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Centument Project 2.0 is SCAM! Beware of Fake Reviews

We have already discussed in detail the hideous nature of the Centument Project 2.0 as well as Gerald Reed. Our staff of researchers has provided a comprehensive overview of this SCAM and why we chose to BLACKLIST it in our impartial reviews. However, it seems a network of rogue affiliate marketers has been able to circumvent the Google search algorithm and are now spewing their lies and getting maximal exposure. It is worth mentioning that some of these affiliates have endorsed the original Centument LTD software and auto-trader, but are now doing some kind of flip flop and saying the new system is a SCAM. This lack of integrity serves as a live testimony in regards to the fickle nature of some industry-leading sites, and how money places a heavy hand on the way the information is presented to viewers and members. In the end, we are all influenced by what we read and a fake review is not only dangerous, it also diminishes and damages the reputation of so called “honest review sites” openly endorsing confirmed binary options investment scams like Centument Project 2.0.

Official Scam Site:

Proof of Fake Reviews
Below is an image representing a collection of fake reviews sites originally endorsing the the Centument LTD software. These websites have left the original reviews on their sites and are now claiming the second version is a SCAM. Some of them have even openly admitted on their website they made a mistake, while other simply don’t care. These affiliates are walking on thin ice and will eventually have to pay a price for their misdoings.
We are warning all our members and subscribers to be extra-vigilant about the Centument Project 2.0 software and Gerald Reed. Nothing good can come out of this fake app and you are bound to lose all your money if you decide to “test the waters” and risk depositing with one of their unregulated brokers.

Centument Project 2.0 Review – A Quick Recap
Here we have Mr Gerald Reed who is definitely NOT who he claims to be. We checked him out at FINRA and the NYSA and could not find any licensed broker by that name. This just adds an additional layer of suspicion to what is an already verified investment SCAM. Anyways, the story starts when this actor claims his software made millions for himself and his traders until it was “reverse-engineered by shady brokers” who “stole” money from his traders. Thankfully now they fixed this security breach and you can get your free beta-tester ticket but you must be an “action taker”.

I must admit, I have seen some pretty creative stories in my life but nothing like this. They are breaking every rule in the book and their pathetic attempt to lure potential customers into a web of lies and deception will result in a lot of grief and misery for a lot of innocent victims. The amount of fake testimonials and photo-shopped images puts to shame even the sleaziest systems.

Centument Project 2.0 Software
This auto-trader is the exact same replica of the previous app (Centument LTD), just designed and packaged differently. Even more so, their software that is “not supposed to ever lose trades”, but the image they posted themselves clearly indicates a losing trade (not to mention inaccurate payouts).

Again, these cheaters have neglected the details and this may be due to arrogance or a coincidental oversight on their end, either way we will make them pay for it by exposing their fraudulent software.

Will the Charge me For This Cheap Code?
Your bet! It’s going to cost you at least $250 and it will be collected via the broker they choose.

Similar Scams to Avoid
The ones that are topping our shortlist these days are Quantum Code, Lucrosa, Free Money System, and Drexel Code.

Signals, Auto-traders, Bots, and Trade Copiers
It is not every day we get to review a scam like Centument Project 2.0, but there are a ton of useless auto-traders out there which will drain your bank account very quickly. We have rejected all the losing auto-traders and showcase the best and most accurate systems in our recommended section.

Review Summary and Conclusions
The Centument Project 2.0 as well as Gerald Reed is an investment SCAM. We have proven this in our previous review, and to be honest there is no need to prove anything since Reed is openly admitting his software was compromised and he had a security breach that allowed “shady brokers” to manipulate payouts and steal money. In light of the severity of the events and the overwhelming evidence which has been compiled, we are warning all our members AGAIN – please avoid this APP because you will end up losing your money for sure. To learn more join our Facebook Page and YouTube channel.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2021:
  • EvoTrade

    The Best Broker! 15 000 $ Welcome Bonus!

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    NS Broker

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Scamming the Scammed – ‘Recovery Experts’ Target Binary Options Victims

Fraudsters are promising individuals who lost money to binary options scams that they will get their money back

Many of our readers here at Finance Magnates will be familiar with the swathe of scam artists and con-men that made up a large contingent of the binary options industry. From rigging trades, preventing withdrawals and encouraging bad trades, many firms made millions fleecing innocent people of their hard-earned cash.

