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Options Trader – The First Profitable Expert Advisor for Binary Options

Hello, dear traders! Currently, binary options trade is gaining more popularity, many brokers allow you to trade them on a platform like MetaTrader 4. In spite of this, trading is mainly manual and there are no intelligent advisors for the binary options trading. So, I decided to eliminate this very injustice and want to present you a stable profitable trading advisor for binary options called OptionsTrader.


Frankly, until recently, I greatly underestimated the possibilities that open when trading binary options. But the adviser, which my colleagues Sergei and Dmitry have created, made me, a lover of automated trading, experiment with this advisor. For that Sergei and Dmitry, thank you so much!

But in reality, it was not so easy. And there are several reasons – incorrect calculation of the test results for the options from MT4, the lack of historical data for testing and many others. But first things first.

So, I opened a demo account to trade American binary options. I found out that the European options are not suitable for this advisor, after spending a few days on testing attempts. Further complexity was to conduct tests, but first, I want to say a few words about the advisor and the principle of its work.

Advisor characteristics

Platform: Metatrader 4
Advisor version: 2.0
Timeframe: М5
Operation time: round the clock
Option types: American, 85% to win, 20% on long-term closure of a profitable position, -10% penalty on long-term closure (details about the formula of profit calculation can be found on the broker website)
Broker: Grand Capital

Installation information

Attention! As the adviser does not work in the Forex market, but on binary options, it has its own test specifics, which I’ll discuss below. Test results from the terminal are calculated incorrectly, and have nothing to do with the real results!

Attention! In this Expert Advisor settings significantly affect the trading results, use the recommended preset-files (see archive at the end of this article).

Advisor strategy

Advisor strategy is very simple. Exponential moving average with a period of KCPeriod is built, and then around the top and bottom, two more lines at a distance equal to the ATR indicator readings with a period KAtrPeriod multiplied by KCDev are constructed. If the price is currently above (for sales) or below (for buys), respectively the upper or lower boundary of the channel, and one of the oscillators at overbought or oversold zone, buy Call or Put option with an expiration time equal to the Expiration parameter in the settings of the robot.

We use as the oscillators CCI with the period of CCIPeriod and the level CCIEnterLevel or WPR with the period of WPRPeriod and the level WPREnterLevel. Advisor also uses a filter. It serves to disable live trading with too high MaxVol or too low MinVol volatility that is calculated by the ATR indicator with a period of ATRPer.

It is also possible to disallow live trading in any day of the week, or even set up three breaks in the trade when adviser will not be allowed to trade during the day.

Examples of EA work

Expert Advisor backtests

Backtests are made on each pair individually, as Metatrader 4 platform does not allow for multicurrency tests. Moreover, the MT4 does not allow at all to get the test results of binary options advisors. Therefore, I created a special set of features to test various pairs. What do you need to do to conduct a test of this advisor?

  1. Export the quotes from the terminal of any broker, preferably Alpari. Type of account does not matter. Push F2 and get into the “History”.

Choose the right pair for us, choose TF 1 minute, click “Download”. On top, you should see the number of quotes loaded (4). If you see something like 0/6363792, restart the terminal and try again. If you see something like 65000/6363792, get out of the archive and go to the tab Tools – Options or press Ctrl + O. There on the “Charts” tab, set the maximum value in the fields in the “Max. bars of history” and “Max. bars in the window”, and then download it again. Click “Export” (3) and save the file in a convenient location. Repeat the same for all periods and all currency pairs.

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Install the terminal, login to your account (you should have an opened one by this time, can be a demo). Wait for the connection to the server, then in the Navigator window right click on the name of your account and select “Connect to the trading account”. Then a window to type in the account number and password will appear, enter a wrong password. Connection to the server will be broken, but the server data will remain in the memory of the terminal. Now again we press the F2, select the desired pair and period, but click the “Import” instead of the “Export” button. Next, select the desired file and load it into the terminal. Once you have transferred all the quotations in the Grand Capital terminal, you can start testing.

