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Ethtrade Review – Is Ethtrade a Scam or Legitimate? Read Before You Invest

by Alex Y · Published · Updated

You probably heard about Ethtrade through a friend or family member. You could have also seen an advertisement via one of the many social media platforms. Either way, you want to know whether Ethtrade is a scam or a legitimate Ethereum trading platform. Almost everyone thought Ethtrade is a legitimate company, it is not. Read this unbiased review before you invest.

Alert: Hong Kong’s financial regulator the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) has updated its Alert List, which features the names of businesses that are unlicensed in Hong Kong and are believed to be or to have been, targeting Hong Kong investors or claim to have an association with Hong Kong.

Added to the SFC Alert List is the company Ethtrade Limited, operating at

According to the SFC, Ethtrade Limited’s Hong Kong address belongs to a secretarial company.

What is Ethtrade?

Ethtrade was founded in August 2020 by Eric Bondi and Michael Frendowski. The online trading platform ( was launched in April 2020 and Ethtrade Limited (2398217) was then registered in July 2020 in Hong Kong.

Ethtrade is a classic Ponzi scheme that claims itself a trading company that deals with Ethereum and promise its investors up to 25% return on a monthly basis. The Return On Investment (ROI) does sound attractive for passive income.

Unfortunately, if you think it is a legitimate trading company, it is not true.

Ethtrade disguises as an investment company. From the official website, one can notice it is a High Yield Investment Program (HYIP) scam that aims to steal your hard earned money. Why? There are a few red flags I managed to pick up.

Ethtrade Review – Is Ethtrade a Scam or Legitimate?

#Red Flag 1 – New Site and Unknown Identity

The first red flag is the fact that Ethtrade is unwilling to share any basic company background with you. Their domain was registered in February 2020 and domain whois showed the setting is private but the website itself is registered in Nassau, Bahamas.

The registrant’s name doesn’t show up. I have tried to search for the person who is running the scene on the internet and nothing appears. This is a clear warning that the scammer does not want to reveal his or her real identity to avoid detection.

If a company is not upfront and willing share basic information about the company, then it is either a scam or not worth your time and money.

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#Red Flag 2 – Vague Investment Information

Obviously, there is a lack of details on how Ethtrade manages the money from the investors such as underlying insights, strategies, goals and techniques. Ethtrade tends to be vague about the strategies used in their program.

Moreover, they have given incorrect information about what Ethereum is and its benefits.

Most importantly, given that Ethtrade is an Investment Service, it should be regulated by the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) of Hong Kong. There is, however, no record of the company in the public register.

Worst of all, Ethtrade is an unlicensed investment company according to SFC. They adopt names similar to legitimate financial institutions to confuse investors. That also means if you deal with a company like Ethtrade, which is not licensed by the SFC, you may not be protected by the regulatory framework enforced by the SFC.

This is your hard earned money, please do not be afraid to ask questions. A genuine financial professional will usually be happy to explain in detail the investment program they are marketing. Unfortunately, Ethtrade fails to do so.

#Red Flag 3 – High, Unsustainable 25% ROI

I have years of experience in investments. Historically, investments in most large corporate stocks return less than 10% per year. Usually, HYIP scams offer between 1 percent to 2 percent daily profits to its members.

The Ethtrade discloses their investment plans with no aim to hide its absurd and unsustainable returns. The provided calculator shows how it earns you a 25% ROI on monthly basis. To me, it is a total nonsense.

The funny thing is the investment plan returns a perfectly steady positive income percentage regardless of any external variable such as price volatility. Don’t you think this sounds a little fishy?

The ROIs that they claim on the official page clearly indicate that the investment is actually a Ponzi scheme or a junk bond that may never increase in value and has a high rate of default.

#Red Flag 4 – Removal of Partners’ Logos

In June 2020, used to have logos of ConsenSys, Maker,, Digix and EtherParty at the bottom of their home page. All of these companies have then requested them to take down the logos as they have never worked with Ethtrade.

