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What Is Dogecoin & How Does It Work? The Ultimate DOGE Guide [2020]

Dogecoin has to be one of the most well-known and loved cryptocurrencies in existence today. We have put together this comprehensive DOGE guide based on extensive research to answer all your questions related to this fun and friendly crypto.

Dogecoin, otherwise recognized as DOGE is an open source cryptocurrency, which has developed into an enjoyable, friendly and easy-to-use internet currency.

Much Wow. What is Dogecoin? Find out in our awesome guide.

So, if you’re asking yourself “What is this Dogecoin thing?” or any other related questions, you have come to the right place, as this comprehensive guide will provide you with all the answers you need.

Dogecoin has an extremely active and passionate community, with members known as the ‘Shibes,’ that have taken part in multiple social causes and fundraisers.

The price of Dogecoin has been volatile but overall it has increased in value and at one point reached a market capitalization of beyond $1 billion.

Dogecoin market cap (USD) from January 2020 to February 2020 – Source:

Regarding its distribution, the coin had a fast initial production schedule, with 100 billion coins having already been mined by the middle of 2020. Currently, Dogecoin has a circulating supply of more than 118 billion.

While its main use is as an online digital currency, it has gained footing as a tipping system, in which internet users grant tips paid in Dogecoin to other users who post content that they enjoy.

Dogecoin is an open-source digital currency that is used by internet users worldwide.

The framework is based on Litecoin, meaning that all modifications and updates made to it will also be made to Dogecoin.

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The initial aim of the coin was not to create an innovative technology or something novel and impressive, but rather to create an easy to use transaction platform.

Dogecoin has a strong and loyal userbase who use Doge as a currency rather than just hold it as a speculative asset. Although, like other cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin can definitely be held as an investment or traded in pursuit of making a profitable return.

Dogecoin got its name from the original ‘doge’ internet meme, which is based on a photo of a Japanese Shiba Inu dog.

The original Doge Meme – Source: @DogecoinMemes on Twitter

Doge memes are created using different Shiba Inu photos surrounded by text in the Comic Sans font. The text is written in an improper form such as ‘wow‘ and ‘much increase‘ and is meant to portray what the dog is thinking.

The Dogecoin logo is the face of the Shiba Inu dog, with a big letter D on it.

Dogecoin logo – Source:

There is a slight disagreement on the correct pronunciation for Dogecoin.

Some claim that the pronunciation is similar to “dodge,” while others say that since the name comes from a dog, the correct pronunciation is “dogue.”

As stated above, while Dogecoin initially started as a joke, it quickly gained a lot of traction, and a very strong community was built around it, which now is one of Dogecoin’s greatest assets.

The community members, who are also referred to as “Shibes” have been known for various charity donations and other altruistic causes.

The community enjoys a substantial following on social media.

The Reddit group /r/dogecoin has 129k subscribers or ‘Shibes,’ and they use Dogecoin to tip each other for posting enjoyable content.

r/dogecoin Reddit community – Source:

Furthermore, charities such as DogePizza and SocksForTheHomeless use Reddit as a platform to raise money for good causes.

This Dogecoin community, on top of being one of its strongest assets, has been key to its survival and success until now. No other ‘meme coin’ has enjoyed success like Dogecoin has.

A common phrase used by Shibes is ‘1 DOGE = 1 DOGE,’ meaning that they believe the coin should be used as a transactional currency, instead of being used solely as an investment or speculative asset.

The community actively contributes to Dogecoin, even creating new applications like DogePal which is a system that enables people to pay each other with Doge, using email addresses.

Screenshot of Dogecoin payment system:

The idea first gained traction from a tweet posted by Jackson Palmer who jokingly said “Investing in Dogecoin, pretty sure it’s the next big thing.”

It received a lot of encouragement from the Twitter-sphere, also catching the interest of Billy Markus, a software engineer, who later contacted Jackson Palmer about creating something real with Dogecoin.

Then, on December 6, 2020, Dogecoin was created, allowing anyone to mine and/or trade it.

The hype around it quickly grew, so what started as a joke very rapidly became a major cryptocurrency.

Dogecoin was intended to be fun and to have a less serious vibe than other cryptocurrencies.

In 2020 when Dogecoin was created there were much fewer cryptocurrencies around than today, and most of them had a serious vibe or political motives.

