Risk Disclosure

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Additional Risk Disclosure

Dear Sir or Madam,

This information on your account application indicates that you do not meet the GlobalTrades-FX guidelines for a margined spot foreign currency or precious metals accounts. One or more of the following reason(s) is/are cited:

  • You are not between 18 and 65 years old.
  • You do not have at least 6 months of futures, securities, Precious Metals or Foreign Exchange investment or trading experience.
  • Your annual income is less than $25,000.
  • You are using retirement funds for trading capital.

Although the reason(s) cited above do not preclude you from opening an account, the following risk disclosure document must be read, understood, and signed for you to open an account with GlobalTrades-FX.


Based on your personal information and/or investment experience, trading in margined Foreign Exchange or Precious Metals might be too risky of an investment product for you. Because of the high degree of leverage obtainable in trading margined Foreign Exchange or Precious Metals with GlobalTrades-FX, the loss in trading spot foreign currencies or Precious Metals can be substantial with the possibility that you could lose more than your initial investment. You should, therefore, carefully consider whether such trading is suitable for you in light of your circumstances and financial resources.

Desired Leverage to be changed:


I understand that I do not meet the minimum guidelines to open an account as set forth by GlobalTrades-FX. However, I have considered the financial risks involved in trading margined Foreign Exchange and/or Precious Metals with regard to my personal situation, and I wish to proceed with opening an account.




Please send the filled in form to our support department: [email protected] .

This site operates under the GlobalTrades-FX brand and uses the globaltrades-fx.com domain within the European Economic Area.


Торговля валютой (FX), контрактами на разницу (CFD) и драгоценными металлами, сопряжены с высоким риском, который допустим не для всех инвесторов. Кредитное плечо создаёт дополнительный риск и возможности потерь. В случае принятия решения торговать валютой, контрактами на разницу, убедитесь в ваших инвестиционных намерениях, уровне опыта, а также допустимости рисков.


Торговля валютой сопряжена со значительными рисками и приемлема не для всех инвесторов. Возможность значительных потерь также должна быть учтена. Важно понимать все возможные последствия, связанные с инвестированием. Трейдеры должны взвешивать их возможность заработка относительно существующих рисков и действовать аккуратно.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2021:
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Admiral Markets Group consists of the following firms:

Admiral Markets Cyprus Ltd

Admiral Markets Pty Ltd

Admiral Markets UK Ltd

Admiral Markets is a globally recognised trademark, held by Admiral Markets Group AS, under which Admiral Markets investment firms offer its services in the European Union and the EEA economical area. All of the following investment firms are regulated under the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) in regards to other offices within the European Union under the MiFID Passporting Regime. Other policies, to which the Client agrees upon once deciding to receive the investment service provided by Admiral Markets UK Ltd and Admiral Markets AS, are available on our website:

The purpose of this document is to advise you of the possible associated risks with trading Contracts for Difference (CFDs), and Foreign Exchange (Forex, FX) as required under the Market in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) and the FCA. By reviewing this disclosure document, you are under no obligation to commit to an investment with us; however, the content is based on those proposing to trade with Admiral Markets UK Ltd. It is acknowledged and therefore should be noted, that this Risk Disclosure does not contain all the risks involved in trading CFDs and Forex and is there as a guide to assist the Client in acknowledging the possible risks involved. Each Client should ensure that their decision is made on an informed basis and that they are happy with the information available to them. If you are unsure or do not understand this Risk Disclosure document, please seek independent financial advice.


