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Stop 419 Advance Fee Fraud

If it is posted here, its a scam, no ifs, ands, or buts!
Any Email You Receive From Someone You Don’t Personally Know Offering You Money Is a Scam!
Any Email You Receive From Someone You Don’t Know Using A Free Email Address Is A Scam!

Tuesday, August 28, 2020

West Africa Import / Export Scam

If you placed your company details on a B2B board, it’s likely you will be contacted by a West African scammer passing off as a company, consultant, contractor, agent or organization.

Or perhaps you contacted one of the numerous adds placed by these scammers. They will offer you the chance to bid on a contract for a very large order of your product. Their ads claim the desire to purchase products such as mineral water and juices, cosmetics, T-shirts, soap, wine, farm machinery, chemicals just to name a few.

I’ve seen many postings from Benin Cameroon Nigeria and Togo on B2B trade sites such as Alibaba, Tradekey, Indiamart etc. and they where nearly all scams. In Cameroon’s case 100% where scams regarding product offered.

The tendency has been for Benin scammers to do the Import fraud, and Cameroon scammers doing Export fraud offering various non-existent commodities.

The IMPORT fraud.
If you respond, they will refer you to a bogus aid or governmental organization with various bogus acronyms such as WAIDCO/ WADECO/ WAADA/ BAFDAC/ BEFDAC/ BFDA/ WARC/ NAFDACBJ / SAFDACC . They also make up names like Contract Awarding Committee, contract committee board, CONTRACT AWARD BUREAU, NCAC – National Contract Awarding Council, Bidding Commission etc. the list is endless. They may ask you for samples to be sent via courier. You will win the contract after a few correspondence. They often promise that you will be paid 100% prior to shipping in order to gain your confidence.

The thieves use fake web sites and documents including passports and I.D. cards as part of this fraud. Many also don’t have domains and websites and use free email addresses which are chosen to match their supposed company name. Please read: Identifying Obvious Scam Websites and

Then comes the purpose of the scam.
You will be asked to pay various never-ending fees for a (fake) barrister to represent you in their country, product registration, import license, health certificate etc. all accompanied by realistic looking documents. If you pay, a request for a new document will follow for an even higher fee. These can be a few thousand dollars to upwards of $30,000. As with all advance fee fraud, if you balk at paying, they may lower the fee by offering to pay part of it themselves.

Payment may be requested via Western Union or Money Gram, but also through bank transfers. Please read: Western Union/MoneyGram Indicate Scam. and Don’t Pay Strangers via Bank to Bank Transfer and Be Cautious Paying with PayPal

They will sometime send a forged check with instructions that the product must be shipped urgently. By the time the bogus check bounces, they have received the merchandise. Please

Sometimes they will ask that you send expensive gifts such as laptops, mobile phones etc. supposedly to be given to directors of the bidding committee or others, as an incentive to win the contract. Such demands are common with West African scammers.

Here is a paragraph from a fraud alert posted on the U.S. Embassy in Benin web site:

businesses should be particularly cautious about unknown Beninese “companies” promising them big business deals. Unfortunately, a number of Nigerian criminals, increasingly in collusion with Beninese, use Benin as a base to defraud U.S. companies and citizens with “419” scams (e.g. advance fees), so named for the relevant section of Nigerian law. Potential U.S. investors should contact the Economic Section in Cotonou or the Commercial Section in Abidjan before sending any money or products to potential “partners” in Benin or sending “registration” fees to any purported Benin governmental agency

The worse country for this particular fraud is Benin followed by Cameroon, Togo and Nigeria.

They use mobile phone numbers as it allows them anonymity. For Benin, those usually begin with 9 after the country code (229 9xxxxxxx). They will sometime use listed numbers for their fax. Most of those will be from a fax service or cybercafe offering such fax service.

They will use mostly fictional company names. You can do a search in the online phone directories.

If your contact uses Togo fax number 228-221-5706 or 228-222-3341, these have been used in numerous scams. Details

Scammers will also use mostly free e-mail addresses such as yahoo, hotmail or one of the many variation from such as etc. The complete list is posted here: They sometime register domain names with corresponding email addresses.

