How Successful Is Binary Options Trading In 2020

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Binary options India, Binary options trading in India has gained much curiosity among new generation traders. The reason is, its simplicity to understand, high return on investment and very short duration of trade expiry. Although understanding Binary Options are quite straightforward and simple, the risks associated with it is high. If you are successful in a trade, you get 70% – 95% * return on your investment instantly; you lose 100% of your investment amount for an unsuccessful trade. Hence risk management is vital in binary options trading for you to be a successful trader. However, the specialty of Binary Options is that you always know in advance the amount risked in each trade. Hence, the loss can’t exceed the amount you have risked in a particular trade.

When it is about the binary options trading in India, it disappoints the traders. Unlike many parts all over the world, it has not got legal status in India. The main reason behind this is RBI or SEBI do not regulate Binary Options Trading. Therefore, the traders in India are yet to see some favorable regulations from the Government for binary trading in India. To specifically answer the question “Is Binary Options legal in India?” – the answer is “No,” it doesn’t have legal status in India.

But, no need to be disappointed, here are two options for you to trade Binary Options in India.

1. The Indian traders can legally trade Binary Options by trading in a demo account. Binary Options trading in Demo account with play money is legal in India. The Indian traders can have a first-hand experience by trading in demo accounts and tournaments. Binary options trading has experienced massive growth over the last decade all over the world. But traders in India are still waiting for the legalization of Binary options trading by the regulator in India.

2. You may trade with the Binary Options brokers who are accepting Indian traders. Brokers like IQ Option, Olymp Trade, ExpertOptions do not require a license from Indian regulators to operate their business. Hence, they accept Indian traders to open Binary Options trading account with them.

Open Free Demo Trading Account

What are the top 3 Binary Options Broker of 2020?

Out of so many Binary Options Brokers in the market, you can trust on only a few brokers when it comes to investing your hard-earned money. We have considered several factors like Customer service, Payment methods, Verification methods, Ease of trading, Reliability of the trading platform, Availability of advanced features, and Education and training while recommending you these brokers. The list of top three Binary Options Brokers for Indian Traders in 2020 are –

  • Free Demo with $10,000 demo money
  • Start trading with $10 deposit
  • Quick and easy funding and withdrawal
  • Preferred Binary Options Broker India 2020
  • Award-winning trading platform
  • Free educational materials
  • Trading account starts with $10 deposit
  • High-performance App from Desktop, iOS, and Android
  • One-click practice account with $10,000
  • Safe and secure trading in a transparent environment
  • $5 minimum deposit to start trading
  • Free Demo Account with $1,000 demo money
  • Quick funding and withdrawal methods
  • Quick account opening and verification
  • Free education on trading strategies

How are the Binary Options Brokers accepting traders from India?

The answer is – the overseas Binary Brokers do not require a license from Indian regulatory bodies like SEBI or RBI for their operation. So Indian traders who have an interest in finding a way to trade options or Forex you can register with IQ Option India without any threat. IQ Option is an excellent choice because providing the most reliable and professional platform to trade. Their fund deposit and withdrawal processes are easy and quick. You can check the IQ Option India Review.
If you are not satisfied with the legal status of Binary Options in India, you may choose to have the demo trading in a real market scenario. Some reputed brokers offer free demo trading account and trading competition absolutely free. If you want to experience binary trading in India, the only way to do it legally is through a demo trading account. Check out legal aspects of Forex Trading in India with

How to trade Binary Options in India?

Step 1

Fill the registration form

Once your registration is accepted, you will automatically become the newest member of the IQ Option. You can watch video tutorials to familiarise yourself with Binary Options Trading.

Step 2

Fund Your Account

Like any other business, you need working capital to start trading. So you can start trading by depositing at least $10. Deposit real money only after having enough practice trading Play Money.

Step 3

Start Trading

Select the Asset to trade. Set your trade size. Analyze the price direction. Click CALL or PUT to place a trade. You make up to 91% profit for a correct prediction.

How to start Binary Options trading in India?

The traders can open a demo account to have the first-hand experience on Binary options trading. The Indian traders can open demo accounts with recommended brokers. The demo trading gives you the trading experience in REAL MARKET conditions without risking real money. After having enough experience in a demo trading account, you may consider opening a real account.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2021:
  • EvoTrade

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    The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
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Learn more about Binary Options with multiple examples from Binary Options article.

