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Exmo Review

Risk Warning: Your capital may be at risk

Review for Exmo Cryptocurrency Exchange

Crypto currency is the trending technology dealing in exchange for digital currencies. It is used to regulate the financial system all over the globe. It uses encryption techniques and thus the fund transfer online can be verified. It works independently of any central bank. But, it is still misunderstood by some people, banks and even large companies. The basic reason behind this is that they are unaware of the importance of the crypto currency nor are they tech savvy enough to grasp the highly technological and complex concepts of trading in bitcoin through exmo.

Rules, regulations and laws might stabilize the global crypto currency market as EXMO says, but that is not enough to pump the economic curve upwards and move the market progressively forward. However, there are quite a few subtle signs of positivity on the skyline. Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and innumerable big and small business ventures have invested in blockchain technology and raised millions of crypto currency.

As Hayter has claimed, that the current market is vested with a number of businesses, along with sound human and capital resources and hence will only witness a steep improvement in the quality, quantity and operability of crypto currency in the forms of platforms, rewards, bearers’ certificates, trusts and utilities. A smooth and masterful blend of blockchain technology with crypto currency apps will not happen in just a day. A swift jolt is a possibility but keeping the Dow Jones price plunge in mind that dived down below 12000 points last week, Bitcoin and altcoins have proved to be an interesting alternative for financial investors and stockholders.

Economists and crypto currency specialists are expecting a rebound in the price of crypto currency as investors have started to rush into the global crypto currency trade market from the collapsing prices of stocks as shares in the light of the Dow Jones plunge.

There are many firms which are performing researches on crypto currency. These firms include many big accounting firms, many big software companies. It also includes the government officials who are keen to understand the concept of crypto currency. A block-chain project has been started under which these firms and the government officials are performing researches and writing the research papers on crypto currency.

Bitcoin is one of the more important, and also one of the first crypto currencies, that were invented by Satoshi Nakamoto. Actually, Satoshi was never bothered with inventing a currency but a digital currency, with the opinion that people can try to understand the importance of digital cash and his motive was to promote the digitalized economy.

The crypto currency was designed so that the production and circulation of ordinary currency can be replaced with the digital currency. So, the crypto currency, based on the concept of cryptography, came into use at such a large scale.

EXMO has a firm and wide client base and has been a part of the worldwide crypto currency trade market for quite a long time now.


This platform is situated at 49 Station Road, Polegate, England.

The core team members of Exmo include the CEO of exmo, Paltiel, Vice Executive Officer, Kevin, Head of Business Development, Roman and the CTO of exmo, Eugeni.

The email address of the 24×7 helpdesk, available for every kind of technological support and service is [email protected]

With thirty-two thousand traders and investors currently active and trading, this platform is constantly handling a massive volume of 4788 bitcoin crypto currency.

EXMO enables trading in almost all types of crypto currencies and accepts fiat electronic currencies whose price is higher than the present price of USD and EUR. Users of this platform are provided wth many options available to make compensate for the of funds such as the use of debit cards, credit cards, PayPal and e-wallets. This platform is available on the Tab trader smartphone mobile app to enable trading online via this platform that is accessible from the phone.


Exmo is a crypto currency exchange and trading platform and digital wallet that assures to offer low commissions, high security, quick deposits of funds and rapid with withdrawals, and a user-friendly interface.

The general features of this online platform are:

· Platform for trading and exchange in crypto currency

· Provides an insight and coverage of the trading on a worldwide basis

· Showcasing the accurate price of the crypto currency on a real-time basis.

· Reasonable rate of commission

· A secure wallet

· Multiple methods of payment

· Method algorithmic trade

· Cross-platform application programming interface for trading in crypto currency

· High speed of operation


It was established online at or, is a crypto currency trade and exchange platform and Bitcoin wallet developed with the objective of simplifying the trading in Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. This platform of trading in crypto currency was developed and designed by digital currency professionals from all over the world, including countries like Spain, Russia, India and Thailand, who worked in partnership with professional financial consultants from the USA, UK, Singapore and Lithuania to develop the greatest crypto currency exchange and trading platform. Currently, the EXMO platform is used by around 450 thousand individuals in about a hundred countries globally, as claimed by the figures posted on the official site of EXMO. Through this platform, bitcoin can be traded into fiat currencies like the US Dollar, Russian Ruble, or European Euros, besides transactions in crypto currencies like DASH, DOGE and LTC.

This platform has been reviewed as neutral owing to the fact that a customer who wants to conduct trading in bitcoin online is rarely verified and if so, then the verification procedure is not strong enough. The platform asks for a customer identity proof document and that’s about all and provides no service of leveraged training. Exmo receives financial aid from just three countries Russia, Germany and Ukraine despite being in partnerships with several hundreds of countries.


These benefits are directly from the advertisements flashed on the official websites of Exmo.

