Orion Code Scam Review

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The Orion Code – 100K+ In 30 Days

The Orion Code is a brand-new binary options product promising to make traders over $100,000 in the next 30 days. The developer of the software is Edward Robinson and he’s telling traders that he will pay them $5000 just for trying his software. We’ve seen promises like these many times in the past so it’s hard to believe that this one is any different.

Today I will be providing an analytical review of this software and what it has to offer the binary options trading community.

The Orion Code Review

Firstly, there is nothing different to The Orion Code. This sales page is essentially the same sales page we’ve seen a thousand times before it. There is a YouTube video, an email subscription form, fake security badges and fake timers that make the software seem like it’s going to disappear at any moment. To be specific, there is a timer right underneath the subscription form saying “you need to be fast, memberships completely close in” 34 or so minutes. Yet, when the timer hits the 34 minute mark it bounces right back up to 35 minutes. So it’s really not a truthful timer at all.

Video Breakdown

Marketing Tactics

Considering the fact that this product hit the market 4 hours ago, it shouldn’t even be available right now, but it is. This is just a marketing trick to make us act quickly. The problem with this marketing trick historically is that it’s used by developers of bad products who want us to quickly make a mistake without looking at all the evidence.

On the bottom right-hand side of the page it tells us that there’s only 4 spots available. On the bottom left-hand side it says there are 250 people on this page. Edward Robinson wants us to believe that there are limited spots available so that we make a lapse in judgment and leap into a bad investment opportunity. This same method is used by Code Fibo, Quantum Code and many other products in the “code family.”

Edward Robinson

So who is the man behind The Orion Code? Sadly, he’s not a binary options trader at all. The man in the video is actually an actor who played the role of Craig Phillips in the Amissio Formula software release. This is a release that performed very poorly and lost many binary options traders hundreds of dollars.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I am only interested in binary options products developed by binary options traders. This is clearly not the case.

Trading Software

The software itself is reused. We’ve seen the exact same software used in recent releases such as SnapCash Binary and Gemini 2. These are 2 more systems that failed to produce any profits for the readers of binary today.


I see no good reason why anyone should sign up with The Orion Code. The marketing practices are deceitful, the developer of the system and word Robinson isn’t who he says he is and we’ve already seen the trading platform fail multiple times in the past.

I suggest that you take a close look at my latest binary options income reports to see what is working for me and the rest of the binary today community. Here you will find real binary options strategies and systems that can truly grow your accounts when used properly. If you have anything to add please leave your comments below the article now.

Is Edward Robinson’s Orion Code a Scam? Yes, It is.

Orion Code

Service Quality




Product name: the Orion Code

Owner: Edward Robinson

Overall rank: 0 out of 100

Verdict: Scam

The program I’m going to review today is called the Orion Code. There is no connection with stars or universe or space. The whole thing is taking place on Earth. It’s all about making money.

Not just pocket money. It’s about making thousands of dollars per day. This promise comes from Edward Robinson, the owner and creator of the Orion Code.

This man claims that he will make you + $100.000 in the next 30 days or he will pay you $5.000. Can you imagine that? Can you believe?

I’ve seen many scams online but this one is one of the worst that I’ve seen so far.

I’m sure you clearly understand that Edward is not going to pay you $5.000. This is just an empty promise.

Most of the time I avoid giving scam verdicts but this time I want to let you know that the Orion Code is a scam and I will explain why I think so.

The idea behind the Orion Code

The Orion Code is all about trading binary options using an automated software. This means you don’t need to learn anything.

You don’t need any previous experience because the Orion Code is going to do all trading for you.

Your job is to take the profit and relax. Plus Edward claims that Orion Code will save you from any loss. Your profit is guaranteed. Or he will pay you $5.000.

Of course, this is not true. Orion Code is a huge waste of time.

Like many other trading binary option programs the owner of Orion Code claims that he’s created Orion Code for people like you so you can make a lot of money with little effort. This is not true. Wasted time and money. Instead go to my recommended program below which is my favorite program since 2020. You can try it for FREE.