How do you find a good binary options broker?

There are several Binary Options brokers in the market. You might have heard of several scam brokers in recent days. Because of the popularity and profitability of Binary Options, there are numerous scam brokers coming up. You must be careful while selecting a broker for your online trading activity. There are a few quick checks you can do before investing with any broker. Check for any adverse reviews about the broker before you start trading with them. The number of years in service with an excellent reputation is a determining factor while selecting the broker for trading. Hence, check out the review of the Binary brokers in India before opening an account with any brokers. Preferably, open a demo trading account to have prior knowledge before investing any real money. Open a free demo trading account with the brokers mentioned in this page.

How to deposit into Binary Options Account from India?

Nowadays, people face problems while making transactions from their Visa and Mastercard to fund their IQ Option Account. This is because of some restrictions from the card issuing banks as per RBI directives. It can be overcome by using Skrill or Neteller account. Skrill and Neteller accept Indian credit or debit cards to accept funds into their wallet. The Indian traders first fund their e-wallets at Skrill or Neteller, then they fund their Forex or Binary Options account using the Skrill or Neteller wallets. Read more about funding Forex or Binary Options account using Indian credit or debit cards.

Binary Options India – Why to trade Binary Options?

There are lots of opinion about this type of Options trading from Indian traders. Most of the traders say that Binary options are one of the most convenient, transparent, and easy to understand financial trading instrument which has helped many Indian traders to multiply their investment.

However, there are people who say that Binary Options trading is not good, because of the risks involved. One of the good things about this type of trading is that the trader is aware of all the risks and returns involved in the trade even before entering into it.

Binary Options are one of the most profitable financial trading instruments where the profit is up to 92% for each successful trade. The trader needs to predict the price direction of the asset correctly, that is up or down. However, the trader may lose in investment if the prediction is incorrect.

You have the opportunity to educate yourself without taking any risk by trading in a Demo Account with play money. There are high-quality educational videos to help you understand the basics of Binary Options trading, and familiarise yourself to use advanced tools for using them to increase your success rate. So don’t forget to check these educational materials on Binary Options trading.

Binary options India – Free Demo Account

Indian traders can have the excitement of Binary Options trading in India. They can start trading in a Demo trading account and participate in tournaments. It will enhance your skill of binary options trading in India. You can utilize your trading skills to win several tournaments held by the brokers.

Binary options trading in India, Is it simple or complicated?

You can start Binary Options trading in India in a few simple ways. You can start practicing in a demo account in few seconds. The process of Binary options is quick, simple, and very profitable, but at the same time, risky. There are significant chances that you may lose the invested amount completely. You would have lost $10 in the above-shown example trade if you were wrong in your prediction. If EUR/USD had closed above 1.02052, you would have lost the trade and your invested amount $10. But its never risky to learn Binary Options in India by opening a FREE DEMO account with brokers. You can start unlimited practice in a demo account without risking any real money.

Hence, it is crucial that you manage the risk in binary options trading, to be a successful trader.

Most of the traders in India prefer to open an account with IQ Option India, as they offer you a free demo trading account. IQ Option also conducts several trading competitions every month; you can participate in them for free or for a nominal fee. IQ Option has recently added Forex and CFD trading to its platform. The Forex, CFD and Binary Options trading, you can trade all three in one single account with IQ Option India. Taste the excitement of Bitcoin trading with IQ Option in India.

* Amount to be credited to account for a successful trade.

The 8 Best Books on Options Trading of 2020

Brush up on this high-risk investment strategy

We are committed to researching, testing, and recommending the best products. We may receive commissions from purchases made after visiting links within our content. Learn more about our review process.

If you’re looking to branch out a little in your portfolio beyond stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, options trading is something you might consider. Trading options is an alternative investment strategy that focuses on adding contracts to buy or sell a particular security to your portfolio, rather than investing in the underlying security itself. You can realize gains (or losses) when exercising options.

Options trading can be risky but also lucrative for investors who understand how it works and how to do it effectively in the market. If you’re a beginner where options trading is concerned, a good place to start is with learning the basics. If you’ve been trading options for a while, on the other hand, you may be ready to explore more advanced techniques for investing in options. Or, you could be in the middle between being an options novice and an expert.

Wherever you are with options trading, these books are the best you can read on the subject.