Quick Credits and Debits: Funds get deposited immediately after a deposit is made while the process of withdrawal of funds is quick and automatic although Exmo does not specify any particular time-frame credit and debit.

Security: Secure Socket Layer protection, 2-factor authentication, Trusted Internet Protocol, and an encryption system in cold wallets ensure the tight security of the platform.

The lowest rate of commission: Exmo claims to offer “the lowest commissions on trades, deposits and withdrawals on the market”.

User-Friendly Interface: This platform interface trading, exchanging, conducting transactions in crypto currency and storing the currency.


Sign up to the platform with a simple registration form. The link below will redirect you to the registration page:

Enter your user name, password and email address on the login page and you are good to get going.

The exchange rates and price fluctuations can be viewed without having to log in t the official website. The exchange platform is actually a chat-studio or chartroom with people sitting at their computers and discussing the prospect of trading in bitcoin on a daily basis. A buy or sell order is issued and it is required for him to place a bid on the crypto currency coins to be traded. The deal is closed immediately at the best price available at the moment.

The trading page on the official website of exmo, reveals complete details on how to vend orders, purchase orders, and trade history.

The minimum amount required for participating in the crypto currency trade is the US $1. There is no demo platform for a rehearsal of trade through this platform. Initial deposits for trade are accepted in both liquid cash and cryptocurrency.


No deposit amount is charged by this platform when the trade amount is deposited in terms of the major and active crypto currencies. Exmo fees are presently made in LTC, BTC, DASH, DOGE and ETH. Exmo platform charges a withdrawal fee for withdrawing of crypto currencies. The recent rate of withdrawal fees is set at 0.001 BTC, 0.01 LTC, 1 DOGE, 0.01 DASH and 0.01 ETH.

The fees charged for using credit cards whether for deposits and withdrawals is 3% for MasterCard and Visa, 2% for AdvCash and 3% for Privat24.

The complete and detailed structure=ure of the number of fees charged can be viewed at the following website: “”


· Reasonable rates of commission: It provides profitable opportunities for investment ventures and reimbursement conditions at affordable rates of commission.

· Secure Wallet: The wallet is secured and authorized with a digital signature and 2-factor authentication to prevent any kind of cyber piracy, theft and/or leakage of highly confidential data. Maintenance of the electronic stocks and assets in digital wallets is extremely secure and advantageous.

· Algorithmic trading: The application programming interface for EXMO facilitates algorithmic trading that is automated to resort to trading actions by keeping pace with the trends of the global currency exchange market. The cross-platform robots enable this algorithmic trading.

· Options for payment: There are more than ten ways to make the payment directly to the EXMO account.

· Support and Customer Care for 24×7: EXMO is provided immediate and round the clock customer service, help and support. The helpdesk is available all the time for the clients.

· Speed of Operation: The speed at which the transactions are processed is kept at maximum level, making it easy and user-friendly to conduct transactions in crypto currency via EXMO.


· EXMO is unintelligible: Crypto currency is difficult to comprehend for an investor who is not tech savvy enough. Crypto currencies come with a steep learning graph that is not quite intelligible and as such people invest in crypto currency stocks without proper knowledge and end up losing their wealth. The technology used in EXMO is quite complicated as well, making the technologically weak investor become prone to hackers and cyber criminals.

· Limited acceptance: It does not have a wide range of acceptance owing to the fact that several nations have banned the use of crypto currency and there are numerous websites that do not conduct transactions in Bitcoin, thus making the platform quite impractical when it comes to regular use. Even though EXMO is gradually widening its customer base, but it will take a long time for EXMO to be used worldwide.

· Loss of EXMO wallet: The wallet is a digital wallet in which all the digital currency is stored. If the wallet gets lost or of the client loses his mobile device, then there is no way of retrieving the currency. The client incurs a huge loss in terms of digital assets as well as physical without any hope of repossession no matter what.

· No way of payment reversal: if the client makes a payment by mistake, then there is no way of a reversal of the mistaken payment. You may request the person for a refund of your digital currency, but if he refuses with complying to your request of a refund then your money is as good as gone. This is a flaw in the bitcoin and EXMO platform.


The size of a particular block of bitcoin is One MegaByte whereas the size of the amount transacted in Bitcoin is 226 Bytes. This is determined by the value of the last commission. The unit of measurement of the value of commission is Satoshi per Byte. If the value of the size of a transaction amount is 226 Bytes the value of the last commission is 113000 Satoshi, then the value of the final commission will be calculated as 113000 divided by 226 that is 500 Satoshi/Byte

The platform has basically provided a simplified, broad-spectrum order of the working of a transaction. Practically, transactions with values of commissions 300, 400 and even 450 Satoshi per Bytes sat/byte will by all probability be treated by an internetwork and added to the Bitcoin blocks after several minutes or even hours. This kind of occurrences owes to the fact of the irregular and unbalanced overloading of the upper half of the crypto currency mempool.

