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Boss Capital Review Review

Boss Capital company was founded recently in 2020. Its primary goal is to provide traders with exciting and profitable trading experience as well as the latest technologies in trading binary options. Successful trading with it is supported by a professional team, successfully working in the field of Forex, risk management, derivatives trading, payment processing and international law.

Broker’s platform is created for traders of all levels. It has a web online structure that allows you trading all over the world. It does not require additional software downloading additional software.

Its platform offers trading nearly 150 types of assets, and different ways of trading with particularly high returns. All investors who trade with this broker receive assistance from a personal manager, and also have access to a market analysis. In Boss Capital Review we can notice that the company offers its traders a number of useful and easy-to-use tools to make trading stocks, commodities, indices and currencies more interesting. The company offers one of the highest payouts in digital options – up to 85% if the transaction is profitable, and up to 10% compensation in case the deal is unprofitable. Review – Trading Instruments

High / Low options allow investors to benefit from the reduction or increase in the value of financial assets. They must choose Call (High), if they believe that the asset price will be higher than the current price at the time of expiration, or choose Put (Low), if the price is below the current price of an asset at the end of the transaction.

Options Touch / No Touch options are fairly simple. The only thing that the trader has to do is to predict whether or not the particular asset price touches the price level before the end of the trade. It is enough for an asset to reach this level only once in order you to be a winner.

Boundary options trading provides 2 price limits, which are set by the broker, and here the trader must determine the following. If he believes that the asset price will be closed as part between the lower and upper boundary at the time of expiration, he chooses IN. Or is he predicts that the asset will be closed outside the specified boundaries, he chooses OUT.

This company also offers short-term deals. Among them are the options for 30, 60 seconds, 2 and 5 minutes. These kinds of options have a lower level of risk, and often provide a quick way to generate income. 30 and 60 seconds options offer the high payouts, reaching up to 85%. In addition, the broker has a very useful Early Closure trading option. It allows investors to close the transaction before the end of expiration, thereby minimizing the risk and protecting themselves from losses.

Minimum Deposit $200
Maximum Deposit Unlimited
Bonus Welcome Bonus
Minimum Trade Size $25
Trading Platform TechFinancials
Account Types Bronze, Gold, Silver, VIP Account
Demo Account
Islamic Account
Account Currencies AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, JPY, RUB, USD
Payment Methods
Withdrawal Fees $30 for wire transfer
Traders From USA
Options Trading
Option Types Boundary, Call/Put, One Touch, Short term
Return Rates 85%
Safety Net Up to 10% refund for loses on a trades
Touch Options (Max Rates) 60%
Educational tools eBook Beginner Video Tutorials Beginner Webinars Beginner eBook Intermediate Video Tutorials Intermediate Webinars Intermediate eBook Advanced Video Tutorials Advanced Webinars Advanced Daily Market Analysis Extras Weekly Market Analysis Extras Monthly Market Analysis Extras
Assets Commodities, Forex Pairs, Indices, Stocks,
Commodities Gold, Silver, Copper, Oil, Corn, Sugar, Coffee, Gold/JPY, Gold/EUR, Gold/Silver, Platinum
Customer Support
Email [email protected]
Contact form
Live Chat
Call Back
Support Hours en
Supported Languages


$30 for wire transfer

Up to 10% refund for loses on a trades

Touch Options Payout (Max)

Boss Capital Minimum Deposit

And now in this Boss Capital review let’s raise a question of account opening with this broker. It is quite easy to do. Select “Open an account” and fill in information about yourself. After receiving a verification letter you have to make a Boss Capital minimum deposit and start trading with real money.

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Trading account can be opened in several currencies, it may be US dollars, Euros, Japanese yen, Pound Sterling, Australian, Canadian dollars and Russian rubles. You should know that after the registration the currency change will be impossible in future. Account investing can be in a variety of available methods: Visa and MasterCard credit cards, electronic payments and wire transfers.

The broker establishes Boss Capital minimum deposit, which depends on the method of its depositing. If a trader wants to use a credit card or transfer money by electronic payments, it should be at least $ 200, Euro or Pounds Sterling. In the case of wire transfer the minimum deposit is $ 500.

