FTO Capital Review Financials Trading Online, Scam or Reliable Broker

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FTO Capital Review


FTO Capital, Financials Trading Online is a Forex broker that is incorporated in the Republic of the Marshall Islands and their office is located in the UK. The brokerage seems to have opened in March of 2020 and remains unlicensed and unregulated as of the time of this FTO review, which is a very good reason to avoid trading with this broker. The website is available in English and Russian.

This brokerage offers customers a Webtrader platform and MetaTrader 4. They claim that their Webtrader platform is quick and easy to use, with technical analysis, one click trading, and the ability to observe more experienced traders – all services offered by other, regulated brokers as well. The website offers use of a notification system called Guardian Angel for those who wish to monitor their investments via notification messages. The notification system also sends users volatility indicators and a stop loss calculator. This service is free of charge to clients of FTO Capital.

FTO Capital clients can trade Forex, stock, CFDs, and several commodities, including gold and silver. Each asset can be traded from three different account types. The accounts are called Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each account type has a different spread and a different amount of available leverage. This firm also offers an Islamic Trading Account at each of these levels. The minimum deposit necessary to become a client of FTO Capital is $250, which is a higher minimum deposit than most Forex brokers require.

The brokerage claims to have customer support available by phone and email, with a response time with 24 hours. We emailed the company and have been waiting over three months for a reply (at the time of this FTO Capital review), so we question whether or not the company’s promises (or services at all) are reliable.

The FAQ sheet on FTO Capital’s website gives very brief answers and is severely lacking compared to the more thorough resources offered by other brokers. Specifically, we found the information regarding the bonus system and the withdrawal requirements to be unclear with insufficient information to understand completely. As for trading education, FTO offers articles and eBooks that are designed to assist traders with their strategies and implementation.

During this FTO Capital review we also took a moment to read comments about the broker online. While these comments may not be entirely reliable, there is certainly a feeling of concern when the majority of traders complained about FTO. Most of the complaints were about withdrawal and the lack of ability to get your money out back from the brokerage. This is major concern especially when dealing with an unregulated brokerage because there is no one to complain to that can help you retrieve your funds. When it comes to choosing a Forex brokerage, we recommend not to judge a brokerage by its website alone. The FTO Capital website may look professional, but there are many signs to indicate that the brokerage is anything but. Be very wary and do your homework before investing anything with FTO Capital.

Immediate Edge Review – Avoid This FTO Capital Broker Scam

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Immediate Edge
  • Value for Money


Immediate Edge is a front for the FTO Capital broker scam.

Do NOT give away any of your personal details to Immediate Edge.

And do NOT deposit any money with FTO Capital.

Because you will probably never see that money ever again.

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Opinion Disclaimer: the content in this review is ultimately a reflection of my own opinions and is not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, individual, anyone, or anything.

Immediate Edge is marketed as a piece of financial trading software that can supposedly make you ‘…$950 to $2,200 daily…’.

By allegedly using ‘…artificial intelligence and state-of-the-art algorithms to identify only profitable trades’.

But for reasons that I’m about to reveal below.

I can say with absolute certainty that this is all a big fat LIE.

Image credit: ImmediateEdge.app

Is Immediate Edge a Scam or Legit?

Immediate Edge is a scam.

And a highly dangerous one at that.

Because once you’ve joined Immediate Edge (which you should NOT do)…

You’ll be handed over to FTO Capital.

What is FTO Capital?

FTO Capital (Financials Trading Online) is an unlicensed broker.

The contact details for FTO Capital (which are likely to be fake) are listed as:


4th Floor, Holden House, 57 Rathbone Place, London, UNITED KINGDOM, W1T 1JU.




Is FTO Capital a Scam or Legit?

Without a doubt…

FTO Capital is a scam broker.

Proof That FTO Capital is a Scam

Here’s what my research has uncovered about FTO Capital.

1: FCA Warning

This is perhaps the most concrete proof that FTO Capital is to be avoided.

The FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) is a financial regulatory body in the United Kingdom.

Whose job is that of regulating the services provided by both retail and wholesale financial services [source].

In other words?

When the FCA issues a warning against a financial service.

And here’s what they had to say about FTO Capital:

FTO Capital/Financial Trading Online: We believe this firm has been providing financial services or products in the UK without our authorisation…. Almost all firms and individuals offering, promoting or selling financial services or products in the UK have to be authorised by us. However, some firms act without our authorisation and some knowingly run investment scams. This firm is not authorised by us and is targeting people in the UK. Based upon information we hold, we believe it is carrying on regulated activities which require authorisation.

2: Massive Sums of Money Stolen

There are countless reports online of people being ‘forced’ into depositing money by FTO Capital’s sales team.

Only to have their withdrawals refused or their money otherwise withheld for vague or unfair reasons.

Not only are the reported sums of money stolen from individuals abhorrently large….

But the consequences of FTO Capital’s actions have been truly devastating.

Because in addition to one user apparently losing $35,000 AUD to this scam broker.

‘Jason’ says that his brother committed suicide after FTO Capital stole more than $50,000 from him:

Image source: ForexNewsNow.com/reviews/fto-capital

With further reports on Forex Peace Army Claiming that…

FTO Capital have attempted to gain access to their clients’ computers remotely using TeamViewer.

This a known strategy for stealing bank and login details:

Image source: ForexPeaceArmy.com/forex-reviews/14583/ftocapital-forex-brokers

3: Offices Raided

Although FTO Capital is supposedly based in London.

This report from The Times of Israel states that many of these ‘boiler room’ investment scams are run from Asia and Eastern Europe.

And in addition to Forex Peace Army (FPA) Traders Court issuing a ‘guilty’ verdict…

The FPA also reports that the raid cited in The Times of Israel is related to FTO Capital [source].

One of the raids can be seen in the video below:

(How FTO Capital continues to operate is a mystery to me).

Here’s How the Scam Works in 5 Steps

We’ve established that Immediate Edge is a front for the FTO Capital scam broker.

But how do the two components fit together?


I’ve exposed this type of broker scam many times already.

And whether it be binary options, crypto, stock investment, or something else.

The con pretty much follows the same template.

Here’s how the Immediate Edge/FTO Capital scam works from start to finish.

1: Fake News Portal

I first discovered Immediate Edge through this fake Facebook Cristiano Ronaldo ‘bitcoin’ story:

It’s quite common to see these types of made up stories that feature various celebrities like Martin Lewis, Gordon Ramsay, Holly Willoughby, and others on Facebook.

Whose entire purpose is to get you to click through to the ‘shell’ website.

2: Shell Website

The ‘shell’ website is a fake ‘news’ site.

That’s designed to make the scam more convincing by expanding on the headline in the Facebook ad that you saw.

Here for example…

The scammers have fabricated a story that claims that Ronaldo is ‘making millions’ using their phony trading software.

And it’s done on a website that’s designed to look like it’s owned by the Mirror:

3: Details Captured

If you click on any link or image on the shell website…

You’ll be redirected to the Immediate Edge domain.


Everything that you’ll see here is fake.

The whole point of this front is to capture your name and email address.

4: Forced to Deposit With FTO Capital

Once you’ve ‘signed up’ to Immediate Edge.

You’ll be redirected to the FTO Capital broker site.

Where you’ll be asked to make a minimum deposit of $250 to start trading.

5: Money Stolen

This is where you’re scammed out of your money.

Because as the testimonials above prove.

Once you’ve deposited money with FTO Capital.

You’re highly unlikely to be able to withdraw it.

Conclusion: Horrific Scam – Avoid

This review of both Immediate Edge and FTO Capital has done enough to convince you to stay well away from this truly awful scam.

And it may well be that Immediate Edge switch to a different broker in the future to wriggle free of FTO Capital’s ever increasing notoriety.

