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Dronexpro Reviews

26 • Bad

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Write a review

Reviews 26

Total fraudulent company

Total fraudulent company. I ordered from them on March 14. And they took forever to ship. Do not buy there product at all. There YouTube ads are complete fraud but YouTube doesn’t care. Buyer beware of fraud.

Dronex is nothing but a scam

Dronex is nothing but a scam. They have beat countless people. They think that they can get away with this thievery because the pubic is preoccupied with the virus situation.possible class action suit? They are probably some outfit in west afica. Wise up, you shouldn’t be buying Chinese trash anyway. It could be infected.

“We spend nothing on ads” they say LOL

“We spend nothing on ads” they say LOL. “That’s why our drones are so cheap”. Righttttt no, your ads are literally everywhere. Your drone has a 720p camera!? WOWWW! Weak for 2020. And you make your drones out of lesser quality parts than the standard market. Karma loves people like you. Why would you guys try to play the heroes when you’re in fact the thieves of the sky.

Paid for order feb 5 2020. Still nothing. Customer service will not reply. Do not waste your money. Grant W. whifelsnout @gmail.com

Ordered the drone x pron back in…

Ordered the drone x pron back in January and still haven’t received it yet. I’ve sent emails and called and nothing. So take my advice steer clear of this company cause it’s a scam. I’m p_ssed that I got taken like this. But that’s the internet now. Everybody is out to scam someone. It’s all good they will get theirs sooner or later

Burned by the look of it.

Burned by the look of it. Purchased drone in Dec/19 off an ad on Pinterest. Paid through Paypal. It’s the middle of Feb and nothing. Tried emailing the company but gmail is returning them as undeliverable.
I even got fished into the extended warranty.
Crime is so easy on the internet and electronic money world.
Live and learn I guess.

Have to laugh. at the bottom of the Trustpilot review page is an option to notify the company. it has the same email address that gmail can’t deliver to! Priceless.

Got all my money back, go elsewhere

Got all my money back after waiting nearly 4 weeks including exchange rate. My goodness what a job it was, they sent me a number but where it was nobody knows.

I got a callback and it was someone from India but would not say which part of India, i explained why my payment was made to some company in Tallinn in Estonia, it was shipped from Hong Kong and I was speaking to someone in India.

No one from customer services contacts you, the photos of the person who responds to your messages are probably false.

Do yourself a favour do not touch this company with a barge pole, look elsewhere and what you see on the website do not believe it

Received nothing after 40 days now

Received nothing after 40 days now, but sounds like I don’t want the piece of junk anyway. After reading these 100% negative reviews, I think Facebook should take down their ad.

Ordered Drone X first of December. Nothing.

Ordered Drone X first of December 2020. Never received a thing even though they emailed me routing info and promised delivery on 01/16/20. I emailed a response only to find out their email was a fake.

I purchased the drone from N2Invent and…

I purchased the drone from N2Invent and was not happy at all. First of all it took 20 days to receive it in the mail. Then the instructions are not adequate to explain how to use the device. So I had to look on Youtube.com to understand the basic functions. After putting batteries in the controller and charging the battery that goes in the drone. I tried to fly it. I followed everything I had just studied on Youtube for the past 30 minutes but the drone never left the ground. One of the propellers didn’t work at all. I emailed customer support, sent them a video of their defective product sitting on the ground with only 3 propellers spinning and asked for a refund.
They emailed back telling me to hold the drone in my hand and shake it up and down while the other propellers were spinning. The shaking motion was supposed allow the non-working propeller to become un-stuck. Of course it didn’t work. I felt like a fool for even trying what they suggested. I sent them a video of me shaking the drone proving it still didn’t work. Then they were so kind as allow me to pay for the shipping to send it back to them. At the same time warning me that they only take unused products back. There must be no scratches or signs of use whatsoever or they will deny my refund. This company is a joke. I was so mad I just disputed the charge with my credit card company. After all of that I found the same drone online for $65. Which was significantly less than what I paid at N2Invent even thought they originally claimed they were selling it at a significantly discounted cost. N2Invent is a SCAM. Don’t buy from them or you’ll be just as mad as I am right now.