You have the following options for this in the EA settings:

PrintTestInfo – prints the test information to the log. This is the percentage of winning trades, the actual profit of the account, the value of the deposit and the drawdown on the account. Attention! Only the absolute drawdown is displayed, ie, how much the account lost with respect to the initial capital.

ReturnVariant -% profitable trades, deposit or drawdown. This option is needed to optimize the adviser on Custom option. Who needs it, will understand it anyway, but for beginners, I don‘t recommend doing optimization because of the testing complexity.

WriteTestInfo – when this option is enabled at the end of the test in tester files terminal folder you can find a CSV file with the name of the currency pair and the word Test. That‘s the file that we need. Open it in Excel, you will see one bar showing the account balance change from transaction to transaction.

The first thing we need to do is to replace all dots in the column with commas. To do this we press Ctrl + F, in the replace tab in the first field, put a dot, in the second put comma and click “Replace All.” Then click the “Insert” tab.

Right click on the opened chart, select “Select data” with the left button and click on the column (“A” in this case). The column thus should be highlighted by a different color. Then click OK in the dialog box and get something like this:

In my case, it is a deposit growth chart when trading 1 permanent option contract during all the last year on AUDCAD pair – similar test with a fixed lot on forex.

The first series of tests are done for the $10 contract. Initial deposit of $10 000. This allows you to evaluate the test results without regard to money management. That test I did since the year 2000 to assess the overall performance and stability of the system.

OptionsTrader 2000 2020 audcad fix 10$

OptionsTrader 2000 2020 audchf fix 10$

OptionsTrader 2000 2020 audjpy fix 10$

OptionsTrader 2000 2020 audnzd fix 10$

OptionsTrader 2000 2020 audusd fix 10$

OptionsTrader 2000 2020 cadchf fix 10$

OptionsTrader 2000 2020 cadjpy fix 10$

OptionsTrader 2000 2020 chfjpy fix 10$

OptionsTrader 2000 2020 euraud fix 10$

OptionsTrader 2000 2020 eurcad fix 10$

OptionsTrader 2000 2020 eurchf fix 10$

OptionsTrader 2000 2020 eurgbp fix 10$

OptionsTrader 2000 2020 eurnzd fix 10$

OptionsTrader 2000 2020 eurusd fix 10$

OptionsTrader 2000 2020 gbpaud fix 10$

OptionsTrader 2000 2020 gbpcad fix 10$

OptionsTrader 2000 2020 gbpchf fix 10$

OptionsTrader 2000 2020 gbpusd fix 10$

OptionsTrader 2000 2020 nzdusd fix 10$

OptionsTrader 2000 2020 usdchf fix 10$

OptionsTrader 2000 2020 usdjpy fix 10$

The second series of tests are done from 2020 to assess the effectiveness of the EA on the latest historical data. The test are done for the $10 contract.

OptionsTrader 2020 2020 audcad fix 10$

OptionsTrader 2020 2020 audchf fix 10$

OptionsTrader 2020 2020 audjpy fix 10$

OptionsTrader 2020 2020 audnzd fix 10$

OptionsTrader 2020 2020 audusd fix 10$

OptionsTrader 2020 2020 cadchf fix 10$

OptionsTrader 2020 2020 cadjpy fix 10$

OptionsTrader 2020 2020 chfjpy fix 10$

OptionsTrader 2020 2020 euraud fix 10$

OptionsTrader 2020 2020 eurcad fix 10$

OptionsTrader 2020 2020 eurchf fix 10$

OptionsTrader 2020 2020 eurgbp fix 10$

OptionsTrader 2020 2020 eurnzd fix 10$

OptionsTrader 2020 2020 eurusd fix 10$

OptionsTrader 2020 2020 gbpaud fix 10$

OptionsTrader 2020 2020 gbpcad fix 10$

OptionsTrader 2020 2020 gbpchf fix 10$

OptionsTrader 2020 2020 gbpusd fix 10$

OptionsTrader 2020 2020 nzdusd fix 10$

OptionsTrader 2020 2020 usdchf fix 10$

OptionsTrader 2020 2020 usdjpy fix 10$

And the last series of tests carried out by testing from the year 2020 to show the robot’s profit during the year with a 1% risk of deposit, that is, if you deposit $ 100, your bet is 1 USD.