Pros of Orion Code

Cons of Orion Code

  • $250 deposit is required
  • The video is full of BS
  • No money back guarantee
  • Fake testimonials
  • Orion Code website is no longer operating
  • It’s a copy of Quantum Code website

Orion Code review

Orion Code is very similar to other binary options scams like Smart Profits, Same Day Profits, Push Button Millionaire, Guaranteed Outcome, Your First Million etc. You can find the full list of binary trading programs in this article.

BTW, the article is very helpful in terms of understanding how this system works. Most of these programs are scams.

Not always but very often binary programs copy each other in their claims, promises, promotional videos, misleading techniques etc.

Orion Code follows the same path unfortunately, and even worse. If you watch Orion Code promotional video you will be amazed and even shocked.

In the video Edward Robinson says you can make $1.892.460 each month! This claim is from Quantum Code but there is not much difference between Orion Code or Quantum Code.

As I said in my previous reviews, people like Edward create one program and start scamming people.

Once their program gets too many negative reviews, comments, responses, it gets shut down and then they open a new program with a new different name.

And the man you see in the promotional video is most likely not Edward himself. I believe he doesn’t even exist. Most likely it’s a paid actor from freelance website, such as upwork.com or fiver.com.

Getting started with Orion Code

After creating your account Edward will send you an email in which he will inform you that $15.000 payment is waiting for you.

You just need to watch their “amazing” webinar and learn all the steps required to follow in order to get your $15.000 payment.

By clicking the link you will be sent to the webinar in which Edward will reveal you the secrets to making $100.000 in the next 30 days.

In fact, if you think you will watch a webinar that will explain how to collect your $15.000 you are mistaken. Nothing will happen. It’s just a BS.

Instead you will need to add $250 to your account to start trading binary options. This is the requirement of any binary trading program.

You can’t trade without first adding at least $200-$250. In most cases it’s $250.

But keep in mind that if after adding $250 you will decide to ask for refund you can’t. Binary programs never give money back. Because it’s not considered as a payment.

It’s considered as an investment. Especially when it comes to programs like Orion Code or Quantum Code it’s even hard to get any reply or en email from them.

So, it’s very risky. Most likely you will lose your money.

SEC and CFTC about internet binary trading programs

It’s not the only problem that you can face in online space when it comes to internet based binary trading programs. I found a warning from CFTC and SEC regarding these programs.

Read it carefully please and see for yourself. It warns you against internet based binary platforms.

It says that people can’t withdraw their profit even if they can make some money after trading binary options. This is the reality of online binary scams.

I don’t want to say that all online binary trading programs are scams. Not all of them are scams. Some programs are legit but their promises are realistic too. They never promise you instant wealth.

They never give you promises like you can make $100.000 in 2 months. Never. They just explain real state of things.

They show you how to trade binary options but they can’t give you any guarantee in terms of how much money you can make or lose.

Results are not typical. Results vary a lot from person to person. The main idea of trading binary options is that you can trade using automated software which is total waste of time.

Or you can trade using legit methods based on your knowledge and experience. This method won’t make you rich but you can make some money.

That’s why all promises made by online binary trading programs regarding making thousands of dollars a day is no more than a pure exaggeration.

Edward Robinson’s scammy claims

When it comes to Edward Robinson’s Orion Code I want you to know that making thousands of dollars with automated softwares is simply impossible.

If you don’t believe me you can find many scam reviews on youtube regrading Orion Code or Quantum Code.

Trading binary options requires skills and experience. If you don’t have a clue how to trade you are going to waste all your money.

The promotional video of the Orion Code still can be found on YouTube. You can watch it if you want to laugh.

The video starts with standard scammy claims, such as: Oh! my God, WOW!, Congratulations, I want to show you something, Only 20 spots left, Your life is going to change forever etc.

Edward even shows a message from Chris as if he and his group made a lot of money using Orion Code.

You can see the screenshot below. Then he shows another list of fake members that made a ton of money using Orion Code.

And makes another ridiculous claim that their software is now 3 times faster than the previous one which means you can now make even more money and much faster.

Of course, none of this is true. It’s BS. I don’t believe a single word that comes out of this man.

Do me a favor and look at his face. Does he look trustworthy or honest? I don’t think so.

Almost all binary trading programs that I’ve seen so far always made claims about 100% of accuracy of their trading software. This simply can’t be true.

