Company: Best of the Best Plc
Founded: 2003
Prizes: Car
TOS: 16+
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +44 20 7371 8866

BOTB (Best Of The Best) Exposed — How to Win a Car?

BOTB Review

Ever dreams of owning that amazing car. offers just that. This is a weekly competition to win a dream car.

What Is

BOTB is a car drawing. It’s played weekly by purchasing tickets and the “spotting the ball”. You are shown a picture of a football match and you’ve got to guess where the ball should be. When the contest closes, the judges decide where the center of the ball is and then whoever is closest to this point wins. It’s that simple. Tickets range in price from £3 – £20 depending on which car you want to win. That was where I got seriously distracted surfing through the different vehicles. I seesawed between the Maserati and the Alfa Romeo.

Who Can Participate?

The BOTB’s game is open to anyone 16 years of age or older depending on the “age of majority” where you live. What is clear is anyone can play from anywhere – as long you don’t work for The only downside is if you do live outside the UK, there could be other costs on claiming your dream card.

What Are the Prizes Offered by BOTB?

For the Dream Car Competition, there is one car award. It looks like the winner gets to choose from the vehicles advertised. Any options or upgrades are paid by the winner. First prize includes insurance for the 1st year and one year warranty servicing. Winners have the option to take cash at a value of 80%. There are 20 runner-up prizes of £200 of Dream Car tickets for another competition. Oh, and if there is a tie for the Dream Car, the person who loses gets £500 cash and £500 worth of more tickets.

Who Owns

BOTB is a registered company in the UK listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange and has been around since 1999. They have a snail mail address, phone number and email address – plus an online form. This is the dream child of William Hindmarsh who always wanted to own that dream car and decided to set up a game for others to be able to do that.

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What Are the Terms & Conditions?

When I first looked at the prizes offered in BOTB’s Dream Car Competitions, I got all excited because I misread the small print. I thought it said that ticket entries to each of the prizes are limited to 150 people. What it actually says is, tickets are limited to 150 per person plus any “Supercharged Loyalty Club Tickets”. The Supercharged Club is a bonus system for extra tickets and refer-a-friend cash awards.

Also in the small print, if the car is delivered in the UK then UK VAT is paid by If it is delivered to Europe, UK VAT is paid, but any other costs like taxes, import duties and registration costs will paid by the winner. That goes for any other country. They’ll get to the closest port and then you’ve got to sort out the rest.

How to Collect a Prize? will contact the winner, but if they can’t within 5 days, then it goes to the next person. Disqualification can also take place if you break the rules of the game and mostly that looks like getting more than the limit on tickets. Winners have to provide a copy of their passport, prove the credit card used to purchase tickets was theirs, provide pictures of them and pose for photos and videos.

BOTB Feedback and Complaints

The reviews on their website are great though that would figure. does say they post everything said. Other sites were just as positive, so it looks like this site does just what it says it does – offers a car a week to win.

Is Scam or Legit?

This site looks legit and does exactly what it says – players can win a car a week.

Bottom Line at BOTB

What a riot! I love the concept of a chance to win my dream car. The spot the ball thing is a hilarious way to choose a winner. The only downside is not knowing how many other people you are playing against!


Amazing Cars to Win


No Info on Odds of Winning

Taxes and other Import Duties if You Win Outside the UK

BOTB gets a thumb’s up partly for its simplicity and partly for the amazing different dream cars to win. I’m going back to looking at cars!

Advice: How to tie down your motorcycle

So you’ve just bought an unregistered bike. Here’s how to get it home in one piece.

The ‘two wheels’ thing is the bit we love most about motorcycles, but it’s also the very reason they’re hard to stabilise if they’re not being ridden. And anyone who has had the displeasure of watching their bike fall over on solid ground will know effectively securing your pride and joy into a vehicle that will be moving is critical if you want to avoid damage. Here’s how.

The vehicle

The first thing you’ll need to work out is how you’ll transport your bike: ute or trailer. And just because you might know more people with a ute, and it might seem less effort than having to hitch up (and reverse!) a trailer, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will be more effective.

Compared to a trailer, ute trays are generally higher off the ground which is both more difficult and significantly more dangerous when trying to manhandle a motorcycle on or off it. Increased height means a steeper ramp angle and if it’s too steep the underside of the engine or fairing won’t clear the tray – so lower is always better.

Don’t be tempted to put the bike in gear and have it drive up the ramp under its own power because more often than not it will end in tears

For this reason, a trailer will generally be a better option and, if you have access to one, a specific motorcycle trailer is by far the most sensible way to go. Bike trailers have a few features which make the process infinitely easier; it will generally have wheel channels and a front-wheel chock, appropriately located tie-down points and, more often than not, a safe and effective ramp system which makes getting your bike into position loads easier.


The best ramp is a full-width drop-down affair found on some bike-specific trailers which allow you to walk alongside the bike all the way to where you’ll secure it. If you’re using a motorcycle ramp (far stronger and with more grip than a plank of wood), ensure the ramp has a solid footing and, where possible, secure it to the tray or trailer.