As a result of this, some regulatory authorities have now banned the sale of binary options to retail clients. Just last week, for instance, the European Securities and Markets Authority announced that it would be extending its binary options ban for another three months.

These bans may prevent investors from being scammed in the future but for those who have lost their money they offer only minor consolation. In fact, getting money back from scammers, who remain almost entirely anonymous, has been a challenge for most of the victims of binary options scams.

The recovery experts

Into this void has stepped a new type of con-artist – the ‘recovery expert’. Playing on the desperation of those who have fallen prey to scam artists, these people appear to be trying to trick the ex-clientele of binary options into parting with more of their money.

Finding these people is not difficult. Peruse the comments section of any news article covering binary options and you are likely to find a post along the following lines: I lost a lot of money trading binary options, thankfully company X helped me get my money back – just email company X here to find out more.

Dunde Wealth Recovery Group which claims to be regulated by the FCA

A visit to one of these websites generally yields similar results. Fake office addresses, fake US phone numbers and no indication as to who actually works for the firm.

Unsurprisingly, it appears that these firms also require up-front payments so that they can start your case. Of course, the likelihood of you ever seeing that money again is minimal.

One of the firms, Binary Options Recovery Specialist, even offers a set of hacking services, including password ‘recovery’ and credit score editing, alongside its binary options recovery resources. Anyone wishing to use their services must also pay in cryptocurrency – making it nearly impossible to determine who you are actually sending money to.

Another company, Dunde Wealth Recovery Group, even claims that it is owned by Merrill Edge – an online brokerage service owned by Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Not only this, but the firm’s site also says it is regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority, despite the company claiming that its office is in New York.

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US phone number, Ukrainian office

Determining who operates these sites is difficult but, in a couple of cases, we can see that they are not based where they say they are.

Users of Scam Warners found that investigators247, a site that claims it can recover funds lost to binary options scammers, was registered in Odessa, Ukraine, by Qui Hoang. This is despite the fact that the firm lists American phone numbers on its website.

A similar website, Wealth Recovery Now, lists its address as being in Ohio and provides users with a US contact number. The site, however, was registered in Canada and the person that set it up did not provide any name or contact information.

Preventative measures

There are two main driving factors behind the creation of these scam websites. Most importantly, those that have lost money from binary options are usually desperate. These are not billionaires who can stand to lose a few hundred grand but regular people who may have lost their entire life savings.

Anyone in that position is likely to be desperate for help. This is especially true given how hard it has been for proper authorities, be it regulators or the police, to tackle scammers, most of whom are abroad and operate anonymously.

Binary Options Recovery – the site also offers hacking services

As such, those claiming that they can get people’s money back are catering to people who are likely in a state of despair. They need to get their money back and have a very small number of avenues to pursue in order to make that happen.

Equally important in this instance is, sadly, gullibility. People who have fallen prey to binary options scams are likely to have a limited understanding of trading, technology and financial regulation.

The scammers claiming that they will be able to get their money back are fully aware of this. Indeed, they use this fact to prey on them more and to take even more money from them.

Preventing such people from operating seems like a Sisyphean task. The site operators are difficult to find and, as soon one is shut down, another pops up somewhere else.

Perhaps the best means of stopping them would be to stop the supply of victims. Authorities could ensure there are better means of recourse and, as hard as it may be for them, victims of binary options brokers should not be tempted by any offers of funds recovery that sound too good to be true.

Binary Options ATM Review: SCAM software with Proofs!!

Is Copy Buffett Software a SCAM? SHOCKING NEWS!

Is Copy Buffett Fake Scam? How much money can you REALLY make? How many trades per day will you get?

Brand new trading service was released recently called “Copy Buffett Software”. Interestingly but this service has become pretty viral in such a short time. We were extremely skeptical about this service, we were nearly 100% sure that Copy Buffett Software is a scam. We decided to move to the next level by checking this software out and by writing an objective scam review about it. Continue reading to find out if this is yet another money stealing scam?

Official Website:


  • Copy Buffett Software is Available in most countries: Yes
  • Fishy browser popups: No
  • Software Promises unrealistic profits: No
  • Seems legit software: Yes
  • Realistic profit gain: Yes
  • Price: Free of charge for 30 Days. (sign up with one of the given brokers)
  • Responsive customer support: Yes, tested

Copy Buffett Software is a binary options trading software which is completely different from other BO autotraders out there. First of all let’s see who is behind this strange app.