You can’t rely on automated software when it comes to trading binary options. Instead people lose a lot of money because of using trading automated softwares.

And almost all trading binary sites have a disclaimer on their sites warning people about high risks when involved in trading binary options business. Some sites even don’t have a disclaimer.

The best of them have some sort of support and disclaimer and the worst ones have nothing but big, ridiculous claims.

Edward looks even more ridiculous when he says that your life is going to change forever after using Orion Code or that after activating Orion account you will see your first profit immediately in your bank account.

I believe anyone who has a sense of humor will appreciate it and will like this joke. I like it.

Income proof of the Orion Code system

As I said in many of my reviews, the best way to prove that the system works is to show real proofs that people can make money with the system.

Edward actually shows a list of Orion Code members that are making money.

But he does it in such a ridiculous way that in order to believe him you really need to be very naive. I can show names and numbers too but in fact it can’t be considered as a proof.

When looking at all ridiculous claims made by Edward you realize immediately that Orion Code is a waste of time and money.

Orion code and Quantum Code

These two programs have too many similarities and in fact it’s the same program. Once one program was shut down another one was launched.

The owner of Orion Code is Edward Robinson and the owner of Quantum Code is Michael Crawford.

Though names are different the program is the same. And both men talk in the plain (a private jet). It does really look funny.

Also, when you watch any of those two promotional videos you will notice that these men recommend you to invest $500 instead of $250.

The secret is that once you’ve added the funds to your account they will make money off you. You most likely will lose yours.

And they also try to persuade you that you don’t need to invest a dime into the system. This is of course not true.

Without first adding $250 you won’t be able to start trading. But the problem is that you can’t get your money back. Say goodbye to your money.

And I strongly believe that all people that you see in the promotional videos of Orion and Quantum Code are paid actors from freelance site, such as Fiverr.com.

Because I’ve seen it many times over the past 3 years and believe me I know what I’m talking about. Both sites are now down. thequantumcode.net and theorioncode.com are down.

What happened to them? They disappeared as quick as they appeared first. Sites like Orion or Quantum Code never stay long. From 6 months up to 1 year or so.

Because any program that focuses on making money using any means instead of focusing more on helping folks is doomed to failure.

BTW, Quantum Code was launched in June 2020 and Orion Code in August 2020. Both sites are down.

Can Orion Code really help you become rich in 2020?

You can find very few binary trading programs that provide quality training and support to their members.

So far I came across one or two over the past 3 years. And even those one or two programs use automated softwares.

But as I said above, using such softwares is incompatible with binary trading rules. Any binary trader will tell you that relying on a software is a huge mistake.

It is true that some people make money through trading binary options. But before they started making money they invested a lot of time into learning all ins and outs of this system.

It’s not just about clicking on buttons and collecting the profit. All successful traders rely on their knowledge and experience. Trading binary options is based on understanding of the market.

If you don’t understand the market you can’t trade successfully. You will lose all your money. When you receive binary signals you will need to choose the right signal. The software can’t do it.

YOU must do it. If you don’t understand what you do you can waste from several hundred to several thousand dollars in no time.

My brother had knowledge and experience when was trading at Forex and yet he lost over $15.000. It’s very easy to lose your money when trading binary options. You can lose a lot of money with one click of your mouse.

You really need to be very careful in this type of so called business. Especially people lose a lot of money in long term trades when they freeze their money for making one big deal.

They either lose or win. That’s why many people are of the opinion that trading binary options is similar to gambling. I’m of the same opinion.

What can you expect from Orion Code?

1.What can you expect from a program that is being promoted using almost the same promotional video with the same content?

2.What can you expect from a program that promises you to make $100.000 in the next 30 days?

3.What can you expect from a program that promises to change your life forever?

4.What can you expect from a program that relies on automated software?

5.What can you expect from a program that has two websites and both of them are currently down?

6.What can you expect from a program that doesn’t offer a money back guarantee?

7.What can you expect from a program that promises you to make up to $200.000 per week.

8.What can you expect from a program that promises to pay you $5.000 just for trying?

The list of ridiculous claims is really long. You can watch their promotional video below and have some fun. It’s really funny. I think you will love it.

The future of the Orion Code

I did some research and found many negative comments about Orion Code.