  • Prior to trading CFDs, and Forex,you must be aware of the risks involved. The high degree of leverage associated with these types of investments means that the degree of risk compared to other financial products is higher. Leverage (or margin trading) may work against you resulting in substantial loss as well as for you resulting in substantial gain. Trading on margin involves a high level of risk and is not suitable for all investors. The high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you and the speeds, which profits and losses can occur, means that clients should monitor positions closely – it is the clients’ sole responsibility to monitor open trades. Before trading, you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of financial experience and risk appetite.
  • Admiral Markets is”Execution Only” trading venue. No advice regarding your trading activity will be given!
  • Past performance of these types of investments does not guarantee any future results. You must bear in mind any commission and tax liabilities you personally will have from investing with us.
  • Admiral Markets accepts no liability for any tax you may be required to pay on any profits made during the time you are an account holder with us.
  • There is always a relationship between high reward and high risk. Any type of market or trade speculation that can yield unusually high returns is subjected to high risk. Only surplus funds should be placed at risk and anyone who does not have such funds should not participate in trading CFDs or Forex. Different instruments involve different levels of exposure to risk, and in deciding whether to trade in such instruments you should be aware of the following points:

1. CFDs in General

CFDs (Contracts for Differences) are complex financial products which generally only close when a client chooses to close an existing open position, and therefore generally have no set maturity date.

CFDs can be likened to futures, which can be entered into in relation to certain indexes, precious metals, oil, commodities, cryptocurrencies or financial instruments. However, unlike other futures, these contracts can only be settled in cash. Investing in a CFD carries risks similar to investing in a future and you should be aware of these. Transactions in CFDs may also have a contingent liability and you should be aware of the implications of this as set out in paragraphs 3, 5, 17 and 18 below. All CFD trades are contracts for difference, which means that clients do not have any right to the underlying instrument or the rights, which are attached unless specifically stated in the CFD. This includes no right to the reference shares or any voting rights.

2. Investing in rolling Forex, indexes, precious metals, oil and commodities

Investing in rolling Forex and CFD’s on cryptocurrencies, indexes, precious metals, oil and commodities carries similar risks as investing in a future and you should be aware of these. Such margined transactions may also have a contingent liability and you should be aware of the implications of this as set out in paragraphs 3 and 4 below.

In addition to standard industry disclosures contained in this Risk Disclosure, you should be aware that margined rolling Forex and CFD’s on indexes, precious metals, oil and commodities trading are some of the riskiest forms of investment available in the financial markets and may not be suitable for all investors. Given the possibility of losing an entire investment, speculation in the precious metals, indexes, oil, commodities or foreign exchange markets should only be conducted with risk capital funds that if lost, will not significantly affect your personal or institution’s financial well being.

3. Foreign markets

Foreign markets involve different risks from the client’s native markets. In some cases risks will be greater. The potential for profit or loss from transactions on foreign markets or in foreign currency will be affected by fluctuations in foreign exchange rates. Such enhanced risks include the risks of political or economic policy changes in a foreign media, which may substantially and permanently alter the conditions, terms, marketability or price of a foreign currency.

4. Risk reducing orders or strategies

The placing of certain orders (e.g. “stop loss” or “stop limits” orders) that are intended to limit losses to certain amounts may not always work because market conditions or technological limitations may make it impossible to execute such orders. Should a client trade using such orders or strategy they do so accepting this risk.

5. Contingent liability transactions

Forex and CFDs are margined transactions requiring you to make a series of payments against the contract value, instead of paying the entire contract value immediately. You may sustain a total loss of the margin you deposit with Admiral Markets to establish or maintain a position. Admiral Markets revalues your open positions continuously during each business day, and any profit or loss is immediately reflected in your account and a loss may result in you being called upon to pay substantial additional margin on short notice to maintain your open positions.

Admiral Markets may also change its rates of initial margin and/or notional trading requirements at any time, by informing the clients prior to the change – which may also result in a change to the margin you are required to maintain. If you do not maintain sufficient margin on your account at all times and/or provide such additional funds within the time required, your open positions may be closed at a loss and you will be liable for any resulting deficit.

6. Leverage

Whilst derivatives instruments can be utilised for the management of the risk, some investments are unsuitable for many investors. Forex and CFDs trading carry a high degree of risk. The gearing and leverage that is obtainable with CFDs and Forex trading means that you only need to place a small deposit to commence trading with Admiral Markets although this small deposit may result in large losses or large gains. Highly leveraged transactions are subject to significant changes in value as a result of relatively small changes in the value or level of an underlying or related market factor.

