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Traders4Traders Inc Reviews

34 • Great

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Write a review

Reviews 34

I will be teaching how to trade binary…

I will be teaching how to trade binary options / forex and make tons of profits from trading for free, we can actually use our phone or pc to trade at home, which will make you self employed, we dont have to wait for the government to do everything. Feel free to check my profile for details.
Thomas Forester

Fake addresses- do not use!

I see all the negative reviews, so I did my research. Traders4traders is a scam. They use a fake addresses. The US one is a virtual office (just google it and you’ll see yourself). The Byron Bay address is ‘Byron Bay property sales.’ I called them on phone and they do not know this company. DO NOT PAY MONEY LIKE MY FRIEND WHO GOTS RIPPED OFF!!

Reliable, Honest & Knowledgeable

Brad and the team are knowledgeable, honest and willing to do what it takes to ensure you are successful in your FX journey. The online and live workshops arm you with the tools and know-how to use them correctly to keep your capital safe whilst making steady gains.

I can’t recommend the team at T4T enough.

I’ve been with T4T for a few months and…

I’ve been with T4T for a few months and did all the online courses which were excellent. I then have just completed the Fast Track Workshop which has now given me a refresh and further in depth understanding of the intricacies of trading and a comprehensive trading system and management platform second to none.. Brad and his team have always been quick to communicate and assist where necessary. I highly recommend T4T.
Brad N

Best Forex Trading Course Out There

I have been through several different courses to learn trading and by far this is the best course that I have taken. The course is easy to understand, the tools needed to succeed are excellent and most of all the support is superb. Brad is exceptional at teaching new traders the best way to trade the market to capture the profits. All of the support staff at T4T are great at helping you out with your trading needs and they are very quick to respond when emailed. This program is well worth the money and you can get that all back and more. No need to look any further this is the course for you.
Thanks to all of you at T4T for helping me succeed. God Bless You.

This is the real deal

This is the real deal. Brad shares his experience in a clear and concise manner and genuinely wants you to succeed. The trading tools T4T makes available alone are worth the price of admission.

I’ve been with T4T for about 2+ months…

I’ve been with T4T for about 2+ months now and I find that the community is very active on a daily basis. I had many questions and concerns but each one was clarified upon me asking in a timely manner (same day). The rules for the trading assessment are here to make us better traders and they are more flexible than any other funded accounts that I’ve seen online. Big ups to the T4T team all the way from Jamaica!

Great Service. only missing the usdzar

With the recent update to the rules i.e. traders can now hold positions Monday to Friday I could have given T4T a clean 5/5. The reason I hold back one star is that I am a South African and the usdzar is listed as a permitted instrument in the rules yet it is not activated on the MT4 account, this was rather disappointing. Other than that GREAT SERVICE and I love T4T.

Very Good Support

Very Good Support, very good Service.

Brad and Mark are always willing to…

Brad and Mark are always willing to assist with any problems experienced on the trading platform. Their response is prompt and very professional.
The daily post on the markets are helpful and gives meaningful insight into what is happening.

We value being part of T4 Capital and…

We value being part of T4 Capital and appreciate the communication and support.

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    Recommended Only For Experienced Traders!

If you really want to learn FX trading.

If you don’t know and appreciate the difference between a professional FX trader and a speculator then read on.

This course is for people who are serious about learning and building the experience like those gained by working at an FX currency desk in a bank. Professional traders piece together all the informational clues that the markets, central banks and news services and other traders leave behind, they filter out the short term ‘noise’ and make risk adjusted trades when the opportunities present that grow their portfolios consistently over time. This course teaches you a way to do that.
Speculators are far less clinical in their execution and tend not to factor in an understanding of fundamentals and capital management into their trades. I knew about this beforehand, but I did not have a good appreciation at all for what it really meant until I completed the course.

There are a lot a FX online trading courses out there – many focus on dazzling you with sophisticated charts and wooing you with large short term gains – the T4T course is not this.

