Review Is Horse Forex Legit Or A Scam

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Forex Auto Traders: A Scam or A Gold Mine

Automated Forex trading, also known as auto Forex trading, is the process in which you allow a computer program to either trade your Forex account or recommend trades which you may then execute manually.

The computer program executing or recommending trades will operate according to a set of rules which will govern the generation of trade entries and trade exits.

Implementing automated Forex trading can be done by either building your own computer program, buying one, or even obtaining one for free, and then attaching the program to your trading platform. Many Forex trading platforms, especially MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, are designed to accept such programs easily.

The main advantages of auto Forex trading are that it can remove emotional and human factors from your trading, and also that it can execute trades 24 hours per day and free the trader from the need to be sitting in front of a computer terminal.

The main disadvantages of automated Forex trading are firstly, that if there is any bug in the software, it can make a huge amount of unnecessary or poor trades very quickly and blow your entire account. Secondly, if you buy a program whose rules are secret, and you entrust it with your account and leave it running, you may return later to find very unexpected results. This is why it is very, very important to back test thoroughly any auto Forex trading program or “robot” before attaching it to a trading platform on which you are running a live, “real money” Forex trading account.

How Do Forex Automated Systems Work?

If you are going to trade Forex, sooner or later you will hear about automated Forex trading systems. They are also called “robots”, “expert advisors”, and “auto traders”. No matter what you call them, they all operate in a similar manner. While the exact technical set ups will vary from system to system, the operation of them will essentially be the same.

You will download and install the system to your Forex trading platform and set up should only be a couple of steps. The basic premise of these things is that they are essentially an “add on” to your trading platform. This allows for easy installation, and uninstalling is just as simple. Because of this, many traders will actually have several different systems that they use in a variety of market environments.

The systems will fall into two basic categories: automatic and semi-automatic. The automatic ones will place trades for you, without any input from you at all. The semi-automatic ones will simply give you a signal or suggestion as to which way to trade a particular currency pair, and you may then place the trade yourself.

The automatic systems will simply buy or sell based upon a possibly complex mathematical formula that tells the computer when it is time to enter or exit the trade. The automated Forex brokers system simply does all of the work for you. It is very common for these systems to have a hidden proprietary algorithm that you never see in order to make these decisions. The one thing they will all have in common is that they are all mathematically based. Hiding the algorithm is just a simple way of protecting their intellectual property.

The auto Forex trading system type offered by Forex automated traders will simply let you know when it generates a signal to buy or sell. The system will still have that hidden algorithm that you won’t see, but instead of it automatically placing the trade on your behalf you will often see some kind of pop up alert when it is time to trade. You can then choose as to whether or not you want to trade the signal, allowing greater flexibility for the trader.

The majority of these systems are made for the MetaTrader 4 platform as it is by far the most popular one out there. There are systems made for other platforms such as DealBook 360, NinjaTrader, TradeStation, and many others. However, you will find a huge supply of them for the MetaTrader 4 platform as even the brokers that use other platforms will often offer MetaTrader 4 as well. There is also a large amount available for the MetaTrader 5 platform, which is not always compatible with MetaTrader 4.

The better Forex automated trading systems will come with a money back guarantee. Because of this you should be able to feel somewhat comfortable with the software as your money can be refunded. However, it is recommended that you try a new system out on a demo account just to make sure it performs to your required standard. Like anything else, there will be some that are better than others and your mileage may vary so to speak.

Forex Auto Traders: A Scam or a Gold Mine?

The rapid speed at which the Forex market is growing has many consequences, some better than others. On the one hand, there are endless resources online for learning and becoming an expert on the largest most lucrative market in the world. There are also many more people around the world who are spending their days and nights testing the waters of Forex trading.

Other positive outcomes of Forex growth are more Forex brokers and services from which a trader can choose. On the other hand, the great popularity of Forex brings with it some problems that require caution on the part of the Forex trader. One of the biggest issues in today’s online Forex community, as well as the general Web community, is spam. When it comes to surfing the web and encountering annoying popups or receiving bogus emails, as annoying as these occurrences are, 99% of the time, they are annoying and nothing more. Of course, there is the occasional online scam, but with the widespread use of online communication such as email, messenger, and social media, most people know to stay away from those types of things.

When it comes to Forex spam, however, it is a totally different ball game. There is money to be lost as a result of the different types of Forex spam that traders encounter on a daily basis. The most common type of Forex spam is advertisements for Forex robots or auto forex trading systems. The big question regarding these auto traders is “Are they all bad? Are there some legitimate ones and are they worth trying”? The answer is that they are NOT all spam and that there is a LOT of money to be made by using auto traders, but for that, you need to do your homework.