False advertising at it’s best

I think dronex pro robbed me

So I was like everybody else and did not do my research on this company before I purchased one of these little drones now I see some reviews about them same people don’t like them poorly built bad quality not happy with the company well I ordered one they took my money and never sent me nothing I have an order number no tracking number no shipping date no nothing I’m feeling that they straight up Rob me now does anybody know the owner’s name any of the head honchos of the company where is the company located where are they based out of where are they physically I’m a true-blooded American I’m not going to deal with being robbed I will do what I need to do to either get a drone or my money back from these guys that’s all I simply asked for was a cheap little drone that they were advertising sometimes people scam the wrong people sometimes people just have enough of it let me know what anybody can find out about these guys drone x pro I’m looking for you

I purchased this Drone on December 21…

I purchased this Drone on December 21 2020; I received it on January 11 2020. I tried charging the Drone first but was unable to as the USB plug on the drone is 0.021” to small, I measured it with a digital dial caliper, not even close! Next; put three new batteries into the controller but it would not power up. I pulled the batteries out thinking they were bad but the batteries were very warm. I measured the resistance at the battery terminals, a direct short with the on/off switch in either position. The drone itself was cheap and didn’t look like it would last very long at all.
I chased down the vendor, N2Invent Support and sent off an email respectfully requesting a refund after explaining the problems with their drone. They offered to send me a new one, I declined and told them it “it is not what I hoped for”, it was not functional and once again respectfully requested a refund. They responded with an offer to do a partial refund of 30%. I emailed them back and asked why would I in effect give them $70 for a paper weight? And “The unit is not functional and as I said in my last email, I do not believe it will not serve my purpose even if it was functional. Once again I respectfully request a full refund. Please advise.”
Well I haven’t had a response from them in over 36 hours now so I send another email recapping the entire fiasco. Since then I have found many sites, this was one of them; that inform people on how this company is a scam. Time will tell and I would encourage all others that were burned to not let this rest. Hound this company/scam in every way you can think. Good Luck, I think we are going to need it.

Drones and Facebook. what a horrible combination!

I know that this isn’t about Facebook, but so many people trust FB like it was a life long friend! Again, this isn’t about FB but I really dodged a bullet this morning. While on FB, I saw the drone X pro ad pop up. As a drone enthusiast it looked like a very good deal and because I trusted FB, I decided to make a purchase. Within minutes I discovered that I had been scammed, the unit is actually an Eachine model E85 that sells for $45.00 on Amazon. The aerial video footage that they showed is actually from a Mavic pro and in the video you can actually see that it is a mavic pro machine that they are flying! UNBELIEVABLE! So I opened a live chat with the seller in Estonia and they asked me to not cancel the order and that they would offer me another 5% off my purchase. I flat out refused to accept this! They said that they could not cancel my order at this time despite the fact that I had ordered just 10 minutes prior to this live chat. I instead contacted my bank and explained to them what had happened and they were nice enough to refund my money and stopped the charge from hyperstech.
These people/company should be held criminally liable for their actions as it is clearly a deliberate attempt to defraud, miss lead, and downright steal from people! I also wish that Facebook would get their act together as well! They unknowingly allow any criminal, or bad person to sit anonymously behind a keyboard and lie and cheat and steal and defame at will! I am done with my sermon. I hope it helps some of you to rethink social media and all the meta data that is being collected on us.
And remember, if it seems to good to be true… it probably is! Shame on DroneX!

DronesRush – dronesrush.com

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То, что вчера было фантастикой, сегодня стало реальностью. В детстве вы читали об этом в книгах, и сегодня эти фантастические устройства стали мейнстримом. Сегодня вам кажется, что дроны – это нечто революционное, и завтра миллионы компаний доставят вам посылки с помощью этих дронов. Пришло время не разбудить технологическую революцию и заработать на ней!.
+ Address: 159 E 12th St. Manchester UK
+ Social Work : https://telegram.me/dronesrush
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The amount of 15 USD has been withdrawn from your account. Accounts: U19385969->U19504455. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Deposit to dronesrush.com User Salliman.. Date: 13:51 02.05.19. Batch: 258776660.