I attended the course in NYC last year. It was a very practical, hands-on approach that pulled together all the elements and the tools you need when making trading decisions, many blind spots were clarified for me and my confidence increased tenfold. It’s a highly interactive and enjoyable week. Very importantly, it’s an investment in yourself that will pay dividends to you many times over your lifetime.

T4T – A well kept secret!

Despite having been trading for around 5 years off and on, I have been blown away by the level of knowledge imparted on this course.

The short review is : Great value, great education, great support.

The more in depth review is as follows :

Firstly, a bit about me, the reviewer. I have been trading off and on since around 2020. Prior to that I used to buy and sell shares when funds allowed and had a bit of success (in terms of turning a profit, not in the amount of profit.. I am not a millionaire at the time of writing this review!). Going into trading with a little knowledge was a dangerous thing so I decided to get myself educated. And the education is a minefield, especially if you are 40 something years old and are not likely to be able to get a job as a trader with a top bank! There is a lot of free and paid for trading tuition out there and I have looked at a broad range of both. To date, for me, T4T are the stand-out trainers.

Having signed up to T4T a few weeks ago (in January 2020), I have not explored everything on available on the site but I have been through most of the online course material. I therefore hope that this more in-depth review gives an honest insight rather than the short version of the review above!

The cost of the course (even the 5 day workshop package) is reasonably priced. I originally took the online only course ($1499 at the time of writing, or about £1150). Once I was halfway through this, I decided that I needed to really get onto the classroom course as well. My reasoning for this is that the classroom course in the UK in March is the only one available and I just felt that this would really accelerate my learning, so this was the same again (another $1500.00 at the time of writing this review, I had the $2499.00 full cost reduced as I had already paid for the online aspect). I have not attended the workshop yet and will make efforts to amend/re-write this review afterwards to provide further feedback later on.

The training is ongoing and for life so it’s a one off cost. I asked the question whether return visits to workshops are “free” for life. Asked and answered : The answer is “Yes” re-attendance at the workshops IS free for life but only if space is available. That makes sense, they do have a business to run after all!

The online content is available for life though so essentially this can be regarded as a one off payment for a lifetime of education. Pretty good value if you ask me.

The courses themselves are packed with very relevant and very useful information. Depending on your level of experience, some of this you will understand and some you won’t understand fully right away (but help is available!). I genuinely believe there is something in this for everyone and you are being taught by a professional with many years’ experience on the coal face of trading.

The courses are presented in a no-nonsense, easy to understand way. This could be because the presenter (and company founder) Brad Gilbert, is Australian. The presentations are, for the most part, fairly short but you will find that in order to fully understand (because the pace is quite fast) that you may end up reviewing each section multiple times or pausing the videos to make your own notes (I strongly recommend these courses of action – before you know it you can be 10 videos in and that’s where you might end up getting lost!)

In addition to course materials, ongoing support is available by way of daily round-ups, trade set up ideas and the 247 online support section.

The staff at T4T are very helpful and there are no hard sell tactics. There is a real element of plain speaking and transparency. Yes, for the funded account, there are strict rules of engagement that you must abide by but this is simply good trading practise and following the rules gives you a higher chance of success.

Now for my personal input regarding trading in general because this is definitely not for everybody. Because I strongly believe that reviews that simply point out all of the good things might not always be considered genuine, it is important that if you are considering learning to trade, that you understand that trading is tough and is not a “get rick quick” scheme. Like everything in life, you need money to make money and that is one of the benefits of T4T (the funded account). What I can tell you that you do need is a high quality education and you need to be dedicated to it. You also need to be able to deal with setbacks. You need to have a positive mentality and you need to be able to make calm, calculated decisions when you might think you are under pressure. You must be brutally honest with yourself. You must be able to accept that you are wrong (not easy for me!) A large part of trading is psychological and you cannot afford to be the sort of person who isn’t committed or who gives up easily. That’s the truth of it as I see it and if you do not possess the qualities required, you should think very carefully before investing in your education.

If you are expecting to make instant profits from trading without putting in a LOT of hard work and sacrificing a lot of time then this, like any sort of formal education, is not for you. The beauty of trading, though, is that once you “get it”, the hard work you have put in can (will!) pay off as long as you follow the rules.