An Introduction to Auto Traders

First, let’s try to understand why one would use an auto trader and what are its advantages. As, we said earlier, one of the biggest downfalls of the Forex trader is emotion. While being in touch with your emotion will get you far in life, it will set you back in your Forex trading. It is important to set yourself a trading strategy and stick to it, NO MATTER WHAT. This is harder than it sounds. Just imagine you define your trading technique, and for days, all you see are losses. Could you control yourself and not become overly emotional at this result?

Alternatively, if you are seeing constant profits, would you not be swayed by greed to trade with too high a risk? It would only be human. Precisely for this reason, it can be a smart tactic to remove the human factor from your trading. The way to do this is to automate your trades.

There are many auto traders out there that perform technical analysis and decide when to open or close trades, while its primary “concern” is to keep you on the winning side. Unlike Forex brokers who occasionally profit from your loss, auto traders work for you and not against you. This could of course be a reason to be wary of Forex auto trader which you see promoted by Forex brokers! Another reason to use auto traders is that they can trade 24 hours a day, even when you are not near your computer.

Imagine, you can be at a friend’s party and find out that you just made a huge profit, it’s like the feeling you get when finding money in your pocket multiplied by 100. Let the auto trader do all the work while you sit back and enjoy the fruits.

Finally, auto traders can be a great and effective trading tool for any Forex trader, no matter how experienced they are. However, it offers a huge advantage to new traders. They do not need to know the market, how to read the charts, or what a certain currency will do in the market today. Essentially, you do not need to know anything about the Forex market, and you can become a very successful Forex trader.

Choosing an Auto Trader

Now that we have established that Forex auto traders can be a wonderful thing for traders, how do you choose one?

There is no one way to decide which auto trader to use. An important and crucial tip in ensuring your auto trader is legitimate and will bring you profits and not losses, is of course to read reviews. You can read professional reviews as well as user reviews, but make sure these are objective opinions and not written by the people who are behind the system that is being reviewed.

Before entrusting your money to an auto trader, you should back test the auto trading program against many years of real historical Forex data, ideally over 20 years. Then you can see how badly it would have done in a “worst case” scenario. A good risk manager would plan to encounter another scenario which would be twice as bad. So, for example, if your back test shows that the auto trader lost as much as 30% at some point over the last 20 years, you should plan for a worst-case scenario of a 60% loss in the future. Of course, you should be able to adjust the risk by playing with the position sizing element of the auto trader to ensure that the risk is adjusted to the worst drawdown you are prepared to sit through.

Another way to take precautions before buying a Forex auto trader is to look for a few signs when examining the company at hand. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself when choosing a Forex auto trader:

  1. Do they offer a money back guarantee?

Most reputable auto traders are so confident that their product works, they will offer a money back guarantee ranging anywhere from 30-60 days after the purchase. This means if you buy the software and realize soon after, it is not for you, you can receive a complete refund. This is a must when choosing a Forex auto trader. If you have this guarantee, it lowers the risk of a scam to virtually zero.

  1. Do they offer a free demo?

Similar to choosing a Forex broker, one of the first things you need to do when choosing an auto trader is test it out. When buying a car, would you not test drive it first? Make sure to do the same in your Forex trading. Test out the software before purchasing it. However, it is also important to take into account that demo accounts are not always 100% accurate, so take the results of the demo with a grain of salt.

  1. Does their website annoy you?

Lastly, this is a universal rule when it comes to buying anything online. Go to the vendor’s site and look out for any popups/illegal activity/inappropriate advertisements. This is not always the case, but it is a precaution worth taking. 9 out of 10 times, a site that displays annoying and shady popups will offer a questionable service as well. If this vendor associates itself with shady businesses or the online pornography industry, you should think twice before investing your money in such a company. As I said, this is not across the board, there are some very legitimate online businesses that feel that a popup covering your entire monitor is effective marketing. They are wrong, but that does not make them a scam.

The bottom line is that online scammers choose to scam in areas that are full of potential. Nobody is going to click on a spam advertisement for a computer from 1981, scammers know what they are doing, and they choose topics that will draw attention. Forex auto trading has endless potential when it comes to making you significant profits, but just like anything else online, you must proceed with caution

Adam Lemon began his role at DailyForex in 2020 when he was brought in as an in-house Chief Analyst. Adam trades Forex, stocks and other instruments in his own account. Adam believes that it is very possible for retail traders/investors to secure a positive return over time provided they limit their risks, follow trends, and persevere through short-term losing streaks – provided only reputable brokerages are used. He has previously worked within financial markets over a 12-year period, including 6 years with Merrill Lynch.
Learn more from Adam in his free lessons at FX Academy

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Thread: PaxForex- Scam or Legit?

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PaxForex- Scam or Legit?

