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Secured Options

Binary Options Online Trading Platform

Trade in Binary Options with Triple combinations

We have discussed about double combination binary trading strategies in earlier articles, we it comes to using corrective waves in technical chart analysis. We have also discussed how beneficial they are for the traders in making lucrative trades. There is another form of combination strategy and origins from the family of double combination that istriple combination it shows even more powerful use of corrective waves.

Why triple combination is a powerfultrading strategy for making trading decisions in Binary options? It is justbecause the price of an asset wastesmost of its time in consolidation and the analysis of the triple combination helps to show where the price will break out and this will help traders toknow which side of the market they want to be on.

But before traders get too excited about this, remember this is one of the most difficult and complex patterns contained in Elliot’s wave theory which is used in trading.

The Triple combination patterns are best used when picking out the contracting triangle at the end of eachtrade. What makes these combinations difficult to understand and use in such a way that they do not always end by forming a contracting triangle. They sometimes end with forming flat trends or zigzag trends, so traders should always keep an eye on this.

The triple combination pattern helps traders to trade by giving them clues about volatility of price will end. For some time it lookslike the price move is channeling everything too well. Even though there are signs of a perfect channel, it will not always showthat there are impetuous move if the inner corrections are the same. Once the traders have the confirmation of the triangle trading strategy, then the corrective move is analyzed and identified and traders take them into consideration for trading.

This is the process how a triple combination trading strategy works and traders should be very careful when use it. As it is already said above, it is one of the most powerful Binary trading options strategies which traders use to make a successful trade. Understand more such strategies with Secured Options which will help you in making successful and profitable trades in Binary options.

Clear all your doubts about Binary Options trading

Those who trade in binary options will be looking for options to make money and not just on a one off basis than trading Binary options online, but on a continuous basis. There are some highlighted ways that have been proven to make money by many traders. They should be aware that the risk factor will always be involved in Binary trading options.

How much money can a trader make by trading in Binary options?

Binary options traders often have this question in mind. And the answer is Sky is the limit. This will depend on the trading strategy you take, which trading site you choose and utilize, so when looking for these factors always check the maximum profit potential offered at that site and make sure it is a highest one.

How can a trader hedge their position in Binary option trade?

Trades can hedge their trades by adopting a smart trading strategy. When traders join binary Options trading environment they can sign on multiple sites on which they can claim a new player sign up bonus. It will give them ability to place opposing trades at different sites using those bonuses to ensure a winning outcome of their trades no matter in which direction the market is moving.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:

    The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Perfect For Beginners and Middle-Leveled Traders!
    Free Education.
    Free Demo Account.
    Get Your Sign-Up Bonus Now!


    Recommended Only For Experienced Traders!

Is there any method to use Binary Options Bonuses?

The smartest way to use the binary option bonuses is to utilize them by claiming them at various sites; this will ensure that some of the trades will be winning ones.

How to lock and guarantee profit in Binary Options trades?

When traders place a binary trading options and the value of trade reach a level where traders will be able to take something extra is the point where they can either take an early exit or can take another method of being able make a guaranteed profit. Once the trade reaches a certain point by using the one touch market, as soon as any trade placed by them reaches a certain point that means they have placed a winning trade even if the value of that option shifts back again. Traders should take a look at the one touch trading markets to check the full range of theseBinary Options.

Choose your Binary Options affiliates carefully

Trading in Binary option is simply predicting a movement in price of an underlying asset. That might be the reason behind Binary options continues to attracting numerous global investors each day. This has resulted in requirement of affiliates. These affiliates help in promoting particular trading platforms in order to gain new clients. The affiliates are famous for trading Binary options on a platform, there has become the need to judge which of these affiliates the best for trading are. This not only helps in trading in binary options but also helps in understanding how the market of Binary options works.This may be determined by the following factors:

Language choice:These platforms provide numerous languages. The more languages that the affiliate’s website is in, the better it is. More number of languages available, more likely this is to attract clients to trading platforms which provides trading services in their native languages.

Support Quality:Clients generally look up to those affiliates who provide round the clock service to the client while trading in Binary options. So, it is important to check the service quality of a trading platform.

Brand Choice: Traders will see that affiliates usually advertise services for various brands on their platforms. This is important also, because they want to be given the choice of trading binary options on different trading platforms. So that customers can decide this is the best platform for them to trade.