#Red Flag 5 – Sign of Ponzi

Ethtrade offers offer referral commission program that looks really fancy. It is a good way to make extra money. I understand that most investment companies offer affiliate programs, but by looking at what they are offering, it does look like the entire “trading” system is sustained by it’s Ponzi scheme.

For a real investment company, this would equal giving away the entire (if not more) profit margin. This is a typical trick from most of the HYIP on the market. They offer to reward “referral fees” to investors for bringing in additional members.

That’s how a Ponzi scheme is operated. They recruit new members to sustain the pyramid scheme. They need “new” money to generate “returns” for the older investors by acquiring new investors.

It is a fraudulent investment scheme where they pay returns to its investors from new capital paid to the operators by new investors, rather than from profit earned through legitimate sources.

It is a pyramid scheme that typically collapses in the end because it requires exponential increases in participants to sustain the business model. That simply means the scheme cannot go on forever.

Ethtrade probably still pays their investors for now as the program is still relatively new on the market. When there is insufficient investment fund from the new recruitment to the older investors, the entire structure will collapse.


I am not a fan of these HYIP programs. It is very rare that I recommend them because there are some things you need to know before you dive into this and throwing your hard earned money around.

Every investment carries some degree of risk, which is reflected in the rate of return you can expect to receive. If your money is perfectly safe, you’ll most likely get a low return. High returns entail high risks, possibly including a total loss on the investments.

Fraudsters like Ethtrade spends a lot of time trying to convince people that extremely high returns are “guaranteed” or “can’t miss.” They try to plant an image in your head of what your life will be like when you are rich.

Don’t ever believe it.

Based on my observation, it is very clear that Ethtrade is an investment scam.

I reviewed some other similar HYIP in my blog too like Coince, Amaing 5 and Capital7. They both work the same way as Ethrade.

Ethtrade works pretty similar to Forex Paradise, where the company claimed it was registered in Hong Kong and survived for three years. Many victims lost their hard earned money in October 2020 when they disappeared of all sudden.

Why do people keep joining HYIPs knowing that they are Ponzi schemes?


All these Ponzi Schemes aim at people who want to get rich quick and do not want to take the tried & tested route of – hard work = success.

Most people want to make lots of money quickly and the legal options are often very limited (e.g. Lottery). When a product promises to give you exorbitant returns, people tend to believe it due to our greed.

However, most of the people end up losing their savings and hard-earned money.

I wrote an article on How to Invest Online Without Being Scammed. This should serve as a reference when you look for a legitimate investment company on the internet.

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Please note that it is a capped token sale, which means the number of tokens for presale is limited. The presale will be closed once tokens are sold out anytime between now and the public crowdsale on 15 th September 2020.


Why get scammed by HYIP that only run away with your money and not putting your hard-earned money in a legitimate investment opportunity such as Bitcoin? The world is becoming ever more reliant on the internet.

So, really:It is no surprise that Bitcoin, a secure, global, and digital currency has claimed the interest of investors. Bitcoin is open to everyone and provides an exciting opportunity to delve into an entirely new asset class.

Bitcoins are scarce and useful.

Let’s look to gold as an example currency. There is a limited amount of gold on earth.

As new gold is mined, there is always less and less gold left and it becomes harder and more expensive to find and mine.

The same is true with Bitcoin.

There are only 21 million Bitcoin, and as time goes on, they become harder and harder to mine.

How to Invest in Bitcoins and Where to Buy

The difficulty of buying bitcoins depends on your country. Developed countries have more options and more liquidity.

Coinbase is the world’s largest bitcoin broker and available in the United States, UK, Canada, Singapore, and most of Europe.

Final Word

I don’t like the reliance on Ponzi scheme in order to make bad money. I do not believe in HYIP because they are too risky and most of them are not legitimate.

If you really want to make some investment, you could possibly look into legitimate companies such as Genesis Mining. It is a company that sells mining contracts for Bitcoin and Ethereum.

