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RapidWorkers: Scam or Legit ? Review with Payment Proof

By: sudhir sheoran | Last Updated : February 16, 2020 | 26 Comments

In my last post , I discussed everything that a newbie wants to know about Microworkers Read here. Today , I am going to review another crowd sourcing platform that I recently get paid from. I am talking about none other than . I consider Rapidworkers as a good alternative to Mturk and Microworkers although you don’t have too much work here to do all the time. Still it can be a good place to earn some extra money .

In this post , I will cover following topics –

  • What is Rapidworkers and How it works ?
  • Is it just another scam or a legitimate website?
  • How much one can earn at Rapidworkers ?
  • How to withdraw from Rapidworkers?
  • Pros and Cons of Rapidworkers
  • Support
  • How your location may affect your earning ?

1. What is Rapidworkers and How it works ?

Rapidworkers is a service of UnikScripts, Inc. and is free to join . The website is pretty similar to Microworkers and has almost same working interface although Microworkers website is somewhat more innovative and professional . There are two kind of people at Rapidworkers –

Employers – Employers are the people who post tasks for workers. When a worker accept and complete a task , the employer review the task and check if the worker have done it correctly or not , if employer is satisfied with the work then he rate the task as satisfied and pays money for that task. This is the way how Employers get their work done here.

Workers – They are the people who complete tasks for money.

This is an example task . See the above picture – the employer is asking worker to do a sign-up task . The task will take 3 minutes as shown in the picture above. The task is available for international members and 18 people have completed the task already. The employer will pay $0.10 for this task.

Employers post a verity of tasks include –

  • download a file , android or iOS app
  • Write a review
  • Like Facebook , Twitter pages
  • Comment/like You Tube video
  • Sign-Up tasks
  • Search and Click

2. Is it just another scam or a legitimate website ?

Rapidworkers is definitely a legitimate platform to earn money . Recently I got paid from Rapidworkers and that with in 1 day after withdrawal request . Here is my Payment Proof –

Here is the another Payment proof that make Rapidworkers a legitimate website and may satisfy your curiosity-

You can even match the total withdrawal amount in this picture with the Paypal transaction in the first payment proof.

3. How much one can earn at Rapidworkers ?

That entirely depends upon your location , time you give and skills you got. People from UK , USA , Australia, Canada , Norway and NZ have always more opportunities and tasks that pays more. If you are from any other country then its going to be certainly difficult for you. Still you earn 1-3 USD per hour . Also they give you $1 just for signing up.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2021:
  • EvoTrade

    The Best Broker! 15 000 $ Welcome Bonus!

  • NS Broker
    NS Broker

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    The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
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4. How to withdraw money from Rapidworkers ?

Payments are sent via PayPal & Skrill. Their withdrawal threshold is very low and that can be a real advantage for international members. You can place a withdrawal request if your balance is over $8.00 + 6% fees. Steps you need to follow for withdrawal-

Click Support tab/Submit button/then select PayPal or Skrill Withdraw / enter the amount and email to send in box. Payments are processed (Maximum 1 week after placing a withdrawal request>

You can also use your balance to start a campaign , i.e., no need to deposit money separately by credit card or Paypal to start a campaign.

5. Pros and Cons of Rapidworkers

Rapidworkers has several advantages over some other websites and some disadvantages as well.


  • Quick start, no need to qualify any assessment/test
  • Faster payment (with in 1 week after placing the withdrawal request)
  • Free to join for all
  • Support popular Payment methods – Paypal and Skrill
  • Withdrawal limit is low ($8 )
  • Good support
  • They pay you $1 just for signing up


  • You don’t have a lot of jobs to do all the time
  • Website has unprofessional look and lake some essential features
  • Pays lower than other similar websites for most of tasks

6. How your location may affect your Earning ?

People from UK , USA , Australia, Canada , Norway and NZ have always more opportunities and tasks available that pays more. If you are from any other country then your journey is going to be certainly difficult .You can see the difference in the picture below –

Tasks available to the USA workers-

You can see in above picture that tasks are really paying good to USA workers.

Now see tasks available to International workers-

Paying Rates here are dreadful.


Rapidworkers has been very good to me. The important thing is that is a legitimate platform to make money by doing small tasks. Rapidworkers is good for newbie who are looking to make some extra money online .If you have some spare time or you just surfing the web to kill time then you should join Rapidworkers to make your time productive. If you don’t have any other good resources for online money making like your own blog then I will recommend you the Rapidworkers. Give it a shot , choose task properly that you can finish and share your earning experience by commenting below.

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Hi Sudhir, international jobs can be done by everyone regardless from which country you are?

Rewardingways Review – Is Legit or Scam? | Payment Proof

RewardingWays advertises with the tagline “Get paid to work online”. The big question is whether this is just some clever advertising or whether RewardingWays is a platform where you can actually earn some money online. Another question is how much you can expect to earn in the reward site.

Yes, Rewardingways is legit. It is not a scam reward site because they have been online and paying without a problem. They will never steal your money or demand for a fee.

Since RewardingWays is a GPT site, another question is whether it offers top services that we’ll expect from the ideal GPT site (such as many earning opportunities, many payment methods, low minimum cash-out amount, fast payout, effective customer service, etc).

This review will examine RewardingWays in order to provide the information that will help you answer these questions and more.

Want to make more money online doing surveys? Join these top three highest paying legit survey sites:
Visit: The Top 10 Highest Paying Survey Sites.

Note: Since you have nothing to loss, it will be a very good idea to register from this post so we can be able to assist you by getting in touch with them if you have any problem in the future. We have the power to force them into rectifying their faults. However, we cannot do anything if you try to trick the system. Just make sure you comply with their rules and regulations to make it easier for us.

RewardingWays review at a glance

Founded 2020
Owner 99 Ventures limited
Earning Opportunities Paid Surveys, Paid Trials and Offers, Paid Videos, Cash Contests, and Referral Commissions
Welcome Bonus $0.20
Referral Commission 25% of referrals’ earning
Payment Options PayPal, Payza, Skrill, Amazon Gift Cards, Tango Cards, and Bitcoin
Minimum Cash out Amount $1.00
Payment Speed Always within 24 hours
Support Online ticket system, and Email ([email protected])

RewardingWays – About

This starting point of the review will examine the background of RewardingWays. Specifically, it’ll cover the following:

  1. What is RewardingWays?
  2. Background of RewardingWays?
  • Is RewardingWays legit?
  1. Is Rewarding Ways safe?
  2. Who can join RewardingWays?

i. What is RewardingWays?