At times, the crypto currency blocks are processed faster than is usual, encouraging the miners to add the relatively inexpensive crypto currency transactions to the blocks. The count of costly transactions in crypto currency expires at this moment of time. By then, the previous, paid transactions have been added to the former blocks of Bitcoin, while the newer ones, as treasured as the old, are still a part of the amount.


The safety and security of account in the cross-platform application programming interface of this platform is of the highest priority for the crypto currency trader. What concerns traders the most regarding this platform of crypto currency exchange is the verification procedure that is not so strong enough for a platform that deals with huge volumes of trade and financial transactions on a daily basis.

Personal authorization and verification are not obligatory for the new user of this platform. However, registration is required in three different stages for the sake of providing high security and confidentiality regarding the ten different methods of payment that are associated with the platform.

The complete verification procedure on this platform of crypto currency trade is composed of three different stages and their completion with authentication.

Verification of identity

Verification of address

Filling in of the user agreement

It is mandatory for the user to produce the following attested and authentic documents to get his identity accurately verified by the platform.

– National passport with the two pages spread out and the photograph made visible

– International passport with the two pages spread out and the photograph made visible

– Government-issued personal Identity card on both the sides

It is mandatory for the user to produce the following attested and authentic documents to get his address accurately verified by the platform:

– A statement from his bank

– Utility payment bills, like electricity, post-paid connections etc;

– documents of taxation

– residential proof issued and authenticated by a local authority

It is mandatory for the user to fill in the user agreement form for final completion of the verification procedure.

The steps given below are to be followed

1. Download and save the user agreement form locally on your computer.

2. On the printout of the form, sign in the same way as the signature on your passport

3. Scan the filled in and signature document and upload t to the official website of the exmo platform and the verification procedure is now complete.

This platform is associated with only two authentic domain addresses, namely “” and “”. Any other website that claims to be EXMO is fraudulent and should be reported to “[email protected]”. The most important security measure involves the installation of the 2-factor authorization, which is a highly secure authentication procedure to access the system using two keys, a public key and a private key, that enhances the confidentiality of user data and the security of the entire system.

The expert team at EXMO recommends the application of Google authenticator to authorize the user’s account. This is because Google authenticator ensures instantaneous access to the web account. Apart from this, the authenticator of Google generates a 6-digit code that changes in every thirty seconds, thus minimizing the risks of leakage of confidential data to a great extent.


After successful registration and user validation, the wallet section of the Exmo platform displays the user account balance in different crypto currencies, like LTC, BTC, RUB and USD. The trader can deposit, withdraw and start trading in crypto currency right from this page.

In order to purchase, sell or limit the user has to navigate to the Trading page that will let him process the options “buy”, “sell” and “limit” commands. The exchange price and transaction fee get displayed in this section during execution of buy and sell.

This platform, according to user’s reviews and as per the information available on its website, is partially following the norms of privacy. Like, if someone wants to find or withdraw the wallet, the platform has norms to verify its account. On the contrary, if someone wants to fund or withdraw the digital currencies, Exmo does not have any norms to verify its account. Thus, privacy is one of the factors of Exmo being approximately safe but not fully safe.

The plus points of Exmo can be that it provides different methods of payments and a wide range of methods of withdrawal too. Anyone who creates an account on Exmo can deal in multiple digital currencies which include Bitcoin and Dogecoin. Another advantage that Exmo tends to hold is that it provides a reliable support via its 24X7 online chat services and a phone number which can be contacted at any time of the day.

This platform has employed the strongest infrastructure of protection on the website that includes an authentication using two keys, a public key and a private key, authentication by text alert and SMSes and a trusted Internet Protocol address. The platform has also implemented protection on multiple levels against every kind of hacking, cracking, phishing, Virus attacks and D-DoS attacks

This platform is also associated with a system of warning if anyone unauthorized user tries to take unlawful possession of data and information cookies. The investors’ money is stored in the cold wallets and the core team of programmers at the platform are striving hard to upgrade the defense mechanism of the crypto currency trading platform.

The platform is seeking to provide a fixed amount as insurance for the crypto currency invested and traded in on the site. As such an investor can feel quite confident and safe before trading in Bitcoin on exmo.


Mostly, the sellers and investors exercise Bitcoin, or any other type of crypto currency trading, to make a profit. Most of the time, trading in this platform is just a case of selling of crypto currency at a higher price than they were purchased. In case a seller perceives and predicts the market conditions and probable fluctuations in the price of the crypto currency, it is quite possible to exploit the chance and make a massive profit through the borrowing of funds on the crypto currency transactions thus providing good opportunities in trading. Another method is to speculate the price drop and then borrow an amount of crypto currency off the exchange, trade it up and purchase cheap, and make a huge profit from the investment returns. This is the very essence of trading in crypto currency, to stock it in when the price is cheap to trade it up when the price skyrockets and vice-versa.