Be warned. trading is a business and it has to be treated as such. One real plus of T4T is that they teach you capitalisation management (something I personally realised was essential if you want a long term career in trading). This will ensure that even if you are not successful right away, that you can stay trading. Of course, the fact that once you have invested in the training and can apply to become a funded trader (after a successful demo account appraisal) means that you do not have to risk your own capital if you do not wish to do so.

At the end of the day, you need to make your own decision. There are areas of the site that are free to access and I can only say that things get better in terms of what you learn once you start the courses. If you are thinking about trading (if my review hasn’t put you off!) then have a look at the free material and of course, feel free to ask any questions!

In summary, despite trading for several years, I only found out about T4T about a year ago. Yes, it took me almost a year to take the plunge and sign up but I am glad I did. During the year from th e inital contact, I was not flooded with spam emails etc and was not put under any pressure to sign up. I just kept T4T at the back of my mind and waited until it was a good time for me to sign up. In the UK, T4T could well be tradings’ best kept secret!

Cannabis Wealth Review – Another Network of Investment Scams Exposed

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Cannabis Wealth
  • Value for Money


Cannabis Wealth is based on the classic binary options and Bitcoin ‘broker’ scams.

If you deposit any money to their ‘recommended broker’ you’ll almost certainly never get it back.

Do NOT give away your personal information or send copies of your ID for ‘verification’.

Because there’s a strong possibility that your identity may be stolen.

Stay away from Cannabis Wealth and its ‘clone’ scams.

Share this review to warn others.



  • Proven scam.
  • You’ll almost certainly lose money.
Name: Cannabis Wealth + others
Website: Various
Platform: Independent
Type: Trading scam
Price: $/£250 minimum broker deposit
Trial? No
Money-Back Guarantee? No

Cannabis Wealth is advertised as a ‘brilliant revenue system’ that supposedly teaches you how to make ‘$1,838’ daily.

Of course, this is absolute nonsense.

The whole thing is set up to take your money.

And I’ll show you how they do it in just a moment.

Image: false claims made on the Cannabis Wealth homepage.

Who’s Behind Cannabis Wealth?

The name associated with Cannabis Wealth is that of ‘Jacob Walters’.

Who claims to be the CEO of Cannabis Wealth and the creator of more than 20 businesses.

This is almost certainly nonsense.

Since many of the other investment scams that follow the same template are proven to use stock images and pen names.

The real identities of the folks behind these kinds of scams remains hidden.

But it typically involves a network of affiliates who drive traffic to the unlicensed brokers that hide behind the phony investment websites.

More on this in a moment.

How Much Does Cannabis Wealth Cost?

It looks like you can join for free.

But in reality, you’ll be pressured into depositing $250 – $500 in order to ‘get started’.

You’ll almost certainly NEVER see that money again.

Can You Make Money With Cannabis Wealth?

Because every single one of these ‘clone scams’ that I’ve seen results in the client losing their money.

Here’s the proof…

How the Cannabis Clone Scams Work

These kind of cannabis investment scams aren’t really new.

Because they’re based on a classic binary options scam that was rife a few years ago.

The scammers realised that folks were getting wise to what they were doing.

So in 2020, they migrated their framework to operate under the guise of Bitcoin.

These too were exposed by review sites like mine.

And even Martin Lewis from MSE became vocal about these kinds of ‘trading cons’.

After his image was used repeatedly without his consent on Facebook to lure folks into the scam.

He eventually took legal action against Facebook over this (see video below):

It looks like ‘cannabis stocks’ are the latest front for this persistent scam.

Here’s how it all works.

1: Misleading Ads

You’ll be suckered in via a fake post on Facebook that uses a celebrity and a clickbait headline.

Usually, it’ll look something like this:

However, in the case of Cannabis Wealth and its clones.

They are also using paid advertisements to get listed on the first page of Google.

Here’s one that’s worded to look like a legitimate ‘review’ of Cannabis Millionaire:

2: Spoof Website

Once I’d clicked the ad.