RewardingWays says in its website that it is a GPT (Get Paid To) site where you can make money online completing paid surveys and offers. You can visit RewardingWays here:

GPT sites are also called rewards sites. These sites pay you if you sign up and do simple online tasks. So GPT sites come out as great opportunities to earn some extra income online (from working at home).

Wondering why a site will pay you for simply answering survey questions, or doing other simple stuff like watching an online video or downloading an app? The answer is that world today, especially its commercial side is data-driven. To stay ahead of the competition, a business must create products and services that people want. To know what people want, these businesses pay the GPT sites who then arrange market research projects. Thus when you complete a task in a GPT site, you’re giving valuable insight that the GPT sites will feedback to the businesses that engaged them. Nothing is free in the process. The businesses pay the GPT sites, and the GPT site gives you a small thing for your time in providing the consumer insight. Thus, you can get paid for simply giving an opinion online.

However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that all the GPT/ rewards sites out there are rewarding. In many, users find out only too late that they have wasted their time in the sites. That is why it’s important to review RewardingWays to determine whether it is a legit GPT site that pays well.

ii. Background of RewardingWays?

RewardingWays started showing on the GPT scenes from 2020. This means it is fast approaching a decade in the industry. It is operated by 99 Ventures limited. This is a 100% legal and fully registered London Company.

99 Ventures Limited operates other top GPT sites like Offernation and In fact, these GPT sites are almost identical, having the same features and offerings. Thus, if you’re a member of these other sites of 99 Ventures Limited, you may not find anything different if you join RewardingWays.

However, many persons have found RewardingWays as a really rewarding GPT site. As of writing this review, the site boasts of 395,224 members.

iii. Is RewardingWays legit?

As mentioned earlier, not every reward site is rewarding. As it is in every industry, there are scams in the GPT industry. Such scam GPT sites do not pay at all. Even among the legit GPT sites that pay, some are a complete waste of time because the payment is miserly poor compared to the effort put in. Thus, using a legit GPT site that pays well is invaluable.

Thankfully, RewardingWays is such a legit GPT site. From the discussion so far, this is not hard to see.

  • It is operated by a legit and reputable market research company (99 Ventures limited) which has a lot of top companies as advertising partners (clients). A scam GPT site is not likely to come from a 100% legal and reputable market research company.
  • Another evidence of RewardingWays being legit is its sister sites. The sister sites of RewardingWays are not just legit GPT sites; they are regarded as some of the best GPT sites in the industry. So there’s no reason why the almost identical RewardingWays will not equally be legit.
  • Another evidence of RewardingWays being legit is its sheer longevity. With 9 years (and counting) in the industry, it has to be legit. A scam GPT site that is a waste of time just cannot survive for that long. Persons usually call out scam sites who give them the runaround, and such sites usually suffocate under the weight of the exposure. Thus, operating and still going strong for 9 years can only mean one mark on the legit sheet.
  • Another evidence of RewardingWays being legit is that it is endorsed by a lot of independent industry watchdogs. Many of the reputable third party industry watchers usually include RewardingWays in lists of best GPT sites. Suffice it to say that these reputable industry watchers are fast to shoot down bad GPT sites. Their endorsement of RewardingWays can only mean that RewardingWays is a legit GPT site.
  • The ultimate evidence of RewardingWays being a legit GPT site is that it pays, and there are much evidence of payment. Its website announces that it has paid out over $1.4 million to its members. You’ll find proofs of payment in both the website and independent sources. Suffice it to say that in the scam sites, you’ll not find any evidence of payment.

iv. Is Rewarding Ways safe?

A safe GPT site is as important as a legit GPT site. To use any GPT site, you’ll have to submit a ton of personal information (sometimes even credit card information). Such information should not be allowed to get into the hands of unauthorized third parties. Thus, the ideal GPT site should safely protect the information that users hare with it.

Thankfully, RewardingWays ticks this box. It is not only legit, but it is also safe. It says in its privacy policy that it “stores your personal data as securely as it can on secure servers”, that it takes “all reasonable steps necessary to ensure your data is adequately protected”, and that it does not pass your personal data to third parties except you specifically ask them to do so, or required by law to do so.

There’s no doubt that RewardingWays is a legit GPT site. For example, you’ll also not find users of RewardingWays complaining that their data was compromised.

Rewarding Ways Payment Proofs

We did some research while writing this RewardingWays review know if Rewarding Ways actually has payment proofs and below are what we found:

Rewardingways payment proofs

v. Who can join RewardingWays?

Everyone wants to earn some extra income. Thus, with RewardingWays identified as a legit and safe GPT site, everyone should want to join it.

Thankfully, RewardingWays is not one of the GPT sites with country restrictions. It accepts membership from worldwide countries. Thus, no matter where you may be resident in the world, you can join RewardingWays and take advantage of its earning opportunities. However, while country restrictions do not apply, age restrictions apply. You can only join RewardingWays if you are 18 years and above.

How to Make Money in RewardingWays

This part of the review will cover:

  1. Registration
  2. Getting started
  • Earning Opportunities
  1. How much can you realistically make?
  2. Is RewardingWays mobile-friendly?

i. Registration

It is absolutely free to join RewardingWays and take advantage of its earning opportunities. If you need another reason that this is a legit GPT site, there you have it. You’ll not have to pay anything to join. Thus, if you decide to leave at any time, you can simply walk, without being out of pocket.

Also, the registration process is very straightforward, as it only requires providing your information in the appropriate fields of the registration form. Interestingly, after registration, RewardingWays will automatically credit your account with $0.20.

This welcome bonus may not seem big as it is only $0.20, but in our opinion, it is actually an attractive offer. This is because new members’ accounts are credited with the bonus immediately. That is, unlike some GPT sites with relatively large welcome bonuses, in RewardingWays, there are no conditions that must be met before the welcome offer is credited. Following your registration as a new player, the congratulatory message you get also informs you that your account has been credited with $0.20.

ii. Getting Started

After registration, if you’ll want a good shot at earning, you’ll have to complete a profile survey. This is just a simple demographic survey. This is necessary because offers are usually targeted at specific profiles. For example, a travel agency who want consumer insight is not likely to want responses from persons who do not travel. The profile surveys establish your profile; so that the GPT site can then direct matching offers to you. That way, you’re more likely to qualify for offers that are sent to you.

