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Free Binary Options Signals – Are They Really Free?

There is a saying that if something good is for free, then it can’t be that good. Free binary options signals is no exception, however there are a few legitimate ways to receive quality signals for free.

Today, in the age of aggressive technological progress we are often bombarded by a multitude of products and services for free. However, as we all know, these so called freebies always have a catch.

There are five major promotional tools that push the offer of free binary option signals online:

  1. Free automated signals offered to users via a trading robot
  2. Free signals when users join a specific broker
  3. Free signals by self-proclaimed ‘trading gurus’
  4. Trading indicators with free signals
  5. Free signals provided on social trading platforms

In many cases all three promotional setups and methods ultimately lead to the same purpose, to get the users to sign up to a specific broker.

Binary brokers spend a lot of money on various promotional tools to get as many people trading on their platform as possible. Running this blog we also get offers from many binary options brokers who want a platform to advertise their service.

Free signals offered for users if they subscribe to auto-trading

There are many binary options trading robots available online. They are often being marketed as free signals. Most of the binary options robots are free to sign up, however as trading requires to deposit money with a binary broker, many free trading robots force users to sign up to a specific broker. Sometimes the user is offered a few brokers to choose from within their trading robot system.

One of the reasons the trading robot signals are offered for free is because with each new user sign up the trading robot owners will be paid commission from each user and also a percentage from his/her additional deposits. Most brokers pay about $200-400 per each new qualified user (a client that deposits money), so 50 new users per month will make 10.000-20,000.

Letting a robot trade your account using fully automated signals can be extremely risky, but there is a lot of people who will argue the case for automated trading. They claim it as trading with no human emotion, which can be quite effective but it works much better in Forex trading which allows greater risk control and stop losses.

Too many people heard of high-frequency trading by robots and AI that is used in Forex on daily basis and they assume this is very similar. However, this type of automated binary options signalling service has nothing to do with high-frequency trading capabilities.

In HFT companies use very expensive and complex AI systems and computers directly connected to the markets, this is not the case with any binary option broker or any binary option robot.

Free signals when users join a binary broker

Many brokers have realized the potential of acquiring new clients by offering them a binary options signal service. Usually they guarantee a certain percentage of wins. It used to be that these signals were issued by the actual brokers themselves, but now the signal services offered by brokers are provided by a third party company or professional freelance traders.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:

    The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Perfect For Beginners and Middle-Leveled Traders!
    Free Education.
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This makes the system a little bit more neutral because there seems to be no conflict of interest. Remember that when you trade binary options you essentially trade against your broker and other traders. For this reason some brokers have recently closed free signals offers in exchange for other incentives.

If you find a broker that still offers a free signalling service, remember that just as we mentioned in the beginning of this article, nothing is for free. The idea is that when you sign up to a signal service with a particular broker you will trade on the signals.

The more you trade the more money the broker is able to make. It’s that simple. Although those free binary options signals might achieve a certain rate, reaching that level in a live environment is seldom possible due to server delays, late entries, or other aspects.

Free signals by self-proclaimed ‘trading gurus’

There are also many traders who offer free binary options trading signals to their subscribers. The reason they are free is the same as in the previous example. The subscription emails include offers to various brokers or one specific broker the ‘trading guru’ is affiliated with and gets a commission from them for each new sign up.

Alternatively there might be a different catch such as premium signalling service for which you need to pay a monthly subscription fee. So the free signals will be quite poor but the premium, subscription based signals will be much more accurate.

The free binary option signals offered by a ‘trading guru’ usually also include guidance, trading advice, as well as other information. Subscribing to this type of service is actually least invasive of all three. Usually it only involves giving out your name and email, as oppose to your mailing address and credit card.

Although this type of service might actually work well and be very informative, many of the ‘trading gurus’ take the easiest way out and send signals that are actually fully automated.