Can anybody tell me PaxForex Be Online Bonus system is scam or it is true.
I’m a new user of PaxForex Online bonus system. Please tell me.

dont know u tell me , make 200 euro profit trading 0.01 lot with max lot open is 2 and u only have 1 mounth to do it
i think i almost impossible , unless u send all the time in from of the computer

dont know u tell me , make 200 euro profit trading 0.01 lot with max lot open is 2 and u only have 1 mounth to do it
i think i almost impossible , unless u send all the time in from of the computer

during my experience with paxforex trading account using bonus no deposit, that the power balance can reach 200 euros for a huge profit with leverage 1: 500 is very difficult at all, other than that until now I had never heard of a trader who can withdrawal profit earned from the account no deposit

their conditions are pretty good. however, i find that the minimum spread is misleading. im not sure if they are quoted in pips or in actual dollar amounts. if in dollar amounts, then im not sure what would happen for the usdjpy pair. overall, they are too small and still quite a risk.

experience with paxforex trading account using bonus no deposit, that the power balance can reach 200 euros for a huge profit with leverage 1: 500 is very difficult at all, other than that until now I had never heard of a trader

i think paxforex is a great opportunity for traders to qualify their financial experience on online trading. such as this platform.
it is so complicated too..

anyone have already try this broker

I think that comes from the fraud that we’ve had to deal with a broker is reliable and that is a very serious and in order to move away from this thing that we must deal with a trusted intermediary such as InstaForex

For me,I do not whether it is a legit one there.For me,I do enjoy the no deposit bonus up to $200 in Pax forex so much.I just open a bonus account to help me practice more there.But I still do not know whether I can request the profit there.I wish it can be a trustful broker and can get the payment soon.

Their no deposit is the worst of the kind .After reading their conditions I think they have no intention to inspire new traders by giving bonus and they are just showing off as they are giving the highest amount of bonus and I feel they are not co-operative for the traders.So I think it is not good to waste time to earn by their no deposit bonus rather trying others small bonus is worth-full.

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Dux Forex Review 2020 Updated

This product review was uptated on April 2020


If you are reading my Dux Forex review, there are two options: Either you are a professional forex trader and you are trying to improve your trades and profits, or you are a complete beginner who is doing some research in order to take the most of business/investing. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or an old pro; either way: you are in the right track.

If you got this far, it is likely that you may already know which the issues in the forex market are. And you may also know that there are amazing tools that have been developed, such as forex signals. In this Dux Forex review we are going to learn pros and cons of one of the most important programs regarding forex market. Keep reading and change your forex trade development in just minutes.

Dux Forex program

You may be asking yourself what dux forex is about, so let me introduce this amazing program to you.
– Dux Forex is a forex signals service provider. Dux Forex team is composed by old trader professionals who are extremely experienced in this field, and they are in charge of carefully analyzing the signals you are going to receive. As I said, they have vast experience in forex trade, so they are the ones who are going to help you through this journey and create the signals you are going to receive: It is like having the best traders in the world at home giving you advice on what to do.

Dux Forex pdf provides:

  • Accurate real time signals
  • Constant updates in real time
  • Benefits for any trader (no matter if you are a rookie or a professional)
  • Compatibility with any broker
  • Guaranteed overall growth in your account
  • Great customer support guaranteed

How does Dux Forex work?

This program is extremely easy to use, and I think that most of its success comes from this fact. Usually, people tend to have trouble when it comes to implementing a new system or program to their lives, and they are generally reluctant to it, as the old saying prays ‘better the devil you know’, meaning that one prefers to be familiar with something even though is not that good, that getting to know something new, even if that new something is better.

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This program is easy, fast, profitable and cheap. You won’t see Dux Forex reviews claiming that the program was hard to understand or difficult to use; it is completely easy. Once you buy Dux Forex pdf, you will be provided with all the login details and you will be having immediate access to Dux Forex member area in which all the signals are published, so you can start enjoying the benefits of investing as soon as possible and become a business man or woman.

Dux Forex alerts

Another important part of this programs are the alerts that will let you know when you receive a new signal.
Well, this is great deal, since I know what you are thinking: should I be checking the member area all the time to see if are there any new signals? Let me tell you the answer is no! you will not need to be paying special attention to this program, you can even be working on something else at the same time, your everyday life can continue perfectly and not be interrupted by the forex market. You are going to get your alerts delivered by e-mail, Facebook and even in your mobile app! This is the greatest thing about the program, you are going to receive alerts every time there is a new signal, which indicates that a good entry was found.

Important fact: Even though you don’t need to be checking the members area all the time and that you can be doing other stuffs while you are receiving the alerts, you need to know that once you get the alerts is very important that you act quickly, since the signals show determined entries at a certain time; that is why signals are immediate, so you can take advantage of them rapidly and place your trades in the right time. If you take too long to place your entries, it might be late.