It’s a good idea to have a mate on the opposite side to you while you’re pushing it up to the top of the ramp. Don’t be tempted to put the bike in gear and have it drive up the ramp under its own power – unless you’re not extremely confident – because more often than not it will end in tears.

If the tray or trailer is too high for you to get up onto in a single step, grab a milk crate or something equally as sturdy to ensure getting from the ground and next to the motorcycle is a fast and smooth process. Engage neutral and once the front wheel of the bike is off the ramp and onto the flat surface, grab the front brake, and make sure your mate is steadying the machine while you step up alongside it.

Once on the same level, release the brake and manoeuvre the bike into position. If you’re using a specific bike trailer, ensure the bike is sitting in the centre of the channel and, if you’re using a regular trailer, try and get the bike as close to centre as possible. Once in position, lower the side stand – if it happens to topple over (towards the left), it’ll catch it.


Forget rope. Unless you’ve been tying down tarps over your semi-trailer for the last three decades, you’re not going to have the repertoire of knots needed to secure a motorcycle into a tray or trailer.

Invest in some good quality tie downs, either a ratchet or cam buckle-type, but make sure there are sturdy, plastic-covered hooks at either end. And it’s a good idea to have your tie-down straps laid out ready in position before you even begin loading. Don’t simply hook the end of the strap through the tie-down point – if the suspension compresses during transporting, it may detach altogether. Instead, thread the strap through the eyelet or tie-down point and return the strap back through the hook.

What happens at the business end of the straps will largely depend on the style of bike you’re transporting, but there’s a few rules that will generally mean you’ll get it to where it needs to be safely and damage free.

Using the same process as at the other end, thread the strap back on itself so that the soft webbing is wrapped around your bike and not the hard hooks which can rub. Up the front, the closer to the centre of the bike you can get purchase, the better, and go for the more sturdy items like triple clamps or fork legs.

Avoid the handlebars, as often the amount of force needed to secure a motorcycle is enough to bend them. To begin with, use just enough force on the first strap to hold the bike in position while you ready the other side. Tighten the straps to compress the suspension as best you can, but not to the point of blowing your fork seals, and always ensure you have equal pressure on both the left and right-hand side straps.

Once the front is done, it’s a good idea to secure the rear, too. It’s not essential to repeat the two-sided process at the back, but it is important to secure the rear end enough to ensure it won’t hop about over rough surfaces or hard braking.

And if you’re not removing the bike immediately once you’ve reached your destination, loosen the straps slightly to relieve the pressure on the fork seals until you’re ready to unload it.

Never be without a bike

Find a bike near you and unlock with your phone.

No results. See all cities

Update on Coronavirus / COVID-19

How it works


Open the Donkey Republic app
to see pick-up locations,
and rent it with your phone


Connect to the lock via Bluetooth
to lock and unlock your Donkey
whenever you make a stop


Short or long rentals.
Lock and unlock your bike
as much as you like


When you are done riding, bring
the Donkey to an available drop-off
location, end your rental in the app

Donkeys around the world

Explore our blog.

Update on Coronavirus/COVID-19

Science-Backed Benefits of Cycling Regularly

10 best travel apps you need in 2020

Cycling in Odense – Top things to see


What is Donkey Republic all about?

Hi there! We’re a Copenhagen-based company that’s building a global bike share platform – one app to access a bike in many locations in many cities around the world.

The Donkey Republic app allows you to find and unlock a bike with your phone in many cities around the world. That means that it’s now easier than ever to rent a bike wherever, whenever and saddle up in just a few clicks. No docking stations, no cash, no ID cards or deposits, no rental shop staff or opening hours. Just absolute freedom to explore the world on two wheels!

So far we’ve helped over 100,000 riders to take the world on two wheels.

Okay, so how do I rent a bike?

That’s super easy! Download our app on your mobile phone, find the nearest available Donkey bike and rent it in the app. You can rent up to 5 bikes, for short or long rental periods. You unlock the bike with the app through a Bluetooth connection. During the rental period, you can take the bike wherever you like and lock/unlock as much as you like. At the end of the rental you have to bring the Donkey to a drop-off location, this way we keep the city organised and help the next riders to find the bikes too.

How much does it cost to rent a bike?

Our bike rental prices vary for countries and cities. Get the exact price for your preferred pick-up location and rental time in the Donkey Republic App . Apart from short rides, we also offer monthly memberships plans for regular usage.

How do I unlock the bike?

You find your rental bike at the pick-up location by matching the bike name on the frame and info panel with the name shown in the app. Once you’re next to your bike, tap Unlock in the app . You will need to have Bluetooth and location turned on in your phone. The app will connect with the lock and unlock automatically.

Where can I leave the bike?

During your rental, you can lock your bike anywhere and it will be waiting for you. At the end of the rental, you must return the bike to any available drop-off location shown in the app. If you fail to return to an available drop-off location you may be charged a relocation fee.

The drop-off locations make sure bikes are kept orderly and don’t end up trashing your city! So remember to pay attention while parking your bike and consider your fellow cyclists and pedestrians.

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