They usually use custom indicators to construct a free binary options signalling service. One of the most widely advertised free signals are John Anthony’s which supposedly are completely free. But let’s have a look at the most recent 18 trades based on those signals.

As you can see in the above screenshot out of 18 trades the signals were correct only 9 times, that’s a 50% success rate.

With this type of winning rate you would lose money. To understand the advantage that is necessary to win at binary options please read our post on whether it’s possible to make money in binary options.

50% of wins is never enough to win at binary options, regardless of which binary broker you use. 50% of wins will eventually drain your account.

So despite the fact that John Anthony’s signals are completely free, what use are they if you lose money on them? The only way to use such signals is for reference only, they are not to be traded on.

An experienced trader who receives such a signal should take a very good look at the charts and decide, using his or her market and analytical expertise to confirm each signal.

But if you at this level of trading, you don’t need to use an external signalling service. You can create your own signals.

So who subscribes to these type of signals?

Unfortunately, the people who subscribe most to such binary options signals are usually those who fall for the marketing and the empty promises of the people who run the signalling service.

Those who subscribe to such services don’t confirm any of the signals, they just trade on them. Unfortunately, more often than not, the end result is that they lose money.

Free signals using quality indicators and advisers

Another way to obtain free signals is via a trading indicator for MT4/MT5 or other trading software. Indicators are simply trading algorithms that are programmed for a specific trading platform such as MetaTrader. These platforms are free of charge and can be downloaded online and installed on your computer and used completely free of charge.

By default they come with the most common indicators, such as Moving Average , Commodity Channel Index, Volumes, etc. but there are thousands of custom indicators that are designed to do a lot more than the available indicators.

Custom indicators are usually built with a few indicators and their main use is to find trading opportunities and produce alerts. These trading signals can be visible on the chart, issue a pop up alert, or even send an email or text message to your phone alerting you of a trading opportunity.

There are thousands of free and paid technical indicators and Expert Advisers available for the MT4 trading platform.

Unfortunately, free indicators rarely include technical support and have limited features.

If you would like to give it a go with a free indicator to see how it works, you can use our Free BinaryViper MT4 indicator with signals.

In order to receive free signals via push notifications, SMS, or email, your MT4 trading platform will require additional configuration.

This whole experience of downloading, installing, and configuring the platform and the indicators or EA can get a bit technical and time consuming, so perhaps it’s not ideal for everyone.

There are many free custom indicators but there are also many paid ones also that often include support and whose coding is usually written to a much higher standard.

One of the best features of MetaTrader is that it has it’s own programming language (MQL4) and it can run automated trading strategies, known as Expert Advisers (EAs) that can be backtested and issue trading signals as push notifications, emails, or text messages.

Advisers can contain a number of indicators and specific trading rules. In fact, many of the binary options trading signal providers use Meta Trader Expert Advisers for technical analysis and signals issuing. This is nothing new.

This option of getting free trading signals via the MetaTrader platform obviously has a big learning curve. And in order to get high quality signals, your EAs or indicators must be very well configured and backtested. This will take a lot of time, especially if you’ve never done it before or you don’t know much about technical analysis and trading.

Luckily, there is another, easier option. It’s called social trading.

Free signals using social trading apps

Recently the newest attraction for the retail trader is the concept of social trading and copy trading. The idea is quite simple and most binary brokers today also offer some type of social trading feature. One of the most common ones is the percentage bar of buyer/seller preference on a given asset.

Etoro is the most innovative social trading broker in the world. It is also fully regulated in the EU, UK, and Australia.

They simply took social trading to another level. They built their entire online platform for a large community of traders to exchange ideas and copy trades of the best traders. Etoro is by far the biggest player in the social trading scene and it boasts millions of traders around the world.

When you sign up to their platform you will be able to search active traders and seek out the most successful ones based on the complex metrics of the system. Then, using the eToro’s copy trading feature you will be able to copy their account and their future trades.