At the time of writing, Ethereum has just risen from $10 to $50 in March 2020. From this recent hike, I have made approximately 400% profit ($21,300) from Ethereum that I purchase from Coinbase. It is one of the most promising cryptocurrency as it has recently been recognized by a few big brands such as JPMorgan Chase, Cisco Systems, Inc, Bank of New York Mellon Corp, Microsoft, and other 30 big corporates to create a partnership know as the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA).

Read more about Ethereum in this post – What Is Ethereum and How to Make Money With Ethereum?

Ford Everest Trend Bi-Turbo 2020 Review

What better way to test the refreshed Ford Everest and its new Bi-Turbo diesel engine than the wilds of Tasmania’s Bruny Island?

Based on the locally-developed T6 Ford Ranger, the Everest SUV has proved to be a slow-burn success for the blue oval. Now it’s been updated with the 2.0-litre Bi-Turbo diesel engine from the Ranger Raptor and it’s being offered in addition to the tried and tested inline five-cylinder that’s been around for years. Does it make that much difference?

Not the usual road test

Most road tests are conducted over a week on home turf using well-known roads that provide repeatability and context.

So now for something completely different.

A decision to head down to Tasmania and spend a few days on beautiful Bruny Island brought with it a chance to test out the new 2.0-litre diesel Bi-Turbo version of the Ford Everest.

Ford — and just about every other car company – is always selling the SUV escape dream, when the reality is we spend most of our time in commuter hell.

But with Bruny offering a combination of tar and gravel roads and some pretty chunky 4×4 tracks, this was a chance to see if the Everest reality lives up to the image.

Everest on Bruny

If you haven’t heard of Bruny Island don’t worry, nor had I until I raced in one of Mark Webber’s multi-day multi-sport events a few years ago. Ten hours of wind, rain and physical misery didn’t erase an overwhelming impression of its immense beauty.

It’s perhaps best known as a stop-over for explorers Captain James Cook in 1777 and William Bligh in 1788 and 1792.

About an hour’s drive and 20-minute ferry ride south of Hobart, it measures up at 362 square-kilometres and offers an entrancing variety of land and seascapes, a burgeoning eco-tourism industry, one pub, one winery and one decent coffee shop (that we found).

To explore it we had the $61,490 (plus on-road costs) Trend version of the Everest with the new ‘Panther’ 157kW/500Nm turbo-diesel 2.0-litre engine and 10-speed automatic, 4×4 and seven seats.

If you want to stick with the tried and true five-cylinder 3.2-litre engine, then you drop to the $59,990 (plus ORCs) version of the Trend. If you want to stick with the 2.0 but don’t need 4×4 then you pay $56,190 for the rear-wheel drive model.

Go upmarket to the top-spec Titanium and you pay $73,990 and only get the choice of the new 2.0-litre engine and 4×4.

But back to the Trend Bi-Turbo 4×4. Its pricing shoves the Everest into a pricing bracket above other ute-based SUVs like the Holden Trailblazer, Toyota Fortuner, Isuzu MU-X and Mitsubishi Pajero Sport.

Instead, it’s lined up closer to stuff like the highly-rated Toyota Prado and mixes it with the veteran Mitsubishi Pajero, a vehicle still popular among grey nomads.

Inside the Everest

Trend standard equipment includes new inter-urban autonomous emergency braking with pedestrian detection, adaptive cruise control, traffic sign recognition, lane keeping, seven airbags (including curtains that cover row three), HID headlights, rear parking sensors and a reversing camera.

Comfort-oriented gear includes new SYNC3 multimedia, dual-zone climate control (with second-row controls and third-row vents), Apple and Android smartphone mirroring, two USB ports, one 230V/150W inverter, new leather-accented seat trim, an eight-way powered driver’s seat and a powered tailgate.

The Everest also runs active noise cancellation, which uses microphones to dull diesel engine roar – more on all that in a moment.

Towers and off-roaders should be aware the Everest Bi-Turbo comes with a 3100kg braked towing capacity, an 80-litre fuel tank and a full-size spare tyre.