The amount of 0.75 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U19504455->U19385969. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to Salliman from dronesrush.com.. Date: 13:58 03.05.19. Batch: 258923195.

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прежде чем заказывать выплату проверяйте кошелек в настройках админ меняет его у меня был вот этот U14206189

Dronesrush, dronesrush.com – каковы реальные отзывы, это развод?

Вот такая компания и ее неожиданное предложение:

Она представила несколько тарифных планов:

Для связи имеется

Но насколько реально заработать на подобных инвестициях?
Есть ли кто-нибудь, что вложился в это предложение? Каковы результаты?
Кто является владельцем данной компании?
Есть ли какие-то отзывы, положительные или отрицательные?

Автор публикации


Достижение получено 02.02.2020

Титул: Надежный Бородач

Достижение получено 07.09.2020

Не назвал бы я себя специалистом по лохотронам, но имею честь всё-таки без бахвальства сказать так: немного я в них всё-таки понимаю.

Итак, вначале посмотрим на сам сайт: там только три языка, из них итальянкий и родной интерфейс, а именно: английский.

Далее: сайт существует восемнадцать дней, точнее, покуда я уже дописываю, будет девятнадцать.

Что нам предлагается на текущий момент? А предлагается там действительно три тарифных плана. Один из них доступен, к сожалению, для людей, мечтающих отхватить денежку ничего при этом не делая. Начинается он от десяти и до пятиста долларов. Работает такой депозит тридцать пять дней. То есть, чуток поболее одного месяца. Дневной процент составляет пять процентов.

Следующий тарифный план, это от пятиста одного, до пяти тысяч зелёненьких. Работает тридцать дней, и у него процентность семь ежедневно.

И, наконец, последний, самый крупный, это от пяти тысячи одного и до пятидесяти тысяч долларов. Срок вклада двадцать пять дней, ежедневно десять процентов.

Как видите, здесь прослеживается почерк хайперов. Чем больший процент, тем меньший срок депозита.

Мне и вкладывать туда не надо абы сказать с уверенностью на все сто процентов: ежели вы и будете что-то получать, то тела депозита не вернут вам ни при каких условиях.

И запомните другое: в течении того месяца, который будет работать депозит, вам могут выплачивать, но не для того, абы выплатить, а чтобы вы затянули как можно больше людей. Потом вас просто выставят, отключат от оплаты.

Внимание! Отзывы уже существуют, и, как осмелюсь заявить, проект самый настоящий скам. Не платит он.

Теперь вы понимаете, о расположении сего сервера и быть речи не может. Мошенники меняют адрес, и IP-адрес, здесь можно в этом и не сомневаться.

Поэтому могу сказать так: если не хотите потерять свои деньги, не вкладывайтесь в эту лоховозку. И вообще, чем больше люди вкладывают в такие проекты, тем больше мошенников разводится на просторах интернета.

Потом же пользователи кричат, что их обманули и развели по полной программе, хотя, по существу, они сами себя и разводят.

Я так понимаю что данная организация с громким названием Dronesrush, представляет из себя новую инвестиционную компанию, ничего не имею против аналогичных компаний, которые привлекая денежные средства со стороны дают заработать и себе и инвесторам (вкладчикам) но проверить данную компанию я обязан, а стоит-ли доверять ей собственные денежные средства, на сколько велик риск обмана с ее стороны, для начала проведем общий анализ ее интернет-площадки, которая находится по адресу dronesrush.com. А вот по результатам проверки, я составлю полную картину, что из себя представляет эта инвестиционная компания Dronesrush.

Dronesrush.com зарегистрирован 16.04.2020, владельцем домена является нет данных , возраст сайта 1 месяц. В среднем он содержит 9 страниц в индексе основной поисковой системы, такой как Google™. Google PageRank™ этого сайта равен 0 из 10. Dronesrush.com имеет оценку репутации из 100. Последнее обновление данных этого сайта было выполнено сейчас.

На первый взгляд, по результатам проверки инвестиционной компании Dronesrush, мы видим, что сама интернет-площадка dronesrush. com, существует всего один месяц, стоит согласиться, что данный факт ни в коей мере не может прибавить нам уверенности, что сама компания Dronesrush успешная и опытная в сфере привлечения капитала инвесторов. На владельца домена, данных то-же в сети интернет – не обнаружено – это еще один минус в копилку недоверия данной компании Dronesrush.