In addition to standard Forex, the eToro social network also offers the possibility to trade many company stocks, indexes and cryptocurrencies. The company has been on the market since 2006 and it is the largest and most innovative social trading platform in the world.

There you can get free trading signals and trade suggestions and automatically copy the best-performing traders. You can also follow chart analysis and trading ideas for each asset as they are freely shared by traders on the network.

eTORO also offers various hands-off funds management. There are many funds to choose from, for example technology fund (Alphabet, Facebook, Amazon, etc.), energy sector fund, game companies fund, cryptocurrencies fund, etc.. The only caveat is that to join any particular fund, you need to deposit minimum $5000 into it. These funds are managed by professional traders.

There are other binary and CFD brokers that offer social trading features but eToro is by far the biggest and the most popular one.

Remember, stay safe and test all signals on a demo account first!

Real Profits Systems Review

For the time binary options trading has been in the financial market, it has long been an excellent way for investors to make profits while trading. There are millions of people around the world who are looking to go this same route in order to make significant amount of money, yet what often happens is they come across a raft of hurdles which leave them gasping for air in the cutthroat world of the money market. The binary options scene offers investors variety of different trading programs and while some do live up to the hype, there are many others out there that perform quite dismally when put to the test. With all the choices being tossed at investors, one must be very careful not to get scammed by auto-traders that promise heaven but deliver hell. One entrant to the binary options scene goes by the name of Real Profits, a creation of Anthony DiFranco who has designed a software platform that makes binary options trading easier to succeed with. Di France says he has cracked the trading Software code but does his creation live up to the hype? This review takes a look at the trading system to see if it lives up to the promise.

Introduction to Real Profits

Real Profits is a relatively new binary options trading software app that was created by Anthony DiFranco who says he has spent years “researching, studying, dissecting, following and testing” this system to help investors win and predict the trends of binary options trades as well as minimize their risks on investments. The software works as a code to shows investors how to make money online while also enabling them to discover different methods of guaranteeing massive returns on their investments. The app also provides traders with an analysis of market conditions to enable them determine their next course of action.

Through this system, investors can plug into the live signals to receive real-time alerts without having to spend time trying to unravel the technical aspects of investing in binary options. A new feature that comes with the software is an automation feature that takes over the trading completely by placing the trades with the Real Profits broker. As with any traditional investment opportunity, investors face a range of risks but according DiFranco, this trading system can minimize the risks thereby improving the chances of making winning trades.

According to DiFranco’s sales pitch in a promotional video, traders can make up to 97% of successful trades and up to $14,500 per dayon the Real Profits software platform. Such returns might very well be amongst the highest on record for an binary options trading platform because software that could accurately predict 97% of trades and earn such massive payouts must be very one magical solution. As for the name Anthony DiFranco itself, research indicates the name is not legitimate and no such person related to the software exists. This software is quite possibly backed by fake news release websites that are simply looking to earn commissions from binary brokers once an investor has registered for an account. As a pointer, the brokers featured on the system areunregulated.

Even the support desk seems to be a scam

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CorrecTrade Binary System Honest Review

CorrecTrade – Click. Trade. Earn.

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CorrecTrade is definitely the most advance auto-trading software that we have ever come across with. We have tested other similar program in the past, but this one has to be the best. Even though we tried really hard to find a con, we simply just weren’t able to find any; therefore, is the CorrecTrade Software a scam? The answer is ‘no.’ Due to our CorrecTrade review, we can conclude that it is not a loophole, anomaly, a glitch or a gimmick that could close at any time soon. From what we experienced, with CorrecTrade Software, you can earn about $159K every year, starting from scratch with no big investment sum required. Go ahead and try CorrecTrade and put it to the test so that you can see for yourself why it’s the best binary options signals software 2020!