I was taken to a scam review website.

Where I saw a table packed with affiliate links that redirected me to the various cannabis investment scam sites:

And if you clicked the bogus Facebook advert?

Then you’ll be redirect to a fake news website.

Where you’ll discover a completely made up story about how some celebrities made money with the fraudulent scheme.

The ‘Dragons Den’ fake investment story appears to be a popular way of trying to convince folks to get involved with the cannabis stocks sham.

3: Details Captured

Regardless of the nature of the advert.

Clicking it will take you to the Cannabis Wealth website.

Where you’ll discover more fake news and fabricated testimonials.

The goal here is to get your email address and phone number.

So that you can be pressured into making a deposit in the next step.

Do NOT give away any of your personal information!

Just leave the website.

Because you aren’t missing anything good!

4: Forced to Deposit With the Cryptomusu Scam Broker

The whole purpose of this scam is to get you to deposit money to the ‘broker’ associated with Cannabis Wealth.

Because you’ll probably never see any of that money ever again.

Now, I wanted to know the name of the scam broker used in conjunction with Cannabis Wealth.

So… I went ahead and joined up (do NOT do this yourself!).

And as expected.

As soon as I handed my details over to Cannabis Wealth.

I was asked to deposit money with the Cryptomusu broker.

I did a quick search for some Cryptomusu reviews online.

And there are countless reports of people not being able to get their money back from this unlicensed broker:

As documented by the images above.

One person deposited £10,000 with Cryptomusu and was never able to get it back.

Instead, they were asked to deposit another £5,000.

And the Cryptomusu agents repeatedly put the phone down when the person tried to contact them to query what was going on.

5: Never Allowed to Withdraw

Unfortunately, this is classic behaviour of a scam broker.

As fully explained in this video:

In addition to the Trustpilot complaints made against Cryptomusu .

I also found further reports on of people not being able to get their money out of Cryptomusu .

Check out this thread for proof.

Aggressive KYC Request

I also noticed that I was being asked to send my ID documents immediately upon logging in to the Cryptomusu website:

As stated in the above video.

The scammers are typically keen to get their hands on your ID because they can use it to steal your identity or sell on for a profit.

Another huge red flag against Cryptomusu .

Linked to Proven Scams

I think this one pretty much confirms that Cryptomusu is a scam broker.

The address at the foot of the Cryptomusu website is:

Agatha Limited, address 8 Copthall, Roseau Valley, 00152 Commonwealth of Dominica.

This address is identical to the one associated with Options Tech Limited.

Proof of which can be found in this 2020 FTC report that warns people to avoid getting involved with Options Tech Limited.

And this rather harrowing thread documents how a group of people had their money intentionally drained from their trading accounts by Cryptex Markets.

Cryptex Markets also ‘trades’ under the same address.

The above thread also states that the following names have also been linked to the Options Tech name:

Other Cannabis Investment Scams to Avoid

Here’s a list of other cannabis investment schemes that follow the same framework.

And are thus almost certainly scams in my opinion.

Please do add the names of others that you’ve discovered in the comments section at the end of the post.

1: Cannabis Millionaire Scam

This is a fairly new name.

This time using the CFD (‘Contract for Difference’) angle.

But the template is basically the same as Cannabis Wealth.

I did some more research for some Cannabis Millionaire reviews.

And all of the legitimate ones said that Cannabis Millionaire is a scam.

2: CannabisCRAZE Scam

In addition to claiming that you can make ‘millions’.

The CannabisCRAZE website basically gives the game away that they are a scam outfit.

Where they tell you about the minimum deposit and that you’re going to be called by your ‘broker’:

And my suspicions were justified.

Because I found a number of CannabisCRAZE reviews confirming that it’s another scam.

3: Cannabis Trader Scam

As soon as I visited the Cannabis Trader website.

My anti-virus flagged it as potential scam site:

But just to make sure.

I read a few Cannabis Trader reviews.

And the real ones said that it’s definitely a scam.

4: Weed Millionaire Scam

I didn’t need to look for any honest Weed Millionaire reviews.