The minimum trading amount for Short-Term options is $10. The maximum sum that you can deposit is $ 20 000, for wire transfers it is unlimited.

Each month BossCapital offers traders the one time opportunity to withdraw funds from the account. Commission for Boss Capital withdrawal depends on the type of trading account that you choose. Review – Account Types

Broker offers investors several types of accounts: Mini, Starter, Silver, Gold, Platinum.

If you plan to invest up to $ 500 on the balance, this provider offers you to open Mini account, which provides follows: welcome bonus of 25%, digital e-books and access to starter webinar, as well as educational videos.

Starter account is ideal for those traders who are planning to invest from $ 1 000, and as additional privileges receives a welcome bonus of 40%, call from the market analyst and market news via e-mail.

With a deposit from $ 5 000, investors can open a Silver account, with 65% bonus/or one free risk trade and in addition a personal account manager, and one academy session.

If you deposit up to $ 10 000, you can open Gold account and to choose one of the benefits: 75% bonus/3 free risk trades/one guaranteed profitable trade. Including the same privileges as the previous accounts, you also get signals webinar.

As for Platinum account, your investment should be up to $ 25 000 to get 100% bonus/5 risk free trades/3 profitable trades, weekly signals, same-day withdrawal.

We would like to mention in our Boss Capital review the fact that this company does not provide Boss Capital demo account.

Boss Capital Withdrawal

You are able to make a free Boss Capital withdrawal once a month, but any additional ones will be charged and this sum depends on your payment method, or more precisely, it is $ 30 fee for wire transfer. The minimum amount of Boss Capital withdrawal is $ 100, and the maximum is $ 20 000 using Credit Card.

The Boss Capital withdrawal process takes up to 7-9 days to see funds in your account. In case of bonus money withdrawal, you need to execute a trading volume of thirty times for each 1 USD bonus.

Boss Capital Scam

Boss Capital definitely earned its place among the leading binary trading brokers. It’s easy to use its trading opportunities because this company has provided all the necessary information for successful trades. Special attention is paid to funds safety and personal information of its customers. You can be sure that your trading account information and you, as the owner, will remain completely confidential.

As for the complaints on Boss Capital scam, our team has found several negative feed-backs. Their main point is that customers are dissatisfied with loosing their minimum deposits on trades or with inability to withdraw money\bonuses, because they haven’t fulfilled the required conditions accordingly to company’s terms. But also on the Internet you can find a huge amount of positive reviews that testify about its popularity among traders. In this Boss Capital review we can mention a belief that young companies work well, earning a reputation. So is it possible to assert about Boss Capital scam with the fact that people are irresponsible approach to business?

But still if you have any questions or problems, customer support is available 24 hours 7 days a week for any questions and advice. The professional team is always happy to provide the necessary assistance to traders, as well as to solve all questions. Broker’s website supports 8 different languages. Investors are also presented various online educational materials. Therefore, Trading Academy (consisting of e-books, video courses, topical webinars, daily, weekly and monthly market reports) will help with the question “How to trade with Boss Capital?”. Review

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Consumer Reviews

Beware of Boss Capital!

I’m 71 years old and no Newbie to trading. With my Dad’s help, I bought my first stocks (a mutual fund) when I was 13 and I’ve traded off and on, ever since. Just before the 2008 crash, I got out of stocks and didn’t trade for several years. For several reasons, I became intrigued with the Forex market and began exploring it and eventually Binary Options, when they appeared on the scene.

At some point while trading FX, I noticed a semi-regular price pattern that occurred and began developing a template with indicators to focus on the pattern. It soon became apparent that this system would be a great candidate for Binary Option trades and I began delving into the murky world of Binary Option brokers. After several false starts with several different brokers, I settled on Boss Capital. They were rather new, but I couldn’t find any strong negative reviews or reports about them and while their platform wasn’t as flexible as others, it would work for my testing.

One of the lessons that I learned, early in my 50+ year business career, was that one should never just tell lawyers, accountants, politicians, and brokers to just do what THEY think is best — because they will eventually end up with all the money you allocate them. In my dealings with Boss Capital, I don’t know why I ignored that old axiom, but I unfortunately did.

