Five Minute Experiment

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Five Minute Experiment

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The Black Math Experiment — Every Five Minutes

The Black Math Experiment — Every Five Minutes

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5 Minute Science Experiment

How To : Explore Density, Viscosity & Miscibility with a Colorful Layered Liquid Science Experiment

Ever wonder why Jupiter has those colored bands across its surface? Jupiter’s enormous mass is made from an array of different liquids, and those fluids do not play well together because of their different makeup. All of the hydrogen- and helium-based fluids are thought not to . more

News : Make a tomato glow in the dark

Gather all Mad Scientists. Science doesn’t have to be all about hitting the books and memorizing formulas. Sometimes it’s closer to Frankenstein or Dr.Jekyll than you can imagine. It’s time to turn tomatoes into glow in the dark orbs. Video producers ShootingEggs did not incl . more

How To : Make slime with Borax and glue

Usually our 5-Minute Projects involve soldering and LED lights and other such electronic accoutrements, but this week we decided to skip the fancy stuff in favor of an old-school science project: making rheopectic slime from Borax and glue. This is a pretty safe experiment eve . more

How To : Deflate and Reinflate Balloons Using Liquid Nitrogen

In this “Quick Clip,” I tried dunking inflated balloons into a container filled with liquid nitrogen until they were completely flattened and seemingly destroyed. Once out of the liquid nitrogen, the balloons come back to life and reinflate on their own—without even touching t . more

How To : Make a test tube thunderstorm

Watch this science video tutorial from Nurd Rage on how to make a test tube thunderstorm. They show you how to make the thunderstorm in a test tube using alcohol, sulfuric acid and potassium permanganate. WARNING: This experiment is extremely dangerous as it involves corrosiv . more

How To : Make silver chloride for a photochemistry test

Watch this science video tutorial from Nurd Rage on how to make silver chloride for a photochemistry test. They show the chemistry of photography using silver chloride that they make themselves from table salt and silver nitrate. Silver chloride has the interesting property t . more

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How To : Make potassium permanganate with Dr. Lithium

Watch this science video tutorial from Nurd Rage on how to make potassium permanganate with Dr. Lithium with potassium nitrate and manganese dioxide. WARNING: This experiment deals with very high temperatures in glass equipment. Face shields and protection against shattering . more

How To : Make green luminescent phosphorescent glow powder

It’s a stormy winter night, and you’re electricity goes out. You could grab some candles to add a little light to your life, or you could use glow-in-the-dark chemicals for a cool luminescent. Watch this science video tutorial from Nurd Rage on how to make a luminescent, phos . more

How To : Perform a cool trick with Ivory soap and a microwave

Ever wonder what happens when you put a bar of Ivory soap (the soap that floats!) in a microwave for a few minutes? This science experiment shows what happens when water molecules in a bar of Ivory get nuked! Try it!

How To : Make sticky, gooey, slippery slime

It’s slime time! Get ready to make some sticky, gooey, slippery slime with the A-TV science sleuths. To follow along, you’ll need the following materials: glue 2 disposable cups food coloring water borax plastic plate plastic spoon measuring spoons 1. Mix a teaspoon of Bora . more

How To : Make Soap Out of Guava Leaf Extract for a Science Investigatory Project

Unless you’re a high-schooler building a nuclear fusion reactor, the hardest part of a science investigatory project often is coming up with a good idea. You want it to be cool yet feasible, novel but still useful. That’s why Ai-ni Bautista’s science project on making liquid . more

How To : Your Personal NASA Program from Garbage: How to Build a Pulsing Jar Jet Engine

Jet engines combine oxygen from the surrounding air with on-board fuel to burn at very high temperatures and create thrust in the direction of the flame. Rockets, which we will learn about in a later post, are similar but carry oxygen internally and can therefore function in s . more