OptionsTrader 2020 2020 audcad 1% risk

OptionsTrader 2020 2020 audchf 1% risk

OptionsTrader 2020 2020 audjpy 1% risk

OptionsTrader 2020 2020 audnzd 1% risk

OptionsTrader 2020 2020 audusd 1% risk

OptionsTrader 2020 2020 cadchf 1% risk

OptionsTrader 2020 2020 cadjpy 1% risk

OptionsTrader 2020 2020 chfjpy 1% risk

OptionsTrader 2020 2020 euraud 1% risk

OptionsTrader 2020 2020 eurcad 1% risk

OptionsTrader 2020 2020 eurchf 1% risk

OptionsTrader 2020 2020 eurgbp 1% risk

OptionsTrader 2020 2020 eurnzd 1% risk

OptionsTrader 2020 2020 eurusd 1% risk

OptionsTrader 2020 2020 gbpaud 1% risk

OptionsTrader 2020 2020 gbpcad 1% risk

OptionsTrader 2020 2020 gbpchf 1% risk

OptionsTrader 2020 2020 gbpusd 1% risk

OptionsTrader 2020 2020 nzdusd 1% risk

OptionsTrader 2020 2020 usdchf 1% risk

OptionsTrader 2020 2020 usdjpy 1% risk

Conclusion: My first OptionsTrader advisor to work on binary options shows very stable profit growth without a significant drawdown for almost all traded instruments. Advisor on a long-term profit growth shows a small drawdown. However, we must be prepared for the fact that sometimes advisor can not make a profit, or even be in the red. Due to a large number of instruments available for trading advisor it is recommended to be put on one account for all available trade sets. This will reduce the overall risk and flatten the yield curve.

Account monitoring

Pay attention that binary options robot monitoring are specific, it is necessary to look not at the growth (gain) curve (as usual for forex robots monitoring), but at the balance or profit curve. This is because 85% payout in monitoring is seen as a $0.85 deposit and unprofitable trade as $1 withdrawal.

Settings description

PrintTestInfo – when enabling, gives some information about test results, namely, percent of profitable transactions, final deposit, maximal drawdown and profit factor.

ReturnVariant – parameter, by which the advisor optimization is carried out when choosing custom optimization parameter in the tester.

WriteTestInfo – file record with test information (balance value).

FinishDate – time of test finish (expected). It is needed to speedup test while using WriteTestInfo.

Lot – fixed amount of money to buy options

Risk – percent of deposit to buy options. If equal to zero, a lot is used. If not equal to zero, risk in deposit percentage is used.

Magic – magical number (identifier) of the advisor.

Expiration – option expiry time

WorkPeriod — period of market information update in the advisor. Leave it as it is.

SetPeriod — chart period, the advisor will be installed on.

IndicatorPeriod — advisor indicators calculation period.

WPRPeriod —WPR oscillator calculation period

WPREnterLevel –WPR level to enter

CCIPeriod —CCI oscillator calculation period

CCIEnterLevel –CCI entry level

MinVol, MaxVol, ATRPer – minimal and maximal volatility and the period of ATR indicator calculation

KCPeriod, KAtrPeriod, KCDev – channel calculation periods

CalculateDST —take into account change to winter/summer time

ManualGMTOffsetGMT offset

StartTradeHour1, StopTradeHour1 — hour of beginning and finish of the first trading period

StartTradeHour2, StopTradeHour2 — hour of beginning and finish of the second trading period

StartTradeHour3, StopTradeHour3 — hour of beginning and finish of the third trading period

MondayTrade, TuesdayTrade и т.д. — disallow trading on a particular day of the week (if false, don‘t trade on this day).

It is recommended to use presets given at the end of the article.