Imagine, still in 2020 people were trying to join Orion Code and add funds to their accounts but didn’t do that thanks to the timely warning from other review sites.

Thanks God these two sites are down now and a lot of people will be saved in the future from falling to this binary scam.

Final review of the Orion Code Scam

Among binary trading programs that I’ve come across in the past 3 years some were more or less not bad. In most cases they used misleading techniques too.

But at least they had a disclaimer on their websites in which they clearly warned folks to not invest their last money because of high risks of losing money in this game type of business.

Unfortunately, there is no way to know if Orion or Quantum Code scams had a disclaimer or not because their sites are no longer existing.

But taking into account the long list of ridiculous claims and lies from Orion Code and Quantum Code I think their only goal was scamming people.

I believe Orion Code is one big scam due to making unrealistic claims and promises. I strongly believe you must avoid it. The Orion Code is one of the worst scams that I’ve seen in the past 3 years.

Orion Code Scam – Review Reveals The TRUTH!

Welcome to my Orion Code review which is the latest scam binary system to launch. It comes from the same guys that brought us the Quantum Code scam and it’s definitely a system you need to avoid. You can read my full review on this page and learn the truth about it.

First things first… Go here to see my #1 recommendation for making money. The link shares the exact system that made me over $12,000 in pure profits last month alone.

Orion Code – The Truth

As I mentioned the guys behind Orion Code are the same people that brought us the Quantum Code scam, hence the similar name. The Quantum Code has scammed literally 1,000’s of people out of their money and this new system the Orion Code is set to do exactly the same. The sales video draws you into this system but in reality it’s just a load of scripted bull sh*t designed to get you to part with your money and deposit at their “recommended binary broker”. I explained in this post exactly how the binary options scams work. Really it’s quite simple, the owners of these systems get paid when you sign up and make a deposit at their recommended binary options broker.

These guys know that they can make a fortune by referring you to binary brokers. The scam is nothing new, it’s been going strong now since around 2020. The only thing at changes is the sales videos and websites, with each new scam a new website pops up with a new sales video and a fancy new software. In reality the software or “trading robot” never changes, it’s just repackaged into a new one. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking at the Orion Code or other systems like private profits app, if they are to do with binary options and claim you can make millions they are without a doubt a scam.

Orion Code – Fake Testimonials & Actors

So they have a fancy private jet in their sales video, they must be legit? Nope! Look, a private jet costs a few $1,000 to rent on a small journey. That’s nothing to these guys who scam millions out of people who just want to make some extra cash. They hire a private jet, and some crappy failed hollywood actor and they film the sales video. They put it all together and make it look “legit” but in reality it’s a lie and once again all they want is to get YOU to part with your money.

Orion Code – The Software Is Programmed To Lose

Here is the main thing that makes the Orion Code and any other binary options system a scam. The software robot that you get access to which is supposed to make you easy money? It’s a complete scam because it’s rigged to lose. It’s actually programmed to make losing trades. The thing is the brokers operate like casinos and they need you to lose money. They can’t have you making the millions that the Orion Code video claims because if that happened they would be out of business. It’s like going into a casino and winning over and over again. Imagine if you made millions in a casino over and over again, they would throw you out! With binary options they make sure that never happens because they rig their softwares to lose!

My Orion Code Conclusion

It should be clear that this system is a complete scam and you should not invest in it. This will definitely be the newest scam being added to my list of binary scams. If you spend your money on this system then you can wave it bye bye as you’ll never see it again. They’ll tell you it’s “just a deposit” but trust me, it’s not. If you deposit that money the software will trade it away to nothing before you can even try and withdraw it. Plus the broker will probably just ignore your withdrawal request anyway and by the time they process it, the robot will have lost all your money.

If you really want to make money online you need to learn how to build a real income using proven systems. Check out what I have to offer below.

So Mark, What Do You Recommend?

Over the past few months I’ve been testing a brand new system that has made me over $12,000 per month. You can see my income proof and check it out at the link below:

Edward Robinson Is a Scam – The Orion Code Software Review

EDWARD ROBINSON says his unique Orion Code trading system is 100% guaranteed way to make a profit every day forever.

Well, don’t believe a word he says.