#1 Complete Guide to Binary Options

As a newcomer to the online trading world, you will come across several types of trading. One of them is binary options. It is slightly different from the other types of trading because it requires you to predict and bet on price movements of assets.

You have to be careful while trading on binary options. You must do your market research and chalk out your own strategies. The profits do come, but not without risks.

If you have never traded in binary options before, the following guide will help you to get started.

What are Binary Options? Understanding the Basics

Binary options have several names. Some of them are Forex or digital options, all-or-nothing options, barrier options, fixed-return options, and two-way options.

Investopedia defines binary options as: “A type of option in which the payoff is structured to be either a fixed amount of compensation if the option expires in the money, or nothing at all if the option expires out of the money.”

The word “binary” indicates that traders must choose between the answers “yes” or “no” to the question of whether an asset’s price will be higher or lower than the established level at a given point of time.

Binary Trading – Is it a Sure Way to Make Money?

To put it very simple, binary trading is not a surefire way of making money. Some traders do make profits, but most of them just lose their investments.

But you can definitely make binary trading work for you if you understand exactly why traders lose their money. In the first place, they go in for low time-frame trading. They believe that strategies such as the 1 Minute, 5 Minutes, and 15 Minutes strategies really work.

The truth is that these strategies are associated with high risks although they promise huge profits.

Secondly, they sign up at binary brokers who operate without a valid license and require traders to make first deposits in the range of $100 to $250.

You can succeed with binary trading only if you follow these tips:

    Register only at licensed and reputed online binary options brokers. Understand the basics of binary trading. Create proper trading strategies based on your experience, study, and research. Avoid treating binary trading as a form of gambling and making predictions at random.

Binary Trading vs. Forex

To properly understand binary trading, you must also understand how it differs from forex trading. We take a look at some of these differences below:

    Duration of the Trade – You can exit a forex trade whenever you wish—at stop loss or take profit or depending on what you see in the financial news sites or charts. You cannot exit a binary options trade whenever you wish because you have to choose its expiry time when you purchase it. This could be anywhere from a minute to 60 minutes from the time of purchase. Of course, there are binary brokers who allow an early exit, but only if traders invest a higher amount. Risk vs. Reward – Forex traders who have chalked out a proper trading plan are fully in control of the associated risk and rewards. Binary traders can control their risks, but not their returns. Average binary trading comes with returns of 65% to 80%, indicating that the risk is definitely more than the reward. Cost of Trading – Forex trading is associated with spreads, commissions, and swap/rollovers. In case of binary trading, there are no spreads, commissions, or rollovers. Volatility – The forex market is full of surprise volatility caused by unexpected events, which can convert winning trades into losses. Such surprise volatility does not cause any harm to a binary trade as long as the trader makes a correct prediction. Making Errors – The possibilities of making a human error are higher in forex trading than in binary options trading, which is one of the chief reasons for the popularity of binary trading.

How to Trade Binary Options: Your Step-by-Step Guide

Here is your step-by-step guide to binary trading:

Step #1: Choose a Reliable Broker or Online Trading Platform

If you have already decided to trade in binary options, your first step is to choose a licensed, reputed, and reliable online trading platform or online broker.

Some of the highly recommended trading platforms are Olymp Trade, and IQ Option. All of them allow new traders to open a demo account free of charge. Since they permit a minimum deposit in the range of $5 to $10, beginners can get started with minimum risks. In addition, they all have learning centers featuring video tutorials, webinars, eBooks, and one-to-one courses to educate beginners, intermediates, and experts in trading.

Step #2: Create a demo account

Create a demo account free of charge and test the online trading platform before you actually begin to trade for real.

Step #3: Get Educated

The top online trading platforms offer plenty of free resources to train, inform, and educate registered traders. These resources are in the form of webinars, eCourses, eBooks, video tutorials, high-quality articles, and so on.

Step #4: Practice Binary Trading

When you feel confident to buy trades, spend as little as possible. Avoid investing too much.

Step #5: Understand the Risks

Binary trading is fraught with risks. The leverage can work both for you and against you, so it is highly possible for you to lose all your money. Invest in binary trading only money that you can afford to lose.