The EXPORT Fraud.
They will use many of the tactics described in the Import fraud but will offer to sell you various commodities at very low prices. Cameroon is by far the worse country for this type of scam, it has become so bad on B2B sites like Alibaba that in the thousands of verification request we’ve had, every single one was a fraud without exception. Conclusion is that if it’s from Cameroon, the chance that it’s a fraud is practically 100%.

The commodities vary largely and are usually products that are not produced or not available for export from Cameroon such as fresh or frozen meat, fresh vegetable such as onions or peppers, various grains, all types of edible oil, gold and diamonds etc. The product is almost irrelevant since all offers for exports from Cameroon posted on B2B sites are considered scams.

Here are some legitimate links:
– Benin Chamber of Commerce (CCIB) web site is
– Benin government
– Agence Béninoise de Promotion des Echanges Commerciaux
– Benin online phone directories
– PASP – Projet Appui au Secteur Privé (French).
– PASP – English version. Limited content compared to the French site.
– A.D.EX – l’Association de Développement des Exportations
– BCA – Business Council for Africa
– BCA Cameroon
– Cameroon Government:
– The American Chamber of Commerce in Cameroon:
– Togo Government:
– Togo Customs Administration:
– Togo Chamber Of Commerce:
– Cameroon Chamber of Commerce:
– South Africa government –
– South Africa – Trade and Industry:
– International Trade Administration Commission of South Africa:
– Public Procurement Authority-Ghana:
*The above sites are not recommendations but are merely meant as a guide.

Benin institutions and government ministries have French names although scammers who often don’t speak French, being from neighboring Nigeria, will make up English names such as BENIN FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION CONTROL (BFDAC) which is a total invention.

The Benin Chamber of Commerce web site list rules on exporting to Benin (French) =107&Itemid=84

Paragraph 6 translates to:

6/ No licence, nor product registration fees are required of foreign enterprises who wish to export their merchandise into Benin.

Here is a Google translation of that page.

All Benin businesses must registered with the Benin Chamber Of Commerce. Their list of registered businesses is available here
The document in question is entitled (FICHIER DES ENTREPRISES / CCIB) Excel spreadsheet.
It’s an alphabetical list of businesses so there is no need to know French.
If the name of your contact is there, that would still be far from definitive since scammers often steal the identity of real companies. Some legitimate companies can scam you as well.

Some scammers will invite the victim to travel to Africa to look over the facility or NGO in question. That could be very risky. Never undertake a trip to West Africa without first contacting your embassy or consulate. There are dangers for the uninformed arriving in a country where laws are more or less applied and crime and corruption is rampant. A couple of cases have been in the media recently

– South African Scammers kidnap and torture Brazilian businessman Osmar Pereira – Same scammers had previously released a South Korean businessman, president of a global shipping firm after his company paid a ransom of US70,000
– Lebanese businessman, Roland Yosef tricked into traveling to Cameroon is then kidnapped by scammers – scammers had advertised themselves on a website as oil dealers Read article here

The paragraph below is a contribution of FW user “Honest_African”. It relates to Cameroon but I would say it applies to most West African countries:

Tips to avoid fraud in Cameroon
1. Government does not use email for official business. So if this is a legitimate government tender, you will have to DHL/FedEx your bid and usually in multiple originals.

2. Large tenders sometimes require a bank guarantee but not any advance.

3. Neither the government or any legitimate business uses Western Union. There are international banks in Cameroon and all accept wire transfers into their clients’ accounts. Using SWIFT, the transfers take a couple of days at most so why Western Union? Of course, the name of the client should be identical to the buyer and this must be a bank and not a local credit union.

4. In Cameroon, government agencies are in Yaounde, not Douala.

5. The US Embassy provides free trade assistance to legitimate Cameroon businesses. If you are approached, ask the buyer to contact the Embassy’s trade office. There is one in Yaounde and another one in Douala. The Embassy will vet both of you and assist in the transaction. FREE.