How To : Make invisible ink with baking soda and water

Now you see it, now you don’t! Team up with the science sleuths of A-TV to make your own invisible ink. To follow along, you’ll need these materials: baking soda paper water light bulb and light cotton swabs paint brush measuring cup grape juice concentrate The steps for th . more

How To : Make a rubbery bouncing ball out of pudding

Who said you can’t play with your food? Join the A-TV science squad and learn how to make a rubbery bouncing ball out of pudding! For this experiment, you’ll need the following materials: corn flour or pudding mix glue borax water food coloring plastic teaspoon tablespoon 2 . more

How To : Things to Do on WonderHowTo (05/30 – 06/05)

WonderHowTo is a how-to website made up of niche communities called Worlds, with topics ranging from Minecraft to science experiments to Scrabble and everything in-between. Check in every Wednesday evening for a roundup of user-run activities and how-to projects from the most . more

How to Act Like a Food Snob : Molecular Gastronomy Edition

I first heard the term molecular gastronomy while watching an episode of Bravo’s Top Chef a few seasons back. Intrigued by the concept, I sought to find out more about this modern, deconstructed type of cookery. If you happen to be around foodies and the topic of molecular gas . more

How To : Build a model volcano

This is a bare bones science experiment using only items that would be sitting around the average household. Set up, research, and clean up of this volcano experiment will take under five minutes. Watch this video tutorial and learn how to make a model volcano. All you need is . more

How To : Instantly Ice Soda into a Frozen Slushy

In this Quick Clip, I’ll be showing you how a supercooled soda is transformed into a slushy “slurpee” in under 4 seconds. I was inspired to do this little soda trick by The Super Effect’s video on YouTube from a few years ago. Video: . To get this effect, I put 4 bottles of 50 . more

Today’s Tidbit : How to Use Science to Improve Your Pet’s Self-Control

The connection between self-control and glucose is not unique to humans. A bunch of trained dogs were divided into two groups. One group was instructed to sit and stay for 10 minutes. Dogs in the other group could run around and do whatever they wanted. Then all the dogs wer . more

How To : Karate Chop a Paint Stick with Help from Air Pressure and a Plastic Bag

How heavy is a plastic bag? Not very heavy at all, but in order to use a plastic bag to help me karate chop a thin wooden stick, I don’t need weight—I need air pressure. Below, the “Quick Clip” demonstrates the power of air pressure via the vacuum created between a plastic bag . more

How To : Make a Quarter Scream and Shiver

This science experiment deals with sublimation of dry ice into carbon dioxide (CO2) gas. In the video, I’ll demonstrate how pushing a quarter into a block of dry ice makes the quarter scream and shake vigorously. Video: . To do this trick, you’ll just need a block of dry ice a . more

How To : Shake Cream into Butter Like a Boss

Don’t panic the next time you pull an empty tub of butter from the fridge. If you have some heavy whipping cream, save yourself a trip to the grocery store and just make your own. When heavy cream is shaken violently for a long enough duration, it turns to butter—and if you’re . more

How To : Make Water Freeze into Ice Instantaneously

Have you ever seen water freeze instantly? This “Quick Clip” shows some of my personal experiences with making instant ice using a bottle of water supercooled in a freezer. Video: . To get this “instant ice” effect, I put unopened bottles of water in the freezer for anywhere b . more

How To : Make a Monster Dry Ice Bubble

Sure it’s been done before, but it never gets old. There’s something magical about dry ice, bubbles, and especially the result you see when they’re combined! Video: . For this experiment, I filled a bowl about half full with warm water, and placed a few chunks of dry ice insid . more

How To : Make an Electric Firebolt

A lot of my hacks use salvaged parts from an old microwave, with the microwave oven transformer (MOT) being the most useful component. In this “Quick Clip,” I’ll be using a MOT again (a dual MOT stack) to make deadly flame-looking electricity jumping around midair. This scien . more

How To : Make a Fire Snake from Sugar & Baking Soda

A fire snake, also referred to as a black snake or sugar snake, is a classic science experiment you can do right in your own kitchen using a baking soda and sugar mixture and a fuel to ignite the reaction. When the baking soda gets hot, it makes carbon dioxide gas. The pressu . more

Snack More, Fight Less : The Science Behind Being “Hangry” & How to Cure It

True story: a friend of mine regularly started a fight with her boyfriend everyday at 4 p.m. Every day. This went on for years until he finally got the bright idea of shoving a granola bar at her the minute she came home from work. Shazam! The fights were a thing of the past. . more

Graphene : Another Amazing Carbon Product?