Copy Buffett Software is based on Warren Buffett’s investing algorithms. For those who don’t know Warren Buffett is well known American business magnate who appears to be one of the most successful investors in the World. Don’t take our word for it, here is proof from Wikipedia: Warren Buffett

In fact he started his investment journey at age 11. That’s when he purchased 3 shares of Cities Service Preferred for himself and another 3 for his sister Doris Buffett who is now a founder The Sunshine Lady Foundation. At the age of 15, Warren was able to make more than $175 per month delivering newspapers “Washington Post”. The main key of Warren Buffett’s success was his ability to select the right stocks and commodities to trade.

Copy Buffett Software Proved to Be a Scam?

The actual creator of Copy Buffett Software is Jeremy Fin. He later explained that Warren Buffett is like a Greek God to him. He has learned a lot from Warren Buffett therefore he decided to move to the next level by developing a trading software that uses Mr. Buffett’s algorithm. Even though Jeremy is full time software developer it took him some time to do in-depth research about Buffet’s trading and investment methods which later were implemented into a autotrading application. We tried to look for information to find out whether Jeremy Fin is the actual developer of Copy Buffett Software. We found some of his social media profiles where it was mentioned that he is working in Software development niche, although we couldn’t confirm if he is behind Copy Buffett Software bot. Frankly it makes sense as he mentioned that he doesn’t want to be known as an IT guru or some kind of a computer freak. Althogh we really wanted to confirm his connection to Copy Buffett Software, but I guess it may be too early at this stage as this BO autotrader has only been released.

On the other hand there is vast amount of information in relation to Mr. Buffet’s investment techniques and strategies. In video Jeremy didn’t explain which method (s) and strategy (s) has been replicated in Copy Buffett Software exactly. Two most heard Buffet’s strategies are History Trend Strategy and Value Strategy. You can read more about his strategies here: Warren Buffett Strategies (Wikipedia)

Furthermore we did a background check about testimonials which you can see at the bottom of webpage. After we done our research we can confirm that few of those identities are real although we can’t say that all of them are as we couldn’t find 2 member identities. On the other hand we are completely sure that Copy Buffett Software is not using fake actors. We don’t say this often, but this is a good sign.

Is it possible to generate $19,800 is a month?

In case you are wondering if it’s possible to generate $19,800 in a month with initial deposit of $250 in binary options, please take a look at this spreadsheet. You can also save it for your own records as it may be used as a tracking tool to keep record of your win rate and trades. Alternatively you can also use this as a tracking tool for Copy Buffett Software.

Author: Sam from EasyTradingSignals

Click here to download free binary options tracker: TRACKING TOOL

You might be asking is it really possible to generate decent amount of profits in binary options? The answer is Yes absolutely, but remember that you have to be wise and patient about it. Binary options allows you to start with a very low initial deposit which can be enough in order to generate reasonable profits. Just remember that patience and emotional discipline is a key to success in binary options trading. Make sure you invest small at the beginning and then increase your investment per trade only when you feel comfortable to do so.

How Much Copy Buffett Software Cost?

Copy Buffett Software is available free of charge, but not for long. You can use this binary options system Free for first 30 Days ONLY! If you are happy with Copy Buffett Software after 30 days then you will be asked to extend the subscription by confirming your account. It is easily done by contacting their support team through email and they will set everything up for you within few minutes. Where is the CATCH? Well, if you are happy with Copy Buffett Software then you will be required to pay 5% from your generated profits. Honestly this is nothing alarming due to the fact that expecting ITM success performance with this autotrader is over %80. We personally have used this software for nearly few hours now and it generated %82.5 ITM so far. We will certainly record live trading video on our Youtube channel so that you can see the interface and how this system actually works.

VERDICT: We don’t say this often, but after testing this system we want to say that Copy Buffett Software is not a scam!

It’s nearly impossible to find accurate, reliable and trusted binary options signals or autotrading service nowadays, because most of them turn out to be unregulated online scams. however is not a scam, were able to generate 82.5% ITM success rate so far. We will publish our Live trading results video shortly. After our deep research we are sure that Copy-Buffet-Software is not associated with online scams and frauds.

How to Sign Up with the Copy Buffett Software ?