Edward Robinson is a scam, and I am going to prove it in the Orion Code Software review below.

Remember, ripping off ordinary people is bread and butter for online scammers – allowing them shamelessly to make a lump sum of cash very quickly. If you don’t want to end up in misery and grief, you must be extra cautious with all these Get Quick Rich promises. Seriously!

But let’s dive right into the details and see what you think about this opportunity.

[Sidebar: If you are not interested in scams, check out THIS instead! You’re going to love this.]

Quick Review

Name: Orion Code
Orion Code login page: www.orionco.de
Niche: Binary Options
Price: $250 required minimum deposit
Alleged Founder: Edward Robinson (fake character, played by Jeff Gorham)
Skill level: Beginner (it’s an ugly lie. Read below why)
My Overall Rank: 0 out of 10

My Verdict: The Orion Code is a complete scam. It is a duplicate of the Quantum Code scam and designed solely to defraud and steal your money. Stay away!

What’s next? Imagine for looking for legit work-from-home opportunities and finding THIS when you go inside… WOW

It’s FREE to get started, too. You’ll like that part…

Full Review – Edward Robinson Is a Scam

Although Edward Robinson The Orion Code is 100% deception and ripoff scheme (I am going to prove it to you below), it is fair to at least give a general description of what it promises and how it is supposed to work.

Therefore, let me quickly outline its main points for you. Just bear in mind, the whole narrative is a fraud. There’s nothing genuine in it.

What Is Edward Robinson The Orion Code About?

According to the narrative, the Orion Code is a never-seen-before trading software created by Edward Robinson and his team. The software allows you to trade Binary Options and has a 98% winning rate (read my detailed review on how Binary Options trading works).

What it’s going to cost you?

Well, Edward Robinson says that the first 20 beta testers will get his software 100% free. While you get the software for free, indeed, it does not mean you can start making money for free.

The truth is far from it.

First, before you can start trading with the software, you need to invest your hard-earned cash.

For this, you must open a new trading account with a Binary Options broker of his choice (in other words, you cannot choose the broker).

Next, you must fund your account. The minimum deposit is $250, but I have heard that the Orion Code people have raised that bar to $300.

Anyway, the Orion Code software will connect you to your trading account, and you can start trading

Note! Remember, you will use real money, your money, and you can lose it.

When you switch the Orion Code system to the Auto-Trade mode, the software will do all the trading for you. All you have left to do is collect money. And because the Orion Code has a 98% winning rate, it is a risk-free investment opportunity.

That’s what they say.

Bear in mind, though, all that is according to their official narrative (we will put it to the test soon).

Next, let me list some of their central promises.

The Orion Code Promises You:

  • 100% guaranteed way to make a profit every day forever
  • 98% trading accuracy
  • No credit card, no Paypal, 100% free
  • Zero previous trading experience required
  • Unlimited earnings for the rest of your life

Seem pretty cool, no? Well, no.

None of these promises are correct, and I am going to prove it to you right now. Keep reading, and you will see why.

5 Proofs That the Orion Code by Edward Robinson Is a Scam

Proof #1: Edward Robinson is Fraud

Edward Robinson, the founder of the Orion Code system, does not exist. Plain and simple.

Because he is a fabricated character, played by Jeff Gorham, an actor from Portland:

[Sidebar: Jeff Gorham has played in a couple of movies like A Change of Heart, Little Blue Pill, Without Warning, Pogtown, etc. Why on Earth did he choose to ruin his good name and reputation by choosing to join such a vile and deceptive scheme? Just google his name, and you will see – he has become a public laughingstock. I mean, how humiliating.

By the way, for some strange reason, scammers tend to like cheap actors from Portland (see here and here). They also like to record their scam videos in Portland (see this).]

If Edward Robinson, the genius trader, were genuine indeed, there were certainly plenty of digital footprints left behind. However, there are none. Nil. Nada.

Proof #2: The Orion Code Testimonials are Fake

Do you think these testimonials found on the Orion Code website are real:

If so, try these testimonials as well (taken from the Rio Profits scam site):

You can find the same set of testimonials (names, profits, images, etc.) on the Rio Profits, Tesler App, and Orion Code websites.

Not convinced yet?