Tips to Choose a Binary Options Broker or Platform

You have to compare a number of binary options brokers before actually signing up for the services of one. Irrespective of whether you are a seasoned trader or a beginner, you have to find a broker who can best meet your requirements. Since it is not easy to find a reliable online platform, you should spend a few days just to research a number of ratings and rankings.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the best binary options broker:

    Deposit Bonus – Binary options platforms offering the biggest bonuses also offer low minimum deposits. However, you will also come across brokers who offer low minimum deposits, but no bonus. Asset Classes – Trading platforms offer different classes of assets. While some offer just two or three, others offer up to six or more. You have to choose an online trading platform that offers the largest number of assets. You can always increase your profits by investing in multiple assets. Trading Tools – Make a study of the trading tools at different binary companies. You will come across free signals, indicators, calculators, and automatic trading features. You have to select a broker who offers the tools you require for successful binary trading. Demo Accounts – A demo account enables you to practice trading without risking any real money. It helps you to learn and grow as a trader and gives you the confidence to start trading for real. However, you must choose an online broker who offers a demo account for life. There are some brokers that offer demo accounts only for a limited period of time. Easy to Use – Sign up at an online trading platform that is easy to use as it will save you a lot of time.

Free Binary Options Learning Resources & Video Guides

The best binary options brokers not only offer a trading platform, but also a library of free educational material. You can not only trade, but also learn. Or you can sign up to learn before you start trading.

For example, is home to the Binary Academy where you can read high-quality articles from experts, check out educational videos, watch the Binary TV, read the latest news, register for webinars, get weekly trading signals, read eBooks, and obtain daily market reports.

IQ Option is home to a number of trading tutorials and market news, which can better equip beginners for trading. And Olymp Trade has an Education Center with webinars, strategies, and trend indicators.

If you are a beginner, you don’t have to waste money on “premium courses” or “secret strategies,” which cannot really help. The wiser option is to just sign up at trading platforms such as, Olymp Trade, or IQ Option and check out the free educational material there.

Finding Binary Options Strategies that Work

Beginners to binary trading often search for binary options strategies that work. But the simple truth is binary trading has no formula for success. You just cannot win all the time. In fact, you have to be prepared to lose most of the time.

You will come across strategies such as the 1 Minute Strategy, but you will ultimately learn that they don’t really work. They just promise you huge returns but mention nothing about the risks involved.

If you want to become a successful binary options trader, you have to create a strategy that will work for you, and you can do this only through regular study, market research, and practice.

A Word on Automatic Trading or Binary Robots

As you dive deeper into the sea of binary options trading, you will come across the concept of using trading robots. The idea of using a robot to make money for you while you sit back and relax is alluring. But if such a thing was possible, all of us would have become rich.

To put it very simply, you can only trust a robot you have created on your own. You will find several robots that use a variety of algorithms to trade and earn profits semi automatically or automatically. But you will be taking two types of risks if you purchase such a robot. First, the robot may not turn out to be as good as it was described. Second, the seller of the robot may be an unreliable company.

If you are still determined to use a robot, you may consider the following pros and cons:


    Robots work tirelessly and do not miss any opportunities. Robots do not trade emotionally. Robots are fast. You can use robots to find inexpensive or free signals.


    Since you have to connect the robot to your account, there is the possibility of someone accessing your information. Since the robot is not human, it lacks your creative mind. It is guided entirely by a fixed set of parameters and cannot be trusted to make decisions in unusual situations.

Experts suggest not using a robot at all. Instead, they advise traders to create their own strategies based on their trading style and their study of the market.

Binary Trading FAQs

Q1: Is binary trading legal?

A: The legality of binary trading depends on your country of residence. Some countries have banned binary trading, but others have legalized them.

Q2: Is binary trading a scam?

A: No, it isn’t. However, it is a type of financial betting that carries a lot of risks.

Q3: Is binary trading is form of gambling?

A: Binary trades are structured to resemble gambling, but on a closer look, they are just a yes/no trade. One can safely say that binary trading is a form of financial betting.

Q4: How does a broker get blacklisted?

A: Brokers get blacklisted when they operate without a license, force traders to make a very high first deposit, use aggressive selling strategies, and persuade traders to invest more money than they can afford.

Q5: How much money can you make in binary trading?

A: It depends on a number of factors. To make a lot of money, you have to take a lot of risks. And if you take a lot of risks, you may lose a lot of money. You can make the most of binary trading by keeping your emotions in check, managing your risks well, and continuously educating yourself.