Useful Articles: Affiliates that provide useful articles to customers are ones traders prefer today. This is because by reading different useful articles, they get to know the strategies to trade in Binary options and understand how binary options works. By getting to know these things they can try some strategies and become an expert over a period of time.

By going to the best affiliate website, traders can updated about which broker provides the best services on a regular basis. They should choose the best affiliate available in the industry. There are many brokers who provide numerous facilities to trade as well as recommendations and strategies to trade in Binary options. While selecting them, traders should check which of them provide the maximum other elements which are very important before starting to trade and while trading such as demo account, more assets to trade with, lowest cost for trades.

Get to know some important tips to trade in Binary Options

By now, we have understood that Binary Options trading is simply predicting the asset’s movement in the market. The traders just have to choose if an asset will give higher or lower price than the strike price of the asset when the trade was initially executed. Here are some important tips traders can use and include them in their trading strategy. These binary options tips will help new traders to make a good start with their investment.

  1. Understanding the market and trading tools– Traders should not just randomly jump to trade and randomly choose PUT or CALL to invest their money. They should learn trading strategy, how the market works and the products that the brokers have.
  1. Choose a reputable broker-Traders should always choose a broker who has a wide variety assets and a high rate of payout. A trader should also check if the broker provides a demo account so that they can fully check the platforms and get fully comfortable with their interface before making a live trade
  1. Learn how to trade-Many traders miss this step before starting the trades and directly jump on trading and they end up losing their funds. It is important for traders to take advantage of the broker’s free demo account and practice to trade in live market and get their hands on the market. They should use demo account to practice new trading strategies and techniques.
  1. Research on market and implement strategy-Traders do a lot of research on market and keep up to date with current affairs and news in market to be a successful binary options trader. After research only, traders should implement the strategy which suits the current market.
  1. Choose assets wisely- There are so many assets available for trading in binary options market. Traders should have an in depth analysis and should read about them to get more information. Traders should only those chose in which they are comfortable in making predictions on their
  1. Practice on demo account-it is always recommended that traders should first practice to trade on a demo account provided by the broker. Demo accounts are very useful for traders as they can practice all their strategies on that account in live market.

A8 step guide to trade in Binary Options

Binary options are the simplest way for the traders to earn profit from the market movement in value of an underlying asset. There is no need to actually purchase the asset; the traders can simply predict what will be the direction of price of an underlying stock over a given period of time.Here is a8 step guide for all those traders who have attended all live webinars and seminars but have not understood the basics of binary options trading because of complicated account opening and account verification process.

Trades to place- The first decision which traders need to make when they think of starting binary options trading is seceding the asset, commodity or stock exchange the traders should place chose. Once they have decided that, the traders just need to decide which way they think the value of that trade will move.

Choose the best broker:For placing trades and earning a good amount of profit, traders have to select the best broker in the industry to place their trades with. They should go through each option which is available.

Choosing correct expiry time: It is very important for traders to select an expiry which will get them maximum results. There could be lot of events and market fluctuations which could affect the value of the asset. So they should select the expiry time of the very carefully.

Knowing Potential Gains: While placing the order, a trader must keep a check and analyze potential gain before placing any trade.

Placing trades instantly: Traders will never get to know in advance about the profitable trading opportunity they might get in running market so they should be always ready for placing the trades instantly.

Hedging Trades:traders will always look into the possibility of hedging any live and active trades so that can minimize their losses and increase chances of earning profits.

Roll Forward: This is a medium of extending the expiry time on any live trades the traders have placed. When they chose this option the expiry time of the asset is extended to the next available one.

Early Exit: If trades can see the value of their trades swing in opposite direction of their prediction, then they should consider taking an early exit. Many live webinars teach about this strategy.

Learn To Benefit from Range Binary Options

As we all know that there are different types of binary options and each and every broker has its own offers to give to the traders. This implies that some brokers will offer some types of binary options while some will offer others. So, traders need to be basically aware of all the types of Binary Options to decide at which broker they want to register. Choosing the best broker is very important in Binary options trading.Secured Options reviews will help traders analyze two types of options available in Binary options. They are “Boundary Binary Options or Range Binary Options”.