The first hurdle to be crossed, in order to step into the market at an advantageous rate, you need to analyze the news, charts and graphs and the figures. It will help you comprehend the overall volatility of the crypto currency market and effectively predict the future rise or fall in price digital currency.

How does the exchange trading in crypto currency work on the platform?

Usually, if the user seeks to trade in a selected pair of currency then he will first have to purchase that digital currency at the most attractive market price rate amid the ones already existing or he can create an acquisition order at a customized rate, if he can predict a price drop of the crypto currency in the nearest future.

Having bought cryptocurrency, Another method is to speculate the price drop and then borrow an amount of crypto currency off the exchange, trade it up and purchase cheap, and make a huge profit from the investment returns. This is the very essence of trading in crypto currency, to stock it in when the price is cheap to trade it up when the price skyrockets and vice-versa.

The crypto currency exchange and trading on the cross-platform of exmo can:

a) lend the user some fiat currency to escalate the purchasing limit of the crypto currency, which you are waiting for the price increase from;

b) can lend the user some crypto currency, whose price has dropped and put the user on wait for the price to rise so that it can be sold again in a way to make the bargain profitable for the trader.

How can the user protect the account from leakage and ensure confidentiality of information on the platform?

1. Do not forget to check and recheck the address if the website in the address bar. There are only two official exmo sites and Any other website claiming to be exmo is completely fake.

2. This platform of trading in crypto currency does not send any personal or official emails asking the receiver to capitalize, contribute or transfer funds, or asking for personal details and information like bank account number and etc.

3. Use a 2-Factor authentication on the EXMO account: preferably google authentication as described later in this article.

4. Keep a track of the emails received from exmo warning you of suspicious intrusion, hacking or cracking into your personal account

5. Get in touch with the support help desk in case you need any kind of help


Well, if one goes through the ratings and reviews that users have given for the platform, it’s too little to trust Exmo. The Bitcoin Forum contains reports and complaints of several scams to the tune of thousands of dollars, missing funds, skipped verification and much more even though the CEO of EXMO, Lerner has declared that safety and usability are the two pillars of the platform. Some users have even used the word “dangerous”. But, at the same time, if one goes through various websites to search for the authenticity of Exmo, it is likely that he/she may find an equal number of pros and cons.

To have a look at the cons that the platform has to offer to include that for some currencies to be dealt online, only funding option available is credit card and debit card. And for some other currencies, a bank deposit is the only available option. Till verification of the account is concerned, the requirement of verification is also needed when fiat currencies are funded or withdrawn.


It offers a spontaneous, user-friendly platform through which interaction between clients occurs in two major modes. The first is the exchange, a secure digital wallet which includes a 3-factor security and an exchange.

The second part trades, where a huge array of crypto currencies was bought to make the best of intra-day volatility in the space. The traded Pairs include:

Using the platform is quite simple. The homepage contains a sign-up button that will lead you to a sign-up form. Sign up with your credentials and navigate to the home page and to other pages completely supervise your digital wallet, trade and exchange of crypto currencies. The home page contains a dynamic chart that displays the rates of the value of bitcoins. The price list is given as an analogy of the price of Bitcoin with that of EUR, USD and RUB. The website also contains detailed information of the daily bulk of exchange transactions and the number of active traders for the day.

The platform provides several options for withdrawals and deposits of money in the platform to conduct trading and exchanging like Capitalist, Perfect Money, AdvCash, OK PAY, Money Polo, Payeer, Payza and WebMoney.

A specifically useful provision of the platform is their exclusive feature called Excode. The Excode makes way for rapid and easy deposits and withdrawals option.

Exmo is a company and platform based in the United Kingdom. It is renowned for its adaptability that is reflected in its several options for payment. Exmo also offers authority in financing. The biggest evidence to prove that Exmo is legitimate is that Exmo stands as the oldest service for exchanging bitcoin as well as alt coins.


As stated earlier, Exmo has got mixed reviews of both positive and negative points. While the positive points of this platform state that it is absolutely safe, the negative points state that it is nothing but a scam.

It was incorporated into the global digital currency market in the year 2020. It is controlled and regulated by the company “EXMO Finance LLP”. The cross-platform API provides digital currency service like e-wallet, purchasing and selling of crypto currencies and also trading in crypto currency. The platform has provided efficient financial service to more than 92 million client, traders and investors from across the globe. The EXMO website claims that there are around 10 million investors who are currently trading in crypto currency. It records the number of registrations made on a daily basis at 10 million so far. The official websites of EXMO, namely “” and “” is available in several languages including English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese and several more. Apart from this the payment options that are available with the website speeds up the process of transactions, and as such deposits and withdrawals take place in just a couple of minutes or so. The turnaround period for crypto currency deposit is quite advantageous too.