This is a big deal because disqualification from the survey is one problem that plagues the GPT world. Many times, GPT members who attempt surveys will be well into it before they are disqualified and not allowed to complete it. The problem is that not completing the survey means no payment. Thus, meaning the significant time spent on the survey (before being disqualified) is wasted.

Theoretically, this issue of “disqualification from surveys” will be reduced if GPT users provide as much information as possible in the profile surveys. However, many users are of the opinion that disqualifications from surveys are still a tad high. Thus, when using RewardingWays; you should know that you will not qualify for every survey you attempt. Though, some users think otherwise, completing the profile survey helps as surveys that you’re more likely to qualify for will come your way.

There’s the small problem that RewardingWays does not compensate members who are disqualified from surveys. There are some GPT sites that give a small token to members who are disqualified from surveys. Though this is usually small compared to what would’ve been earned had the survey been completed; it is a consolation that eases the pain of disqualifications. However, since RewardingWays does not give such tokens, it means whatever time you spend on any survey that you are disqualified from is totally wasted.

If it means anything, if you are disqualified from any survey, RewardingWays will redirect you to another survey. But there’s no guarantee that you won’t be disqualified from this new one either.

iii. Earning Opportunities

The ideal GPT site will have a lot of earning opportunities. Thankfully, RewardingWays ticks this box, as it really rewards its members in a lot of ways. These include surveys,

  • Surveys – This is the most popular way that members earn money online in RewardingWays. This is straightforward – businesses want consumer insight; they pay RewardingWays to help gather the insight; RewardingWays invites you to answer survey questions and give your opinion, and it pays you for that.

RewardingWays provides a large number of surveys throughout the day, every single day of the year. So there’s no shortage of surveys that you can complete to earn some money. RewardingWays is able to offer so many paid surveys by working with different survey providers. You’ll find such names as Wannad Surveys, Surveys, Peanutlabs Paid Surveys, Offertoro Surveys and more. How much you earn per survey depends on the survey and its length, but this will be between $0.20 and $1.00.

  • Watch Videos – Videos are also popular options for earning, as they give refreshing breaks from surveys. Businesses want people to see their contents; they pay RewardingWays to spread it; the GPT site invites you to open and watch featured videos in full, and it pays you for that. RewardingWays features many videos in its video section.

Interestingly, many of the videos are interesting and entertaining playlists, not some boring ad clips. Thus, you can have a swell time with the videos. However, videos are not many users’ thing, because they have very low payouts. For example, many videos pay less than half a cent.

  • Trials and Offers – Another popular way of earning is trials and offers. In trials, businesses pay RewardingWays to help them get consumer insight about their products/ services. The GPT sites engage its users to use (test) the product/service and give their honest opinion, and it pays all who participate. You’ll find many opportunities to test products/ services. However, some of these product trials will require you to buy the product (but at a nominal price). Where payment is required, you’ll always find that the reward more than covers the payment, so you’re never out of pocket. You’ll also find free trials that will still require your payment details. Such ones will automatically subscribe you to a paid service at the end of the trial period. So if you’ll rather not pay to do any trial, steer completely away from such free trials or remember to cancel before the end of the trial period.

For the Offers, RewardingWays have an Offer Wall which host offers from a range of providers. These offers are varied: some are surveys, some are videos, some are product trials, some will require you to visit another website, some will require you to download an app, and more.

  • Promo Codes – RewardingWays often make available Promo codes in its social media handles. If you follow RewardingWays in these channels, you can catch these promo codes to put some money in your account. However, these are not sure-fire means of earning, as these promo codes are not always available.
  • Cash Contests – You can earn from the quarterly cash contests of RewardingWays by being one of the highest earners in the GPT site during the contest period. The contests simply reward the top 20 earners in the site over the three months period that the contests run. The contests usually share a $1,000 cash prize to the top 20 earners (1st place – $350; 2nd place – $200; 3rd place – $100; 4th and 5th places – $50 each; 6th – 10th places – $30 each; 11th and 20th places – $10 each).

We like that the contests of RewardingWays reward up to the 20th placed user. Unlike many GPT sites with cash contests that reward at most 10 persons, RewardingWays rewards more persons. Thus, you’re more likely to be a contest winner in this GPT site. However, its cash contests are quarterly (every three months), meaning they are not as frequent as those of many other GPT sites.

  • Referral Bonus – Every member of RewardingWays can earn from it via its referral program. RewardingWays offers a 25% referral commission. This means that you can build a strong passive income in the GPT site. Just spread the word, and get people to join RewardingWays via your referral link, and you’ll get 25% of whatever they earn as a bonus.

This is a massive offer all day long. However, you cannot earn except your referrals are active in the site in using it to earn. Thus, you have to somehow encourage those you bring in to be active in the site.

iv. How much can you realistically make?

One thing you should know straight-up is that you cannot get rich from RewardingWays or any other GPT site for that matter.

Getting $0.20 as a join bonus, getting $0.20 – $1.00 per completed survey, and getting less than half a cent from the videos; you can already see that you’ll only be earning some extra income. But this is typical of GPT sites. With some serious efforts, especially by shoring up your referrals, you’ll be able to earn some tens of dollars a month.

v. Is it mobile friendly?

Yes, RewardingWays is mobile friendly. Mobile-compatibility changes the face of every online service. The portability of mobile devices allow them to be carried everywhere; as such, when an online service is compatible with mobile devices, the service can be enjoyed everywhere.

That said, because RewardingWays is mobile-friendly you’ll not have to come home to your computers before you can take advantage of its earning opportunities. Rather no matter the time, and no matter where you are, as long as you can operate your mobile device, you’ll be able to take some paid surveys and offers and put some money into your account.

However, RewardingWays does not have mobile apps. So to use it on the go, you’ll have to fire up the website using any web browser. While the website works well on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), it is not fully mobile-optimized. Thus, you’ll find that some web pages will not resize to fit the small screen of your device. That is when in such pages, you’ll have to scroll left and right to view the full page.

Getting Paid

Everyone in a reward site wants to earn some extra income. Thus, the ideal site is a legit GPT site that pays. To check if RewardingWays is that ideal GPT site in terms of payment, this part of the review will cover:

  1. Does RewardingWays Pay?
  2. What payment options are available?
  • What is the payment threshold?
  1. How fast does payment take?

i. Does RewardingWays Pay?

The simple answer to that is “YES”. RewardingWays pays. Not only does it pay, it issues payment virtually all the time. When we started this RewardingWays review, the site announced that it has paid out $1,444,082.58; but less than 24 hours after, this figure has risen to $1,444,693.14. This was some $610 increase.