The above information should be enough to get you to start trading, but we suggest that you trade with caution. Binary trading is not for the faint of heart and you should never start trading till you are prepared to handle all the risks associated with it.

The main secret of successful binary options trading

In the modern world, we see a huge number of opportunities around us. Now everything has become more progressive, more accessible and faster. The development of the Internet accelerated the development of mankind several times and gave people greater freedom of choice and ways to get rich quickly and without physical effort. He forced time, for the first time in the history of mankind, to work for us and discovered ways of organizing cash flows through himself. One of these ways, just at an enormous rate, is gaining momentum and becoming an integral part of economic development in the lives of many people and even states, is the trade in binary options. Now the network is just a colossal mass of information about this miracle direction, industry, way of earning. There are countless platforms and lessons that will make from a simple layman a true professional of trade on the most prestigious trade and commodity exchanges in the world. But let us turn our attention to the details. As they say: “The devil is in the details”!) Why, with so much information, its availability and capabilities, such a small number of traders become successful? Even if the latest information is available to him, all available and necessary tools are open before him, that they can track all changes in the online market, and he is still doomed to failure!

What is happening now is that a large number of newcomers are starting to trade online options that react to online advertising of brokers with incredible interest rates of return, and only 4% -5% of them become financially independent. But even though a large number of people from all over the world are rushing headlong into this new, uncharted world of figures, data and graphs, and in a short period of time they also succeed. And it is clear that everything depends on the mood with which you approach any business, from the certainty that your success is about to come to you, from the belief in what you are doing, from the passion of what you are doing. And only then at the end of the day you will have more energy than it was in the morning!

There is a part of the mass that fail, there are those that struggle even for crumbs, and a small percentage of them are those that are on the Olympus of this direction (Titans of trading binary options). Their difference as a result is not due to any conditions, nationality or gender. It depends on certain aspects about, which we want to tell you.

The realization that your emotions directly affect the outcome

A big problem in the exercise of options trading, and not only, is the novice trader’s inability to control his emotions, which directly affects both the short-term and the long-term strategy for achieving results. Your emotions directly affect the decision that requires acceptance at the moment and not later! Instead of being guided by clear figures, graphs and descending, the beginner lends itself to sensations and this further distances him from the desired result! You can observe many cases where novice traders stopped their trades the day before they reached their price peak. Or they paused for a while, which in turn deprived them of a considerable income.

Ability to listen to your signals

It is extremely important for any trader and not just a beginner to be able to adhere to his trading plan by trading binary options. It happens that instead of clearly adhering to the previously agreed plan, the trader is even already successful, there is a great temptation to move away from the plan and take a chance to get even more revenue. Such an attitude in the short term will lead to a complete failure and not effectiveness. Therefore, in order to take the biggest goal in trading binary options, everyone must cultivate a clear discipline of trade and compliance with the plan. Everything that is outside the plan, all this is an emotion. This will not allow to perceive in turn changes and certain things adequately and soberly. It also needs to accustom itself every day, so that this discipline becomes a habit.

The success in trading binary options lies in your strengths

If an athlete wants to achieve a result, he will definitely look for useful substances and only vitamins, not poison. The financial well-being of a trader is hidden only in his strengths, strong character traits and strong aspects of his strategic thinking. This advice provides for the trader to develop the quality of being honest only, first of all before himself, the development of quality to recognize mistakes and learn from them, the development of taking is always a lesson not only with winnings, but also with loss, the quality development never stop, so as not to happen , and go only forward according to this plan written by your hand this morning. Every trader wishing to achieve the greatest result should understand that if short-term binary options trading is not his winning strategy, then he should change it and use only that which contributes to a positive result. After all, winning is money and financial independence of the trader.

Have long-term and serious plans for binary options trading

No case for which you will be taken will not be successful if you treat it incorrectly and with inadequate seriousness. If trading binary options for you is only an attempt and you are guided only by luck, be prepared for failure. Most people who want to try their luck at the auction, think that they will raise their big jackpot just in a few minutes, without any effort, thanks to their luck. In this activity, your success depends on your perseverance, discipline and the desire to achieve financial independence. Take the time you need, be persistent and persistent, follow your plan and in accordance with the strategy, and you will certainly be among those who are on Olympus in the binary options trade industry!

“General Risk Warning: Binary options trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”

Best Binary Options Brokers 2021:
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