So, soon after I opened and funded my account in order to further my system testing with Boss Capital, the phone calls and fabulous touts from their brokers started. Alex Cortez was the first to phone and I attempted to explain to her that, for many reasons, I preferred to use email and did not like to discuss my trading over the phone. I didn’t give her my reasons for wanting to primarily use email, but the main one is that I want a “written record” of who told whom, what. She seemed rather dismayed that I wouldn’t talk to her, but called again a few days later – AT THREE IN THE MORNING. Now, since my wife sleeps with the phone next to her bed, this call woke her up from a deep sleep and caused a real damper on her next day, when she had to give a rather critical presentation.

So, after Alex had pretty well blown her relationship with me, I assume that my account was transferred to Jacob Becker, because he was the next Boss Capital broker to call. After I requested that we rely on emails and not the phone, he started a barrage of touts that made statements like, “Guaranteed Profit Trade . Insure your investment and the Profits.” Now tell me, fellow trader, who could resist at least not exploring that greed driven prospect? As it came to pass, I couldn’t and thus began my spiral down into Boss Capital’s Trader’s Hell.
Jacob’s reply to my reply started with this:
“Hi Terry,
Thank you for your mail.
Yes, if the trade expires out of the money – your investment and the expected profits will be payed back into your account (as a bonus).
It’s very important to point out that guaranteed profit signals ( issued rarely by Boss Capital) are highly unlikely to expire out of the money,they have extremely high success rates otherwise the company will not be willing to insure the investment and the profits!”

So, I took the hook and after more than a dozen emails that were required to negotiate an additional $5,000 into my trading account, Jacob again mentioned that the earnings report was coming out and since time was of the essence I needed to do one more thing and immediately sign the attached contract, “ASAP” so he could give me the critical tout. I hurriedly skim read, signed, scanned and emailed their “Guaranteed Profit Agreement” back to him/them. The critical couple of sentences were, “The Client receives _1___ Guaranteed Profits Trades in the sum of _5000__ each. If these trades are unsuccessful, the client will receive a bonus equal to the investment lost and the expected payout amount with a trading requirement of bonus x30___ starting from the date the funds for the Guaranteed Profit Trades are added.“

Now, I KNOW that I should have had one of my lawyers take a look at this, before signing. However, time was critical, because the earnings reports were due out any minute and I know that none of my lawyers could possibly take time to evaluate this before my greed driven opportunity was lost; or so went my in the moment rationale. Besides, when it was all said and done, my legal fees would have probably eaten up most of another $5,000, anyway.

As soon as they had my signed copy, they gave me the tout and I opened the trade, just as they told me to. However, the “highly unlikely” turned out to be highly likely and the trade didn’t end up in the money. So, after some time and a several gentle email reminders, Jacob had my account credited with the full amount of my trade capital ($5,000) plus the 70% return ($3,500) that I was supposed to have made, for a total of $8,500.

So, at this point I’m feeling pretty good! Even though the trade lost, my account balance has increased by $3,500 and I’m ready for the next “Guaranteed Profit Trade.” At some point, when I email Jacob and asked him to include me in the next trade with a similar opportunity, he told me that I’d have to put up a minimum of another $5,000 for another trade. When I asked him how Boss Capital could afford to keep making such agreements, he said that they anticipated making up for their loses through future trades.

Sure enough, another “Guaranteed Profit Trade” deal came along and since I couldn’t use the funds in my account for new trades, I ponied up another $5,000. This time, the trade went in my favor and there was no need for the guarantee to be activated. Then came the third trade and I started asking about why I had to come up with a “fresh” $5,000 and couldn’t just use some of the funds already in my account and that was when THEIR reality began to slightly creep into MY reality. Anyway, not to worry, since Jacob was going to give me solid touts that would explode my account balance.

Even so, I really began to press them to tell me if I could even withdraw ANY of my funds. No, that wasn’t allowed until I satisfied all of the terms of my “bonus.” It finally came out that the 30X meant that I had to “repay” not just the bonus money of $3,500 times 30, but my “buyout” to access ANY of the money in my account was 30 times MY $5,000 plus the $3,500 for a grand total of $255,000! If, at any time I tried to withdraw ANY of my funds without first creating a balance of $255,000, then I forfeited ALL of the money in my account!