There’s also five-year/unlimited-km warranty, while service intervals are every 15,000km or 12 months.

Front-seat view

A declaration here; without the kids along our experience of the Everest was really focused on what’s happening up-front. Sure, row two is pretty spacious, but row three? I never even thought about it. The bags and holiday shopping were slung in there.

Considering there’s 1050 litres of luggage capacity with row three folded and 2020 with row two also folded, fitting our gear was never going to be a challenge.

So, what about up-front? Well, for the most part it’s all logical and comfortable and well-known from past Everest experiences. Great seats, plenty of storage and a good driving position, but no reach adjust on the steering column.

There are a couple of other peeves. The instrument panel is very adjustable, but it does seem to cram rather a lot of information into the right-hand side of the screen. For instance, the tiny tacho is laughable.

And the other annoyance? The silly rocker on the gearshifter that substitutes for proper manual shifting and/or flappy paddles. It’s an affectation borrowed from American full-size trucks and it sucks.

Plaudits though to the air-conditioning. Our visit coincided with heatwave conditions and the system really stood up to it well. Dust sealing was also top-notch – both evidence of how good the local development work on Everest has been.

On and off the road

The roads of Bruny Island vary from arrow-straight coarse bitumen through serpentine gravel to rocky tracks. It’s a solid test for an adventurous vehicle.

The Everest really deals with it proficiently. While the engine is the headline act, the transmission is the real star. Ten gears, really? It’s so surreptitious it’s almost transparent.

The only time it struggles is in the initial launch settings, then for some reason it and the engine seem a bit weary. A proper shove on the throttle is required to get things going.

From that point on the engine never overwhelms but just gets on with the job. Fuel economy worked out at a respectable 10.1L/100km versus the ridiculous 7.1L/100km claim.

Ridiculous? Well this thing is a permanent 4×4 and weighs in at 2446kg. Hey, threatening a single-figure fuel consumption average on Bruny Island’s roads is an achievement.

Combine the real-world figure with the 80-litre tank and you will be taking spare fuel on long outback runs.

Undoubtedly the engine’s primary asset is its smoothness (compared to the shouty I5) and its quietness aided by ANC.

Conversely, ute-based wagons can have a pretty ugly ride, but the Everest, with its coil rear-end is just the opposite. It really is well tuned and we know from past experience that it’s brilliant on those endless high-speed outback corrugations. Not many of them on Bruny thankfully.

And there’s only one tarred road on the island you’d classify as a fun drive – twisting, closing radiuses, broken edges, blind crests, etc. Here, the Everest’s mood is one of determined understeer combined with a significant amount of weight transfer. Relax, cruise, enjoy the scenery.

On dirt the Everest is smoothly predictable, transitioning to drifty fun if you feel so inclined. My wife didn’t… that ends that.

On the rougher tracks there are no concerns about ground clearance, rarely the need to select a terrain management system mode (mud, sand, snow, rock etc) and never the need to go into 4L or select Hill Descent Control. But it’s nice to know it’s there and from past experience we know it works.

Bruny musings

The Everest Trend never missed a beat in our time on Bruny Island. From our base at Adventure Bay, it transported us safely and comfortably to Dennes Point in the north, to the lighthouse in the south and many points in between.

This is a really decent vehicle. The drivetrain is improved by the new engine and – especially – the new transmission. The set-up of the relatively simple chassis is exceptional and the interior works – mostly – well and comfortably. Overall, it’s worth the extra charge compared to the I5.

Yes, it’s at the expensive end of this category but its refinement is as good as any SUV of this type. And suitability for local conditions is underlined by our Briny Island experience.

Speaking of which, it’s a great place. Get in your SUV and head down there!

How much does the 2020 Ford Everest Trend Bi-Turbo cost?
Price: $61,490 plus on-road costs
Engine: 2.0-litre turbo-diesel four-cylinder
Output: 157kW/500Nm
Transmission: 10-speed auto
Fuel: 7.1L/100km (ADR Combined)
CO2: 184g/km (ADR Combined)
Safety rating: Five-star (ANCAP, 2020)

Dessar25091992 › Blog › Отличие твин-турбо от би-турбо!