  1. Clear your cookies (CTRL+SHIFT+DEL) in order to avoid any technical issues with your assigned broker during the registration step.
  2. Enter your name and Email on in order to open your trading account based on your details.
  3. Fund your trading account with your assigned broker (minimum initial deposit is normally $250). Invested money is yours and you can make withdrawal anytime you want.
  4. Start making money with Copy Buffett Software!

Thank you for reading our Copy Buffett Software is scam performance review.

ExpertOption Review

A large number of traders have joined the binary options trading market fray due to its increasing popularity. This has resulted in the creation of a big pool of binary option robots with the aim at tapping into this expanding market base. Most traders are grappling with the idea of which, among these robots are best to trade with. Many program developers associated with binary option robots and option signals are hugely motivated by the profits to be acquired in this type of trade. This fact alone has resulted in the presence of different types of programs that have flooded the market giving leeway to imitations and scams that want to get the most of hapless traders.

Any trader in the binary options kind of trading should be aware of this and try as much as possible to invest in a little bit of knowledge lest s/he falls into the trap of unscrupulous traders whose main aim is to exploit the ignorant. This review of ExpertOption will give us a peek on how to choose the best option in terms of robots and best binary option brokers. IQ Option for example is one of them, let see if Expert Option is too.

ExpertOption Review

This broker is a relatively new entrant in the binary options trade and it is owned by Expert options limited located in St Vincent and the Grenadines. They have a trading platform that is simple and easy to use. Their trading assets include most Forex Pairs, Market Indices like S&P500 and Oil. They offer competitive payouts on various options with a record breaking time duration of 5 minutes. One can also select a time frame of between 60 seconds and 5 minute expiration. Longer time frames are expected to be in effect soon. This broker is widely recognized in Russia because they are licensed by CROFR (Financial Market Relations Regulation Center). Their website is in the Russian and English languages. This broker was established in 2020 and it is a relatively new entrant in the binary options trading scene. The site has popularity in Russia and features other languages like English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Hindi languages. The broker has taken advantage of their trading platform to meet the needs of binary option traders.

expert options main page

How Binary Option Robot Can Change Your Life? Check This Out!

Is Expert Option SCAM or NOT? Read NOW and Trade Better Tomorrow!! 100% Honest Scam Investigation Make Money While You Sleep! Start TODAY!!

How to Make Money with Binary Option Robot

Top Binary Option Robots in Russia

Claim your free binary option robot, get started with three easy steps:

  • Name of Robot
  • Min. Investment
  • Min. Deposit
  • Rating
  • 1. Your Binary Option Robot will analyse the market and decide, which asset (currencies, indices, commodities and stocks), is right to trade at that point in time.

    2. The Binary Option Robot Will Predict the Price Movement

    Your robot will assess a wide-range of factors, and then make a prediction on how the assets price will move, saying: Call (up) if it believes the price will rise and Put (down), if it believes the price will fall.

    3. Decide on how much you want to Invest

    Then you need to decide how much you want to invest in the commodity and when that investment will expire.

    4. Collect your Earnings

    Finally, you collect your earnings (the good part!)


    Get a binary option robot for free by clicking on the button below and learn how you can make money while you sleep!

    What does ExpertOption have to offer?

    1. ExpertOption trading software – This is a software that is wholly developed and used by ExpertOptions and it is exclusive to this broker. Most brokers use platforms from other service providers but that is not the case with ExpertOption which uses its very own. This is their proprietary software with a simple interface that is easy to use for both new and experienced traders. It consists of some features which allow traders to perform technical aspects of the trade that are necessary in maximizing their profits and at the same time executing their transactions promptly.
    2. Educational materials – The site has very useful and informative materials in the education section that actually helps newbies to come to terms with the operations of the binary options trade. It not only offers strategic advice about this trade but also provides a glossary of terms and analytical information that are relevant to any eager trader.
    3. Mobile trading platform – ExpertOption takes care of all types of traders including those who are on the go by providing an efficient mobile service for all its customers. This mobile platform is available in the app format and can be downloaded through Google Play and Apple Stores. It is very suitable for those traders who are on the move and would wish to check on their assets anytime they wish to.
    4. Assets – They have quite a number of trading assets that range from Market Indices, Forex Pairs, Commodities, Gold and Oil. Their Market Indices feature very popular and widely reputable firms like S&P500.
    5. Continuous stream of trading signals – The ExpertOption platform has a great feature when it comes to streaming of trading signals. It has a continuous stream of trading signals and alerts. These signals encompass all their assets and include the Neutral or Sell and strong Sell and the Strong Buy signals. These signals are important in the binary options trade and it is crucial to understand what they are based on and this call for a demo.