Apart from this figure of the total lifetime payment of RewardingWays, you’ll also find payment proofs of individual payments to real members. In fact, there is a “payment proof” page of the website. This page gives the information of paid members – member’s name (username), date paid, payment method used, and the amount received. This is very real. Such payment proofs are not limited to this “payment proof” page in the website of RewardingWays. Even if you check independent sources, you’ll be able to find many members of RewardingWays who have been paid and their payment proofs.

ii. What payment options are available?

When it’s time to get paid, you won’t want to find only options that won’t be convenient. Thus, the ideal GPT should have a payment catalogue with a wide range of convenient options. RewardingWays does excellently well in this regards.

Its payment catalogue has the following options: Instant PayPal, PayPal, Payza, Skrill, Amazon Gift Cards, Tango Cards, and Bitcoin.

Having Tango Cards available is always a big plus because these cards can be exchanged for a host of brand-name gift cards. Thus, Tango Cards give members the flexibility of being able to make purchases from different branded stores.

For members that’ll want cash payment, PayPal and Skrill are some of the most popular options for convenient online payments. Bitcoin is also a rising star for online payments. So with these cash options available, members shouldn’t have issues with receiving cash payment from RewardingWays.

However, fees apply when making withdrawals. For using the web wallets (like PayPal and Skrill), the fee is 2% of the amount; but when using Bitcoin, the fee is 5% of the amount.

iii. What is the payment threshold?

One of the most important payment considerations is the payment threshold; that is, the minimum cash-out amount. Everyone wants this to be as low as possible. This is so that GPT users will not be in a platform for long periods building a high balance before they can make withdrawals.

RewardingWays does excellently in this regards. Its minimum cash out amount is one of the lowest you’ll find anywhere; it is just $1.00. This is one of the things that mark RewardingWays as one of the best GPT sites in the business. With only a minimum of $1 required for withdrawals, its members will have enough to withdraw in no time. However, when requesting payment via Bitcoin, the minimum cash out amount is $40.

iv. How fast does payment take?

Every member of a GPT site that submits a payment request will want to receive the payment as fast as possible. Thus, payment speed has always been an important consideration when reviewing GPT sites. In this regards, RewardingWays comes out as the ideal GPT site.

It is one of the fastest paying GPT site, which is another testament to its being one of the best GPT sites around. RewardingWays guarantee that all pay-out requests will be processed within 24 hours. It more than lives up to this “24 hours” payment claim. It pays within a day, all the time. In fact, most payments are received within 8 hours, while many more are instantly received.

Customer Support Service

Inevitably, users of online services will need assistance at one time or the other. Thus, the ideal GPT service should have an effective customer support service. To check if RewardingWays is that ideal GPT with an effective support service, this part of the review will cover:

  1. Support options are available
  2. Response Time

i. Support Options Available

The first help option is the FAQ page provided on the website of RewardingWays. This is a self-help option for members that’ll want to find answers to their questions on their own.

The FAQ page has 6 sections – Membership issues, Offers and Offer Walls Earning Cash and Points, Referrals, Contests, and Shoutbox Assistance. Thus, it holds answers to many of the questions that you may have.

If you’ll rather contact the Customer Support directly, the options available are email and online ticket. For the latter, you’ll find the form in the “Contact us” page of the website; and for the latter, you can simply send your inquiries to [email protected]

It’s a little disappointing that telephone support is not available. This is because, when seeking assistance, many online users (us included) like to talk directly with an agent. The Live Chat is another Support Option that many online services feature, but RewardingWays does not provide this. However, it should be said that in the field of GPTs, it is only the email and ticketing support service that is generally provided. So in supporting only email and ticketing service (and not supporting the telephone and Live Chat services) RewardingWays is just staying true to type.

ii. Support Time

If you send in a support email or ticket, you’ll not want to be waiting forever to get a response. So the response time of the support service is a very important consideration. This is one of the areas that mark RewardingWays out as one of the best GPT sites out there.

RewardingWays promises a fast response to all submissions. Thankfully, it lives up to this. It responds to all submissions within 24 hours; with most members getting responses in about 8 hours. This is relatively fast response time, especially as there are GPT that takes up to (and more than) 48 hours to get back to members needing assistance.

Though the response is relatively fast, it isn’t instant. This is why it’s disappointing that telephone and Live Chat are not supported; because these channels give instant feedback.


This part of the review will examine what real users of RewardingWays have to say about it. This part of the survey will cover:

  1. Rating of RewardingWays
  2. Real complaints from users of RewardingWays

i. Ratings of RewardingWays

RewardingWays is highly rated in almost all the independent customers’ review platforms. For example, as of writing, in Trustpilot which is the most popular of such platforms, RewardingWays has been rated by 429 users; and it scored 4.6 out of 5.00. By every standard 4.6/ 5 is an excellent performance. That goes to say that RewardingWays is a legit GPT site that users are satisfied with. Who judgment about service would be more trustworthy than those of real unbiased users of the service?

ii. Real complaints from users of RewardingWays

Though RewardingWays is largely satisfying (as evident by its excellent 4.6/ 5 score), it has not managed to be complaint-free. Actually, we doubt if there’s any service that is immune to complain because there is always room for improvement.

That said; searching through Trustpilot ( the complaints we found about RewardingWays can be compressed into two topics – disqualification from surveys, and Account verification.

Disqualification from Surveys:

As mentioned in the “getting started” section of this review, you will not qualify for every survey that you try for. Note that this is not a problem peculiar to RewardingWays; it’s something you’ll face in every GPT site. However, some of the complaining users of RewardingWays were not happy with the frequency of disqualifications, and there was no compensation for disqualifications.

  • Michele Fyffe says “I am currently giving my review 2 stars. I have tried to answer so many surveys and complete the offer only to get more than halfway through and it tells me I don’t qualify. The aggravating thing is it will redirect you many times and do the same thing over and over again. If something should change and the process begins to work better for me, I will gladly change my rating”
  • Sarah Chocolate Thunder says “I gave 4 out of 5 stars because I can make money and they are legit and payout. However, unlike most of the survey sites, I use they do not pay when you get kicked out halfway through. Every other site I use gives at least partial credits. Other than that I have no complaints…”
  • Clifton Baird says “I have a lot of problems with the website. They only have one brand of surveys that are reliable, and that’s tap. Even ‘tap’ disqualifies a lot. Then, the other surveys rarely let you take them…”

Analyzing the customers’ reviews, you’ll find that one cause of complaint was the rate of disqualification. Yes, disqualifications happen in every GPT site but felt that the rate was high in RewardingWays.