One thing that separates Dogecoin from the majority of other cryptocurrencies is that it is an inflationary, rather than deflationary cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin and the majority of other cryptocurrencies that can be mined are created with a hard cap on the supply of coins.

The main issue arising from deflationary coins is that they encourage hoarding as their perceived values increase with time. Also, once a hard cap is hit, it is not profitable for miners to continue sustaining the system.

Thus, an inflation-based tactic was designed so that mining would be maintained and to replace lost coins, helping to keep the supply stable at close to 100 billion tokens.

Dogecoin has a fixed rate of production of 10,000 coins per minute.

Jackson Palmer wrote in 2020:

“The goal for the currency is to keep approximately 100 billion coins in circulation – thus after 100 billion Dogecoins are created, rewards will continue at 10k each block. This will help maintain mining and stabilize the number of coins in circulation (considering lost wallets and various other ways coins may be destroyed) at 100 billion.”

Furthermore, since most of the community do not consider Dogecoin purely an investment, rather a medium of exchange, inflation could be an important factor in its success.

The main structure of Dogecoin is based on Luckycoin, which in turn is based on Litecoin.

Dogecoin originally featured a randomized reward system, with rewards received for mining blocks of coins.

This was later changed to a fixed block reward in 2020.

Both Dogecoin and Litecoin employ a proof-of-work algorithm and use Scrypt technology.

However, unlike Litecoin, the supply of Dogecoin does not have a cap.

Since 2020, Dogecoin and Litecoin mining has been merged, which means it’s possible to mine both coins with the same process.

Dogecoin Litecoin
Founded December 6, 2020 October 7, 2020
Price (March 2020) $0.001823 $39.06
Mining Algorithm Scrypt (Proof-of-Work) Scrypt (Proof-of-Work)
Market Cap (March 2020) $226,027,612 $2,515,786,037
Supply (March 2020) 123,957,910,395 64,404,581

Some of the advantages of Dogecoin over other altcoins include:

    Extremely low Transaction fees, around $0.01. Fast transaction times as it takes less effort to calculate the mining computations. A user-friendly interface. A fun and welcoming community.

Before being verified, Dogecoin transactions are included in a block. The miners’ check the received transactions with previous transactions on the blockchain.

If no data recording the same transactions is detected, the miners confirm the new block of transactions.

These blocks are sent for verification to the nodes of the Dogecoin network.

When the nodes verify a block of transactions, they enter into a type of lottery. Only one node can win the reward from the lottery.

The lottery involves solving a mathematical equation. The node that solves the equation first adds the new block of transactions to the blockchain.

The reward for solving the mathematical equation is 10,000 DOGE.

As the mining process necessitates massive amounts of electricity and time, this reward is paid to miners for each mined block. This acts as an incentive for miners to give their hashing power.

The mining reward has not always been the same. However, after the 600,000th block was mined, a permanent reward of 10,000 Dogecoin was put in place by the developers.

Litecoin and Dogecoin merged mining in 2020 and both use Scrypt, which demands less power than Bitcoin’s SHA-256 algorithm. If you are familiar with Litecoin mining, DOGE mining may be relatively easy for you.

Dogecoin mining is also a lot quicker than Bitcoin as its mining difficulty is at least a million times less than Bitcoin’s. This also means that you can mine the coin with less powerful computers.

The block reward for each block is 10,000 DOGE and on average, a new block is generated every minute.

Dogecoin mining concept – Source:

Just like every other mineable cryptocurrency, miners have the choice to go solo or operate in mining pools.

Mining pools are groups of users who share their computing power and receive a share of the block reward.

Pools have higher combined computing power than solo users, and therefore, they confirm blocks more often.

Each miner in the pool gets a small portion of the total reward generated by the block. Members of the pool will usually pay a fee to be a part of the group.

When you mine Dogecoin solo, you won’t have to pay any fees for mining.

However, you will be exposed to the immense competition, and it could be weeks (sometimes months) before you get to mine a block on the network.

However, once you do this, the entire mining reward is yours for the taking.

To begin with, you will need a PC running and a working internet connection.

You will also need a Dogecoin wallet to store the mining rewards you earn.

Ideally, you want to use a powerful CPU (even though an average PC CPU is powerful enough, it may overheat), or a GPU like the Nvidia GeForce GTX series.

Depending on what hardware you use, you will also need to download the appropriate software to go with it. The software can be found online and downloaded for both CPU and GPU.