By this time, my account was passed along to another “broker” who declared that he – Josh Miller — was not just a broker, but a Senior Analyst, and he had a diversified plan that would make me rich. At this point, I was being worked over by three of Boss Capital’s best and it wasn’t fun. I was now no longer working on my system, but trying to figure out how to “liberate” ANY of my invested $15,000 by earning $255,000 by using THEIR touts, the last of which had gone bust, too.

By now, my account is at about $12,000 and I go into partial Beta mode with my nearly completed system and I start really noticing some of the problems with their trading platform. On several occasions, I had observed that some of my trades were slow to fill, but just took it to be the result of heavy traffic. But then, one day, the little chart and live numerical readouts, started freezing up. I complained and they reversed the trade, the first time it happened. However, with several other trades that followed, they (their support personnel) stopped reversing the trades and claimed that I needed to change browsers, which I did. Then they claimed I needed to clear my cache before each session, which I did and still the screen freezes kept occurring and finally, a trade – which I was simultaneously monitoring on my MT4 platform – was WELL into the money and their system finally even declared that trade a loss, as well. I haven’t even bothered to complain – as it doesn’t do any good, anymore.

As for the three brokers, well they kept sending me touts and showing THEIR alleged winning results, but never any major losses. When I called one of them on it, asking why they didn’t show their considerable losing trades (which I took the time to follow up and plotted from their touts), asking if their trades were made with House money and not their personal funds and even if their posted results were perhaps Photoshopped – they all three promptly stopped responding to any of my emails, as I’m certain that, since they consider me a skinned, drained and now useless former client.

I’m taking the time to relate all of this to you, my fellow traders, in the hopes of providing you with enough information to dissuade you from doing ANY trading with Boss Capital. I certainly would like to retrieve all, or even some, of my money, but don’t see too much help on the horizon, for that to occur. If you would like more details to confirm my story, including emails, documents and screen shots, let me know and I’ll gladly forward them on to you.

Boss Capital –

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Вслед за огромным успехом на Английском и Японском рынке, BossCapital Вступает в Русско-говорящий рынок.

BossCapital работает на платформе techfinancials и предлагает клиентам самые актуальные предложения по обучению торговли бинарными опционами.

Преимущества BossCapital:

  • Прибыль до 85% за сделку
  • 150+ Торговых активов
  • 5 Видов счетов
  • Поддержка 24/7 ( на Русском )
  • Расширенные графики : Технический и Фундаментальный анализ
  • Опционы Выше/Ниже, Одно касание, Граница и краткосрочные
  • Минимальная сделка 10 долларов, минимальный депозит 200 долларов

Пока что мой фаворит среди брокеров БО
Boss Capital – это финансовая платформа онлайн торговли бинарными опционами, которая предоставляет финансовые инструменты по различным базовым активам. Эти активы включают в себя индексы, такие как: FTSE-100, NASDAQ, валютные пары, например EUR/USD, товарные позиции, например, серебро и золото, опционы на акции таких компаний, как Vodafone и Lloyds. Наряду с классическими «Call/Put» опционами Boss Capital предлагает опционы «Одно касание» и «Граничный». Boss Capital также обеспечивает своим трейдерам максимальную ликвидность торгов, предоставляя возможность закрытия позиций до времени истечения. Кроме того, Boss Capital предлагает до 85% выплат по опционам, которые истекают в статусе «В деньгах», и до 15% возврата при истечении опциона в статусе «Не в деньгах».
Компания BossCapital, основана в 2020 году
Адрес: Marblestone Partners Ltd. 1A, Arcade House Temple Fortune, London NW11 7TL

Минимальное пополнение для начала торгов составляет 200 USD, EUR, GBP или 20 000 JPY

Минимальная сумма, которую трейдер может инвестировать в один опцион, составляет 10 EURO, USD и GPB. Максимальная сумма составляет 7500 EURO, USD или GPB.

Boss Capital предлагает возможность под названием «Продать ваши опционы». Она позволяет вам продать ваш опцион до времени его истечения.

Бонусы – есть в зависимости от типа счета, но начиная от 1000$(тогда бонус=20% от депозита), чтобы начислили бонус, обращаться нужно в тех.поддержку.
Для вывода бонусных средств вам необходимо на каждый бонусный $1 провести торговлю объемом в 30 раз превышающим сумму выводимого бонуса.
При соглашении на начисление бонуса Ваш депозит вместе с бонусом замораживается, пока не отобьете бонус, тогда будет доступен вывод.