Boundary Binary Options

In Boundary Binary options traders have to predict if the prices will remain inside a fixed “Range” of prices or not after the expiry Time. In this type of binary option trading, the “Range” is fixed by the broker: there is a value higher than the current value of prices and a value lower than the current value of prices. The first thing is to choose an asset and then traders have to predict if the price of the chosen asset will remain inside the fixed “Range” during expiry time. The expiry time they can choose by themselves or they can ask the broker to choose for them.

If traders expect the price will remain inside this fixed range, they can invest the amount of money that they want on “Inside the Range” binary option. Secured Options would advise traders to remember that the price has to remain within the range (determined earlier) during the expiry time. In case the prices remain inside the range, traders will earn the payout, whereas if their prediction went wrong, they will lose the money invested in the trade.

On the other hand, if traders expect the prices will be out of fixed range after the expiry, they will have to invest on “Outside the Range” binary option and if the prices go outside the fixed range they will earn payout; whereas if the prices doesn’t exceed the fixed range and stay inside the range after expiry time, trader will lose the money invested.

It is very critical and important to understand the strategies while making Binary options trading. Secured options is one of the best broker in the market and it is recommended in Secured Options reviews by many industry experts.

Trade big market events in Binary Options

Trading big market events is one of the most beneficial and quickest strategies in the options market, even if they might appear complex and hard-to-understand at first. Market movements can be precisely calculated given that the market will react to a certain condition. The strategies in Binary Options trading are based on individual approach of traders and how he perceives the algorithmic calculations and the market, which implies that a lot depends on your trading skills and market knowledge. Traders can enhance by attending live webinars and courses of Binary Options trading.

Suitable Tools to Follow the Market

What resources traders use is of critical significance in order to earn profits. The economic calendar is the first go-to place where you can discover hints when to expect the event and other imperative information such as price movements.

Filter Your Information

It is impossible to follow all news, so traders need to create a difference between useful news and useless news. They should stick to the news that actually has a major impact on the market. Traders should find time to peek in the economic calendar at least once a week to stay in the loop with the recent updates and events. Also, the biggest market changes are usually connected to news coming from the powerful countries. News which brings changes Binary Options trading will affect whole market.

Currency Trading during Big Market Events

If traders think they are ready to enter trades based on big news releases, then they should be prepared to read market changes accurately. False predictions are a part of trading which is not in trader’s hands, but they will try to minimize losing trades by accurate event reading.

Planned and expected news should not be a problem since they are scheduled and traders know exactly when they will happen. On the other hand, there is also unexpected news which is not easy to predict and can’t be predicted. Traders can learn how to predict market moments by attending some Live seminars, live webinars or courses of Binary Options trading and also getting advices from experts.

How Secure Are Net Banking Platforms?

Undoubtedly the emerging banking techniques and seamless technologies are making life easier by making your financial information available anytime, anywhere. But, with greater accessibility support, online banking platforms also possess millions of threats to your finances, personal details, and other sensitive information that can be used for fraudulent purposes.

Incorporation of mechanisms like OTPs, new account verification process, and others are adding a security layer to your banking details, but a network may contain fewer loopholes that are difficult to detect and close. In this article by Secured Options, you can read about the top security concerns of netbanking and how they can help hackers and scammers to fly away with your valuable details and personal information:

  1. Banking Websites May Have Security Loopholes

In 2020, Bank of America’s website compromised millions of user account details simply by revealing a customer’s information to another customer. It was nothing but a security loophole which was actively breached, tampered, and compromised, resulted in harming a lot of customers. The worst thing about the event was that Bank of America didn’t even inform their customer base about the mishap. The website network didn’t even allow them to send any emails or updates, asking users to reestablish security over their online banking accounts.

  1. Mobile Apps are Not an Exception to Threats

Like websites, mobile applications are also vulnerable to millions of cyber threats. It is true that online banking card readers & mobile payment methods have forced banking institutions to create mobile apps for offering ease of access, but smartphones have security flaws and managing high-end security on mobile devices is a big challenge. Even if banking institutions are using this medium, then they must set up an education center to make users aware of the possible threats, exploits, and vulnerabilities, helping them to stay prepared for the worst.