If you are mining using a GPU, a few software options include CGminer, EasyMiner, and CudaMiner. A CPU miner can be downloaded for free here.

Another hardware option is a Scrypt ASIC Miner like the Bitmain Antminer L3. MultiMiner would be the appropriate software to use in this instance, but EasyMiner and CGMiner will also work for ASIC miners as well.

The most suitable option for beginners looking the test the waters would be GPU mining. After, if you want to get more seriously involved with mining you could consider a GPU or ASIC mining setup.

The easiest way to earn some DOGE would be to opt for cloud mining, but you need to investigate whether you can be profitable or not and how long that would take.

With cloud mining, you simply rent computing power from a data center which is charged as a yearly or monthly fee. The center mines the coins and sends a share of the profits to you.

The only requirement for this is a Dogecoin wallet and the money needed to rent the cloud resources.

Cloud mining can be cheaper to set up than your own mining operation. It also removes all the technical hassle involved with Dogecoin mining.

However, the contracts could be long-term, and it may be difficult to calculate whether you are getting good value for the cost or not.

Price fluctuations could also cause problems as the cloud mining contract will be fixed, and if mining becomes unprofitable, you will still be tied to the contract.

At NiceHash, you can buy hash power, similar to how you might with cloud mining, but with an interesting difference: you buy hash power from the community. People can connect their miners with NiceHash and rent out their hash power – NiceHash facilitates the deal! If you don’t want to set up your own miners to acquire your Dogecoin and you’re not keen on the typical Cloud Mining providers, NiceHash is definitely well worth a look.

Dogecoin’s website states that:

“Dogecoin is a decentralized, peer-to-peer digital currency that enables you to easily send money online. Think of it as ‘the internet currency.’”

Dogecoin has also been used by its community often in fundraising initiatives, such as helping Olympians attend the winter Olympics and raising funds to build clean water wells in developing countries.

Below are some of the most notable fundraisers achieved by the Shibes:

    $50,000 was raised in order to fund the Jamaican Bobsled Team journey to the Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2020. In March 2020, the community raised $30,000 in order to build wells that provide clean water in Kenya. The community raised $55,000 in order to sponsor a NASCAR driver (Josh Wise) who then raced in a Dogecoin themed car.

As Dogecoin’s transaction times are quick, averaging close to a minute, Doge has also gained popularity as a donation or tipping coin.

Dogecoin can also be used for speculation or held as an investment with the goal of making a profit. Since its creation, Dogecoin has seen many peaks and troughs in its price creating lots of opportunity for speculators.

The first exchange which offered a DOGE/USD market was in 2020. Later on, the Canadian Vault of Satoshi exchange became the first exchange to offer the DOGE/CAD trading pair. DOGE can now be traded in many exchanges around the world.

Dogecoin was officially launched on December 6, 2020.

It was created by Billy Markus, a programmer from Oregon, and Jackson Palmer, a product manager at Adobe.

During the cryptocurrency craze of 2020, Billy Markus wanted to create a cryptocurrency which had a less serious vibe than Bitcoin. He believed that this would appeal to a broad user base and also be something unique that separates itself from other cryptocurrencies.

He teamed up with Jackson Palmer, who conceived the original idea for ‘Dogecoin’ through a comical tweet. Palmer was encouraged on Twitter to make his ‘joke’ idea a reality, which he then later did with Markus.

The Dogecoin team is made up entirely by volunteers.

The founding duo of Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer now go by the moniker “Shibetoshi Nakamoto,” a name intended as a play on the name of the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. However, Jackson Palmer is no longer involved with the project.

The developing team consists of names such as Ross Nicoll, Patrick Lodder, and Max Keller.

You can find our interview with Ross Nicoll here.

Like the majority of cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin has been subject to massive fluctuations in price, going from lows of $0.0001 in late 2020 to a high of $0.019 on January 7th, 2020.

Dogecoin Chart

Probably not but it is possible. For Dogecoin to hit $1 it would have to increase 52,531% from the price it’s at today ($0.0019) which would certainly be ‘much wow’

The extremely high supply makes it unlikely to hit a high price such as $1 since while the inflationary nature improves its chances to be used as a mediator currency, it also decreases its investment potential somewhat.

Buyers from the EU can buy Dogecoin directly from

Furthermore, there are multiple exchanges which support Dogecoin, and offer pairs such as DOGE/BTC and DOGE/ETH.