7. Over- the Counter (OTC) Transactions

When trading CFDs you speculate on the anticipated price change for a particular underlying. This trading does not occur on a regulated market. You will enter directly into a contract with Admiral Markets in respect of the financial instrument or other underlying you wish to trade under a CFD. All open positions with Admiral Markets must be closed with Admiral Markets and cannot be closed with any other party. Trading in OTC financial transactions may expose you to greater risks than trading on a regulated market because there is no market on which to close out your open positions and prices and other conditions are set by us subject to any legal/regulatory requirements. OTC transactions may increase the liquidity risk and introduce other significant risk factors: it may be impossible, for example, to assess the value of a position resulting from an off-market transaction or to determine the risk exposure. Also, bid prices and offer prices need not be quoted by Admiral Markets and, even where they are, Admiral Markets may find it difficult to establish a fair price particularly when the relevant exchange or market for the underlying is closed or suspended.

You are also exposed to the risk of Admiral Markets default; however, in the unlikely event this occurs we are members of the Financial Services Compensation Schemes.

8. Prices

The prices/quotes posted on the Admiral Markets trading platforms (the “Platform”) may not necessarily reflect the broader market. Admiral Markets will select closing prices to be used in determining margin requirements and in periodically marking to market the positions in your account and closing out such positions. Although Admiral Markets expects that these prices will be reasonably related to those available on what is known as the interbank market or any appropriate exchange or other financial market (the “Reference Market”), prices Admiral Markets uses may vary from those available to banks and other participants in the Reference Market. Consequently, Admiral Markets may exercise considerable discretion in setting margin requirements and collecting margin funds. As the products are in part related to the underlying you should ensure you are aware of the risks involved in the underlying including currency fluctuation, volatility and gapping (a sudden price shift which can be caused by many factors including but not exclusively, economic events, market announcements and periods where trading in the underlying does not take place).

A non-guaranteed stop will not protect you against this risk as it is not immediate and only triggers an order to close the position at the nearest available price.

9. Weekend risk

Various situations, developments or events may arise over a weekend when the markets generally close for trading, that may cause the markets to open at a significantly different price from where they closed on Friday afternoon. You will not be able to use the Platform to place or change orders over the weekend and at other times when the markets are generally closed. There is a substantial risk that stop-loss orders left to protect open positions held over the weekend will be executed at levels significantly worse than their specified price. When doing this a client accepts this risk and that they will be liable for any resulting deficit.

10. Electronic trading

Trading in OTC contracts through the Platform may differ from trading on other electronic trading systems as well as from trading in a conventional or open market. You will be exposed to risks associated with the electronic trading system including the failure of hardware and software and system down time, with respect to the Platform, your systems and the communications infrastructure (for example the Internet) connecting the Platform with you.

11. Intraday Trading

Online intraday trading can lead you to make numerous transactions.

12. Trading suspensions

Under certain conditions it may be difficult or impossible to liquidate a position. This can occur, for example, at times of rapid price movement where the price for an underlying rises or falls during one trading session to such an extent that trading in the underlying is restricted or suspended. Where this occurs the client accepts any associated risk and that they will be liable for any resulting deficit. The client should also be aware that under certain circumstances Admiral Markets may be required to close positions due to regulatory or exchange instructions and as such Admiral Markets is not responsible for any losses that may result.

13. Commissions

Before you begin to trade, you should obtain details of all commissions and other charges for which you will be liable, as indicated in the Rates Schedule available on the website of Admiral Markets. Clients should make themselves aware of potential costs or liabilities that could ensue from that position including but not exclusively: Swaps, Corporate Actions such as Rights Issues, Dividends, Stock Splits etc.

14. Insolvency

Any client insolvency or default may lead to positions being liquidated or closed out without your consent. Additionally, you will transfer full ownership and title to a portion of all the money you will deposit with Admiral Markets. This will represent an amount necessary to secure your present or future, actual or contingent liabilities to Admiral Markets including margin requirements.