However the privacy issue is still a glaring flaw and needs to be developed further to completely eliminate the leakage of confidential data and information. The verification procedure of conducting deposits and withdrawals over the platform consists of a form that asks for the user’s first name and last name, date of birth, scanned images of government authorized identity proof, address proof, photograph proof and a signed and attested document of agreement. In spite of all this, the privacy is still beyond average and needs to be upgraded for wide acceptance.

Thus, to find a middle path, one needs to be careful of the investment made in Exmo. The investment in Exmo should be in small amounts because it can be a great risk if you trade a large amount altogether.


Reddit is a private type business. It is set up in America and basically deals with social news and social media aggregation. Though it is primarily in English, it also provides the information in various other languages too. It was founded 13 years ago, on June 23, 2005, at Medford in the US by Steve Huffman and Alex Ohanian. Its headquarters are set up in San Francisco, California, United States. It basically is an online industry media, that is, it serves as the media industry on the Internet. The slogan under which Reddit works is “The Front Page of the Internet”.

Review of exmo on Reddit

The good reviews

It has received mixed reviews on Reddit and as such it is quite difficult to put a finger on one. While some have screamed scam and fraud, others have welcomed exmo as the safest platform for trading. Here are some of the reviews on Reddit.

The platform is comparatively better than most other crypto currency trading and exchange platforms. The structure of the website is so simple and for me. Taking into consideration, the ease of use and low rates of commission charged, it is the best platform tailored tour style of trading.

No complaints, no issues. Exmo is money’s worth and more. NO trouble whatsoever with cash flow, deposits and withdrawals. The support desk is not only quick and responsive but also quite patient and takes the pain to explain! Exmo is cool to work with.

The design and development of exmo as an atrading platform is awesome. Incredibly easy to get registered and keep everything maintained. Exmo is quite convenient and easy to access.

The not-so-good reviews:

The deposit made by a Reddit user is in pending status for days and the support help desk hasn’t replied even once to him.


The global market for crypto currency trade is recorded by quick development. As such EXMO crypto currency exchange carries on the dynamic lengthening of the list of trade instruments on the Exmo platform. 3 pairs of new crypto currency have been recently added to the platform: UAH/ETH, USD/LTC, EUR/LTC.

New prospects of functioning with the crypto currency Ethereum (ETH)

Considering the rapidly increasing interest in Ethereum crypto currency, the exchange platform of EXMO has brought to the table new opportunities for investors from Ukraine and has incorporated in a new instrument of trading: UAH/ETH.

New prospects of functioning with the crypto currency Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin has accumulated confidence and acceptance amongst investor across the globe and is quite an interesting instrument for trading. The sum total of trade market capitalization of LTC is assessed at $2259458821. The exchange platform, EXMO has observed great investment assurance in LTC and has commenced the trading on these pairs of currency: USD/LTC and EUR/LTC.

The survey conducted by the EXMO crypto currency exchange among active investors has revealed the following results. These new pairs of crypto currency added recently to the platform: BTC/ZEC, USD/ZEC, EUR/ZEC, RUB/ZEC.

How does the exmo platform of crypto currency exchange page trading interface function?

Crypto currency investment, especially in bitcoin, is very popular now. Investors and stockholders purchase and sell bitcoins on this platform, as it is suitable, secure and quite profitable. It is extremely important for investors who are beginners to be efficient at trade organizing interface, before start working with it. Every pair of trade that exists on this platform, has its own graphical chart. While one kind of trade pair allows the investor to purchase or sell the crypto currency in exchange for fiat money. Another type of Bitcoin exchange is traded for crypto currencies and another for altcoins.

How to purchase the Exmo coin?

An investor needs to register himself on the official website of exmo to purchase exmo coins. Click on the exmo coin tab on the menu of the platform to get access to all the necessary details. Only forty-seven days are left before launching the coin in the international crypto currency trade market. The Exmo coin (EXO) offers a distinctive crypto currency business corporation model, which furnishes the electronic currency investors with a prospect of increasing the sum of crypto currency capital while guaranteeing the high security of the investment.

What is the current value of the Exmo coin?

In the event of the initial sale of the Exmo coin, the price of the Exmo coin is One US Dollar of every coin.

What amount can be earned from trading in Exmo coin?

The official website of the exmo exchange platform shows a calculator that is used to compute the rate of return from selling exmo coins on the exmo platform but this is only a prediction and nothing definite can come out of it. However, bearing in mind that the trading is developing progressively, the exmo coin can be anticipated to turn into a profitable investment.