The most popular exchanges that do so are Bittrex, Poloniex, and HitBtc.

Screenshot of BTC-DOGE trading on the Bittrex platform – Source:

While this article does not aim to offer financial advice, and you should always do your own research when making any investments.

The cryptocurrency market in the eyes of some is a bubble that has already burst, while others see it as a nascent industry that will eventually go on to change the world in a similar manner to how the internet did.

No, Dogecoin is currently not listed on Coinbase.

In order to buy through Coinbase, it is required to buy another crypto coin, transfer it to an exchange which supports Dogecoin and then buy it.

There are different wallets which support the storage of Dogecoin.

Firstly, there are software wallets for download, such as Dogecoin Core, which contains the full Dogecoin blockchain, and effectively turns your computer into a Dogecoin Node.

Dogecoin co-creator Billy Markus recently tweeted to remind his followers to upgrade to the latest version of the Dogecoin Core Wallet.

Make sure to upgrade your wallet to 1.8 now, or you’re gonna have a bad time:

Then there is MultiDoge, a light wallet which stores enough information in order to use Dogecoin but will not turn your computer into a Node.

There are also Online wallets such as Dogechain, which allows you to use the blockchain without storing it on your computer.

Finally, there are Hardware wallets, such as the Ledger Nano S which are hardware devices that are fully portable and allow you to store Dogecoin.

Once you possess a secured wallet, transferring DOGE is as easy as clicking a “Send” button in the application.

You only need to specify the recipient’s address, enter the coin value and a label which allows for easy tracking of the transaction. Then use a blockchain explorer like Dogecoin official.

Dogecoin possesses a one minute block time; therefore the average transaction time is around one minute.

As stated above, Dogecoin does not have a supply limit.

Right now, there is more than to 118 billion Doge in circulation, with the price being $0.0019.

The current market cap is $225,000,000; however, at one point in January 2020, it surpassed $1 billion for a short time. The market cap changes daily, so it’s worth checking a resource like CoinMarketCap for the latest valuation.

The potential problem with having a supply cap like many cryptocurrencies do is that once that cap is reached, mining could become unprofitable for miners.

This could lead to either extremely high transaction times (due to less incentive to process transactions) or extremely high fees (to encourage miners to mine).

To solve this problem, the creators of Dogecoin wanted to ensure miners that they would always receive new Dogecoin as a reward, so there is always an incentive for mining Dogecoins.

In a recent interview with Blokt, leading developer Ross Nicoll stated that he wants to see Doge widely adopted as a currency for the Internet, and he believes there is an exciting opportunity to make this happen.

He also wants to see Dogecoin become part of the Ethereum Ecosystem. The Dogecoin team is currently working on a Dogecoin/Ethereum bridge which would enable this.

Dogecoin and Ethereum bridge illustration – Source:

To conclude, even though it began as a lighthearted joke that made light of the cryptocurrency craze, Dogecoin has evolved into a genuine and major digital currency.

Dogecoin possesses one of the biggest thriving communities, full of helpful and friendly members, who are also working to further the adoption of the coin.

This has been a big factor in the success of Dogecoin and will continue to be so in the future. Furthermore, the loyal community of Shibes constantly uses the coin instead of holding it as purely an investment.

Even after the departure of the co-creator Jackson Palmer years ago, the project has continuously thrived, due in part to the passionate and enthusiastic Shibe community.

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Featured Images are from Shutterstock.

Blokt is a leading independent cryptocurrency news outlet that maintains the highest possible professional and ethical journalistic standards.

Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle Review – Scam Or Legit?

This review is going to be on a program called the Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle. What is Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle? Is it a scam? Or a legit opportunity for you to invest your money in and make money online? These are some of the questions I will be focusing on in this short review.

Alright without further ado, let’s get things rolling…

Name: Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle


Owner: John Chow

Price: $49 + Many Upsells.

Rating: 2 /5

Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle Overview

Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle is a new program launched by John Chow recently.

Well, not really… this isn’t actually a new program. It already has been around for many years. All they did was just “refurbished” it and gave it a new identity to make it look as if it was new. I will go into more details about this in a bit.

Anyway, you probably would have watched the introduction video by now where John Chow talks about his past and how he became an internet millionaire. It definitely is an inspirational video. Isn’t it?