6. Many lawyers in Cameroon are quite dishonest so you are not safe simply by contacting a lawyer listed as a member of the Cameroon bar but you can check to see if they are a member of the bar at all: The US Embassy can suggest a lawyer if you need one.

An interesting article on Cameroon scammers flooding Alibaba was written by the prominent Cameroon barrister Me Roland Abeng Cameroon: A Scammer’s and Cybercriminal’s Paradise!

There was a report of Nigerian scammers awarding a contract to an exporter and then requesting permission to visit his country to finalize the deal. A Nigerian then used that agreement to fly out of Nigeria into a Western country with the intention of then disappearing. He was apprehended at the airport and apparently confessed that he had paid the scammers for this human smuggling service.

The above information is only meant as a primary research tool and not as a substitute for a proper due diligence. This is doubly important with west African countries such as Benin where criminals specialize in scamming foreign businesses.

We are not qualified to do that type of in-depth research.

Further details on this scam at the following link:

CHINA Import Scam
Chinese criminals also do an import scam, with some variations. A major source is Guilin China, but there are others.

– They may have a web site heavy on platitudes with little or no information about the company. They will often claim to import a large variety of products, some of which are much more likely to be “exported” by China.

– They will ask for prices and quickly place a very large order of your product, often without seeing samples.
– The price doesn’t seem that important to them. They will agree with your payment terms.
– They will insist you travel to China to sign the contract and that’s where the scam takes place.

If you go to China, they will ask you to pay for expensive dinners, and/or ask that you purchase gifts such as artwork for the chairman or president of the company, pay advance notary fees / a % of the contract value. They may show you various fake documents, permits, company registration etc.

If they use a bank account for money transfer, it will usually be a personal account in the name of the thief as oppose to a commercial account in the name of their bogus (or real) company. Personal bank accounts have little regulations in China and are extensively used by criminals and scammers.

Here are some links containing victim’s description of the scam:


Please check the following appended person and let me know if this person is GENUINE or FAKE which would enable us to do further process of Execution of Rice.

Prepare Your Invoice And Send It For Evaluation & Approval To:

[Hon/Dr. David Pako (Chairman)
Supply Evaluation Commission
African Union Projects.
Address: 433/562, 2nd Liberation Ramant Road,
Sekondi-Takoradi Western Region Ghana.]

I need to know what email address it came from. Is that the entire email? If not, please send it to me! Was there a website?

Following sites are linked together as board members are sharing same CV under different names, websites has same content, Google can’t locate company addresses, all parties are using gmail IDs and I am sure there is more to it.

Contacts involved:
James Kofi, Tel.+233 242363277, email: [email protected]

Dr. David Pako, Tel:+233 268 277 387, +233 268 277 388, email: [email protected]

email: [email protected]

Our company received a similar message after responding to a standard email request:
“Therefore, Prepare and send your Invoice on their
Email:Try and Call their Chairman (Dr. David Pako) on Phone (Tel
+233268277387. Tel:+233268 277), tell him to Confirm your Proforma
Invoice in their Office.”
Issued by:
Mr. Benjamin Kwame.
NO:12 Melcom Plus Avenue,
North Kaneshie,
Telephone Contact: +233 5409 52467

Thanks for posting the scam email!

Complement of the season, There is a Governmental Organization in
Nigeria that is interested in your products, Please confirm to me if
you are interested to participate in a Tender.

Destination Port: Lagos, Nigeria
Contract Period: 24 Calendar Months
Payment: 100% Advance TT

I know that your company is capable of and supplying the products
within a period of 24 months.

Please write back to me and send to me the EX -Work. prices quotations.

I am waiting for your valued response.
Chris Morgan

Would like to know if this is legitimate Mr. James Victor Gbeho [email protected]

It is a scam. Read and I need the emails to have the site removed. Read

Please send me the emails this scammer sent you. That is very important. Can you please advise if this website is legitimate. It really looks the same like, the only difference is the first website is based Accra, Ghana and the 2nd one Nigeria. I truly hope you can help because after reading all the above I also did to received an email from [email protected]

It is a scam! Please read It is listed as a scam here: You need to learn how to search the internet for scams!