Далее представлена подробная информация о IP адресе Этот IP адрес расположен в Belize в городе не определен , область не определена . Код страны этого IP адреса BLZ. IP адрес зарегистрирован от имени организации “ не известна “. Имя сервера этого IP адреса ddos-guard.net. Этот IP адрес имеет следующие географические координаты: 17.2500 широта и -88.7500 долгота. Почтовый код связанный с этим IP адресом не определен , DMA код не определен и код области – `не определен.

Вот собственно и все что и требовалось доказать, данный адрес подтвержден в Белизе, а все остальная информация о данной инвестиционной компании Dronesrush – засекречена. Если вдруг возникнут какие-либо финансовые вопросы, невыплаты у инвесторов из России, то никакие судебные решения нашей страны в государстве Белиз не поддержат, так-как оно, то государство, не является в Российской юрисдикции.

Dronesrush – это компания, которая якобы должна инвестировать средства своих вкладчиков в высокодоходные активы.

DRONESRUSH — преимущества и недостатки.
– проект предлагает качественный продуманный маркетинг, способный удовлетворить запросы любого инвестора
– проект имеет демократичный порог входа — минимальная инвестиция всего от $10
– проект платит инстантом, что хорошо для любого хайп проекта, а для уважающего себя высокодоходника — просто must have
– проект предлагает большой выбор платежных систем для ввода/вывода средств, как в фиатных деньгах, так и в криптовалюте
– проект предоставляет оперативную клиентскую поддержку в формате 24/7
– проект предоставляет открытую статистику с данными о всех выводах средств, обновляемые в режиме реального времени
– проект предоставляет широкий набор доступных каналов связи с администрацией, –
включая круглосуточный онлайн чат и группу в телеграм
– проект имеет превосходную техническую подготовку, качественный сайт с тематическим дизайном, соответствующим легенде проекте, удобным пользовательским функционалом и мульти-язычным интерфейсом.

Как только всю эту лабуду прочитает потенциальный инвестор, то конечно он наверняка сразу-же будет инвестировать свои деньги в этот псевдо инвест. фонд, а на самом деле – это обычный хайп, с признаками пирамиды.

Jeff Reeves’s Strength in Numbers

Jeff Reeves

From AeroVironment to Ambarella to Northrop Grumman

There may soon be more licensed drone operators than private pilots.

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Referenced Symbols

On Monday, the Federal Aviation Administration opened up registration for its first-ever class of commercial drone pilots under newer and less burdensome requirements.

More than 3,300 would-be operators crowded in to take the FAA test, and demand is forecast to be so strong over the coming months that officials estimate licensed drone operators could surpass the 171,000 private pilots in the U.S. within just a year’s time.

Previously, the FAA required drone pilots to undergo the same training as traditional pilots, which can be costly and require as much as 40 hours of flight time. Now, they need only pass a single test that costs $150.

The applications of commercial drones are too numerous to count, but many cover eye-in-the-sky applications — from inspectors checking out bridges and buildings to security companies watching properties to your local TV station monitoring the morning drive. This, of course, has many privacy advocates worried about what the future holds.

But if you can get past your fears of drones stalking your every move, you may want to consider profiting from what is sure to be a surge in drone-related business under the new guidelines.

Here are a few ways to play this trend.

Go in directly — but options are limited

DJI is one of the world’s leading drone companies, but unfortunately it’s still a privately held operation. That’s a shame, because its Phantom drones are highly rated and regularly best-sellers in the space.

There are occasionally rumblings that the company will execute an initial public offering, and given the hype over its drones and the reported $1 billion in annual revenue, that would make sense. But as of yet, there’s nothing of substance. Investors will simply have to wait and hope.

Absent DJI, there is really only one pure-play investment on drones: AeroVironment Inc. AVAV, +6.64% AeroVironment is a $700 million market-cap company that recorded $264 million in sales last fiscal year, and $234 million, or about 88%, came from its Unmanned Aircraft Systems segment. It’s a legit operation with both military and civilian clients, and its Raven model is the most widely used small-scale drone in the world. This is not a penny stock bleeding red ink.