Well, let’s see what the young lady with glasses has to say us:

By now, it should be as clear as a clear sky that these claims don’t hold water.

Don’t wait another minute to put THIS to work for you.

Proof #3: Orion Code and Tesler App Scam Were Hatched in the Same Nest

The Book of Life says, “A bad tree cannot bear good fruit.” (NIV) It also says, “Does a spring send forth fresh water and bitter from the same opening?” (NKJV)

I already showed you that the Orion Code, Rio Profits scam and Tesler App scam share the same fake testimonials.

Simple. These are three bad eggs that were hatched in the same nest. Need more proof on that? Try this out for size:

Er, isn’t it supposed to be the Orion Code Risk Disclaimer? Or did the scammers accidentally spill the beans?

Red Flag #4: Fake Orion Code App for Mobile Devices

Do you think this is the Orion Code app?

You might want to think twice. The scammers have taken the easy way and downloaded a free .gif from the internet, then pasted it into their sales page. That’s it. No magic here (no trading app for mobile devices either).

The next proof is a real kicker. Enjoy!

Proof #5: The Orion Code Scam is a Clone of Quantum Code

I have reviewed quite a many scams already, but this was the first time I saw anything like this. Frankly, it was quite an entertainment. Look closer.

The scripts of the Orion Code and Quantum Code are literally identical. Only the places and actors are different. And therefore, they easily prove that both schemes are 100% scams.

1. The messages from 2 different customers are identical

Both narratives follow the same script – Michael Crawford (Quantum Code) and Edward Robinson (Orion Code) fly a similar (rented) private jet to their headquarters. On the way, though, both of them get a message from one of their customers.

Here’s the message from David to Edward Robinson (Orion Code):

And here’s the message from Robert to Michael Crawford (Quantum Code):

Is Russia to be blamed for hacking into Michael Crawford’s handphone and stealing Robert’s message… then selling it to David…?

2. The trading accounts of Edward and Michael are identical

Both Edward Robinson and Michael Crawford are very generous indeed. They don’t hide anything and gladly show you their bank account balances.

Aha! Here’s the personal bank account of Edward Robinson (Orion Code):

Edward’s total profit: $849,826.00

And here’s the personal bank account of Michael Crawford (Quantum Code):

What is Michael’s total profit? Right, $849,826.00

Compare their other data as well.

You see! The whole thing is outright fraud.

3. Staged “live proof.”

Towards the end of these two videos, both Edward Robinson (Orion Code) and Michael Crawford (Quantum Code) give you a live proof on how their software performs in real life.

For that, they create a brand new trading account and deposit an initial $250. After that, the men switch the software to the full auto-trade mode and leave it like that for one hour.

After that hour has passed, they both check their newly created trading accounts. As you might suspect already, the results are identical:

Here is Edward’s account balance:

And here is Michael’s account balance:

Notice that both accounts have an identical user ID (#1075897), while the owners of the accounts are different!

Notice also, both men express their excitement with the exact same words!

4. Different actors, the same script

This is sweet. Enjoy!

Doesn’t take a genius to spot a dud, right?

5. What version is it?

Oh, sorry, I almost forgot. The latest edition is the Orion Code version 8. By the way, Edward accepts only 20 beta testers:

Amazingly, this is precisely what happens with the Quantum Code as well. Is it a coincidence or, are the scam actors just following the pre-written movie script? I think it is more the latter.

Final Verdict

I could list many more proofs, but I have already proved my case – Edward Robinson The Orion Code is nothing but outright fraud. There’s nothing but hot air and smoke coming from these con artists behind

And even though Edward says keep touting, “things that seem too good to be true, sometimes are actually true,” don’t believe a word that comes out of his dirty, cheating mouth.

Verdict: Edward Robinson is a scam. The Orion Code is a scam. It is a well-oiled rip-off scheme, designed to separate you from your money. Please don’t give your money to these criminals!

Imagine for looking for legit work-from-home opportunities and finding THIS when you go inside… WOW

Why not give it a whirl right now? You’re certainly not committed to anything.

What About You?

I did my best to prove that Edward Robinson is a scam, but what’s your opinion? Is Edward Robinson The Orion Code a scam or not? Let me know in the comments, please.