Твин-турбо и БиТурбо-это лишь разные коммерческие названия системы наддува, состоящей из 2-х турбин.

Название не отображает схему работы турбин (параллельное или последовательное(секвентальное)

Например, Мицубиши 3000 VR-4 имеет название TwinTurbo, там V6 и две турбины, каждая из которых питается от своих 3 цилиндров и дует в общий коллектор. Аналогично на Ауди S4 2.7, но там уже в названии BiTurbo. Аналогично на Мазере Джибли или Кватропорте.

На Тойоте Супра TwinTurbo рядная шестерка, и турбины там работают в хитром порядке, включаясь и выключаясь с помощью специальных перепускных клапанов (последовательно-параллельная схема)
На Субару В4-там две турбины, но работают они секвентально: на низких оборотах работает одна-маленькая-турбина, на высоких к ней подключается вторая-большая.

Би-турбо (biturbo) — система турбонаддува, состоящая из двух последовательно включаемых в работу турбин. В такой системе применяют 2 турбины, одну маленького размера другую большого, сделано это потому, что маленькая турбина раскручивается значительно быстрее, и вступает в работу первой, затем, при достижении более высоких оборотов мотора, раскручивается вторая, большая турбина, и добавляет значительно больший воздушный заряд. Таким образом прежде всего минимизируется лаг, образуется достаточно ровная разгонная характеристика автомобиля без рывка, свойственного большим турбинам, и достигается возможность использовать большие турбины на двигателях устанавлеваемых в автомобилях предназначенных не только для езды по гоночным трассам, но и по городским дорогам, где возможность крутить мотор постоянно есть не всегда, а получить больше мощности с мотора небольшого объема имеет смысл, по каким либо причинам, например связанным с законодательством по налогам данной страны на литраж мотора. Системы би-турбо весьма дороги, и по этому их установка, как правило в серийном производстве, производится на автомобили высокого класса, типа MASERATI или ASTON MARTIN (там компрессоры).

Такая система может быть установлена как на двигатель V6, каждая турбина будет висеть на своей головке по выхлопу, впуск общий, так и на рядном моторе например рядная 4-ка, в этом случае турбины можно включить по выхлопу как парралельно, 2 цилиндра на одну, 2 на другую, так и последовательно — сначала большая турбина, потом маленькая. Встречаются так же варианты, когда к маленькой турбине подходит выхлоп только с 2-х цилиндров, а к большой соответственно с 2-х оставшихся, и с выхода малой турбины.

Твин-турбо (twinturbo) — в данной системе в отличии от системы би-турбо, основной задачей является не снизить лаг, а добиться большей производительности по прокачиваемому воздуху либо большего давления наддува. Производительность по прокачиваемому воздуху необходима, в случаях когда мотор работая на высоких оборотах, потребляет воздух больше, чем турбина способна обеспечить, таким образом возможно падение давления наддува. В системах Twinturbo применяются две одинаковые турбины.

Соответственно производительность такой системы в 2 раза больше чем системы состоящей из одной турбины, при этом если применить 2 небольших турбины которые по производительности будут равны одной большой, то можно достигнуть эффекта снижения лага, при идентичной производительности. Существуют так же ситуации, когда производительности имеющихся в наличии больших турбин, оказывается недостаточно, например при построении мотора дрэгстера, тогда так же используется комбинация из 2-х турбин. Данная схема как и вариант biturbo может работать как на двигателях с V образным развалом головок, так и на рядных двигателях. Варианты включения турбин такие же как и в битурбо.

Существуют так же системы состоящие из 3-х и более одинаковых турбин, результат преследуется тот же что и в twinturbo. Такие системы в гражданском применении как правило не имеют распостранения, и применяются как правило, для построения мощных спортивных моторова, для автомобилей участвующих в драгрэйсинге.
В современных турбированных двигателях (в частности RRS V8 дизель) турбины имеют изменяемую геометрию крыльчаток. Это минимизирует проблему турбоямы и даёт высокий потенциал турбонадувва уже на самых низких оборотах коленвала двигателя. Кроме того это добавляет экономию топлива.