Ввод и вывод средств– Кредитные карты: Visa , MasterCard и банковский перевод

Комиссии для снятия средств отличаются в зависимости от типа счета.
Стандартный счет: один бесплатный вывод каждый календарный месяц, и $30 комиссии за каждый дополнительный вывод в тот же месяц.
Исполнительный счет: один бесплатный вывод каждый календарный месяц, ускоренный процесс вывода, и $30 комиссии за каждый дополнительный вывод в тот же месяц.
Золотой счет: один бесплатный вывод каждый календарный месяц + вывод средств в тот же день.
Платиновый счет: каждый вывод бесплатен + вывод средств в тот же день.
VIP счет: каждый вывод бесплатен + вывод средств в тот же день.

Также поддерживает APP STORE и Google Play

Регуляция: мой вопрос поддержке:
you: Кем регулируется ваша компания BossСapital?
Mona : Русскоязычный агент будет доступен только в понедельник. Можем ли мы Вам помочь на другом языке?
you: What your company is regulated BossSapital ?
Mona : We are currently in the process of pursuing regulation in the European Union as well as other jurisdictions.
Mona : Мы в настоящее время в процессе преследования регулирование в Европейском Союзе, а также других странах.
Такой ответ я получил

Вроде бы все описал.
Мой вывод: пока что наилучшая торговая площадка для торговли БО. Плюсы- минимум для ставки -10$, не нашел в интернете негатива, исполнение сделок среднее, не могу сказать, что быстрое(отношу это в +) т.к. видел намного медленнее исполнение. Вывод средств-на мою карту VISA ПУМБ занимает 2 дня (в принципе это быстро), цена актива движется сонаправленно с МТ4 ,закрытие свечи МТ4 всегда совпадало, т.е. если свеча зеленая или красная по-окончании времени экспирации даже минимально, то опцион выигрывал. Тех. Поддержка – есть русскоязычная, по определенным дням, отвечают и на английском, если я задаю вопрос с помощью машинного перевода с англ. на русск.
Минус пока только в одном – когда открываю сделку, то она не мгновенно открывается, а где-то через секунду-две (я это учитываю и открываю сделку всегда до истечении 1 или 2 секунд до начала образования новой свечи). Поэтому все получается.

Итак- по моему мнению,т.к. пока не нашел брокера лучше, то этот пока что у меня в лучших.

Bosscapital Reviews

6 • Average

Write a review

Write a review

Reviews 6

I am a victim of this scam broker and…

I am a victim of this scam broker and also a living witness to funds recovery. I am open to share my experience and to also enlighten everyone on how I was able to recover my money from this scam binary options broker. myfundsrecovery @out look ,com is the recovery firm that helped me recover all $45000 I lost to this broker .

john .gleason (at) premium recoveryinc . com

Get your money back from this fraud of a company. I was able to get my investments back. check email up to contact funds recovery expert for help

If you are thinking about investing

If you are thinking about investing in binary options then DON’T , if you have already done that and have lost money , also if you have lost your bitcoins it just might not be too late for you. I did the same and lost all my money, fortunately i was able to retrieve all my funds back through ying yue 8228 AT gmail If you have any questions you can contact them to give you more information on what you need to do. Thank me later.

Fraud company take your money

Fraud company take your money, force you to put more and more money in and no returns. I lost 15K GBP


I was lured by BossCapital to invest with them after they told me that Richard Branson was a major investor in the company, I invested a fortune and they suddenly became unreachable, I got more scammed by these online brokers who promised to help me recover my lost funds. I later found a broker who helped me recover all my lost money and he was quite fast and transparent too. You can contact me at stanleyjeff574 at gmaiI d0t c0m, so I can put you through.

100% fake and fraud company never trust…

100% fake and fraud company never trust they are cheater and lier only deposit no withdraw. report them to if you want your funds to be recovered in any part of the world you are once you’ve been defrauded by them.

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    The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
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    Free Education.
    Free Demo Account.
    Get Your Sign-Up Bonus Now!


    Recommended Only For Experienced Traders!

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