    ExpertOptions Account Features

    ExpertOption offers a variety of trading accounts that meets the needs of different types of traders. These accounts include:

    • Mini account – It is a basic account that can be opened with a deposit of only 50 dollars. It has a maximum number of 10 open deals with a maximum of 20 dollars per deal. It also offers educational training materials related to the binary options trade and also incorporates a 50% bonus.
    • Silver account – This account is for the more experienced traders and can be opened with a deposit amount of 250 dollars. It features bonuses which can be as high as 75%.
    • Gold account – This account can be opened with an initial deposit of 1000 dollars and has very attractive benefits like priority withdrawals, increasing asset profits and personal consultation with a leading trading partner.
    • VIP account – This is a top level account that takes up all the features of the gold account and also includes an analysis of the trader’s individual history. It has bonuses that go as high as 125% and is especially beneficial for experienced traders. A demo account is also available for free and is useful in familiarizing one about the site and its operations.

    expert options accounts


    Traders wishing to open an account with ExpertOption have a wide range of options including the most traditional to the more contemporary e-Wallets banking methods. The minimum deposit amount is just 10 dollars and this makes the site a simple and easily accessible one. This amount is the lowest in the industry and is a good motivating factor to new traders who would wish to gain trading experience. ExpertOption has a very quick and efficient withdrawal and deposit system which guarantees short turnaround times with a good customer support facility. All traders’ funds are held in European banks that are secure and which enable traders to have a peace of mind when trading.


    ExpertOptions, just like any binary options broker, lets traders make deposits by using the standard methods of payments which consist the use of credit cards. Among the most popular credit cards that are accepted here include Visa, Maestro, MasterCard, and American Express among others. Deposits by wire transfer and other e-Wallet methods are also accepted. Safepay and Skrill are also available to any potential trader in this trading platform.


    ExpertOption offers a professional platform for trading which offers really easy and simple earnings in binary options type of trading. They offer many tools for trading that features the most perfect conditions for trading in the industry. Each and every trade is watched in real time by experienced trade experts. ExpertOption also provides the best and fastest withdrawal features in the industry in which money is able to reach your e-Wallet or your card in the shortest time possible. The transactions are commission free and involve a wide range of payment methods apart from those mentioned above.

    expert options details

    ExpertOption Promises vs. Reality

    Like any other broker, ExpertOption use marketing strategies to entice traders to their binary options trading platform by using attractive sales language. However, when one closely checks the site the story is entirely different because some traders feel that the site is not genuine. This is because the site is not that transparent and does not provide the much needed information to the trader. Finding helpful information about the site is challenging thus making it opaque and one that does not satisfy the needs of its customers. This scenario makes it very difficult for any trader to trust it.

    The site also features a demo account that is supposed to allow a trader to learn more about the binary options trade but the transition to the main account is a big problem because it directs one to the trading area. The profits one is supposed to get in a demo account are highly exaggerated and this makes the site to appear unreliable because it promises high returns which are not possible in a live trading session. The demo account is therefore viewed as an enticing one rather than one that is honest in trading.

    When it comes to bonuses and promotions one expects that the site will provide clear guidelines on how the features will be rolled out. The promise of fast withdrawals of the said bonuses stares any other trader on the face because when you check the terms and conditions relating to bonus withdrawals you find that it is not that easy to retrieve your withdrawals once you make your initial deposit because the bonuses are usually tied up with the withdrawal process which is rigorous and discouraging.

    Shortcomings of ExpertOption

    This broker is a relatively new entrant in the industry and this makes it a big problem for many traders especially when it comes to confidence issues. Among its greatest shortcomings are the following features which are so profound and need to be improved upon.