Битурбо и твинтурбо. В чем разница, какие отличия?

Твинтурбо и битурбо в чем разница и какие отличия

Вы не раз слышали названия твинтурбо (twinturbo) и битурбо (biturbo), но в чем же разница? А разницы на самом деле никакой! Твин-турбо и Би-Турбо – это все маркетинговые уловки и различные названия для одной и той же системы турбонаддува. Кстати, почитайте полезную статью Кости Неклюдина о плюсах и минусах различных систем турбонаддува​

Вопреки убеждениям некоторых «экспертов» название системы битурбо или твинтурбо не отображают схему работы турбины – параллельную или последовательную (секвентальную).

Например, у автомобиля Mitsubishi 3000 VR-4 система турбонаддува носит название TwinTurbo (твинтурбо). В автомобиле стоит двигатель V6 и у него две турбины, каждая из которых использует энергию выхлопных газов из своих трех цилиндров, но задувают они в один общий впускной коллектор. У, например, немецких автомобилей есть схожие по рабочему принципу системы, но называются они не твинтурбо (twinturbo), а БиТурбо (BiTurbo).
На автомобиле Toyota Supra с рядной шестеркой установлены две турбины, система турбонаддува называется TwinTurbo (твинтурбо), но работают они в особой последовательности, включаясь и выключаясь с помощью специальных перепускных клапанов.
На автомобиле Subaru B4 тоже стоят две турбины, но работают они последовательно: на низких оборотах дует маленькая турбина, а на высоких, когда та не справляется, подключается вторая турбина большего размера.

Давайте теперь по порядку разберем обе системы би-турбо (biturbo) и твинтурбо (twinturbo), а точнее, что о них пишут в «этих ваших интернетах»:

Би-турбо (biturbo) – система турбонаддува, представляющая собой две последовательно включаемых в работу турбин. В системе битурбо используют две турбины, одну малого размера, а вторую большего размера. Маленькая турбина раскручивается быстрее, но на высоких оборотах двигателя маленькая турбина не может справиться с компрессией воздуха и созданием нужного давления. Тогда подключается большая турбина, добавляющая мощный заряд сжатого воздуха. Следовательно, минимизируется задержка (или турболаг), образуется ровная разгонная динамика. Системы битурбо весьма не дешевое удовольствие и обычно устанавливаются на автомобили высокого класса.
Система битурбо (bitrubo) может быть установлена как на двигатель V6, где каждая турбина будет установлена со своей стороны, но с общим впуском. Либо на рядном моторе, где установка турбины осуществляется по цилиндрам (напр, 2 для малой и 2 для больщой турбины), так и секвентально, когда на выпускном коллекторе сначала устанавливается большая трубина, а потом маленькая.

Твин-турбо (twinturbo) – данная система отличается от би-турбо тем, что нацелена не на снижения турбо-лага или выравнивание разгонной динамики, а на увеличение производительности. В системах твинтурбо (twinturbo) применяются две одинаковые турбины, соответственно производительность такой системы турбонаддува эффективней, чем системы с одной турбиной. К тому же, если применить 2 небольших турбины, схожих по производительности с одной большой, то можно снизить нежелаемый турболаг. Но это не значит, что никто не использует две больших турбины. Например, в серьезном драге могут использоваться две больших турбины для еще большей производительности. Система твин-турбо может работать как на V-образных моторах, так и на рядных. Последовательность включения турбин может варьироваться, как и на битурбо системах.

А вообще для еще большего веселья никто вам не мешает воткнуть сразу 3 (!) турбины или более. Цель преследуется такая же, как и для твинтурбо. Должен заметить, что такое зачастую применяется в драг рейсинге и никогда на серийных автомобилях.

Любите турбо или у вас автомобиль с турбонаддувом? Тогда вступайте в нашу группу!

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