Potential gain from investment in Exmo coin

The income from investment from the anticipated increase in the return on the investment amounts to 30140 dollars. The marginal profit makes about 11318 dollars as the yield on investment in the stock exchange on the platform. An investment of 1000 dollars will yield 41458 dollars in 2022. Exmo experts recommend the active traders in crypto currency to invest in the amount of five to ten percent of the capital. At present, around a hundred Initial Coin Offerings are being introduced into the crypto currency trade market in every seven days or so seeking to get invested in by financiers and stockholders. EXMO is a realistic financial project and crypto currency exchange platform functioning honestly and practically in the market ever since the year 2020 and associated with team members of immense expertise and experience.

What are the reasons to invest in exmo coin?

The project is active and tested through time to be a successful venture.

This platform of crypto currency exchange trade has secured a position in the top twenty exchanges on a global scale and within the top ten of European exchange trade platforms. At present, this platform is associated with a 1000000.0 million active traders at the crypto currency exchange.

However, it is not exempted from investment risks like any other trading venture. The yields on investment are often lower than expected due to market fluctuations and meltdowns.

This platform is all set to trade in exmo coin tokens

Marginal lending has become a significant prospect on the EXMO crypto currency exchange platform since the 1st of December of 2020. The new working will facilitate the investors to make a profit on the volatility of crypto currencies funded by marginal loans. Traders can purchase and sell crypto currencies of any required volume by using these supplementary funds.

The term margin lending is defined as the amount of loan given to a client staked on the mortgage of the current price of the asset. EXMO offers a leverage ratio of 1:2 on the popular crypto currencies: ETH, RUB, BTC and USD. The workings of this service will be prolonged with increasing demand.

The EXMO crypto currency trading platform is looking into investment by initiating the transactions in EXMO coin tokens to cater to the demand of traders for margin loans.

The upcoming sale of tokens will guarantee new prospects of development of the exmo crypto currency platform. A half of the fund raised through investments will cater to the increasing demand for margin loans, another quarter of the funds will be needed to meet the overall design and development of this platform. The rest of the funds will be used to facilitate the fiat currency transactions.

The team at exmo believes that crypto currency platforms offer a wide variety of choices of methods of investment that are as profitable as the choices provided by traditional platforms of trading. Real and computer-generated economics are tending to meet in today’s global market. EXMO greatly contributes to the procedure of meeting the demands of thousands of investors and traders whose trading volumes have now increased through the sale of EXMO Coins. The trading platform of EXMO is now all geared up to be more dynamic, secure and reliable as a universal crypto currency platform.

EXMO coin tokens will be made available in the global crypto currency market from the 26th of the month of February in 2020. The traders and investors can purchase tokens till the 26th of the month of March in 2020.

The investors of these coins will make a profit of fifty percent on the revenue of marginal credit. This income will get disseminated in each month amongst the investors in Exmo. Traders will be able to invest in EXMO coins on EXMO trading platform in BTC/EXO and ETH/EXO pairs of currency. This platform of crypto currency exchange will also guarantee the trading to fiat currencies and alt-coins in the near future. That is exactly how the exmo coin token will prove to be a lucrative asset for the stockholder. The EXMO platform also assures redeeming of the token by providing suitable terms and conditions in the sale document of EXMO token coin.

What is the method of deposit and withdrawal of money on this platform?

The method used for deposits and withdrawal is wire transfer or DBT, that Direct Transfer to Bank. Funds can be deposited and withdrawn without the intervention of any third parties, which saves the investors a lot of money.

The deposit fee charged is 1% over a minimum of 500 dollars, and the withdrawal fee is charged at 1% for a minimum of 500 dollars and a value that is not less than 40 dollars.

What is the trading fee of exmo crypto currency exchange?

The exmo platform can be used to purchase and sell or trade in the most popular crypto currencies in the global trade market by paying a nominal 0.20% fee for trading.

EXMO is a crypto currency exchange and trading platform headquartered in the UK. This platform places a charge of 0.20% of fee on every trade and in turn, lets the traders and investors purchase and sell bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ether (ETH) and a host of other crypto currencies. With a flat 0.20% trading fee, an investor can trade in over forty-six crypto/fiat and crypto/crypto pairs of currency.

The following trading fee limits apply to the minimum withdrawal amount for cryptocurrency withdrawals:

THIS PLATFORM and Smartphones

It has been announced that the platform of EXMO has been recently made a part of the Android app named TabTrader app for investing and trading in bitcoins and other crypto currencies. The EXMO platform of crypto currency exchange platform provides for a swift and dependable exchange platform with USD/BTC, EUR/BTC, RUB/BTC pairs. Known for its low rate of commission, secure investing and trading and quick execution, the Exmo platform is now associated with more than 250 thousand investors who can now trade and invest from their personal Android device on the platform of EXMO via the TabTrader app on Android operating system.

An iOS version of this TabTrader application is about to be launched n this very month.