Attention! Do not change anything in the EA settings and use only the recommended values, if you don‘t exactly understand what you are doing!

Recommended is the risk on the transaction in the amount of no more than 1-2 per cent of the deposit for each pair. In the case of all the sets at the same time, it is recommended to reduce the risk of 0.5-1%.


Options Trader Advisor – the first ever in the history of Advisor for binary options. The stability and profitability of trade are supported by the long-term tests. In the long-term period, profitability might be sometime in the neutral zone.


For correct advisor functioning, the trading platform should be enabled from the opening of the market on Sunday night till it closes on Friday evening. If you are unable to keep the computer in working order 24/5, it is recommended to use the VPS service.

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Forex Binary Options Risk Hedging Strategy

When does a trader become more professional? In many ways, when his main task is not to earn more, but earn with minimal risk. It is at this moment that he begins to interest position hedging strategies.

If you start to understand this issue in more detail, you can find many trading hedging strategies that are considered successful and worthy of attention. Among them you will find locking, i.e. opening the opposite direction of the transaction for the same asset (example: initially unsuccessfully open transaction buy by EURUSD hedged by a deal sell by EURUSD, while the size of the loss is in the “lock” until the moment when it is not possible to close both positions in plus or with minimal loss), hedging asset with a high positive or negative correlation (example: transaction buy by EURUSD insured by a transaction buy by USDCHF; assets traditionally have a high negative correlation), and others, on a principle similar to these core ones.

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Binary Options Hedging

In this article, magazine suggests you try another version of a hedging strategy that uses an asset from another market, but similar in nature to the main one. We are talking about binary options on currency pairs. ABOUT the concept of binary options, & lt; / RTI & gt; types of and application, we talked a lot in previous releases, so we only recall that binaries are a simplified derivative financial instrument, similar in logic to “betting” transactions. At the same time, having a high percentage of profit with a positive execution: 80-100% and higher, with a loss the size of the contract is completely lost. In addition, the basis of a binary option can be any other traditional asset: stocks, indices, bonds, futures, metals, including Forex market instruments.

So what does this give us? The basis of a binary options trading hedging strategy is solely the fact of a high percentage of profit, which can cover the losses of traditional trading with the correct calculation of risks. Consider an example.

Using the One Touch Binary Option to Hedge Risks

So, we have an open position to buy at EURUSD 1 lot at a price of 1,35914 with stop loss at the level of 1,35503 (41 points) and takeprofit at 1,36822 (91 points). We opened the deal on the basis of technical analysis (see Fig. 1).

At the moment, the deal is in positive territory and we are confident that the price will move up, however, we do not want to lose the profit we have already made. In this case, there are several options for further action:

  • Continue to hold the position unchanged.
  • Close position with current profit.
  • Set a stop order in the breakeven zone.
  • Hedge a position.

How to work on the first three points, everyone knows, and the choice among them depends entirely on the strategy of the trader. But what does it mean “hedge a position“, Let’s figure it out.

So, we assume that EURUSD will grow at least one more day, and in general with a high degree of probability it will close on takeprofit. But there are still fears of a strong pullback, for example, in case of news release from the Fed in a negative way, so we have a desire save your money.

Fig. 1. An example of an open transaction.

To do this, look first of all at our stoploss. He makes up 41 item, taking into account the deposit, leverage and transaction volume, 1 point at us costs $ 10. As a result, under adverse circumstances, our position will close at a loss 41 * 10 $ = 410 $. With a good combination of circumstances, the profit will be 91 * 10 $ = 910 $. Therefore, when buying an option, we need to win back at least $ 410. Given 90% profitability, we need to buy one-touch contract for 1 day for sale at a price of $ 460 with profitability in case of execution of $ 414.

What do we do as a result? The “one touch” option works in such a way that for any touch of the price of the mark indicated by us, we get a designated profit. At the same time, a stoploss transaction is being closed, therefore, having a loss on a currency pair of $ 410, we get a profit of $ 414 on the option. The difference of $ 4 is taken away. In the case of continued movement and triggering of takeprofit, our profit decreases by the size of the contract: $ 910 – $ 414 = $ 496. In both cases, we remain in the black.