My name is Egon and I am the owner of EgonSarvReviews.com. I am a devout husband and a father of 4. Also a former missionary to Indonesia where I worked as an IT, Math, and Sci teacher; in schools that served the poor.
Now I am committed to combating online scams and helping those who want to make *honest* income online.
If you’re interested, just pop over here. You’re in for a treat.


What a Review! This is a review which is proven beyond every reasonable doubt. The writer is really doing a great work in exposing such SCAM which is robbing people of their hard-earned money.

Hey, Eric, and thank you for your feedback and kind words. It’s encouraging :)

Yes, Edward Robinson is a scam. A definite scam, a Get-quick-rich scheme. No doubt about it. All people understand that to build up an OFFLINE business requires time (often years), investment of money, and tons of hard work. But many seem NOT to understand that building up an ONLINE business requires time and work as well.

The positive thing, though, is that in online you can start for free. You don’t need to rent rooms, hire personnel, buy products, etc. So you literally can start for free (or by investing a very small amount of money).

But it still requires time and work. Building up a passive income stream online is not a Get-Quick-Rich opportunity. Success won’t happen overnight.

But it will happen if one is willing to work toward it.

And the best place to start is here.

Wow, he doesn’t even let you choose your own broker? Unbelievable!!

Thanks for this review, it is so sketchy how far people are willing to go to scam people. This guy fabricates a charactor, and he isn’t even real, I am glad that his reputation as an actor has become ruined due to him trying to scam people. Thanks for your informative review!

Hey, Jabob, and thank you for the comment. I appreciate it a lot.

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To tell the truth, there are tons and tons of scam like the Edward Robinson scam (aka the Orion Code Software). Yes, outwardly they look like saints but look a little closer and that’s just exactly what you will see – lie after lie after miserable lie. There is nothing in their lexicon but deceit. It is just not funny because many innocent people get hammered and milked dry by these shameless con-artists.

I am happy when I can protect people from falling victims to these vile schemes.

Your The Orion Code Software Review is the best scam review I have ever read seriously!

You have so many proofs to demonstrate that it’s a scam that I don’t know if I should laugh or cry.

Laugh because it is so ridiculously obvious that Edward Robinson is a scam but cry because before I joined Wealthy Affiliate I did fall for scams like this. And I am sure that there are plenty of people losing their money with Orion Code right now.

Thanks to sites like yours it is easier to avoid getting scammed, so big thanks for that!

Thank you for the feedback and kind words, Maria. It is encouraging to hear you have found my review helpful. I hope it will protect many from falling into that wicket trap. And truth be told, I have also been scammed and that’s one of the reasons I decided to combat different scam schemes online.

There are legit ways to make significant income online. One of them is Wealthy Affiliate, as you mentioned (and one of the best ones, in my humble opinion). The big trouble, though, is that when people are searching for legit ways to make side-money (or full time income online) they stumble across these scammy rip-off schemes. That’s tragic.

Thank you again for the feedback, Maria.

Well, Egon, this is a new one for me. Hadn’t seen it before. Right away you can see that he wants 25 beta testers. I thought this was a proven system. No need for beta testing. The disclaimer code seems to be the same others use for this type of scam. In fact the more I go through your review, it’s just the same old binary code scam with a different carnival barker. Thanks for the good info …… and the warning.

Hey Warren and thanks for the comment.
It’s funny, isn’t it. Most of the disclaimer pages of these binary option scams are identical. Only the name of the product is changed.

It is heartbreaking to read how unaware people (often desperate ones) get hooked and milked dry by these merciless online pirates. That’s why I keep writing these reviews – to raise awareness about all kinds of online scams.

Hi Egon
I’ve learnt to not trust any sales material with ‘binary options’ in it. I have read it is unregulated, with no honest brokers, and all the promises are false.
You have come across another one, just under a different name.
You have done a great job of proving how false this ‘trading industry’ really is. Never invest in anything with ‘binary options’ mentioned!

Hi, Greg, and thank you for your feedback. I appreciate it a lot. Seriously, sir!

As for ‘binary options,’ I have come to the exact same conclusion. Even though there are regulated brokers as well, the fact is that big majority of them are unregulated and dishonest (as you said). They lure unaware day-traders and promise them the heaven. However, once they are hooked, these con artists milk these poor fellows as long as there is money to be had.