I received the same message. Despite my warning at the very first email contact that I know about scams and that my company never pays anything upfront, they tried to convince me that this was all legitimate for ECOWAS – Ghana. Used contact numbers and addresses:
Nathaniel Asamoah (blocked by bitdefender for fraud)
The website itself is just a few months old.

Please advise if below is also a scam

Can you handle the supply 800,000pcs of Plain white T-Shirts in 9
months delivery period.

The Cotton Plain T-Shirts is needed by the a Government Agency here in
Nigeria and they told me to source for exporter of T-Shirts.

My interest in the business is the commission you will add for me in
your net prices which you shall return back to me when you have been
fully paid.

Please confirm your ability to handle the handle the contract to
enable me send you the specification of the T-Shirts.

Make your quotation in favour of the Government Agency below.

Attn: Dr. Sam Ode.
Upper Niger River Basin Development Authority (UNRBDA)
Km5, Minna-Zungeru Roud
P.M.B. 68 Minna, Niger State

Thank you and hope to hear from you.

Stanley Eze
Uyo, Akwa Ibom State Nigeria

Yes, it is a scam!

Dear all, please note, that the following “companies” and their representatives are also sending scam messages, so don’t respond to their product and price requests:

Samuel Cisse (Mr),
24/7 Hours for Enquiry: +233 262524029.
Company Address: 105 Lapez Road Near Achimota Golf Club, Accra Ghana.
Email: [email protected]
Tel: +233 262524029 / Mobile: +233 262524058

Abu Mohamed Adams
Adams Business Services
68 Pace Course Street
Nii Okaiman West
Abeka – Lapaz
Accra, Ghana
Tel/Fax: +233 237116385

Mrs.Judith Elvis
National Secretary
National Project Management Board

Executive chairman Ambassador of the National Project Management Board
Mr. Shuaibu Musah on +233-241447408

Economic Community of West African States
Box DC 192, Dansoman
NO 2 3RD Twereboah Link
Accra Ghana.
Phone +233543861666

Congratulations! Find attached contract award notification letters and Contract Award certificate confirming the award of the above contract reference number to your esteemed company. You are to review the documents attached.

You are directed to go through the contract award letters carefully and contact the Director General – Alhaji Dauda Issah Dauda on +233 237502382 as soon as possible for more information concerning the contract signing procedure.

We say congratulation once more to your company.

Yours Faithfully,
Dr. Mrs. Rita Etsiakoh
Permanent Secretary.

National Project Management Board
28th February Road
P. O. Box M180, Accra
Republic of Ghana
Tel: +233504711887 / +233504951759
Fax: +233265157653
E-mail: [email protected]

Let me know if the following e-mail adress is a scmmer?
[email protected]

I have also received mail from the [email protected] procuring tenders for ECOWAS Ghana

This Is To Confirm The Receipt Of Your Pro-Formal Invoice Submitted In Our Office Today The: 9th Day Of September 2020, In Various Supplies Taken Place Through National Development Projects For 2020/16 Social And Medical Supply Year Projects. So Far Your Invoice Has been handed over to National Development Project Evaluation Member to Study And Evaluations.
Can You Confirm The Following Details Below:

a.Your Company”s Full Name.

c.CEO/Managing Director”s Name & Phone No.

d. Name Of The Product And Country Originated From.

e.Have You Supplied This Product In Ghana Before.

f. If YES, Provide Your Registration Number.

g. Any Company Or Product Certification. If Yes, Name.

h. Total Invoice Supply Value.