Admiral Markets will determine the amount of money required to secure your obligations to Admiral Markets in its sole discretion on a daily basis (based on your daily open positions and trading, taking account of market conditions), which amount may be greater than the margin requirements. You will have no proprietary claim over this amount of money, which will not be subject to segregation or other duties pursuant to client money rules in force from time to time under applicable law and may be dealt with by Admiral Markets on its own account. Such amount of money may therefore be irrecoverable in the event of an insolvency or default of Admiral Markets.

15. Communication

Admiral Markets accepts no responsibility for any losses that may arise as a result of delayed review or unreceived communications sent by Admiral Markets to its clients. The client further accepts that any losses arising as a result of unauthorised access of a third party to the clients trading platform is not the responsible if Admiral Markets except in the case of gross negligence on behalf of the company or its staff. The client is responsible for keeping all login details safe and Admiral Markets strongly recommends that user details are not written down or saved.

Also, any client is informed of and accepts that the main method of communication will be in an electronic format, for example via email and information posted on our websites.

16. Advice

Admiral Markets does not provide investment advice and is an execution only trading venue. Whilst we may under our authorisations make general assessments of the markets, such assessments are not individual investment advice and do not take into consideration your individual circumstances. Any decision to trade is made by the Client alone.

All general information we provide in our analysis, webinars (“online seminar”) and seminars and videos, at internal webpages or via external resources such as YouTube channels, are for general information and are the personal market outlooks of the moderator or author. It is not intended to be and should not be considered to be advice to sell, buy or hold a trading instrument under any circumstances.

The analysts and authors may trade or hold or be invested in trading products, such as stocks, Forex, CFDs, commodities, Futures and other instruments.

Under MiFID we are required to assess the appropriateness of this type of product for a generic person who provides similar information as you. This does not mean by allowing you to open an account we are providing individual investment advice that this product is in fact suitable for you in your individual circumstances – rather we are indicating that it may be suitable for someone who falls into the same general category of knowledge and experience. With the assessment of whether the service is appropriate to you, we also gather information regarding your previous trading experience, information on financial assets, level of education and other information deemed necessary and proportionate. We do not monitor that your financial situation remains the same. Clients take sole responsibility to ensure we are updated with any relevant information that may affect the appropriateness of the offered services.

17. Corporate Actions: Share CFDs

Please note that the treatment you receive during a corporate action may be less favourable that if you owned the underlying instrument because changes we make may need to be made reactionary and in place prior to that required by the corporate action. Therefore the time you have to make decisions could be considerably less; the options available may be more restrictive/less advantageous and may be such that there is no option for you to close the position. Given that corporate events can often be announced at extremely short notice you may have no opportunity or choice to close positions out to avoid such consequences and such actions may require you to provide more funds to cover margin at very short notice.

18. Going Short on CFDs Shares

Going short on CFDs shares has additional risks that do not apply to the long position. This includes, but not exclusively, you will be obliged to take the other side of a purchase opportunity e.g. a rights issue resulting in you going further short at what could be unfavourable prices or paying a sum to buy back the rights the choice of which may be decided by Admiral Markets without your input, on terms decided by Admiral Markets or input being required at shorter notice than would be on the underlying share; you may experience forces buy-back due to corporate actions, stock borrowing conditions or regulatory requirements/changes, and you may experience variable borrowing charges whilst the position is open.

19. Position Monitoring

It is the clients’ responsibility to monitor at all times the positions they have opened and you should always be in a position to do so. Whilst we will attempt to close positions once your margin has been used up, we cannot guarantee this will be possible and therefore you will remain liable for any resulting shortfall.

This document should be read in conjunction with: Terms of Business, Best Execution Policy and other documents supplied or otherwise made available to the client on our website.

20. Dividend Adjustments on On CFD Positions

20.1 Dividend Adjustments on Cash Index CFDs

When any underlying stock that is part of a cash index CFD goes ex-dividend, the cash index CFD will be price adjusted to reflect this dividend. The weighted proportion of the applicable dividend within the cash index CFD will be credited to the customer’s account for long positions and debited for short ones.