I bet most of you are already thinking about purchasing the program so that you can start making money like what he claimed to.

Honestly, you are not ready yet. There are several things you need to know first before you even consider purchasing the Ultimate Dot Come Lifestyle.

What is MOBE & who is Matt Lloyd?

Some of you right now might be wondering, what has Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle has to do with MOBE or Matt Lloyd?Don’t worry, it is all interlinked and you will understand more about it as you read on…

Matt Lloyd is the owner/founder of the company called My Online Business Education. MOBE is a marketing and business training company for small owners or entrepreneurs who wants to grow their business to a higher level. Basically, this site offers various training, tools, services and resources to help one grow their business.

Our Dear friend John Chow is actually a member of MOBE. In simple words, he is promoting products from this company called MOBE. Whenever someone joins through him and purchases any of the available products found within MOBE, he makes commissions of you.

Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle = My Top Tier Business(MTTB)

Remember I mentioned earlier in my review that Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle isn’t a new program.

Yes, that’s correct… and I will explain to you why.

Basically, John Chow is promoting a program called My Top Tier Business. MTTB is one of Matt Lloyd top selling products in MOBE. This product is said to give one an opportunity to start making thousands and thousands of dollars in commissions.

But instead of promoting the program as MTTB itself, he gave it a new identity. That new name is called Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle. Other than the name/branding everything else is exactly the same. You will eventually be led to the MTTB website once you purchase the program.

What is MTTB?

I have tried MTTB in the past and this is exactly how it works…

Basically, it is a 21-step video course that will walk you through from scratch on how you will make money. There are too many problems with this program. The very first problem is that the modules can only be unlocked by your “coach”. Once you finish the first step, your personal coach will contact you to ask you how are things going and such and will help you unlock the next course.

This personal coach relationship will only last until step 6. After step 6 all the courses will be unlocked automatically without anyone’s help. But there is a CATCH for it to happen. At step 6, you will be introduced to something called MLR, which stands for MOBE Licensing Rights. These licensing rights will allow you to promote MOBE and it’s products and earn commissions. In other words, in order to earn high ticket commissions of hundreds and thousands of dollars, you will have to purchase this license.

Let’s play a small game… Guess how much does the licensing rights cost you? Nope not $100, $200, $500 or even $1000. This rights is going to cost you a whopping one time fee of $1,997. It doesn’t end there, this is the first of much more money to be involved. Step 6 will be your deciding point whether you want to make MORE or little money.

You can always choose to reject the offer. If you rejected the offer, you will remain as a regular affiliate and only be able to promote MTTB itself and make commissions from it only. – $20 per sale

This isn’t going to make you rich or enable you to quit you day job in the next couple of months. In order to earn thousands of dollars worth of commissions, you will need to commit to MOBE’s system. The problem with this entire MOBE business model is, it works very similar to an MLM( Multi-level Marketing). In order to qualify to sell the product and earn commissions, you will have to purchase that product, program, services for yourself first.

Let’s look at some of the product prices in MOBE:

I will begin with some of the 90% commission products:

  • Affiliate Bonus Domination – $291
  • Inner circle membership – $97/month
  • MOBE Elite Earners – $97/month
  • Done for you Emails – $97/month
  • Funded Proposal – $194
  • OPT formula – $194
  • My Email Marketing Empire – $194
  • IM Revolution Handbook – $9.95

Ok now for the 50% commission products:

  • Diamond Mastermind – $30,000
  • Platinum Mastermind – $16,667
  • Titanium Mastermind – $9,997
  • Diamond Coaching Program -$4,997
  • 10,000 leads in 100 days – $1,997
  • The 90 days challenge – $997
  • Six Figure Coaching Secrets – $997
  • Add the Nitrous -$997

This is only a handful of the products you can find in MOBE. There are way more than this. Just look at some of these, it easily adds up to over $60,000 not inclusive of your monthly membership and MOBE licensing rights. So think about it, are you willing to spend that amount of money before you even start to promote and make money.

What you need to understand is, finding people(leads) to buy these products is the hardest part. Seriously, there are not many people out there willing to splash thousands of dollars in products that they are very unfamiliar with. Actually, we don’t have to go too far. Just look at yourself, ARE you willing to spend that amount of money to start an online business partnership with MOBE?

If you really have that amount of money in your hand, I don’t think you would even want to waste it on such opportunity. You should invest or start a more legitimate business that is easier to run and handle.