Another cause of complaint was that users are even disqualified from surveys that they are redirected to following an earlier disqualification. Remember we said earlier that if you are redirected to a survey following disqualification from one, there are no guarantees that you won’t be disqualified from the new one. This calls into question the essence of the profile surveys. When redirecting you to a new survey; with a profile survey dully completed, the GPT site already knows your profile and should be able to redirect you to a matching survey. Thus, it’s really frustrating to be kicked out of surveys that one is redirected to after being kicked out from previous surveys.

Another cause of complaint was that users do not get compensated when disqualified from surveys. It hurts that some GPT sites give token points as compensation while RewardingWays leaves you dry.

Account Verification

RewardingWays makes it clear that users’ account can be flagged for security check at any time. The company has maintained that without such security checks it will be unable to be the legit GPT site that provides the high level of service that users enjoy (sending all verified payments within 24 hours, etc). However, many of the complaining users were not happy with any aspect of the verification process.

  • Bj Jefferson says “at first this was the Best, I mean Best site ever. I really can’t say it’s still not. But I just haven’t been able to do anything. To my knowledge, I haven’t done anything but they have marked me as ‘verification’. It’s been going on 2 months… Really wish they would answer when I have asked them what’s going on. If they could fix the problem, I would give them 5 stars all day”
  • L unite says “Great until you try to cash out. You agree to security checks; they’re gonna use em, even if it’s your first time. Easy money, but if you need to be reimbursed for your work quicker than 60+ days, this site is not reliable”
  • Betty Zabadal says “I am new to this site and tried to cash out and it said I needed to verify which I did, and now I am locked and cannot do anything. I have sent a support ticket 4 times and no one will answer me. Just let me back in”
  • Ron says “Unacceptable” The review continued “I am leaving two stars simply for the fact that they actually payout but I’ve lost patience with this company. I cashed out and mu account was locked. I was told to wait for 30 – 60 days for my offers to be verified; and 30 days later, they were verified and I was reactivated. 2 days after reactivation, I try to cash out new earnings and my account is flagged AGAIN for verification reasons, and I’m told to wait another 30 – 60 days. Then there’s the unwarranted bad attitude from the Admin simply for asking if there was any way to speed up the process. He/ She was rude and this is totally unacceptable regardless of TOS. Use this company at your own risk”
  • Vanessa Leete says “Do not ever join this company” The review continued “I did surveys and wanted to cash out, they tell you your account has to be verified, and this take anything from 30 – 60 days. 30 days are up, I emailed them this morning, still have to wait another 30 days”
  • Racquelle Storey says “… I gave it one star because once you earn well, they lock you out of your account for at least thirty days and refuse you your payment. Until that changes, one star it is”

Analyzing the customers’ reviews, you’ll find that one cause of complaint was how long the verification process toke. The verification takes 30 – 60 days. In almost every complaint about the verification process, it wasn’t that users did not appreciate why there should be verification, what they didn’t appreciate was why the verification should take that long. However, when RewardingWays respond to complaints, they make it seem like the complaining user does not appreciate why there should be security checks. However, we glean that their “sufficient security checks” cannot be done sooner else locked accounts will be opened sooner.

Another cause of the complaints is that accounts are only flagged for verification (and locked up) when users attempt to cash out. It gives the impression that you cannot cash out what you earn. However, that is not the case. You can cash out, and not all cashouts cause accounts to be flagged for verification.

Another cause of the complaints is that accounts are flagged for verification in successive cash-out requests. For example, users who had their accounts locked (and had waited 60 days to for the accounts to be verified and reopened), can have their account locked again when they try to cash out the very next time. Successively having to wait for up to 60 days to receive your payment can be frustrating. However, RewardingWays have continually maintained that their security checks are important and that such checks are triggered at any time. So your account can be so flagged every single time you try to cash-out.

Another cause of the complaints is the attitude of customer support agents to users who complain about the verification process. We did find that the responses of RewardingWays bothered on rude. We don’t think there’s any “customer service” standard that’ll give the thumbs up to statements like “your decision to award a one-star review makes no sense” or “it is ridiculous to come on here to claim…”


RewardingWays is a legit GPT site. Operated by the 100% legit 99 Ventures Limited, and having a 9-year operating record of providing earning opportunities to members and actually paying them, there is no doubt that it is legit.

You’ll find that RewardingWays ticks almost all the right boxes. It is free to join, and registration is easy-breezy; plus you get a $0.20 join bonus. Also, there are many earning opportunities, which include surveys, trials, offers, videos, contests, and referrals. It’s particularly impressive that tons of surveys and offers are provided every day, so you’ll always find something to do to have some earning.

The payment front makes RewardingWays one of the best GPT sites around. Bitcoin and Tango cards are part of an impressive payment catalogue; the minimum payment threshold is one of the lowest you’ll find, and payment speed is one of the fastest you’ll find. If you need assistance, you’ll also find that RewardingWays has a support service that responds promptly to all support emails and tickets.

When in RewardingWays, you won’t find too many things to be worried about. One is that you’ll not receive any compensation for your time. Another is the 30 – 60 days verification process. We appreciate security checks and the need for them. However, it does not gladden users’ heart that these security checks of RewardingWays can take up to 60 days and that they can be triggered in successive cash-out attempts.

That said; if you can overlook not receiving some compensation when disqualified from surveys if you can overlook the possibility of being locked out of your account for a 30 – 60 days security check when you try to cash out, then there is no reason not to use RewardingWays. It is a legit and safe GPT site that has many earning opportunities and that issues fast payment.