20.2 Dividend Adjustments on Share Index CFDs

When a stock that is an underlying asset of a share CFD goes ex-dividend, the share CFD will be price adjusted to reflect this dividend. The value of the applicable stock dividend will be credited to the customer’s account for long positions and debited for short ones.

20.3 Withholding Taxes on Dividend Adjustments

Dividend payments will be credited to the customer’s account with any applicable standard withholding taxes deducted.Admiral Markets does not currently support or offer preferential withholding tax rates that may be available due to residency or legal status.

21. Hedged Positions

Hedged Positions – please be advised that hedged positions (simultaneous long and short position on a given financial instrument) might not fully stabilise your margin level therefore a Stop Out on your account might occur even when such hedged positions are in place. It may happen due to the following circumstances:

  1. Profits/Losses on short positions are calculated with the Ask price while Profits/Losses on long positions are calculated with the Bid price. In abnormal trading conditions the spread may widen leading to losses on your account being higher than the margin held and therefore your positions being liquidated.
  2. Profits/Losses on positions are calculated in the base currency of the traded instrument and then recalculated to the account currency with the use of the platform exchange rates. If hedged positions are opened in different time/ prices then Profits/Losses on the account may be subject to account currency price fluctuations resulting in losses being greater than the margin held and therefore your positions being liquidated.

22. Translation Disclaimer

Risk Disclosure

JFD is a leading Group of Companies offering financial and investment services and activities through its regulated entities. “JFD Bank” is a brand name and registered trademark owned and used by the JFD Group of Companies, which includes: JFD Group Ltd (ex. JFD Brokers Ltd), a company with registration number HE 282265, authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission – CySEC (Licence number: 150/11), JFD Overseas Ltd which is authorized and regulated by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (License number 17933) and JFD Bank AG which is authorized and regulated by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) and by the Deutsche Bundesbank under license number 120056. Unless explicitly specified, the use of the word JFD on this Risk Disclosure includes all entities of the Group. This notice is provided to Clients in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

This Notice cannot and does not disclose or explain all the risks associated with the Company’s services and products. It explains, in general terms, the nature of the risks particular to entering into transactions with financial instruments provided by the Company but it cannot explain all of the risks and how these risks relate to your personal circumstances. You should seek professional independent advice, if you consider this necessary.

Before deciding to trade and/or invest, you should carefully consider your objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. You should not commence trading with the Company unless you declare that you have read, understood and accepted the following generic and instrument specific risks:

General Risks of Trading:

The Company does not warrant the initial capital of your portfolio or its value at any time or any money invested in any financial instrument. You should completely acknowledge and accept that you run a great risk of incurring losses and damages as a result of the purchase and/or sale of any financial instrument and accept and confirm that you are prepared to take on this risk.

You should completely acknowledge and accept that, regardless of any information which may be offered by the Company, the value of any investment in financial instruments may fluctuate downwards or upwards and it is even likely that the investment may become of no value. The fluctuations may result to whole or partial loss of your initial investment capital.

The Client recognizes and accepts that there may be other risks which are not covered in this section.

Specific Risks of Trading

Regulatory and Legal Risk

Potential changes in laws and regulations affecting the investment sector and/or a specific financial instrument, can have unforeseeable and material effects to your investment. Risk involved with regulatory or legal amendments and/or changes are unpredictable and may vary depending on the market.

Information of previous performance of a financial instrument does not guarantee its current and/or future performance. The use of historical data does not establish a binding or reliable prediction as to the corresponding future performance of the financial instruments to which the said information mentions and should only be considered as a historical overview of the financial instrument.

Movements in the price of underlying markets can be volatile and out of the Company’s control and sphere of influence. Such volatile moves can have a direct impact on your profits and losses. Knowing the volatility of an underlying market will help guide you as to where any stops should be placed. It should be noted that volatility can be unexpected and unpredictable regardless of the instrument you are trading on. JFD shall not be liable to any person for any losses, damages, costs or expenses (including, but not limited to, loss of profits, loss of use, direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages) occurring because trades cannot be executed due to market conditions.