Because as soon as I attempted to go to the Weed Millionaire website.

I was instantly redirected to the Cannabis Millionaire domain.

Thus confirming the interlinked nature of these cannabis investment scams.

Conclusion: Avoid Cannabis Wealth and It’s Clone Scams

I think there’s enough circumstantial evidence to suggest that Cannabis Wealth is a scam.

Because the anecdotal reports made against the associated Cryptomusu ‘broker’ site are pretty damning.

Plus, it’s widely documented by several well-respected sources as to how this con has duped so many under the guise of Bitcoin and binary options schema.

And in light of the fact that we’re now seeing this same framework replicate in the fledgling cannabis investment markets.

I urge you to share this article to warn others ahead of time.

Because I think this malicious scam is going to be sticking around for a while. ��

Can You Actually Make Money Online Without Getting Conned?

One of the strategies that’s worked well for me is setting up and monetising my own websites.

I’ve been doing it for a few years now.

And pretty much anyone can learn how to do it.

If you’d like to learn more.

Then click the button below.

And I’ll show you how to make money online without getting scammed. ��

I have been making money online since 2007.

By using a range of strategies that include:

Affiliate marketing, blogging, matched betting, casino-based advantage play, value betting, arbitrage betting, Betfair trading, online surveys, rewards platforms, forex trading, writing eBooks, dropshipping, and more.

(Each with varying degrees of success!)

I have previously worked as a project consultant and content creator in the ‘make money online’ and betting system niches for start-up companies.

But I now specialise in reviewing online money-making systems and products to see if they are scams or the real-deal.

Oh, and I’ve written more blog posts than what’s probably considered healthy!

I’ve created Online Income Solutions to help you get straight to the business of making money online – without wasting your time or money.

Google Trader Review – Scam Exposed!

Click Here:
Click Here:

Google Trader – google trader flash mobs, ghana. much of the binary options market operates through internet based trading platforms such as google trader that are not necessarily complying with applicable u.
the google trader review software program is a binary trading software application that makes trading on the binary market easy even for beginners and its designed to help you learn how to make good trades so that you can profit and earn from the binary markets. options trader education google goog $815 put alert big payer. if you’re considering investing in the google trader application then you should definitely try your luck with this new app to help you get started.
are you here because you’re trying to find an honest evaluation of google trader?
ad trader conference 2020 – keynote jason bigler, google.

so i was determined to put the google trader system program to the test..
zombie supply trader.
successful option trader reveals his trading strategies with tom sosnoff on tastytrade.
enjoy the spectacle of a trader sam’s uh oa through google glass. these facts are all based on our up to date google trader review.
googletrader or google trader is designed in such a way to speculate and foresee when you need to trade in order to be profitable– it signals when a good trade that has a high possibility of winning is coming up.

and while a program like google trader can help you make good trades it doesn’t get it right 100% of the time.

google trader is a classifieds service that allows people to buy and sell products and services on web mobile web and sms. in this live options trader educational video we’ll cover the short on shares of google via the $815 google put option. keynote auf der ad trader conference 2020 jason bigler director product development for emea google. google trader review – will google trader make you money?
options trader entry google opening bell 45 minute price action.

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Видео Google Trader Review – Scam Exposed! канала Google Trader Review

Crypto Wealth Review

Designed by Max Carney, the Crypto Wealth is a new software that trades cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins, ethereum, etc. Another system with the same website and creator was launched – BitCoin Wealth. The creator of this system claims that it is possible for anyone to generate in between $4000 and $6000 on a daily basis. He says that he himself has been able to earn millions of dollars since he started out.

The words of Max Carney sound very convincing at first, but the sad reality is that there is no software that can generate such massive profits and that too on a daily basis.

We conducted a massive investigation to find out the truth about Crypto Wealth (BitCoin Wealth). Our investigation reveals that it is a potential scam. Traders who are looking to use this software should or read this complete review to learn the facts surrounding it.