Proufx Reviews

168 • Average

Write a review

Write a review

Reviews 168

Am grateful to Mrs Antonia for helping…

Am grateful to Mrs Antonia for helping recover my lost money from this scam broker, they took all I had until this Mrs Antonia came to my rescue and recovered all the money I lost from this broker. Click on my profile for her email address

Impossible to withdraw any funds. Not to be trusted

Initially very promising with what seems like a very professional service & good returns (at least on the screen) but as soon as you try to withdraw any funds that’s when the game of merry go round begins. Firstly your account manage (Noah) will give the impression that there are no issues with making withdrawal, even transferring a nominal amount back to your account as a ‘test’ and so give the impression that you have full control of withdrawing monies from your account. Then when you try to effect a withdrawal you get hit with one excuse after another, the most believable (or maybe unbelievable) being that ‘background trades’ are still ongoing on your account even though you can’t see them when you log on, and that you have to wait till those ‘trades’ are unwound before the withdrawal can be processed. And so many more ‘softer’ excuses that I simply don’t have the typing space to mention. After numerous chasing you’re then transferred to someone in ‘accounts’ (Frank) who portrays the role of a back office guy who needs to ‘investigate’ the reasons for the delay. Then you’re bounced back to Noah who strings you along for a bit more and when you’re nearing bursting point you’re then transferred to a new account manager (Eric) who is profusely apologetic and understands why you would want to close your account. And then when you give up and request your account to be closed you’re then given some quite baffling reasons / stipulations as to the actions required (including cancelling your original withdrawal request that you’ve been chasing on for some 5 months). And then when you follow these stipulations you hear nothing and so 7 months later I’m waiting with bated breath to see if I will ever get any money back. Sorry for long story, trust me it could have been a lot longer, but bottom line is that I work in a regulated Financial Institution, am fairly investment savvy and would very much be a reasonable person, and I can say with 100% certainty that Proufx (previously Uprofx) is simply not a company you could trust with 1 cent of your money.

Anyone who claims with absolute certainty that it’s “impossible to withdraw any funds” is skipping out on details.
And there’s no doubt the story would be longer if you added details, we’re sure of that.
While that might be a compelling read for some, you’re commenting from the point of view of an omniscient narrator, which can’t be quite right.
We’re obviously unhappy if things didn’t pan out quite as expected.
We appreciate the archetypes, but the Franks, Noahs and Erics of the world exist in every business, so what you consider “baffling” reasons seems entirely subjective.
Facts not aligned with your ideas aren’t baseless stipulations and a lot of people agree with that.

I would like to say a big thanks

I would like to say a big thanks, great company, great service and very nice results on the market! The Bitcoin price is holding steady, very good moment to buy and generate some very good profits! The week has been very profitable for me and my account is very well stable and protected. I just want to say one more time big thanks to my personal account manager and the services he is providing me with.. Take care people all over the world, stay healthy and buy Bitcoins.. now is the right time! :)))
Best regards, Brian Morgan

Thanks for your feedback. We truly appreciate it. We hope you have even better experience from now on.

Have a nice day.

I have been working with Proufx now…

I have been working with Proufx now nearly one year. My experience is really good. Things are running well. Brian Freeman is super at his job!!
We started with small investments, as i wanted to make sure that it will be operated in a professional manner and so did brian do so.
We have been taking monthly installments out to help me with some financial obligations that i had prior to the start of my investment account and also to some after the start.
putting money in, taking money out – all works out fine as long as you have the advise of the person who is helping you.
to be honest, they are very helpful even with people that are just beginners like me and will assist you with all requests.

Thanks for your feedback. We truly appreciate it. We hope you have even better experience from now on.

Have a nice day.

Proufx and Alfie Hart

I have started doing business with this company around 7 months ago through Alfie Hart. In the beginning I was very sceptic about it thinking its another scam and other things happened in the beginning to make me doubt them even more. for example was looking for the website which I was using and did not find it :) I said, that’s it I was right, its a scam. However, the company had merged with a bank and obviously they had to put on another website. It took Alfie quite some weeks to earn my trust but finally he did. He did it with facts and by January this year i started investing properly with them. As of today 25th March 2020, he managed to top my account with a good percentage of profit already. More than that, before the corona virus effect, in june coming he was coming to Malta to meet me with his family and in turn in July, I was going to meet him in the Uk together with my family. Moreover, he wanted to :1. Pay my tickets, 2. Booked theater for me an all my family (4) to watch Lion King when we are in the UK and 3. Invited me and my family to stay at his house while in the UK. If he had ever in mind to scam me, definitely he would not have went so far with me. Thanks Alfie for all you doing!!

Thanks for your feedback. We truly appreciate it. We hope you have even better experience from now on.

Have a nice day.

it’s Kjell again I want to recommend…

it’s Kjell again I want to recommend this company as the results keep on getting better and better. Now with the Corona Virus everything but Crypo is going down so now is the perfect time to make money. I have gotten way better results than usual lately so I want to encourage people who are hesitant to go ahead and do it now ,
You will not regret it for sure !

Thanks for words. We are glad that there are people who take the time to share their good experience.

Bad experience so far

Can you explain how i have taken matters into my own hands please
as the only thing i did with my ACC was to make a simple withdrawal request last September ( Still pending ) after numerous talks with different account managers,
And can you explain what facts i not like as the only facts is that i deposited €5,500 and a supposedly profit of €7,000
The burying of my head in the sand is also a puzzle as i have only queried the withdraw request many times which your terms state a payment back within five business days

Please keep in mind that this is not a compliance page. We’re not qualified to answer without looking at account specifics.
We also feel the need to add that any accounts under that name don’t fit the details you’ve presented, which simply adds to the mystery.

I was going well in trading until I ask…

I was going well in trading until I ask to close the account he told me I lost my money can anyone help me recover my money my number is 18683985848

too risky trust them

Everybody be carefull for invest with them. I lost a lot of money with them when i needed use withdraw. But when they needed from me more and more money everything was going so easy. Good job boys. From Estonia etc..i clap to you all.

There’s a lot of people in our database under this name, but none include anything along the lines of what you’ve stated. In order for us to look into what happened, you can send us an email at [email protected], so we can check out what’s happening.
Also, with the entire globe’s economy under duress, your comment doesn’t sound very convincing.

Hello to everyone who wants to invest…

Hello to everyone who wants to invest with ProuFX. My name is Flavius Roman and I started my investment with ProuFX less than 10 months ago. At the beginning I was Very Sceptic and Scared to Invest in any type of tradings, or any other gamings ( that’s what I call them). My first phone conversation was with Tony and Dan on July 2020. We were talking every second day , asking for all the information what I need to open an account with Proufx. It took me 1 week, and then I decided to Invest with Proufx because these 2 Brokers, Everything they sed will happen, It Did. I’ve top up my account several times, and the Outcome Is Crazy. So , I want to take this opportunity to Thank, Tony and Dan for Everything they doing for me. Thank you guys. Go ProuFx. Tony and Dan , the Best. ��������������

Thanks for words. We are glad that there are people who take the time to share their good experience.

very very nice job with the account

very very nice job with the account, I enjoy my talks with Vincent. He is more than my broker for the past 6 months.

Thanks for words. We are glad that there are people who take the time to share their good experience.

Proufx changed my life

Proufx changed my life. I was able to earn To buy a new house.