Nuances of using binary options hedging

It is important to understand that using a binary hedge option is only profitable when profit on the main trade is significantly higher than the stop.

Also, existing profits should be considered: if it is higher than your earnings if takeprofit is triggered, minus a hedging position, then, of course, it is more reasonable to simply close the deal. Those. in our case, if the current profit is already 50 points or $ 500, or close to that, then it is more profitable to take profits than to hedge with a maximum increase in output of $ 496.

Also, when working with options, you should include the time parameter in your strategybecause it is mandatory when concluding a deal with binaries. If you are not sure that during the day, as in our example, there will be flat movement, it is better to use the break-even transition, so as not to get two minuses instead of one small plus.

One way or another, as in any other form of insurance, you bear certain risks. It is required to think over options in advance and calculate profitability, especially in transactions with binary options. However in many cases this method is very profitable, especially if you are trying to withdraw the account from the minus with already locked positions.

FORTRADER magazine experts

FORTRADER Magazine is a large team of experts in trading in financial markets. Traders, managers, investors, programmers, testers, technical administrators – we all work for you every day for many years. Sometimes we write articles together, then the whole journal becomes the author.

Risks accompanying beginner in binary options trading

Risks of binary options — the first thing that every beginner trader should foresee. Building your own system of risk management in binary options by its importance is not inferior to the correct choice of broker or trading system. In case of improper assessment of the risks, the deposit is lost in just a few minutes and the blame for this lies solely on the trader. What risks may await novice traders, how to minimize them and how to build your own system of risk management, read more.

Types of risks in binary options

The use of risky strategies (example — “Ladder”) is one of the most common causes of the “drain” of the deposit. In an effort to earn more and in a short time, novice traders don’t care about testing, use of risk indicators, and after the first failure become disappointed and hang labels on binary trade. Binary options trading is a profession that you need to master more than one month. Though we can not calculate all the risks in binary options trading, but to minimize them. It is the search for an optimal balance between potential risks and earnings and is one of the main tasks.

Trading risks

These are the risks of binary options that accompany the trader throughout his trading:

  • discrepancy of forecast according to the news the fact. Even positive news may be perceived by the market negatively, if the result was worse than expected. Often the market at a time of fundamental bursts shows a greater volatility and only professionals are able to make profit on it;
  • informational force majeure. Strike, act of terrorism, the discovery of new deposits — all this can instantly raise or bring down the trend;
  • wrong interpretation of the signal. Error indicator or lack of clarity of the figure can cause a premature entrance. You may reduce the likelihood of inaccurate signal by the supporting tools, but then the number of entry signals into the market will also be reduced.

To avoid fundamental mistakes is possible only by constant analysis of the market situation, quick response and decisiveness, experience.

Technical risks

These are the risks that arise in the application of technical analysis tools, strategies, platforms:

  • slippage and re-quotes. Entry into the market doesn’t happens at the price at which the trader expects. There are many reasons: problems with the trading platform or the Internet, no company interested in the price level, the delay in processing the order, etc. All these interferes with making money, so the likelihood of slippage should be taken into account when preparing the strategy;
  • price noise. Occurs in short time frames which like to use turbooptions for quick money. Due to the price noise, the signals to enter the market appear inaccurate;
  • failure of the platform. There are no perfect programs. The MT4 should be cleaned periodically with a script or manually from the temporary file, which lead to the braking of the platform. The percentage of profit you can lose only because the platform didn’t work in time;
  • fraud on the part of the broker. Problem with money withdrawal, cancellation of orders, artificially controlling prices etc.

Management of technical risks is an effective way to increase profit. But understanding how to do it correctly, only comes with experience.