Besides, once you download Dux Forex…

You will have an entry, 3 take profit levels and a stop loss. You will receive the signals when the conditions are met, remember that behind Dux Forex there is a group of specialized professionals and experts that are constantly analyzing the market, so as soon as they find good entries, they will be posting them online right away. Also, you can be using any broker you want, and even if you want a recommendation you can send a message and the experts will give you advice on that too, just for free.

Is Dux Forex better than others signals providers?

In this Dux Forex review I only give my opinion about the program, so let me tell you why Dux Forex is the best signals provider for me:

  • They use special techniques which are used by other trader experts and banks
  • They used many indicators so they know that most of them don’t even work so they don’t use them (this is the main difference with other programs)
  • In the program, you have the option of taking profits from 3 different levels.
  • Once you get Dux Forex downloaded, you will have access to unlimited signals.

Dux Forex reviews

Before making any online purchase, I always google what I am about to get, just to be sure of how it worked for other people and if it is recommended by these other users. When I looked up the Dux Forex reviews, I found out that the program is completely accurate, and their users were highly recommending it, since it is the only program that works with experts looking for real time entries. So in case you are having any doubts, or if you are thinking Dux Forex is a scam, I encourage to look the reviews for yourself and check the results people post online.

I will show you some of the best reviews I have found online: ‘For all the stuff out there, Dux Forex is definitely the best in terms of prices, accuracy and performance’; ‘I have spent a lot of time and money on trading stuffs but after I found Dux Forex I now have accurate signals all the time’; ‘I would definitely recommend Dux Forex to all traders: you will save tons of money rather than spend it on other overpriced forex stuff’.

Is Dux Forex free?

No, this program has a cost of $47. But there is an important fact about Dux Forex that makes the difference, and that for me, it is extremely reassuring: you are going to have a 60-day money back guarantee. This means that if you are not happy with the achieved results, or if you feel that the program is not for you, you will have a full refund. So, is it Dux Forex free? No, but you can be sure that your investment is highly protected and, unless you are happy with the program, you will have your entire money back.

This policy is only possible because the creator of this program is completely sure that Dux Forex works accurately, which makes you feel safe and protected before doing the purchase, and afterwards as well. There is no harm in trying it out, that is what I liked the most.

Alvexo review

Alvexo which is owned by VPR Safe Financial Group Limited was established in 2020. It has its headquarters in Limassol, Cyprus. Besides Limassol, Alvexo has operations offices in the UK and Switzerland. According to the official site, Alvexo specializes in global financial markets. It continues to state that traders are able to trade in currency and CFDs in a safe environment.

Min. Deposit:

Trading Platform: MT4

US Clients: Not Available

The high initial deposit

The first thing that you will notice when you visit the Alvexo website is that it is colorful but simple and well laid out. Further perusal and you will find that opening an account with them is easy. However, the minimum initial deposit that you can make is $500. According to many Alvexo reviews, both professional and from traders, this amount is just too high. There are many Forex brokers that ask for a much less initial deposit. Some brokers with reputable brands ask for as little as $50. Given that a good number of traders lose their entire initial capital outlay, one can see why depositing $500 with Alvexo is risky for a newbie. Moreover, a huge number of beginner traders can’t afford or don’t want to risk $500.

The trading platform

Alvexo is licensed and regulated by Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission (CySEC). The license number of the firm is 236/14. The firm is also licensed by FCA and the license ref number is 683301. The good thing about being licensed and regulated by bodies such as CySEC and FCA is that your money is protected. Even if the firm were to go down, you can rest assured that you will not lose all your money. But as we have discovered in this Alvexo scam review, just because a firm is licensed doesn’t mean that everything is smooth and above board at the firm. Some clients complain that it is hard to withdraw money and some have even resulted in asking help from chargeback firms.

Alvexo FX broker offers its customers different trading platforms. For those who are looking for functionality, MT4 is the platform to go with. For those traders who value accessibility, then WebTrader is the platform to pick. The smartphone users have the Mobile App to execute their trades with.

Is Alvexo a scam?

Like many Forex brokers today, there are quite some complaints directed toward Alvexo. Among the leading concerns include the inability of traders to withdraw their funds. Of course, this is a serious concern and no trader would willingly deposit $500 knowing there is a risk of not being able to withdraw not only their winnings but also their initial capital. In spite of all this, Alvexo trading signals which are compiled twice every day have proven to be quite helpful for the traders. In conclusion, we can say that Alvexo is a legit broker. However, there are features and practices within the firm which make many traders and Alvexo review writers say that everything is not done above board. This consequently means that the broker will be branded as a scam in some quarters.

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