    1. Withdrawals and deposits – ExpertOption has transparency issues when it comes to deposits and withdrawals because it does not set out clear guidelines on how these can be transacted. Many traders find this to be a big challenge because it does not give them room to make informed decisions. This has resulted to several complaints by traders. ExpertOption just bought a set up website that has never been customized to the traders’ requirements. This makes it just a site that is not in touch with the needs of its customers.
    2. Customer support – Information on how to communicate with customer support is scanty and this leaves most traders at crossroads because some of them cannot invest in a trading platform that seems not to have a customer care representative. It is so disheartening to find that most of the times the language of choice is only in Russian. This seems like an isolationist policy to majority of traders who come from other countries across the globe. This is why the site has a very small customer base.
    3. License and regulations – ExpertOption brokers are not licensed by any Licensing agency with authority of repute and one that is trusted by many investors like CySEC. The licensing authority in the name of CROFR is locally based and this makes ExpertOption to have confidence issues with traders who are willing to trade on its platform. They view it as a local broker that is not compliant with international standards and most of them would rather trade with other well known binary options brokers. Most traders recognize brokers who have a CySEC certification and ExpertOption is not one of them.
    4. Withdrawal policy – As stated earlier, their withdrawal policy is their main undoing since it is shrouded in secrecy and oblique and this makes most traders to shy away from it because they are unable to make informed investment decisions in such a situation.

    expert options allows to copy best deals

    FAQ on Expert Options

    This article provides answers to the most frequently asked questions about the expert options. The FAQ deals with the various topics ranging from promoters to the customer support.

    • What are the available withdrawal & deposit methods?

    The expert options allow you to withdraw or deposit funds through credit or debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro), UnionPay, Skrill, Neteller, Payweb, PerfectMoney, Qiwi, Yandex Money, and Webmoney.

    • Who are the promoter and its registered address?

    The ExpertOption Ltd is the promoter company located at Saint Vincent & the Grenadines, 1510, Kingstown, Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre with registration number 22863 IBC 2020).

    • Is it a licensed broker and who is the licensing authority?

    The brokerage company is registered with the self-regulatory body called FMRRC (Financial Market Relations Regulations Centre) and has received license No: TSRF RU 0395 Vv0099 which is valid until 8 th September 2020.

    The company has also received a license to be dealers in securities from the Republic of Vanuatu on 6 th January 2020 and valid till 5 th January 2020 having license number 15014.

    • What is the platform used by the Expert Options?

    The Expert Options utilizes the in-house developed platform to drive the trading the binary options.

    • Does Expert Options offer demo account?

    Yes, the Expert Option offers one-click demo account which can be used without registering on the platform. The demo account provides $ 10,000 virtual currencies for testing the platform.

    • What are the assets available for trading?

    The website provides more than 50 assets to trade under the four categories: stocks, indices, commodities, and currency pairs.

    Expert Option Trading Platform

    • What is the overall expiry range?

    The Expert Options provides expiries ranging from 60 seconds to 5 – minutes.

    • What are the minimum deposits and a minimum per trade amount requirements?

    Being a retail friendly brokerage house, the Expert Options allows you to deposit a minimum of $ 10 and $ 1 as the per trade investment amount.

    • What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

    The brokerage house allows its investor to withdraw a minimum of $ 10 through their preferred mode of payment.

    • What are the bonuses and benefits for the registered customers?

    The Expert Options offers up to 100 percent on the initial deposit, while it offers the bonuses from 25 percent to 125 percent on the consequent deposits.

    Besides the monetary benefits, the company offers several other benefits like a personal manager, priority withdrawal, trading analysis amongst others.

    • What are the several account types offered by the Expert Option?

    The Expert Options offers four different account types based on the amount of deposit made. It offers a Mini Account type with a minimum deposit of $ 50, the Silver Account with a minimum deposit of $ 250, the Gold account on the deposit of $ 1,000, and the VIP account with $ 2,500 minimum deposit which offers entire bouquet of exclusive benefits.

    • What is the Return on Investment per trade?

    The Expert Options provides up to 95 percent payouts on winning trades. Meaning, on an investment of $ 100 per trade, the winning trade will get you up to $ 95 profits.

    • How can you connect with the customer support of the Expert Option?

    The Expert Option provides its customer support services through many channels including web forms, online chat, e-mail, and phone.

    The following table lists all the customer care numbers and their respective e-mail addresses.

    ExpertOpption Customer Support

    Questions Before Making The Selection of The Binary Broker

    The binary trading has come a long way and has been flooding with many players. These brokerage houses or the websites offers the same thing but with some distinct benefits to differentiate themselves. Though every binary brokerage site looks the same, there are some key parameters which one must consider while making the selection.