Psychological risks

The task of brokers is to increase their profits, and this can be done by honest obtaining trader’s deposit or by increasing its trading volumes. The first way choose “kitchen”, which percentage is large enough:

  • bonuses. A welcome addition to the deposit, but very risky. Free money push to increase the position size, but in case of loss the real money is lost first. And at a time when the trader wants to withdraw the balance of the deposit, he learns that the rest are bonuses that cannot be withdrawn because the conditions of the rendering is not done;
  • leverage. It is more important for Forex, but it is worth mentioning: leverage in several times increases the risk of loss of deposit;
  • opinions of other traders.

It is possible exclude these issues with one simple rule: you replenish a deposit – and earn with it. Do not participate in any promotions and reward programs, do not listen to other traders. The opinion of professionals is important, but there are not many of them, You yourself are a professional, learn from your mistakes and just listen to yourself.

Behavioural risks

I have identified these risks in a separate group because psychological errors can be done by everyone, and behavioral are dependent on psycho-type of a person. There are people for whom making of deals are contraindicated because of their moral and emotional state. Examples:

  • inability to stop in time. The desire to win after a series of losses or Vice versa, the desire to earn more and more after the success, increasing rates — all the way to loss of money. No wonder many brokers impose new traders martingale, but professionals avoid this strategy;
  • excessive emotionality. The perception of lesions close to the heart or the euphoria of victory change the focus of the thinking process. That moment when you need to analyze the market, look for points of entry into the market, think how to earn, the trader is engaged in self-flagellation or relaxes from success. Loss of concentration leads to the reduction of the capital.

To minimize these problems is possible only through self-control. Obviously not worth it to tune in to victory or defeat, you need to try to find the positive side and be approached philosophically. If you do not belong to level-headed people, you have a sense of excitement, you are emotional, trade binary options needs to be very careful. More detailed the behavioral factors I described in an article about gambling.

How to minimize risks in binary options trading

Trade without creating of your own system of risk management is strictly prohibited.

Rules of personal risk management:

  • diversification of assets and strategies. Trade must be conducted on the opposite tools and multiple strategies. The loss of a single asset or strategy will be covered by profits from another. Professional traders work with several brokers, to avoid problems due to differences in quotes or slippage;
  • the rate should be no more than 2% of the deposit. Beginners are recommended one percent, professionals — up to 3-5%;
  • the amount of open trades should not exceed 15-20% of the deposit;
  • before starting the system on a real account test it on a large time interval. If on a real account a series of losing trades exceed the statistical, change the strategy, asset, or take a break;
  • follow economic calendar. At the time of the release of important news the market becomes volatile;

And finally, a few tips on how to make trading less risky:

  • start trading with a demo account. As long as on at least 50 transactions you will not achieve at least 80% of profitable trades, go to real account;
  • it is difficult to warn the fraud on the part of the broker, but possible. Go through the verification immediately before making a deposit, after the first success, try to withdraw your profit, take the time to use bonus programs;
  • do not try to earn more. The profitable binary option — ladder, but the probability of success is minimal. Perform steady trading with simple options minimizing risks. The yield of 20% per annum is a good income. And only then, when you feel like a professional, you can go to the option “Touch” “Pairs” and “Stairs”;
  • any outcome must be analyzed. Profit does not mean the effectiveness of the strategy, you could just get lucky. And remember that in real account the profit will be less than in the “hothouse” conditions for the demo;
  • avoid the trade “for good luck”. Intuition in trading is important, but strategy should be based on more powerful tools;
  • use the hedging strategy, it will help to reduce losses in case of sudden trend reversal;
  • invest in binary options the only money that you can part with virtually no problems. In any case, do not work with borrowed money.

Summary. Risk management — the first thing you need to focus, making the first step in binary options trading. Risk minimization should consist of the following stages:

  • choose a reliable broker and the platform. In long-term strategies VPS server will not be superfluous;
  • create a personalized system of money and risk management;
  • development of methods of testing of a trading system;
  • working on yourself: education composure, judgment, self-confidence, inner peace and comfort;
  • constant self-education and the control over the trade situation.

If you know other options how to reduce risk in binary options, I propose to discuss them in the comments after the article!

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