But regardless of the scam broker in question…

You should now be able to spot the five tell-tale signs of an unregulated broker ‘fake news’ scam.

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And in my experience?

Looking for ‘shortcuts’ only leads to scams and low quality products.

The solution?

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Avex Capital: обман и тлен


Очень навязчиво предлагают свои услуги некие люди, представляющиеся финансовыми консультантами. Схема работы у них такая. Предлагают пополнить криптокошелек через одну из известных платформ, потом перевести деньги на свою учетку в Avex Capital. Потом торговля под руководством их партнера за 21% прибыли. Нет ли у вас какой информации об этой площадке?

В интернете практически ничего нет о них. Вероятно, совсем новая площадка, может быть раньше назывались по-другому.


Avex Capital — чистой воды мошенничество. Достаточно на первой странице увидеть, что пишут про себя «один из ведущих брокеров мира», «200 тысяч трейдеров».

Ещё один признак мошенников: часть текстовой информации размещена так, что её не скопируешь, и она не попадает в поисковики. Это сделано, чтобы было сложнее разоблачить жуликов. Например, так подана вся информация о юридическом лице и юрисдикции.

Так, указано, что фирма Avex Capital расположена на Сейшельских островах (F30 F32 Eden Plaza, Eden Island, Mahe, Seychelles), но при этом авторизована кипрским регулятором (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission; license number: 95/46). Также написано, что Avex Capital авторизована International Financial Services Commission (IFSС 14/363/TS/16). Так называется белизский регулятор. Вдобавок написано, что Avex Capital регулируется Комиссией по финансовым услугам государства Маврикий (is regulated by the Financial Services Commission of the Republic of Mauritius, Investment dealer license number C 642875963).

Всё это выглядит как бред, так как у приличных фирм всегда есть только одна лицензия — но в заслуживающей доверия юрисдикции.

Из всех перечисленных 4 стран наиболее приличная сточки зрения соблюдения прав инвесторов, безусловно, Кипр. Но на сайте кипрского регулятора нет данных об AVEX Capital. Можете проверить: не будет их и в других местах.

Вывод: всё это обман и тлен.

Читайте историю о том, как девушка из инстаграма развела человека на крупную сумму, порекомендовав этого фальшивого брокера. «Мне написала в Instagram девушка с @polyapahomova, представилась Полиной. Сказала, что ей скучно — живёт в Хорватии. У неё там кафе. Ну и так далее. Предложила перейти в WhatsApp. Далее шли ни к чему не обязывающие диалоги. Где-то недели через полторы она упомянула, что бежит оформлять покупку золота. Мол её троюродный брат (тут был первый прокол — родство всё время менялось) Константин работает на бирже. И что она зарабатывает себе на жизнь этим, а не своим кафе».

Мошенники, девушки знакомятся в соц сетях долгое время обрабатывают и подводят к тому, что торгуют на этой площадке, легенда: брат работает там 8 лет, я ничего не понимаю, он мне говорит какие кнопки нажимать. Я в прибыли а ему отправляю 21% с прибыли. И тд.
Не ведитесь, потом все пропадают. Я так попал на приличную сумму.
Вот один из вк контактов девушки Аня Осипова, на самом деле живет эта особа в Киеве и зовут ее Василькова Екатерина Игоревна, фотограф. Есть ее украинский номер и эстонский. Не ведитесь, сообщайте в полицию, как сделал это я.

Будьте осторожны, не попадитесь на удочку мошенников! Бинарная площадка превращает ваши деньги в виртуальные. Распрощайтесь со своими деньгами! Техническая поддержка липа.

Согласен с Instaminay. Так же пытались развести, благо у меня ума хватает в биткойнах на сайты-однодневки деньги не загонять…

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Name: Immediate Edge + FTO Capital
Website #1: ImmediateEdge.app
Website #2: FtoCapital.com
Platform: Independent + broker
Type: Broker scam
Price: ‘Free’ + $250 min. deposit
Trial? No
Money-Back Guarantee? No