  1. No Online Banking Medium Offers Full-Proof Security

It is imperative to consider that all banks are crosshairs of criminals, and no bank system is perfect. Therefore, hackers will always find ways to exploit weaknesses and enter into core database for stealing customer’s private information. Professional experts at Secured Options claim that if any database exists, there is a high possibility that it might get stolen.

  1. Reusing Login Credentials is the Biggest Threat

Since you have a lot of options to make your netbanking accounts secure, you must follow every stage of the account verification process to ensure that your details are backed by high-end security. Banking experts claim that millions of usernames and passwords get compromised every year because some or whole of their portion is being reused over the years.

Practice all the mentioned tips and make your account more secure!

Key Features of Using Online Banking Services-Secured options

In a world, where everything is just a click away, it becomes highly imperative for banking and financial institutions to make their services available over the web to offer optimal ease and comfort to their customers. Since we are stepping ahead in the modern world, where such services are already available online, and provide 24X7 support, telephonic or web-based, with their customer education center, this article by Secured Options explain a few key features of using online banking services:

What Can All be Handled Online?

Ranging from opening an account, transferring funds, and even changing your home/office address to completing the account verification process and raising a request to transfer funds from savings to a fixed deposit, everything can be done with just a click. You can quickly complete your tasks related to account management by using your Smartphone or personal computer, and a working Internet connection. One of the biggest benefits is that you may never have to visit a bank branch again as everything can be done online.

What Core Things You Can Manage Using Online Banking Services?

  1. Account Management

You can just log in to your net banking account and check account balances, transfer funds, make fixed deposits, raise requests for personalized services, and even confirm the receipt of payments instantly. You can add customers of national banks, global banks, and other banks to make instant payments to them, without visiting the bank in person.

  1. Enjoy Hassle-Free Bill Payments

Experts from Secured Options recommend setting up online bill pay feature to avoid going through the hassle of collecting stamps, envelopes, and making frequent visits to post offices. Activating online bill payment feature enables you to pay bills, fees, and make other payments of such kind, right from your Smartphone/PC.

  1. Mobile Banking at Your Tips

Completing the account verification process on your Smartphone enables you to manage your money at your convenience. Most of the banks now offer specialized apps for iPhone or Android users to help them log-in to their mobile browser websites and access the available features with great ease. If you don’t have a Smartphone, then you can check your banking activities through text message banking or PC.

  1. Enjoy Overdraft Protection at No Extra Cost
  2. Once your bank account goes mobile and it is about to reach the minimum balance, you’ll get an alert to fill your account with sufficient funds so that it should not get reflected under ‘Overdraft’ section.

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Login Options is the tab where entire login related settings can be set up for User Registration. The tab can be accessed from Dashboard → User Registration → Settings→ General → Login Options.


Form Template: There are four different templates available to choose for the login form. This option is all about the stylings of your login form.

Enable remember me: Check this option if you want to enable remember me on your login form.

Enable Lost Password: Check this option if you want to enable lost password on your login form.

Enable google reCaptcha: Check this option if you want to enable google reCaptcha on your login form.

Registration URL: This option lets you choose the registration URL page to redirect after clicking on the text set on Registration URL label (default is ‘Not a member yet? Register now.’) that appears in the login form.

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Prevent Core Login: Check this option to prevent the default WordPress login and show the User Registration login form. After you check this option, you have an input box below where you have to select the account page.

Trade Binary Options in Test Mode with No Registration!

Dear Clients,

Alpari is launching a new service in the “Binary Options” section – a demo version of OptionTrader where you can test your trading skills without registration! Now you can try out your skills trading Spread High / Low options, among other types of options, without even having to register for myAlpari. This is a great way to experiment with your trading strategies and learn all about trading binary options.

A virtual account is automatically created when you go to the binary options page, giving you all the features available when trading with real money 1 .

Without any registration, you can:

  • See exactly what features OptionTrader offers.
  • Test your skills trading binary options without risking any real money.
  • Study the principles of options trading and see how the results are shown on the platform.
  • Learn how to monitor your trades and what calculations are involved.
  • Get fully prepared for trading with real money.

Best Regards,

Please Note:

  1. ↑ The account is closed when the browser window closes.
Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:

    The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Perfect For Beginners and Middle-Leveled Traders!
    Free Education.
    Free Demo Account.
    Get Your Sign-Up Bonus Now!


    Recommended Only For Experienced Traders!

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