Can You Be Successful With MOBE?

John Chow logged into his MOBE account to show us how much money he is making. But wait. It doesn’t really matter how much money HE is making. The question now is can you be successful and make a similar amount of money like him or other high earners?

Yes, you can be successful… but that doesn’t mean YOU will be successful. If you are willing to dedicate yourself to the training, put in lots of effort, and more importantly willingly spend more only then you MAY stand a chance to become successful. Sometimes success is more than the three I just mentioned earlier, there are lots and lots of factors that will be taken into consideration that doesn’t cross out minds.

The next piece of information is taken from MOBE income disclosure web page itself. I didn’t cook up anything. You will be able to see for yourself what are the typical success rate in this business.

From the above image,

  • 95% of the affiliates are earning less than $100.
  • The average is only $54 per month, which is way low. How do you even expect to survive one day with just a monthly income of


  • You also can see that the remaining 5% is covered by affiliates earning $100 – $25,000+ per month
  • Of course, everybody wishes to be in the top 1% grossing over $25,000 a month. But in reality, most people go in with that expectation are probably at the rock bottom of the chart. That’s life, we have to accept it…

    It’s not wrong to dream big. I also dream big and have big goals in my life but at the same time, the goals should be realistic and practical to your current situation. You don’t want to be spending thousands of dollars and struggling to close one successful deal.

    So do give some thought to it because you don’t want to be in a situation where you end up spending a good amount of money which eventually goes to waste.

    What are Others Saying About MOBE?

    The furthest I went with MOBE is paying for the monthly fee of $49. Once I found out that I have to fork out a great amount of money, I chose to stop it there. Firstly, I don’t have that amount of money and secondly, I don’t have much confidence in this business model on whether it will suit me.

    But there are people who have gone further than just what I have. Some of these guys have spent lots of money but the outcome is the same, they didn’t see the results they expected too. I just did some research on what some people are saying about MOBE and the comments are quite depressing. Take a look for yourself below…

    My Final Thoughts

    I guess I have explained in clear details on what the Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle is all about and also showed you enough proof that MOBE/MTTB is not the best option going forward is especially if you are someone who is conservative about money.

    I don’t really like to label products as a scam because the owner/creator have put in a lot of effort to make things happen. But this one, I can’t really stand… I’m sorry, I have no choice but to say this is a SCAM. So yes, please avoid it at all cost. Take mine and other people’s experience as a learning point and stay away from this.

    If you ask all the unsuccessful members of MOBE, there tell you one thing in common. I wish I have read this review earlier or have never come across such opportunity. That money can definitely be spent on something more worthwhile than MOBE…

    Final Verdict: Scam, Not Recommended

    A Better Alternative?

    For those of you who are not ready to spend thousands of dollars but keen to start a similar online business, I will highly recommend you Wealthy Affiliate.

    WA is an online training platform(community based), that will teach you and help you build an online business right from scratch with a passion or hobby of yours.

    Unlike MOBE, you don’t have to spend any money upfront. Yes, they do have a premium membership service which costs you money but it doesn’t even come to a fraction of what you will be spending at MOBE. They have the starter membership which is totally free, you are not obligated to upgrade so don’t worry…

    Best of all you don’t need to key in your credit card details to get started. I highly encourage that you spend some time and check it out because it’s really a win-win situation for you. If after you tried it out, if you don’t like it, you can just leave it as it is and not come back again.

    If you want to find out more, you can check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review Below…

    Alright, I have come to the end of my review on Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle. I do hope by now you have a better understanding of what it is all about and whether it is something you want to take part in. Those of you who have personally tried UDCL or any MOBE products are welcomed to share your experiences with us in the discussion section below. Questions are welcomed too.

    Is Ultimate Paydays a Scam? +$1.3K A Day or Bs?

    Ultimate Paydays Reviewed!

    Did you receive an email from someone trying to sell you the Ultimate Paydays but you think it’s a scam?

    Should you trust your guts?

    No need to guess! Just read this full review to learn some UGLY reality about this new Clickbank product!

    Please use the “Quick Navigation” box below to quickly read this review!

    Ultimate Paydays Quick Review

    • Name: Ultimate Paydays
    • Website:
    • Price: $37 ($17 downsell+ Hidden Costs
    • Owner: Rick Owens
    • Recommended? No

    Tired of Scams?