Your Offer (Invoice) Has Been Confirmed By The Members Of National Evaluation Commission And Registered In Our Office With The Following Details
1. Your Invoice File Number In Our Office Is: (RE/MI/00212).
2. Your Invoice Is Four (4) Out Of Eight (8) Total Invoices Received So Far
3. For: National Development Project

The Total Number Of Eight (8) Invoices Has Been Received On This Order, Which Your Invoice Remains The Forth And Your Company Files Number Remains (RE/MI/00212) The Identification Numbers tagged For Your Company Invoice Will Serve as a Reference during Payment. Please Always Make A Reference Of This File Number In Your Further Correspondences To Our Office For Invoice Identification Purposes.
National Development Projects Intend To Have A Long Term Supply With:

1. A Reliable Supplier, Who Have the Zeal to Supply These Products with High Quality, And delivered It Within The Agreed Time After Payment.
2. A Supplier: Who Understands The Different Between Long Term And Short Term Business Relationship, Committed To Carry The Order According To The Regulations Provided By National Development Projects, In Line With Ghana Standard Authority?
Official Responds Will Be Given To You Immediately after The Evaluations Are Concluded Within Few Days From Today. Once Again, We Acknowledged Your Participation As Your Invoice Has Been Confirmed And Received
Your Invoice Has Been Submitted In Our Office For Evaluations. Urgently Respond The Confirmation Receipt Of The Acknowledgement Letter Sent To You.

The Secretary
Mrs. Jessica Jonson

Dr Atta James
Projects Chairman
Tel:+233 268 277 959

Yes, it is a scam!

I have received this email:
Thanks for your interest about the supply offer to this organization under the economic community of west African state [ECOWAS] and in a large quantity for their ongoing promotional and rehabilitation project. The recommendation for this project was made known to us from the contract awarding committee headed by (Ambassador Alhaji Shuaibu Musah) as the chairman of the contract committee to this organization for the action ageist poverty elevation in the country.

The only product I will want us to bid cooperatively are Office chairs to this organization which we are only agent to them on commission basis. Go through the supply details below and get back to me if you can handle the required quantity to this organization.

I want you to know that I am a commission agent. Due to my relationship with members of the contract awarding committee of the ministries, many firms have gotten many contracts through my company effort over the years. If you win this contract through my company effort, i will be entitled to 1% commission as gratification to my company. The 1% commission will emanate by increasing the prices of the products by 1% in your proforma invoice to accommodate my commission. This money 1% will only be paid to me after you must have received your full contract payment from the organization.

The products are needed by the Government of Ghana. All these compounded is a strategy by the ruling party towards showing their happiness in the country.

Selected products and total quantity needed below:

Chair Size: 585 mm L x 640mm W x 945 mm H
Total Quantity Needed: 5000 Pieces

It may interest you to note that the organization makes an advance payment of 80% by bank to bank by telegraphic transfer and the remaining 20% to be paid by bank to bank telegraphic transfer, to be paid before shipment/supply. All payments to be confirmed by your bank. Deliver, FOB/CIF TEMA WHOLF. Delivery period, 180 days after receipt of payment from the organization by the contractor.

The supply duration is negotiable with the contract committee as well as partial shipment is allowed if eventually you win the contract. If these meets your consent, let me know so that i can tell you the documents to prepare and the contacts of the contract awarding committee so that you can contact them directly.

I look forward to receiving your response to enable us proceed on the contract. Do not hesitate to contact me on phone or e-mail if there is any clarifications you may need.

Best regards,
Mr. Nana James Oti
James Investment Agency,
Plot 44F, Market Road,
Tel: +233-554307636
WhatsApp line: +233-273134442

Is this fake or not??
Thank you

Please advise if below is also a scam

How are you ? I thank you for your prompt response with details about
your business and products.

I am happy to know about your interest that we do business together
and,I believe once we are able to reach an agreement and have a common
ground of understanding we can have a good business relationship
going.I was able to look into your message and I believed we will make
great sales overhere with your products.

Now,I need you to please read the following lines below carefully as
this will help you understand my field of work and how best we can
work together should you still be interested.