Need to Monitor Positions

Because of the effect of leverage and the speed at which profits or losses can be incurred, it is important that you monitor your positions closely. It is always your responsibility to monitor your trades and transactions.

No Guarantee of Profit

Trading with JFD does not guarantee profit nor loss avoidance. You willingly acknowledge that no such guarantees were made by the Company or from any of its representatives, agents, affiliates, employees and you are aware of the risks involved.

Liquidity of Instruments

Some financial instruments may not become instantly liquid as a result of reduced demand, for example, where you may not be able to sell them or easily obtain data on the price of these financial instruments or the degree of the related risks.

Foreign Market Risks

A financial instrument on foreign markets may involve risks unlike the usual risks of the markets in your country of residence. In some circumstances, these risks may be larger. The outlook of profit or loss from transactions on foreign markets is also influenced by exchange rate fluctuations.

Internet Trading Risks

There are risks associated with utilizing an Internet-based deal execution trading system including, but not limited to, the failure of hardware, software, and Internet connection. Since JFD does not control signal power, its reception or routing via Internet, configuration of your equipment or reliability of its connection, the Company cannot be responsible for communication failures, distortions or delays when trading via the Internet.

You should take the risk that your trades in financial instruments may be or become conditional on tax and/or any other duty, for example, due to alterations in legislation or your personal conditions. The Company does not guarantee that there will be no outstanding tax and/or any other stamp duty incurred. You should be accountable for any taxes and/or any other duty which may accumulate in respect of your trades. JFD does not provide tax advice, and if you are in doubt as to your tax obligations, you should seek independent advice before trading.

You should consider the risk of the insolvency or default of any other brokers involved with your transaction which may lead to your positions being liquidated or closed out without your consent. In certain circumstances, you may not get back the actual assets that you have invested and you may have to accept any available payments in cash.

The Company’s fees and charges are set out in the Company’s website here under the “Trading Costs” section. Please check the Company’s website at all times of all costs and charges that apply to you, because such costs and charges will affect your profitability.

Any opinions, news, research, analyses, prices, or other information contained on this website or produced by JFD are provided as general market commentary, and do not constitute investment advice or investment recommendation. JFD shall not be responsible for any loss arising from any investment based on any recommendation, forecast or other information provided. The analyses and comments presented do not include any consideration of your personal investment objectives, financial circumstances or needs. The content has not been prepared in accordance with the legal requirements for financial analyses and must therefore be viewed by the reader as marketing information.

Risks associated with CFDs and FX

What is a Derivative Financial Instrument?

A derivative financial instrument (i.e. option, future, forward, swap, contract for difference) price is dependent upon or derived from the price fluctuations of another underlying asset. A derivative financial instrument may be a non-delivery spot transaction giving an opportunity to make profit on changes in currency rates, commodity, stock market indices or share prices called the fundamental instrument.

You must not purchase a derivative financial instrument unless you prepared to accept the risks of completely losing all the money which you have invested and similarly of any extra commissions and other charges incurred.

What does CFD stand for? How is traded?

A CFD stands for Contract for Difference which is traded over-the-counter(“OTC”) and falls under the derivative asset class and enables you to settle for the difference between the initial and ending price of an asset by without the underlying asset. When trading CFDs, you generally trade on margin, which means you only have to deposit a small percentage of the overall value of your position. The difference between the deposited value and the overall value of your position is know as “Leverage”. Any CFD positions with “Leverage” can greatly be impacted negatively or positively even by small movements in the market.

If there is market movement against you, there is a great possibility that you may sustain a loss greater than the funds deposited in the specific position. You are responsible for all losses on your account up to the total amount deposited.

How can Leverage affect your investment capital?