Table of Contents

Top Forex Robots

  • Price: Free
  • Software: 100% Automated
  • Max Returns: Unknown
  • Min Deposit: $250
  • Links to Scam Services
  • Lacks Special Features
  • User Feedback is Negative
  • Poor Performance
  • Unreliable Signals Generated

Not Reliable Service

What is Crypto Wealth (BitCoin Wealth)?

Max Carney has introduced the software on the market as a revolutionary cryptocurrency trading system. according to him, neither knowledge of the financial markets nor experience is needed to use this software to generate massive wealth. He claims that people from all walks of life can register for it and earn massive profits. He even guarantees that all the users will attain financial freedom in no time.

For the first 36 days, he is offering the software for free. After that, he will take 1% commission from the profits that users earn. Why would someone offer a profit-making solution for free and once it is proven to work just take a mere 1% commission? It doesn’t make sense right? These tactics have been used by the creator to get more sign-ups for the software. Even though it is free, it connects users to shady brokers who then require traders to invest at least $250 with them.

Investing with unregulated brokers carries its own risks and when the broker is assocated with a scam system like Crypto Wealth, then there is no chance that traders will get their investment back. There is also no chance that traders will make winning trades because the software itself doesn’t generate reliable signals. All the signals are randomly generated which make the software unsafe to use.

The blockchain is used for a variety of purpose these days. Previously, it was used to send and receive cryptocurrency values only, but today, it is used to limit voting fraud, track ownership and to transfer assets including securities and real estate.

How Does Crypto Wealth Work?

According to the developer of the software, Crypto Wealth (the same as the BitCoin Wealth) makes use of Artificial Intelligence and blockchain revolutionary technology to generate trading signals on behalf of its users. He claims that the signals are high quality and converts into winning trades. the software is 100% automated and once the settings have been configured, it doesn’t require any human input.

But our investigation proves that Crypto Wealth doesn’t work as per the claims of the creator. While it is true that it is 100% automated and trades on behalf of its users, it doesn’t generate accurate signals. The signals are unreliable and therefore result in more losses than gains. Traders who have used it have lost considerable amounts of their investments. The brokers that are connected to this software even make withdrawals impossible so there is no way traders can get their investment back or any profits they have earned.


Is Crypto Wealth (BitCoin Wealth) a Scam? Truth Revealed

While we were conducting our investigation, we came across numerous red flags and signs which indicate that Crypto Wealth is a potentially dangerous scam. One of the first and the most obvious scam elements is the use of fabricated testimonials. Many users are claiming to be earning huge daily income with this software but the truth is that those users don’t even exist. We did a research and found that their names are not real. We even found that stock images have been used for those testimonials. if the testimonials came from real people, they would have used their real pictures and identities. But the use of stolen images and fake names suggest that the Crypto Wealth is a big scam.

Details about the company that owns the software and information on Max Carney are also missing. If Max was such a successful person, then we would have found information about him. But it appears that no one really knows who this person is. Based on our findings, we can assume that Max is a paid actor. he has done a good job with the video, but the contradictory statements he has made proves that he doesn’t know much about the software himself.

In his bank statement, we can see millions of dollars of profits being credited to his account every now and then. But when creating this fake statement, he forgot that some of the dates that are mentioned fall on weekends. In the online trading world, transactions cannot be made during weekends and even brokers don’t process withdrawals on weekends. So this is another lie that was unfolded during our massive investigation. So the bottom line is that Crypto Wealth is not a software you can trust.

Our investigation team conducted a comprehensive investigation on Crypto Wealth to find out if this product is genuine. As a result we cannot say that there was enough evidence indicating if Crypto Wealth is generating high profits. We found many reasons that made us suspicious about this robot being a scam.

In order to protect traders from bad trading experience and financial loses we recommend you to

Best Binary Options Brokers 2021:
  • EvoTrade

    The Best Broker! 15 000 $ Welcome Bonus!

  • NS Broker
    NS Broker

    10 000$ welcome bonus!


    The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Perfect For Beginners and Middle-Leveled Traders!
    Free Education.
    Free Demo Account.
    Get Your Sign-Up Bonus Now!


    Recommended Only For Experienced Traders!

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