Like I stated in my first message to you;I am not a buyer but rather a
sales representative,I represent companies and manufacturers of
different kinds that want to explore and do business here in this part
of the world;the market here is very good and your products will
surely move here very fast as this country serves as a business center
for this region and neighbouring countries.I deal with varities of
products and once your product is good for the market I can assure you
we will have a success .

Buyers from this end do not put their cash upfront when the
goods/products are not on ground or without seeing the products on
ground which is their policy of safety due to many fake dealers on the
market. How can we do business ? I have contacts to many different big
Buyers that will be very interested in your products and I can help
struck a deal with them.What I advise we do is this:You first send me
a catalogue of your products and I will select that which is best for
the market after which you will send me few samples of the selected
products so I can introduce to the market and after that upon the
selection/choice of buyers and the quantity that they may want to
purchase with an understanding of the wholesales prices,you can now
send that quantity to me here for sale if you can trust me or you can
come along with the goods yourself if you have the time and in that
way also it would be an advantage for us to meet in person .

I have alot of contacts overhere and once we are able to get
established here in Togo,then we can start moving to other
neighbouring countries also with your products where I have good
contacts also and will be able to make good business there aswell.

I know and understand that there is a need of trust to get this going
that is one reason why I sent a copy of my passport which has my
personal details and you can verify with the Togolese Embassy;secondly
I will be glad if you make a trip here before we get started so we can
first get to know each other in person and I can also introduce you to
few buyers so you can have an idea of what I am saying but if you
can’t make a trip now;I remained available to talk on phone or
skype,anyone which is best for you just let me know as I believe
understanding is highly needed to have a good business relationship.

There is a vision and your business can grow really big here,this
place do not have manufacturers therefore all that is consummed here
comes from foreign lands .We can talk about my commission or
percentage once we have an understanding on how to proceed .

Firm Fountain Review: Is A Scam?

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Firm Fountain Review: Is A Scam?

Did you know that a lawsuit is filed every 2.5 seconds? In fact, for every doctor in medical school, there are three lawyers in law school. Law has been a thriving industry for centuries that shows no sign of slowing down.

It is no wonder that when you crack open a phone book or search for a lawyer online, you are going to come up with a multitude of listings. With such a wide range of firms and professionals to choose from it can be a taunting jungle to weed through.

Usually, we never need to look for a lawyer or attorney unless we experience some crisis; at which time no one is thinking anyway. Next time you are in the market for a law firm to represent you, be sure to investigate them more in-depth than just skimming through their website. However, beware of massive scams involving law firms, from fake Gold IRA companies to ones that threaten you with legal actions. What are we talking about?

Let’s look at some fraudulent practices. Meanwhile, please share your experience in the Comments section so we can create a list with fake law firm names.

Scenario 1: Impersonating Real Law Offices

Watch the video below to see how this scam works regardless of the state you live in [replace the state in the video with yours]:

There have been a large number of phony legal firms to cheat unsuspecting individuals out of “legal fees,” as many as one a day has been reported in some areas. One might wonder how these scammers are pulling it off and getting away with cheating so many people out of their money.

These crooks have been creating their own law firm websites to give an air of authority or success to their frauds.

Recommended Read: Post Office Change of Address Scam

We have all discovered the miracle of copy and paste; one can even save things on their own computer (pictures, articles, etc.) and use them for another purpose later.

These bogus websites feature the pictures, names and even some of the company slogans of existing lawyers and staff, which have been copied from the sites of legitimate firms to be used for less than honorable purposes. They work with the credibility of others listing their contact information so that you deal with them rather than the litigate professionals.

The scams that these criminals have been pulling off behind the false legal fronts range from inheritance suits to accident compensation, and investments, but the list is not limited there. If your issue needs a lawyer to represent you, then you can almost guarantee that there is a phony law firm trying to swindle you out of money for that case.

How are they making a profit from this? Scammers require money in advance and then never deliver a service. Using advance fees, invoices for impending accusations and investments are just a few of the “legal fees” they charge, and once they get their money they are gone, and you are a victim of their scam!

Some law firms, depending on your case, will require upfront costs, but there are still several ways to avoid being taken advantage of by false law firms.