Thanks for words. We are glad that there are people who take the time to share their good experience.

can you trust ProuFX. ?

I started with ProuFX mid 2020. I was sceptical at first but lulled into a false sense is security, as it has turned out. My account was making a good return and I was cajoled into taking out a personal loan by Joseph Friedmann to achieve my goals. That was February 2020. Contact with Joseph wasn’t an issue until we came to the end of the first months trading as at March 2020. As I have now seen others my account went into free fall and now seems to be worthless. Can I contact Joseph on WhatsApp? Can I contact Joseph vie e mail? can I get a response from him or the company at all . nothing what so ever. Their contact phone doesn’t allow you to be directly connected with your agent. ‘I’ll get him to contact you’ is the reply. Do you hear from them. NOTHING. My account seem to have gone from €109k to zero in a day! Can they be trusted from the smooth talking ‘sales’ team they employ. I think not. It’s a shame really because Joseph seemed to be a really nice man and he had done so much good for people in poorer nations. I was going to help him do more but now that trust has all gone.
So where do we go from here ProuFX?
Ian Maggs :o((
Following your comments I have responded to the e mail address you gave. If that does no get received please advise here. I cannot get any replies from my account manager.

We have more than one account under that name, but none of them reference the numbers you’re mentioning in your comment. That means you either have the wrong Trustpilot page or some pretty serious misconceptions about your account are present. As for where we go from here, that’s up to you and your account manager to decide. if you need any clarification, please get back to us [email protected] , so we can investigate the matter further.


No withdraw was possible and. After A half year everything below zero and only new fund was possible .
Lot of Talkin!

There’s a lot of talking, indeed, a lot of communication goes over the phone. We always strive to exceed our best, so, seeing how you haven’t contacted us with any real name we can cross reference, feel free to drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll get on the case ASAP.

ProuFX A story of how fraudsters steal…

ProuFX A story of how fraudsters steal your money!

Opened my account at UproFX in May 2020. Paid 250 euros by VISA.
Broker calls came weekly to deposit larger amounts of money. I did not have a good feeling about pushing the brokers and wanted to test the system on my own for the time being. After all, I know my way around foreign exchange and precious metals trading.
I also asked Trustpilot about the relevant broker platforms such as KayaFX, KontoFX, UproFX and ProuFX . The relevant statements were shocking and confirmed my bad feeling to invert here.
I informed the mostly urgent and changing broker callers that I want to manage the account platform independently and for the time being make no further deposits.
Has had good success and quickly understood how the trading system worked. Always trade with a stop. Then at the end of September 2020 I suddenly had no access to my UproFX platform. After about 3 weeks and upon inquiries to broker Martin Urban, with whom I initially negotiated larger investments, what was going on, I was reactivated at ProuXF.
In addition to some other brokers, Daniel Haase came into play! Regular intrusive calls, via numbers that could not be tracked. He wanted with AnyDesk in my PC, stammered big profits and trust in himself blah, blah, blah….
Then, on January 31, 2020, my account was cleared, . no . not quite, there are still 6.88 euros left to this day.
Below is the written answer to my angry request, what is that supposed to be .
«We have spoken in the last few days and I have informed you about the activity of your trading account.
You told me on the phone that you wanted to act yourself, but unfortunately you did not provide us with this information, so the trading machine worked for you.
The automatic trading system, through which you came to us, unfortunately lost the money in the handless sessions he planned on January 31, 2020.
You didn’t tell anyone that you wanted to trade yourself. If that were true, you should pay a fee for each trade session you made. But you gave zero EUR for it. That’s why the trading machine traded for you. With kind regards, Daniel Haase Account Manager ProuFX »
Yes, dear readers, sooner or later you will be robbed of all your money by «trading machines». Guaranteed . Fraudsters and liars are lurking everywhere

I am working with Gabriel for a few…

I am working with Gabriel for a few months now and I can only say that he is living up to his name! Unfortunately I have a lot of finance troubles with my business – so much so that I lost my restaurant. Now I find new hope in my business parthner and personal trader. His team is taking good care for my account despite the fact that I am still near bancrupcy! I believe that we can overcome all troubles and that Gabriel will get me back on my feet. I already promissed him to be a VIP guest as soon as I start my business again

We are sorry for the financial troubles you had in the past! We are glad to help! Thank you for the review and good luck in the future!

I started off with ProuFX with an…

I started off with ProuFX with an investment of EUR 250.00 and the hope to pay off a morgage on my home of NOK 1,2 million and a lease on the car of NOK 320000.00.

I trusted the judgement of my broker Gabriel and gradually increased my investment to EUR 60000.00 with a steady return of 12% a month trading on cryptocurreicy ISOs and Tesla Stocks.

Currently I am receiving about NOK 71000.00 monthly dividends which definitely helps with managing the financial stress on my family.

We are pleased to see that you like our services and the way we provide them. Thank you for taking the time to write the review. It means a lot for us. You are always welcome to speak to our support staff about any suggestions that you might have

Do not invest with proufx until you’ve read this

Proufx is a scam and they will take all your money.
I started investing with the predecessor to Proufx called Uprofx in January 2020. It started in the usual way with a deposit of £250 and my broker was David Smitt. Investments went well and after a few months David sent me £100 as an incentive. He kept asking for bigger investments so he could capitalise on market trends. I invested a total of £20,000 but my account showed a healthy profit of £18,000. The website changed and I was told it was for security reasons it eventually reappeared as Proufx.
I decided I wasn’t going to invest anymore and this is when things went bad. David Smitt said he couldn’t handle my account anymore because I wasn’t investing more money and my new manager was Daniel Adlemann, he didn’t do anything with my account from October 2020 until I tried to withdraw the money. He told me that I could withdraw it on 2nd January 2020, however I requested that no trades be undertaken during this period. Later I found I had active trades on my account. I couldn’t contact Daniel anymore but I was contacted by Frank Cooper who said Daniel had set trades up and I couldn’t withdraw my money until 3rd February 2020. I told Frank that I had specifically requested no trades were done. The leverage on my account was raised and from an initial £38,000 my account is now below£2,000.
These are criminals who operate out of Estonia. If you invest with this company you will lose everything!

You will also have given an organised criminal gang a copy of your passport or driving license, your credit or debit card details and your bank account details. Your whole life will be affected.

Also you should know that all these people who claim they can get your money back are also criminals and will scam you again.

If you have been a victim of Proufx please complain to the President of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid she has a twitter account and you can go to the presidential site and send her a message.
I’m not allowed to put links on trustpilot but google her and you’ll find contact details.