What Is Graphene? Graphene is a very thin layer of graphite. Graphite is made out of carbon (the mother of all elements), and is normally used in pencils. Graphite is also used for brake padding in larger vehicles, the batteries in laptops or portable gaming systems, and in t . more

News : Facebook’s Brain Control Interface Research Could Eventually Produce Thought-Controlled AR Wearables

Who’s ready to let future Facebook augmented reality smartglasses read their brain? Well, ready or not, the tech giant is making progress in the area of brain control interfaces (BCI) by funding research. This week, Facebook shared some of the progress its Facebook Reality La . more

News : Use This Type of Repellent to Avoid Mosquitoes—& Zika

Responding to the emergence of Zika in the US, researchers investigated what type of repellent works best to reduce your odds of a mosquito bite from Aedes aegypti, the mosquito species that spreads the Zika virus. Scientists from the Department of Biology at New Mexico State . more

News : Things to Do on WonderHowTo (07/18 – 07/24)

WonderHowTo is a how-to website made up of niche communities called Worlds, with topics ranging from Minecraft to science experiments to Scrabble and everything in-between. Check in every Wednesday evening for a roundup of user-run activities and how-to projects from the commu . more

News : Apps That’ll Help You Manage Stress & Anxiety During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Your smartphone is likely full of COVID-19 news and coronavirus panic. These are scary days, and there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight. If you’re having trouble coping with the stress and anxiety the virus brings with it, know that your iPhone or Android device can actuall . more

How To : This Formula Creates Perfectly Pickled Fruits & Veggies Every Time

Pickling isn’t rocket science. In fact, anyone can make their own speciality pickles using just about any fruit or vegetable. For example, I’ve pickled everything from lemons, watermelon rinds, and apples to red onions, carrots, radishes, and cucumbers. Don’t Miss: DIY Pickle . more

How To : Boil Pasta in Half the Time

The standard way to make pasta requires a lot of water, and it takes a long time for that big pot of water to actually start boiling. For these reasons, as well as my hatred for washing large pots, I don’t cook pasta at home very often—at least not the traditional way. Believ . more

How To : Make Tough Meat Tender, Tofu Flavorful, & Give Chicken a New Personality

Marinades are among my all-time favorite tricks as a cook for several reasons. They’re easy like Sunday morning, they let time do what it’s supposed to, which is work for you, and you get a huge return for relatively little effort on your part. In a pinch, I’ve used store-bou . more

How To : 5 Reasons You Need a Pizza Stone in Your Kitchen

It goes without saying that a pizza stone is one of the keys to making a perfect pizza. The science behind pizza stones is relatively simple: the stone conducts and holds heat, which keeps the oven temperature steady even when a cold ingredient (such as an uncooked pizza) is i . more

Exclusive : The Rise & Fall of Meta — Founder of AR Pioneer Reveals Inside Story That Led to Its Sale to New Owners

The rise and fall of Meta, the Silicon Valley-based augmented reality startup that looked to challenge the likes of Microsoft’s HoloLens, and others, took just six years. Now, as the story of the company draws to a close, we finally have some deeper insight into what exactly . more

The Science of Frothing : How to Make Your Own Milk Foam

Once upon a time in America, there was coffee and there was decaf. That’s it. No capuccinos. No espressos. And certainly no Starbucks. Coffee was just coffee, something that you bought at a gas station or donut shop. If you made it at home, it was either in a metal pot or inst . more