In a second variation of the scam, fake lawyers contact victims via phone and claim to represent loan companies, the Government or even simple citizen. They say there has been a legal action taken against you or a family member. They also provide a bogus case number assigned to your name.

The scammers ask you for personal information otherwise they threat to proceed with the legal action. The conversation may vary, but the bottom line is that they will ask for money if you want the case removed from the court schedule.

Fake Law Firms: How To Avoid

Always meet with your lawyer in person and at their office. If you found their online contact phone them to set an appointment. Insist that you meet at their place of work, finding a lawyer in a phone book might also help deplete your chances of being scammed. Though you could run the risk of being scammed online, there is a far less likely chance, if any, that those guilty of fraud have set up their own establishment and staff.

Never pay for anything over the phone or online, it is worth the trip to their office. As always, it is best to ask around and get a referral from someone you know and trust. If someone else had a good experience, it is improbable that firm is a sham.

Fake Law Firm Names: Report Below

Make your family and friends aware of the Fake Lawyer Scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report any kind of scammers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

How To Protect Yourself More

If you want to be the first to find out the most notorious scams every week, feel free to subscribe to the Scam Detector newsletter here. You’ll receive periodical emails and we promise not to spam. Last but not least, use the Comments section below to expose other scammers.

22nd, October 2020

Add Your Comment

I received this email – scam!

Final Demand Letter
Attention, Sandra Ortega
Subject: Legal Proceeding
Outstanding Balance: $1320.00
Creditor: Cash Advance America
Case File: FRC18/2808/BS-10-2020

Despite our previous reminder(s), we still have not received any payment or answer from you. Therefore, we regret to inform you that if we do not obtain the payment of $1320.00 in full within next 2 hours (deadline), we will have no other alternatives but to undertake court actions against you in order to retrieve the debt amount for our client. Please find the full debt amount and

Additional costs below:
Judgement/Hr. Judge Fees + United States Jury Case Rectification Fees With Government Attorney + Attorney Suit Fees and Court Costs Court Fees + Interest for debts
Total: $7,823.00

Should your payment not be received in full within the next 2 hours, immediate court actions will take place.
We would advise to treat this matter with urgency and we believe you will not ignore this final reminder. To save yourself the inconvenience of court actions, we kindly suggest settling the total amount of debt without additional costs as soon as possible.
We still trust court actions will not be necessary and look forward to receiving payment by return.
To settle this case outside of court today than send us email [email protected]
Settlement Amount: $1320.00
Payment Mode: ONLINE

Click here to send us email for Settlement
Call Us Now
Attorney Stephen Lockman (Recovery Department)
Account Settlement | FDCPA | Lockman Law Firm © 2020

I would like to inform you of a scam .
I have met person online and after 6 weeks tells me his the next of kin, but due to his work he is unable to claim as be conflict of interest
So he has asked me as his fiancé to be the beneficiary and that the money is stored in security vault in Ireland
He gave me the name of the lawyer who I had to contact on his behalf to say who I am
The lawyers name is
Sean Roland’s esq and the law firm is:
Now the web site looks genuine and Mr Rolands photo is on the lawyers list.
There however is no contact phone numbers for any of the practices in USA or in uk.
I also captured each photo to the supposed lawyers and did tin eye reverse . Nearly every image came up twice , these people were not lawyers but real estate people
Mr Sean Roland’s of course is not who he is but a man by name of Robert Falter.
Of course the client contract form looks genuine with company logo etc but anyone can do that .
This Sean Rolands Esq said in an email to process the release of funds to me I need to set up an offshore bank account and engage a financial adviser of which they would be doing .
I also must pay a fee of $8362.00 USD .
I have done nothing not sent any money .
I wanted to report this scam ASAP

Not sure if this is a law firm scam, but I just got 2 phone calls (1 at home and 1 on my cell) yesterday from a number [877-992-8907]. Looking for a Lori Santamassino and talking about a complaint being filed against her. The left messages as we do not pick up calls from numbers we don’t recognize. The person leaving the message was a woman calling herself “Ashley Graham”. Anyway, I called them yesterday to find out how they got 2 of my numbers for this woman. They said that Ashley Graham was not in and then the woman was rude when I asked if this was a collection agency. She said no and then I asked what business it was and she said she already answered my question, which, of course she hadn’t. She wanted me to confirm my numbers so she could take me off the list. I said I wanted to know who they were first and I wouldn’t give my number. She was rude so I ended the call.