    Our endeavor here is to provide you the list of questions which should form the basis of your ultimate selection. Though the list is not an exhaustive one, it definitely provides the fair idea on each of the key selection parameters and why that parameter is important in the selection process.

    Who Is Behind The Brokerage Site?

    The first and foremost thing before making the selection is to try and answer the above question with as much information as possible. The question is very relevant as the answer to the above question will throw more light on the hidden agenda if any. The hiding promoters should always be avoided.

    What Drives The Website?

    The answer to the above question will provide information regarding the platform which is being used by the website. It should also inform you about the aesthetics of the website and the platform itself. The unprofessional or hard-to-learn platform should be given fewer marks compared to the highly professional and user-friendly trading platform.

    Does It Offer a Demo Account To Test Your Strategies?

    This makes a lot of sense for beginners as well as for the professional trader, as it allows them to test the platform and its usability beforehand. This way the traders can rest assured that whenever he starts using the platform the trading experience will be smooth and comforting.

    What Are The Available Tools for The Trading

    Trading is an art and requires a thorough understanding of the fundamental analysis and the technical analysis. The traders in the binary arena utilize several tools and technical indicators to place their trades. The answer to the above question provides detailed information regarding the available tools for charting, availability of technical indicators, and availability of signals to trade.

    What Is The Extra Features

    The question pertains to the available bonuses of various types including deposit, re-deposit, and/or volume basis bonuses. These bonuses provide an additional amount for the trading and increase your chances of winnings. Though higher bonuses are welcome, low bonuses do not mean bad offerings. You should try to assess the offerings in the totality rather than evaluating the broker only on the basis of the bonuses.

    What Is the Return on Investment?

    As a trader, the trading is being carried out to earn money and hence this parameter is of prime importance. The answer to the above question will give you an idea about how much money you can make by investing $ 100 in a security. The payouts offered by the various broker is an important parameter which forms the basis for the Return On Investment. Higher payouts are welcome but need to scan the broker holistically rather than evaluating only on one single parameter.

    How Do Your Finances Are Being Handled?

    The deposit and the withdrawal process followed by the brokerage website give you an idea on how can you make the deposit and whether the available banking options suits you’re not. Your selection should be based on your preferred finance handling method.

    Expert Option Features

    What Can You Trade and How?

    The available trading choices of assets and option types form the basis to answer the above question. The range of assets (forex pairs, commodities, stocks, and indices) and the number of assets should meet your requirements. Also, the expiry ranges available (60-seconds to 6-months) should be evaluated before enrolling in the website. This is a key question as the non-availability of your choice of asset and expiry range should definitely be avoided.

    Do They Answer to All Your Questions?

    The answer to the above question will provide information regarding the customer support offered by the brokerage house. The robust customer support will assist you on all walk of the trading as well as ongoing support for the future queries you may have. The availability of local phone or local language is the most preferred though not an essential requirement. You should assess the customer support on the basis of your preferred way of communication.

    All the above question should be asked while evaluating the brokerage site. Though the list is not an exhaustive one, the above are the minimum question which one should ask while conducting the assessment. The above questions will help you assess the brokerage house better and should also help you not to fall prey to the scam artists. We would also recommend you to read our review on various brokerage houses to get an unbiased view of the services rendered by these operators.


    It is expected that brokers in this kind of trade to have shortcomings as none of these brokers have the capacity to put up a perfectly error free outfit. But when the weak points outweigh the strong points by far then there is reason to raise the red flag. When one critically looks at ExpertOption it is very difficult to draw conclusions. This is not a good sign because a good site is supposed to make an instant impact to any new trader but that is not the case with ExpertOption which has some glaring confidence issues. Their trading platform features a robot software that is largely unknown and one that has not been extensively tested.

    It is in this regard that one has to turn to the most popular and widely used software in the industry. The Binary Option Robot software is the most trusted and widely used software in the industry and one that guarantees a trader’s security and safety in terms of their investments and also peace of mind. This robot has received very many positive reviews from experienced as well as novice traders who have placed trust in its capabilities. It is very easy to sign up to the Binary Option Robot because it is free of any charges. It has the capability of providing any willing trader with benefits which are way beyond any other software in the market especially when it comes to limiting your losses on a day on day basis. With its Automatic Stop Loss program, you can never go wrong on any investment decision made. It also give you the chance to choose your own experienced broker among a wide selection of reputable brokers who have passed the rigorous Binary Option Robot’s most respected tests.

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