Ingredients 101 : Buying, Grinding, & Tempering Spices

The world of spices can be bewildering. They promise to make your food more flavorful if you know how to make the most of them. Unless you know a couple of essential tricks, however, it just seems like you’re adding bits of colored powder to your food. Most cooks buy a few bo . more

NR30 : The AR Software Development Leaders of 2020

One could argue that, at least for the moment, software development is more important to the augmented reality experience than hardware. Since a viable augmented reality headset has yet to emerge for the broader, mainstream consumer market, currently, the same devices that mak . more

How To : Gooseberries Come with a Cape. To Rescue You from Boring Recipes

Whenever I went to the grocery store on a mission for blueberries, I’d inevitably find myself staring at these weird little tomato-looking berries. and wondering what the hell they really were. Tomatoes? Berries? A weird science experiment? Then, I’d set a pint of blueberrie . more

How To : Stop Arguing About How to Make the Best Snickerdoodles: We Have the Answer

If I were to write a snickerdoodle FAQ list, the top question would undoubtedly be “Do I really need to use cream of tartar in my snickerdoodle cookies?” Don’t Miss: 5 Baking Substitutions Every Home Cook Should Know I dug deep into the baking science world to find out why . more

How To : Why Bananas, Flax, Chia, & Even Blood Make Great Egg Substitutes

Eggs are incredibly important to cooks, and not just because they’re tasty and a complete protein (many erratic genius/artist types make a point of eating an egg or two for breakfast). Yes, they are great when perfectly poached, scrambled, hard-boiled, and even scram-boiled, b . more

Ingredients 101 : You’re Not Using Enough Dried Mushrooms & Here’s Why

For the novice cook, fungi can be weird because, well, they’re fungi. However, if you’ve been afraid to get acquainted with mushrooms, you’ve been missing out. Vegetarians love mushrooms and with good reason. Their rich, savory flavor comes a close second to umami-rich meat. . more

How To : Everything You Know About Microwave Ovens Is a Lie

Chances are that you’ve been using your microwave just to nuke leftovers, but they can do so much more than heat up last night’s dinner—microwaves can help you peel garlic more quickly, get more juice out of lemons, disinfect your kitchen, dry out herbs, give beauty products n . more

How To : Chill a Cocktail Correctly (Yes, There’s a Correct Way)

The point of ice in your cocktail is to make it cold, right? Yes and no. Obviously, ice does lower the temperature of your cocktail, but it also does other things: enhances certain flavors while masking others (handy if you’re drinking less than stellar booze or wine). As Sim . more

News : This Is Why All Augmented Reality Startups Suck

People fundamentally distrust magicians. And they should. The illusions they proffer are just that, illusions meant to astound rather than tangible interactions and results that have weight and meaning in our real world. Our lizard brains know this, and, no matter what the out . more

5 Minute Science Experiments for Kids

5 Minute Science Experiments for Kids

It doesn’t matter how many years that I have been out of the classroom, I still have a heart to instruct and learn. With this comes doing sciences experiments with my children. Juggling three kids doesn’t always give me a lot of time, thus these five minute science experiments have been great! Watch water travel, learn to make a geometric bubble, watch a plant grow toward the sunlight and see raisins dance. These five minute science experiments for kids create memories and lesson for both parent and child!

Kids Cloud Science Project | Alice and Lois

Baking Soda and Vinegar | Frugal Coupon Living

Glow in the Dark Volcano | Frugal Coupon Living

How to Make An Eggshell Disappear | Go Science Girls

Exploring Colors and Chlorophyll in Fall Leaves | A Little Pinch of Perfect

Static Electricity Butterfly Experiment | I Heart Crafty Things

How Arctic Animals Stay Warm | The Science Kiddo

Ocean Current Science | Live Over C’s

Easy Skittles Rainbow Science Experiment | Fun with Mama

Shoe Box Maze | Herbarium (Get more directions HERE)

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