This morning I called back and got a man who answered “Crimson Group”. I tried to explain the situation to him and the conversation went south again. I only said that “you guys” called me and he interrupted me and said that HE did not call me. That’s a distinction without a difference and obviously a way for him NOT to answer my questions. He noted that I had called yesterday and refused to give “the last 4 digits of the phone numbers”. So first of all, the lady did no ask for “the last 4”, she asked for the numbers. And I still said that I was not giving it until I found out how they got my number in the first place. He hung up on me. I called back and at first he didn’t answer. So I called again. This time he didn’t answer like the first time with the business name. I tried to lay it out for him again and he refused to cooperate and kept telling me I was being recorded. So I told him I wasn’t giving my numbers and he can keep calling and harassing and I’ll report them. I can’t find anything about the company online as there are about 20 companies with that name doing all kinds of different business. I looked up the woman’s name they were looking for and one came up as someone with a criminal history. I looked up “Ashley Graham” and the only thing that came up was some supermodel. If anyone has any further information about this, or who I can call to report this to, let me know. Thanks.

Thread: Is a scam site?

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Is a scam site?

Re: Is a scam site?

They are legit I got a $100 visa giftcard.

Re: Is a scam site?

I made the mistake of jumping through all thair hoops for a $100 Visa Gift Card. I filled in all the “offers” I was supposed to and when it came to displaying the confirmation page, the page would not display. This was using a high speed (512kbs) connection. Yeh, this in not just a scam, it’s an electronic con game. STAY AWAY.

Re: Is a scam site?

I agree with syolie on this one, I got my $100 giftcard from them quickly

Re: Is a scam site?

do they spam ur email\real mailbox ?

Re: Is a scam site?

as far as i’m concerned, yes. i did not solicit their emails, have not responded to them, and they do not provide an unsub link.

Re: Is a scam site?

I’m gonna have to say SCAM.
Completely disappointed on my dealings with them. NEVER AGAIN.

I just wrote them a letter, we will see how they respond. I dont understand the strange email addresses but thats besides the point.

Personally I’ve had it with these companies that dont hold up their end of the bargain in a timely manner!!
Seems there are quite a few out there nowadays. Thank god for this SCAM.COM site. If only I had known about it sooner. Regardless it is truly a great tool for consumers.

Now all we need is an awesome CLASS ACTION ATTORNEY to shut them down or nail them all for breech of contract.
(I’m dreaming I know, but man, what a message it would send to these companies!)

Justice for American Consumers!! :judges:

This message has been deleted by msdonnac.

Re: Is a scam site?

you will get your gift card but be prepared to give them everything but a DNA sample. i signed up in march, you have to stay active in at least 2 offers for 60 days to get your gift. once the 60 days are up you have to send proof, like a bank statement showing your account with the sponcer is still active, then about 2 weeks later they let you print your voucher,but. you have to have it noterized, my problem came because i lived in michigan when i signed up and now live in georiga, so i had it noterized in georiga, no problem right, WRONG. I emailed them because i hadn’t heard anything for about 4 weeks and they said i had to have it noterized in the state i signed up in, so i called, THEY DO PROVIDE A PHONE NUMBER AND A REAL PERSON ANSWERS, and told i was not going to drive to michigan to get a damn paper noterized, after about 10 minutes on hold they said i had to send in a copy of my id and a current bill with my geroiga address on it, its been a week, we’ll see what happens, i’ll let you know, good luck everyone. save every email and billing statement you get from the sponcers you sign up with and for GODS SAKE..DON’T MOVE.

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