The good news is that AVAV is a profitable small cap that provides a level of transparency into its drone sales you won’t get from other tech companies that either are too complex or too stingy with details to share actual drone figures in their filings.

The bad news is that AVAV is seeing rather anemic growth despite a supposed tailwind for drones; analysts expect just 2% revenue growth in the current fiscal year. Despite this, you’ll be paying a forward earnings multiple of over 50 at current prices. Shares tend to be quite volatile, bouncing between $20 and $40 a share since their debut in 2007 but not generating much by the way of long-term performance.

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In other words, watch AeroVironment, but tread lightly.

Getting in via components

If AVAV is too risky for you, I don’t blame you. But much like there are many ways to play the mobile revolution beyond simply buying a smartphone manufacturer, there are indirect ways to play the liftoff in drone sales by investing in suppliers.

I would never buy extreme sports camera maker GoPro Inc. GPRO, -2.01% as a “drone” stock, simply because I don’t see a wide moat there. But I do like the idea of video chipset supplier Ambarella Inc. AMBA, +2.54% as an indirect investment in this trend. AMBA’s image processing solutions are part of GoPro’s cameras, and Ambarella reportedly gets about a third of its revenue from the relationship. But in recent months the company has taken strides to decouple from GPRO and stand alone. As a leading provider of mobile video and HD technology, Ambarella certainly will have a place in the world of drones — with or without GoPro.

Another interesting component company is IXYS Corp. US:IXYS While seemingly a boring small-cap semiconductor company, the efficient power controllers produced by IXYS are very popular with smaller drone producers. Large drones for military use may be bulky and accommodate big energy sources to provide lots of power, but efficiency is key for smaller drones to reduce weight and keep costs down for manufacturers and end-users alike. IXYS stock has been sleepy for the last few years, but its operations are comfortably profitable and it trades for less than 11 times next year’s earnings, so investors aren’t just chasing a momentum play here.

A final drone component company worth a look is STMicroelectronics NV STM, +3.85% STM, +4.57% STM, +4.86% , a Swiss tech company currently researching chips for 3-D printing and “Internet of Things” operations, as well as drones. This innovator is always thinking about what’s next in technology, but what I like more than the narrative is the experience. STM has long been a leader in smartphone gyroscope technology for both Samsung Electronics Co. SSNLF, 005930, +1.02% and Apple Inc. AAPL, +0.21% , and the $7 billion company has history making big deals with big companies. When you take a will to be on the cutting edge and combine it with STM’s experience producing a key drone component at scale, it seems a safe bet to think STMicroelectronics will be a part of this megatrend in the future.

Test traditional aerospace stocks

Another way to play drones, even if it’s indirect, is to rely on traditional aerospace companies that have a footprint in the space.

Northrop Grumman Corp. NOC, +2.28% has long been a major player in the drone business, with its Global Hawk unmanned aerial vehicles finding a place in U.S. military operations shortly after 9/11 and becoming a regular part of operations since then. Northrop’s biggest division by sales is its Aerospace division, which includes drones and boasted a total backlog of $17.6 billion in sales at the end of 2020 — roughly half of revenue for the entire company. Drones aren’t broken out, but remain a key part of both current operations and future growth for NOC.

Another legacy aerospace company that has a lot of drone potential is Lockheed Martin Corp. LMT, +3.23% Its Aeronautics division is also an umbrella that covers unmanned vehicles as well as traditional aerospace projects (including the troubled F-35 Joint Strike Fighter). However, Lockheed continues to put its drone business front and center — including a push into civil applications like assisting first responders in rescues as well as serving the military.

The sticking point is, of course, the secular pressures against these traditional aerospace and defense companies as military spending is on the wane and these companies look to adapt. However, both stocks have been on a tear in recent years; LMT is up about 100% since September 2020 vs. less than 35% for the S&P 500 SPX, +1.52% , while NOC is up 125%. Both picks have also more than doubled year-to-date, so optimism doesn’t appear to be waning.

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