Global redesign of the exmo platform

More than 440 000 active traders and investors trust and take part in the EXMO crypto currency platform of exchange. The platform of EXMO makes a good note of the feedback given by the active traders and investors feedback and based upon it, Exmo strives hard to convey the best possible convenience and safekeeping features when a user purchases, sells and trades in crypto currency.

The following changes and modifications have been made upon the platform of Exmo:

Advanced level of convenience and ease of the application programming interface;

Enhanced page of trading;

New and advanced feature for cancellation of bulk orders by type and cancel by the pair of currencies.

New settings for pairs of currencies

Transformed structure of the personalized user cabinet;

Simplified checking of balance in account

A new supplementary page to trade and exchange in crypto currency;

Simplified interface of verification

The home page of the exmo has been redesigned to display all the important details and information right on the main home page, that includes trading indicators and investment metrics. Purchase and Sell, Exchange and Wallet page links are available on the home page for quick and smooth navigation and ease of use.

Unlike the earlier version of this platform, the present infrastructure of the new website is more flexible and allows integration of countless pairs of crypto currencies into the trading and exchange platform. The new version of the exmo platform supports bulk cancellation of orders by type of trading, whether selling or purchasing and by type of currency pairs. Any order can be canceled by the Trade History tab on the personalized cabinet page or the Trade page of the exmo platform.

The number of crypto currency pairs involved in trading will gradually increase in future. For ease and convenience, the adjustment of currency pairs has now been restructured on the Trade page of the exmo platform. The personalized cabinet of the user has changed as well to a drop-down list of options on the home screen.

Account balance can be checked easily by the Balance menu on the drop-down list, next to the personal cabinet. This balance option always displays the current amount in the account dynamically. In the new design of the exmo platform, the “Wallet” is embedded on the home page as a distinct menu on top of the home screen besides other elements. The new spontaneous user interface of the homepage permits deposits and withdrawal of funds with simplicity.

At the platform, the support and customer care department is available for any kind of assistance for 24×7. Owing to the newly designed panel of navigation, customer support has got more streamlined. The verification interface has also been made quite easy.

Coming up next in the line of improvements are:

New crypto currencies, new fiat currencies and number of requested currency pairs; localization of website in supplementary languages;

A separate section of news in the form of blogs beginner users

An improved Wikipedia section of the exmo platform containing a detailed glossary on crypto currency marginal loans to traders, compound orders and terminals

Furthermore an increase in the number of methods of payment

The crypto currency trade and exchange platform of Exmo are continuing to integrate the current and profitable crypto currencies into the platform. The Wallet menu specifies the methods of addition and withdrawal of the crypto currencies.

Monero is one of the most profit yielding crypto currency in the global trade market. The CoinMarketCap has confirmed that the price of Monero has augmented from forty-four dollars to one hundred and nineteen dollars over the past 3 months. This is the reason why exmo has included Monero into its fold and has set the trading and exchanging of the freshly merged crypto currency pairs: BTC/XMR, USD/XMR, EUR/XMR.

Tether is a much preferred crypto currency in the global digital currency market. The traders can now acquire and sell two new crypto currency pairs: USD/BTC, RUB/USDT.

The exmo platform is continuing to increase the number of crypto currencies to meet the demands and preferences of its large base of traders.

What is Ex-Code in the context of Exmo?

The Ex-code is an internal currency of Exmo available as a part of the crypto currency trading platform. The advantages of Ex-code are:

– Lucratively purchase, sell and trade in bitcoin and other crypto currencies;

– protect and/or transfer any fiat currency and crypto currency fund out of the platform and into the physical environment;

– commission fee or transaction fee for deposits or withdrawal of funds is charged at 0%;

– deposits and withdrawal of funds take place instantly.

Click on the wallet section and choose the crypto currency to be generated as ex-code.

Bitcoin Traders Beware: Group of Robbers Gruesomely Torture Netherlands-Based Crypto Trader