Binary Options Trading with CorrecTrade Binary Options Software System have long been an excellent way to earning money online and make a Perfect profit. Millions of binary options traders around the world aim to go down this route to make a significant amount of profits. Yet, they come across a range of hurdles that leave them gasping for air in a world that is ruthless. Peter Morgan have come up with a Binary Options Trading System called “CorrecTrade”, which is designed to make binary options that much easier to succeed with. This CorrecTrade Review will take a glance at the pros and cons of CorrecTrade to see whether it lives up to the hype.

Living Up to the Hype

DAZN is the exclusive streaming partner of Bellator MMA. You can sign up for a free trial here.

The Bellator MMA welterweight grand prix on Saturday will hit the island of Hawaii, as Neiman Gracie meets three-time NCAA wrestling champion Ed Ruth in the tournament quarterfinals at Bellator 213 in Honolulu. The winner advances to face either Jon Fitch or reigning Bellator welterweight champion Rory MacDonald in the semifinals.

While Gracie has never been viewed as one of the favorites, he believes he belongs.

“I feel I am one of the top welterweight fighters in Bellator, and I should be in [the grand prix],” he told “I was very excited [when Ruth was announced as my opponent]. I think he is a big name, and I think everybody in this tournament is a big name. It’s going to be a tough fight. I really like the matchup, and I can’t wait.”

The 29-year-old nephew of two-time Abu Dhabi Combat Club Submission Wrestling World Championships gold medalist Renzo Gracie has enjoyed a successful run in Bellator thus far. Gracie has gone 6-0 with five submissions since joining the roster a little less than four years ago. He views his March 2020 decision win over journeyman Roger Carroll as a learning experience.

“I couldn’t finish him because he wasn’t really trying to win the fight [or trying to] escape from my moves,” Gracie said. “When you fight a guy that really doesn’t want to get out from your moves, it’s kind of hard to finish them.”

It remains a noteworthy experience ahead of his clash with Ruth, a high-level grappler who figures to lean heavily in his wrestling skills. He could conceivably play it safe against Gracie while attempting to ride out rounds.

“I’ve prepared for that, so I have a couple of tricks up my sleeve to avoid that,” Gracie said. “Of course, I will be trying to finish all the time. I like to finish fights.”

The undefeated welterweight has the good fortune of training with a variety of world-class competitors at the Renzo Gracie Academy in New York, where he serves as a Brazilian jiu-jitsu instructor. The list includes for Strikeforce and EliteXC champion Jake Shields, one of the best ever at blending together wrestling and jiu-jitsu. In Shields, Gracie has access to an invaluable resource.

“I train with Jake a lot,” he said. “I train with him almost every day.”

If Gracie cannot find a path to victory on the mat, he has no qualms about returning to his feet and engaging Ruth with strikes.

“Of course, I want to go to the floor. That’s not a surprise — everybody knows it — but if it has to be standing, I have no problem with that,” he said. “I am ready to do a standup fight for five rounds.”

Confidence has grown out of the strides Gracie has made while working with muay Thai instructor Jamie Crowder. He claims to have put in many rounds learning the art while integrating boxing to add even more dept to his attack.

“I’ve been doing standup for a long time, and I feel great and I’ve improved a lot over the years,” said Gracie before conceding that he understands where the fight favors him most. “I hope he tries to take me down [and] go to the floor with me.”

If Gracie emerges victorious at Bellator 213, he will fight for the promotion’s welterweight crown. Landing in this side of the bracket ensures that the Grace-Ruth winner will face either MacDonald or Fitch for the 170-pound title in the tournament semifinals. That reality raises the stakes for all involved.

“That gives me extra [motivation] to win this fight, because I know the belt is very close,” Gracie said. “I can’t wait.”

Some have questioned whether or not Gracie is fully prepared to compete at this level. While he has rattled off eight straight victories to start his career, his eight opponents have 59 losses between them. Gracie has no doubts regarding his place as one of Bellator’s best and brightest at 170 pounds.

“I know people might think it’s kind of early, but I’m ready for it,” he said. “I’ve been dreaming of that moment since I started fighting, and I’m more than ready to do it.”

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