    Check out My #1 Ranked Program!

    What is Ultimate Paydays?

    Ultimate Paydays is a training platform that is talking about teaching you how to make $1,300- $2000 pretty quickly using their amazing system.

    When you land on the ultimate Paydays website the first thing you notice is that big headline promising you to earn +$1.3k every day thanks to some some artificial intelligence software.

    The author of this website “Rick Owens” wants to make you think you can just copy, edit and paste his system and you’re ready to go.

    If you have watched the Ultimate Paydays sales page then you can see how Rick is talking like making money online is easier thanks to his system.

    Unfortunately that’s only empty-talk, BS and psychological techniques to lure you into buying the program Rick promotes.

    I’m going to explain below how Ultimate Paydays is only going to make money from you without you getting anything!

    Before that, I want you to read some “VERY” similar scams to Ultimate Paydays.

    Just click on one of these reviews to see how these scams try to rip people off online.

    How the Ultimate Paydays Scam Works!

    Ultimate Paydays is basically a Clickbank product.

    Ultimate Paydays is a clickbank product

    Clickbank products have a really bad reputation.

    Clickbank by the way is an affiliate network where a lot of products are sold in different niches and topics.

    Unfortunately, the make money online category is complete garbage.

    And Ultimate Paydays happens to be one of those garbage clickbank products.

    I’m saying that because I review these products like Ultimate Paydays all the time and I know how bad and low quality they are.

    Don’t take my word for it!

    Just click and read some of these ugly and scam Clickbank products!

    If you have read the above scams that are so identical to Ultimate Paydays now you probably know a bit more about how ugly and useless Ultimate Paydays is!

    The biggest problem of this scam is they give you no training or real education to make money.

    They usually give you old training in form of PDF’s or PLR products.

    Sometimes they sell you some random Youtube videos that you can easily find for free with a quick search!

    For example this scam Clickbank product called Tube Profit Sniper has literally sold free Youtube videos to their members as training!

    And their sales video presentation promises $2,000 a day LOL!

    They point is they are only fooling people to steal their money!

    Sick & Tired of Scams?

    You need a training that gives you real step by step lessons and support in order to make money online!

    Ultimate Paydays Ugly Truth & Red Flags!

    I’m very confident that Ultimate Paydays is not a legitimate website, I know that’s a big claim.

    I can’t just say that a website is a scam, that’s why I want to share with you 3 reasons or red flags on why you should stay away from Ultimate Paydays!

    1) Ultimate Paydays is going to Suck Your Money !

    Ultimate Paydays just like any Clickbank product I review it is there to suck money from your wallet.

    They basically get your email address and start recommending you a new product to purchase on a regular basis.

    Just a few months ago I bought this Clickbank product called Kindle Sniper.

    This scam promised me thousands of dollars and it was supposed to cost only $37.

    But since I purchased it and gave them my email, they started asking me to buy some upsells to earn more.

    And I started receiving like 2-3 emails per day with new products to buy!

    Here’s what kind of emails I get from Martin Price who is the creator of Kindle Sniper.

    The point is, if you do what Ultimate Paydays tells you will go broke before you even know it!

    You will easily waste thousands of dollars if you’re not careful!

    2) You’re NOT Going to Make Money!

    Ultimate Paydays is NOT going to make you any money.

    These kind of scams are created just for their creators to earn some easy money out of innocent people.

    They make those hype videos just to make you so excited so you buy their scam without even thinking.

    They let you in for only $37, but there are going to be a lot of upsells later.

    Just think about it, does it make sense to buy a $37 product that makes $15/week making system?

    Of course not, because there is no such thing as that!

    3) Ultimate Paydays is a Get-Rich-Quick Scam!

    A Get-Rich-Quick Scam or scheme according to Wikipedia is when a company or a product promises you easy riches for a small fee.

    If you click the orange link above, you will read the Wikipedia definition of Get-Rich-Quick Scheme, which is something that a lot of scams use to make people spend money.

    That’s exactly what Ultimate Paydays is doing, they are charging you $37 while promising you $15.000 a week!

    And needless to say that making money online is not easy!

    Is Ultimate Paydays A Scam?

    Ultimate Paydays in my opinion and based on what I told you above, it’s a big scam.

    There is nothing good about it, you’re not going to make the money they promise you, the training is terrible and the whole website is unethical.