I’d like to beat this to people’s head (This may sound a tad violent, but I want to overstate it to make my case): Binary Options are high risk business opportunity and it’s clearly NOT suitable for Average Joe or Jane from the street. Consider Binary Options only when you already are multi-millionaire and are looking ways to burn your cash. And even then there are way better options to do spend your money – like supporting orphanages, different rehab centers, etc.

And if somebody is interested in learning on how to make legit side money online, here is by far the best way to do that. Just click here right now and see if they can help you.

I have previously been scammed by binary option trading companies so found the information here very interesting. Although I had no intention of getting involved with binary option trading again, it was good to read about Edward Robinson and the Orion Code. The discussion and facts presented were laid out well and served to convincingly deter any visitor from getting taken in by this scam. It was interesting to read about Wealthy Affiliates being a top online business opportunity.

Hi, Ann, and thank you for the feedback and kind words. It does not feel great to get scammed, does it? I have also been scammed, although not by binary options frauds. But I know how it feels.

I work hard to present facts as clearly as possible – so that I could protect other unaware daytraders from falling victims to these shameless scams and schemes.

As for Wealthy Affiliate, this is my #1 choice indeed. I used Wealthy Affiliate certification courses to start making money online. As I wrote in my review, I like it because of their high-quality training, excellent support system, all-inclusive platform (hosting, websites, etc.), that it’s free to get started, etc. In my humble opinion, it’s just awesome way to learn how create your own legit passive income stream online.

Thank you again for the comment, ma’am :)

Thank you for a very informative post on Edward Robinson. I do not fall for scams and hopefully, never will. That is why I read reviews like yours. I like to see what the scammers are up to.

You can imagine if what they promise were true, nearly everyone in the world would be stinking rich. I agree with you. If it is too good to be true, it most probably is.
Thank you for spreading the word about these scammers. It is just sad that a lot of people are still falling for it and always will.

I have read your review about Wealthy Affiliate. I will always join programs that offer a free option. As soon as I need to provide my credit card details, I will first investigate it thoroughly. I like the idea that there is not a trial period with Wealthy Affiliate and that you can stay a free member for as long as you like. This gives you a chance to check it out first and make sure it is for you.

If I get stuck at any point in Wealthy Affiliate, what are the avenues I can take to get support if I need some answers as a free member?

Thank you for the comment. Usually I am very cautious as well. However, couple of years ago, I don’t even know how it happened, but I got scammed. Somehow they used a email that looked like it came from the person I trusted. That’s why I was vulnerable (at least I think that was the main reason). Anyway, since then I began to learn how to make legit income online and at the same time – to bust wicked schemes online.

Wealthy Affiliate is awesome indeed. All inclusive training platform – just brilliant… I am very happy and satisfied.

As for your questions, well, even if you are a free starter members, the support in Wealthy Affiliate is excellent. First, you can use WA “Ask a Question” feature and send your question to the WA community. More often than not, the answers come in within minutes. Second, even though you cannot use WA Private Messaging, you still can drop your questions to other WA members profile pages, blog posts, trainings, etc. They will answer you (often other WA members answer as well).

As for me, all my questions, 100% have got answered. As I said, WA support excellent. Kyle and Carson, the founders of WA have worked very hard to make turn WA support as efficient as possible.

Great review article on Edward Robinson. I have heard many things about him and everything has been bad. It was good to see that my intuition wasn’t bad. Your article has really opened up my eyes to him and his scams.

I also read your article about Wealthy Affiliate and I think it is a fantastic product. I will definitely give it a try!

Hi, Shawn, and thank you for the feedback. Also, I am glad to hear you found my review helpful. Wealthy Affiliate is a genuine training platform indeed. Give it a try and see whether it can help you. It won’t cost you penny to see if it’s for you or not.

As for me, I have found Wealthy Affiliate extremely beneficial. Even if you go Premium, think about it – their price $49 a month includes state of the art hosting + excellent training, support, etc. In other places you pay only for hosting. Here you get so much more. Seriously! Plus, and that’s the best part of it – their Starter membership is completely free. Look closer.

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