It turns out that each and every month a recent tale surrounding crypto-related scams and fraud surfaces, however the sufferers of those tales are most often remoted, and the scope in their victimhood is typically restricted to monetary losses. Despite this, one Bitcoin dealer was once lately attacked by means of a bunch of armed robbers who tortured him the use of ugly ways in entrance of his younger daughter to be able to extort him out of his BTC holdings. This theft happened previous this month within the Netherlands and is placing a focus at the significance of public figures within the cryptocurrency business protecting their identities and whereabouts non-public. Grotesque Antics Used within the Hopes of Stealing Trader’s Bitcoin and Crypto Holdings The theft took place on Sunday, February 10th, within the night on the dealer’s house in Zuideind, and is the newest in a string of more than one violent robberies within the space which might be being investigated by means of native government. According to a file first observed in De Telegraaf – the biggest Dutch day-to-day morning newspaper – the sufferer, named Tjeerd H. (38), and his daughter, have been surprised to listen to a big bang at their entrance door at roughly 10:00 p.m. on Sunday night, and located 3 armed robbers with balaclavas, bulletproof vests, and police jackets. Unfortunately, the person’s four-year-old daughter was once compelled to observe as some of the males ran a drill thru his frame whilst not easy that he switch them his Bitcoin and crypto holdings. The sufferer was once despatched to the sanatorium to be able to be handled for important accidents. It stays unclear as as to whether or no longer H. transferred his holdings to the robbers. According to the file, fifteen police investigators are recently investigating the theft, and recently have restricted details about the robbers, who reportedly had Moroccan accents and left the scene in an Audi A6. Notable Crypto Traders Warned to Express Increased Caution Due to the character of cryptocurrencies as simply transferable and quite nameless, investors and traders who grasp a sizeable quantity are simple objectives for robbers having a look to make a snappy greenback. WhalePanda – a well-liked cryptocurrency investor and a self-proclaimed “Bitcoin Maximalist” – spoke concerning the tournament in a contemporary tweet, caution investors and outspoken crypto-personalities to “stay safe.” “‘Bitcoin trader tortured with drill’ in the Netherlands… The robbers were dressed as police with bulletproof vests and masks and they made his 4 year old daughter watch as they were torturing him. He survived but was heavily wounded…Stay safe.” “Bitcoin dealer tortured with drill” within the Netherlands.
The robbers have been dressed as police with bulletproof vests and mask and so they made his four yr outdated daughter watch as they have been torturing him. He survived however was once closely wounded.
Stay protected. — WhalePanda (@WhalePanda) February 23, 2020
As Bitcoin and different cryptocurrencies keep growing in recognition, it’s most probably that these kinds of crimes will proceed to extend in recognition as neatly, which makes at the entire extra essential for public figures to shroud themselves in anonymity, and for private investors to workout warning in who they inform about their holdings. Featured symbol from Shutterstock.

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Your 10 Worst Enemies! as trader

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    Bitcoin Traders Beware: Group of Robbers Gruesomely Torture Netherlands-Based Crypto Trader

    It seems that each month a fresh story surrounding crypto-related scams and fraud surfaces, but the victims of these stories are typically isolated, and the scope of their victimhood is usually limited to financial losses. Despite this, one Bitcoin trader was recently attacked by a group of armed robbers who tortured him using gruesome tactics in front of his young daughter in an effort to extort him out of his BTC holdings.

    This robbery took place earlier this month in the Netherlands and is putting a spotlight on the importance of public figures in the cryptocurrency industry keeping their identities and whereabouts private.

    Grotesque Antics Used in the Hopes of Stealing Trader’s Bitcoin and Crypto Holdings

    The robbery occurred on Sunday, February 10th, in the evening at the trader’s home in Zuideind, and is the latest in a string of multiple violent robberies in the area that are being investigated by local authorities.

    According to a report first seen in De Telegraaf – the largest Dutch daily morning newspaper – the victim, named Tjeerd H. (38), and his daughter, were shocked to hear a large bang at their front door at approximately 10:00 p.m. on Sunday evening, and found three armed robbers with balaclavas, bulletproof vests, and police jackets.

    Unfortunately, the man’s four-year-old daughter was forced to watch as one of the men ran a drill through his body while demanding that he transfer them his Bitcoin and crypto holdings. The victim was sent to the hospital in order to be treated for significant injuries.

    It remains unclear as to whether or not H. transferred his holdings to the robbers.

    According to the report, fifteen police investigators are currently investigating the robbery, and currently have limited information about the robbers, who reportedly had Moroccan accents and left the scene in an Audi A6.

    Notable Crypto Traders Warned to Express Increased Caution

    Due to the nature of cryptocurrencies as easily transferable and somewhat anonymous, traders and investors who hold a sizeable amount are easy targets for robbers looking to make a quick buck.

    WhalePanda – a popular cryptocurrency investor and a self-proclaimed “Bitcoin Maximalist” – spoke about the event in a recent tweet, warning traders and outspoken crypto-personalities to “stay safe.”

    “‘Bitcoin trader tortured with drill’ in the Netherlands… The robbers were dressed as police with bulletproof vests and masks and they made his 4 year old daughter watch as they were torturing him. He survived but was heavily wounded…Stay safe.”

    “Bitcoin trader tortured with drill” in the Netherlands.
    The robbers were dressed as police with bulletproof vests and masks and they made his 4 year old daughter watch as they were torturing him. He survived but was heavily wounded.
    Stay safe.

    As Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continue to grow in popularity, it is likely that these types of crimes will continue to increase in popularity as well, which makes at all the more important for public figures to shroud themselves in anonymity, and for non-public traders to exercise caution in who they tell about their holdings.

    Cole Petersen

    Cole is a cryptocurrency analyst based in Los Angeles. He studied at the University of California Irvine and has covered bitcoin and the crypto markets since 2020.

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