    You’re free to buy this scam if you wish, but don’t forget that I warned you.

    If you want a legit opportunity that won’t scam you then check out the training I recommend below.

    Make Money Using a Legit System!

    What do you think about this Ultimate Paydays review?

    Do you think it’s a scam too?

    Do you have questions or something you want to say?

    Just leave your comments below! And please click the buttons below to share this review to help others! Hyip Review : Scam Or Paying? Read Our Full Review

    Risk Warning

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    This article is writing 06 Mar 2020 based on information available online & news portal. If you feel it’s outdated or incorrect, please write here to update it. Mail us: [email protected] Or Whatsapp Us- +13098896258


    Not all the websites Which listed in Top List are 100% safe to use or investment. We do not promote any of those. Due diligence is your own responsibility. You should never make an investment in an online program with money you aren’t prepared to lose. Make sure to research the website. So Please take care of your investments. and be on the safe site and avoid much losing online.


    Golden Rule For Investors

    1. Never Invest More Than You Can Afford To Lose. – Invest Only Extra Money You Normally Spend On Luxury Items Into Hyips. Never Risk The Money You Usually Spent On First Priority Goods. It Isn’t Clever To Invest Money Into Hyip That Is Supposed To Pay Your Housing Bills. High Yield Income Projects Are Always Risky And It Is Dangerous To Risk The Money You Need To Support Yourself.

    2. Divide Your Fund – The Best Option Is To Divide The Entire Amount Of The Investment Portfolio Into 8-12 Projects. Example: The Volume Of The Investment Portfolio Is $ 500, It Will Be Optimal To Invest In 8-12 Investment Projects Of $ 40-65 Each.

    3.Research The Investment Program Before You Invest – There Are A Series Of Checks You Can Do To Test The Reliability Of The Program. One Way Of Analyzing Hyips Was Posted Here.

    4. Withdraw Profit Regularly – And The Body Contributes On Time. If Profits Are Accrued Daily – Withdraw Them Every Day, If Once A Month, Withdraw Them Once A Month, If Hourly Charges – Every Hour. So You Quickly Reach The Breakeven Point.

    5. Don’t Be Greedy – Even If You Keep Getting Decent Profits For Several Months, It’s No Reason To Think That This Is Sustainable. A High Yield Project Can Close Any Time. No One Knows When Not Even The Admin Himself. You May Find Yourself With Nothing If You Spent Your Money Recklessly.

    Don’t Be Tempted To Invest In So-Called Vip Plans That Offer Extraordinary Profits If You Invest Higher Amounts (>1000$). Those Deposits Are So-Called “donors” That Will Be Used To Pay Regular Users.

    Admins Don’t Rob Banks. They Are Simply Moving Money From One Investor To Another.

    After All, Big Deposits Don’t Help The Lifetime Of A Project.

    6. Stay Away From Projects With Lousy Customer Support. – If You Cannot Get Any Answer From The Support Team, You’re Probably Better Off Not Investing In That Project.

    7. For Security Purposes, Each Project Must Use Different Passwords.

    8. Keep Your Personal Information A Secret.- Keep As Much Of Your Personal Information A Secret. The Less Information Hackers Know About You, The Lower The Chance Of You Losing Your Money. In Fact, You Might Want To Change Passwords Regularly. Avoid Using The Same Password For Different Accounts/programs And Select Difficult Passwords Which You Can Remember. Also, Have Anti-virus Software And A Firewall To Prevent Any Key Loggers From Stealing Your Personal Data. This Is Your Money, Protect It.

    9. Do Not Believe The Huge Interest.- As A Rule, They Show That The Project Is False Or Is A Kind Of Pyramid. Remember, 30-50% Of Monthly Income Is A Rather Adequate Percentage. If You Are Promised To Be Paid More Than 200% Of Your Investment, You Can Be Sure It Is Fraud.

    10. Do Not Compound Your Interest – Until You Have Earned Your Deposit Back.
    This Reduces The Likelihood Of You Losing Money As Some Programs Do Not Survive For Long, Especially Those Without Sound Business Plans.


    Not all the websites Which listed in Top List are 100% safe to use or investment. We do not promote any of those. Due diligence is your own responsibility. You should never make an investment in an online program with money you aren’t prepared to lose. Make sure to research the website. So Please take care of your investments. and be on the safe site and avoid much losing online.

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