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Global Economic Calendar

Multiple factors affect Forex and CFD markets, such as economic reports, speeches by politicians, sentiment indices, calculated by research centers, economic agencies and others. Briefly these are called news. News varies based on importance degree, influence on various currencies and others. Some traders start trading as soon as news is published; others try to avoid such timing. In any case, it is important to know the importance, influence and value of news.

The Structure of an Effective Economic Calendar

Many websites have an “Economic Calendar” section. However, in most cases it is not user friendly, or news are not reflected according to the level of importance. Let us analyze one of the most accurate options of an economic calendar – IFC Markets economic calendar.

First and foremost, it allows setting your clock so that the time of news issue coincides with client’s time zone. The calendar allows setting the news for a given date: past, present, future (one can choose from a drop down menu).

Economic calendar consists of information columns that are easily understood. The first column is the time of issue; second are the country and currency affected; third is the importance level: low, medium and high. Forth column is the news headline, while the fifth- – month, quarter or year, which evaluates news. Further on is the news value: sixth- previous value, seventh – forecasted one and the eighth – current value (news value).

It is noteworthy that the current value of issued data is highlighted by different colors for convenience: lower the forecast, above the forecast or neutral.

Influence of the Global News on Currency

Every trader should know that news related to the US Dollar influences not only the Dollar itself, but all other currencies and gold. News related to the currency influences only pairs with this currency. It makes sense to pay special attention to the news with high degree of importance.

It is preferable not to trade 20 minutes before and 20 minutes after an important news release. There is no need to forecast news impact as it is an almost impossible task. So while the news it is better not to trade and wait until the market calms down.

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Economic calendar

Our customisable economic calendar is designed to help you make informed trading decisions, offering near real-time updates on event data.


Let our analysts keep you informed

Tap into the latest market previews and analysis around important economic events. Our articles, videos and live webinars, created by our team of in-house market analysts, are designed to give you a better understanding of the markets you’re interested in. For further learning, our education material is suitable for a range of skillsets, from new traders through to advanced levels of experience.​​

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New to our economic calendar?

Plan your trading stategy by learning which events are due for release in the coming days and weeks. You can also get the latest data on the crucial economic announcements, which can potentially impact the financial markets. These include US non-farm payrolls data, interest-rate announcements, inflation numbers, manufacturing figures, GDP and much more.

About the economic calendar

With almost 4000 events, our easy-to-understand calendar can help you appreciate how key economic announcements affect price swings in major index, currency and commodity markets.

As a CMC Markets account holder, you also have access to a live market calendar within the Next Generation trading platform. Powered by Thomson Reuters, it provides real-time updates on all the market-moving announcements. Learn more about our market calendar.

Key information

Gain a better understanding of the major market-moving economic events from more than 30 countries, and find out why some economic data can have a significant impact on market prices.

With ten years’ historical data, you can obtain a longer-term picture on interest rates, consumer confidence, unemployment, GDP and more. Find out, for instance, the correlation between non-farm payrolls and the US dollar, or interest rates and their impact on currency prices. This type of knowledge could help your trading decisions.

How to use it

Our economic calendar offers at-a-glance information on a huge range of global economic releases. There are three impact ratings, based on five years of price data, so you know which events could affect the market that you’re trading.

Tailor the calendar to suit your preferences and sort events by country, timeframe, likely impact and category. You can also plot historical economic announcements on a chart, and compare different events on a single chart to help you identify trends. ​Want to learn more about how to use our calendar?

News & analysis

Our team of in-house market analysts provide breaking updates and comprehensive market analysis, covering key announcements from the UK, US, Europe and Asia. Find articles written by our global market analysts, plus charting, technical and fundamental insight.

Personalise filters and choose only the events likely to affect the markets you wish to trade, by choosing between low, medium and high indicators within our economic calendar.

View our newsroom and stay up to speed with the latest market news and analysis.

Key economic events

Our key economic events section will help you to learn more about the important global economic events. Find out why central bank rate announcements are important to forex traders, and why the non-farm payrolls are closely followed by US dollar and indices traders. You can also learn, for example, how Chinese manufacturing data impacts gold prices. It’s also possible to analyse key releases from a global perspective. For example, you can compare GDP data between certain countries.

Trading economic announcements

Economic data releases can have a significant impact on the financial markets, for example in the prices of forex, commodites and indices. These releases offer insights into a country’s economic health, in areas including inflation, interest rates, national debt and gross domestic product.


Improve your financial and trading knowledge with our extensive glossary of trading terms and definitions.

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Economic Calendar

Check all upcoming global economic news events in FP Markets economic calendar.

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Economic calendar

Stay up-to-date with macroeconomic events, economic releases and company announcements that could move global markets. Trade the news in real-time with

9 April, 2020 – 10 April, 2020

Time (UTC) Currency Country Impact Event Forecast Previous
Today, 9 April, 2020
14:30 EUR High ECB Monetary Policy Meeting Accounts
15:30 CAD High Net Change in Employment 30.30K
15:30 CAD High Unemployment Rate 5.60% 5.60%
15:30 USD High Initial Jobless Claims 6648.00K
15:30 USD High Initial Jobless Claims 4-week average 2612.00K
17:00 USD High Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index 95 89.1
17:30 USD High EIA Natural Gas Storage Change -19.00B
10 April, 2020
04:30 CNY High Consumer Price Index 0.052 0.052
09:00 EUR High Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices (YOY) 0.013
15:30 USD High Consumer Price Index ex Food & Energy 0.001 0.002
15:30 USD High Consumer Price Index ex Food & Energy 0.023 0.024

Chief Market Strategist

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The real-time economic calendar

Stay up-to-date with macroeconomic events, economic releases and company announcements that could move global markets. Trade the news in real-time with’s economic calendar.’s economic calendar collates financial events, economic data and general industry announcements that tend to affect the markets, and organises them by affected country and currency. More advanced traders take these events into account when planning their trades. Each event is listed because it is likely to cause a change in the value of different instruments. Events will range from macroeconomic indicator updates, company announcements and general political statements that tend to move global markets.

What is an economic event?

The events featured on the economic calendar are prearranged events that are likely to affect the markets and can be anything from economic announcements – including central bank announcements – to financial reports from big corporations, encompassing most economic indicators and events.

The importance of an economic calendar

Traders can gain a better understanding of market changes, the reasons why they change, a prediction of how much the market will change by, as well a look at how past events have changed the markets.

Traders who use economic calendars track the occurrence of events that move markets and measure their effectiveness. Using an economic calendar will allow traders to anticipate major events and capitalise on them.

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