You probably won’t see any money but if enough people complain some of these criminals might go to prison.

Proufx have tried to take down my review on Trustpilot. I have appealed and won which proves my identity is real.
I have reported these criminals to ‘Action Fraud’ in the UK and have contacted the President of Estonia.
I look forward to seeing these criminals in court and subsequently sentenced to very long stays in prison.

FxPro Review


FxPro has always been a leader in the forex industry since 2006, it has distanced itself from the pack in every way possible.


Broker FxPro
Website URL
Founded 2006
Headquarters 13/14 Basinghall Street, City of London, EC2V 5BQ
Support Number +44 (0) 203 151 5550, Local calls toll free – 08000 463 050
Minimum 1st Deposit 100$
Leverage 1:500
Spread from 0.4 points
Free Demo Account Open Demo
Regulation FCA (number 509956) и CySEC (license 078/07)
Types of Assets Forex, CFD, Futures, Indices, Stocks, Metals, Energy, Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin)
US Traders Allowed
Mobile Trading
Overall Score 8/10

Full Review

Trading platform and support

FxPro allows you to choose your preferred operating environment. In addition to the highly popular Metatrader4 set-ups, the firm also offers MT5 and cTrader. Additional support is also provided for the trader on the go by means of mobile applications for the iPhone, iPad and the Android devices. FxPro is committed to quality and providing the highest standard for customer support. Each rep has been expertly trained to handle a wide assortment of issues and to get you going quickly on to your path for success, 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. FxPro offers dedicated support in 18 languages.


  • Access to FxPro EA Library
  • Autotrading platform provided
  • Client Funds are Insured
  • Clients are kept in Segregated Accounts
  • Comprehensive range of FX Tools at the trader’s disposal
  • Dedicated 24/5 customer support
  • FCA & CYSEC Regulated
  • Multiple choices of trading platforms
  • Negative Balance Protection on all platforms


FxPro UK Limited is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (registration no. 509956). FxPro Financial Services Limited is authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (license no. 078/07).

If we find complaints about FxPro, we will post it on social media. Follow us to be well informed:

Account types and deposits

FxPro offers MT4 account types with Instant or Market Execution, and also a Fixed Spread option.

MT5, cTrader and Supertrader accounts are also provided.

Free Demo Accounts are Available.

The deposits and withdrawals are accepted in all major types, including Mastercard and Visa.


A veteran management team of financial experts created FxPro in 2006, and they have never looked back. Their platforms now process over 5,000 trades per second, and 99.9% of all orders are executed within 50 milliseconds. The firm has won multiple awards for its expertise and leadership in the foreign exchange industry since it entered the fray, and regulatory compliance and best practices are always the rule. As their mission states, “FxPro’s mission is to provide superior trading services for all clients, irrespective of the size of their account balances; to educate people about the markets, empowering them to take control of their finances by making forex accessible to all; and to promote transparency and fair trading practices by leading the way and campaigning for their adoption across the entire industry.” FxPro has definitely achieved elite status, such that, if you strive to be with the best, then FxPro may be the broker for you.


I stated to trade with FxPro and learned a lot about FX with the demo account and perfect customer support. They offer very good materials and explanations. Highly recommend this company for beginners. You can start with a demo-account and then test your capabilities on live-account.

I like FxPro, because it is very universal broker. They provide a wide range of services and can offer something interesting for every trader. And there are no limits in trading styles. The platforms and customer support are very qualitative. And it is very convenient for mobile trading. I work with this broker and recommend it to my friends.

After tons of good reviews i started to work with FxPro. Tight spreads, variety of trading platforms, really polite and helpful customer support. I didnt make huge amount of money here, but i have good feelings about my trading future. Wish me luck all!

Оn my first sight – very nice broker. They have several types of international licences and provide good account protection. Verification process is quite serious. Execution on the Ctrader is quite good. Good support team and informative website. Fast and easy withdrawals within a few hours. Cooperate with them not for a long time, but very pleased for that time. Success to everybody! Trade well!

Really nice FxPro provides variety of trading platforms. Its possible to choose one perfectly suitable for you. As for me i like ctrader much more. MT platform is the most popular ofc but not perfect for me, comparing with ctrader. Also you have access to variety of trader’s instruments: for example FxPro quant and Autochartist.

When I chose a broker, I looked on reliability of the company. FxPro is one of the most well-known companies in the forex world. I have 1 year experience of trading with them without any negative issues. This broker provide really high level of service: stable connection, fast execution, clear conditions, useful webmobile tools, professional customer service and fast deposit/withdrawal. Also, they offer very tight spreads. Last time I have stable profits. So I have never regret about my choice. Also I want to add that all my funds are covered by the compensation scheme up to 20000 euro. Fxpro is very professional and trustworthy european broker.

FxPro is the best broker that I know. I trade with them more than 2 years. The order execution is satisfactory. As to trading conditions, they are just like many other top brokers, not much better not much worse. Their main advantage is reliability, so if you can trade in general, you will make profitable trades, as the broker is not making obstacles.

I really enjoy their platform, it is very stable in work. Never have freezes or other problems with it. Execution is well. Very convenient and intuitive UI with the wide variety of tools. Also, I want to note that their customer service always works smoothly and there are no problems with the withdrawal of profits.

Hi, guys. Good review. Thank you. Honestly i was totally newbie, when started to trade with FxPro. I knew only several common terms. That’s it. So demo account, educational materials etc. And through the pain and mistakes i grew up to an experienced broker. So i can say it is a good broker even for novice. Not only for advanced users.

I am new in FxPro and so far I don’t regret that I chose it. Good support, tight spreads on major pairs, cool platform – very innovative and user-friendly. Fast and easy depositwithdrawal process. A lot of opportunities to build your strategies and use EA’s.

Yo trabajo con fxpro durante unos cuatro meses con un depósito relativamente pequeño. No estoy reclamando. La ejecución de pedidos es casi perfecta, las condiciones comerciales también son aceptables, la conclusión fue aprobada sin problemas.

FxPro is one of the most reliable brokers for me. I was looking for a good forex company for 1 year and I found this broker. FxPro provides good support that always helps their clients. Very good and fair trading conditions. And there is a good demo account too.

I must admit that I am pleasantly surprised by the fxpro services. Very professional customer support service, high speed of order execution and easy transections. Very good and reliable forex broker.

I learned to trade with FxPro. They have very good demo account, superior online support and interesting webinars. Now I trade on real account. Everything is ok. Satisfied with service they provide.

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