Leverage is a widely used feature of CFD and FX contracts and it can affect you either negatively or positively. Any investments traded with Leverage can be significantly riskier than investing in the underlying asset and you should consider whether you can tolerate the such risks. The potential risk or benefit stems from the margining system associated with Leverage which involves a small deposit in comparison to the actual size of the transaction. The margining system can have disproportionate and unpredictable effects to your investment capital as it can abruptly affect you either positively.

Suitability of Contracts of Difference for investors

CFDs are considered to be a short-term investment and are not suited for long term investments. If you want to hold a position for too long you should consider investing in the underlying asset. If you hold a CFD open over a long period of time, there is an increased possibility of sudden market movements causing a dramatic shift in the price of an underlying asset. At all times during which you have open positions, you must ensure that your account meets the Company’s margin requirements in order to sustain your positions. You should be informed that in cases that the price moves against you or if the Company’s margin requirements have changed, you may be requested to provide us with significant additional funds to meet your margin requirement, at short notice, to maintain your open positions or close your positions.


During the account opening form, the Company makes an assessment of whether the financial instruments and/or products and/or services you chose to trade are appropriate for you. The Company shall be entitled to rely on the information provided by you when assessing the products and services you choose to trade with the Company. If you decide to continue and open an account with us, you are confirming that you are aware of and understand the risks.

As such, the Company shall be entitled to assume that a Professional Client has the necessary experience and knowledge in order to understand the risks involved in relation to those particular investment services or transactions, or types of transaction or product, for which the Client is classified as a Professional Client.

Fluctuations in the Market

It is important that you comprehend the risks associated with trading, as fluctuations in the price of the underlying market will influence the profitability of the trade. Slippage occurs when the market moves suddenly in any direction and is the difference between the expected price of a trade, and the price at which the trade was actually executed. The price is then said to have ‘slipped’ when the market has ‘gapped’ from one level to another. This applies in the event of either advantageous or disadvantageous price movements and can result in either losses (negative slippage) or gains (positive slippage).

Risks Related to Trading CFDs in Cryptocurrencies

You should be aware that for the purposes of Directive 2020/65/EU (“MiFID II”) Cryptocurrencies are not a recognized Financial Instrument. On the contrary, CFDs with Cryptocurrencies as the underlying asset are considered a financial instrument which is regulated and monitored by CySEC as per Circular C268.

Cryptocurrencies as an underlying asset are traded on non-regulated decentralized digital exchanges and usually their value is affected by parameters which are outside the scope of influence of regulatory bodies and are based on internal rules of the particular digital exchange they are traded on. For this reason, the value of cryptocurrencies is highly volatile and can dramatically increase or decrease within a day. When trading CFDs on Cryptocurrencies you should consider the risks involved and that there are numerous parameters which can fluctuate the price of Cryptocurrencies and CFDs of Cryptocurrencies.

JFD derives its market and pricing data on Cryptocurrency CFDs from the digital decentralized exchanges they are trade on. You should consider before trading that due to the non-regulated nature of these exchanges, JFD will receive market and price feeds in accordance to the internal rules and practices of these exchanges which are not regulatorily supervised and potentially might be altered by the digital exchange’s discretion from time to time. The above can result to adverse effect on the open positions you have with the Company on Cryptocurrency CFDs which could potentially lead to partial or whole loss of your investment capital.

You should consider before trading CFDs on Cryptocurrencies whether you can tolerate the significantly higher risk of loss to your investment capital which may occur over a short time frame resulting from sudden adverse price movements of Cryptocurrencies.

Risks associated with Cash Equities

Before you trade Single Stocks consider that, due to the positions not being leveraged, your deposited margin is at a lower risk compared to CFDs on Stocks since fluctuations to the value of the underlying asset have a smaller impact to your investment capital. Notwithstanding the above, your investment capital is still at risk since factors such as market volatility, regulatory changes or during periods that companies publish quarterly or yearly reports, the value of the stocks owned might increase or decrease dramatically resulting to partial or whole loss of your investment.

Stocks are bought and sold on stock exchanges worldwide hence their value can fluctuate based on factors which sometimes cannot be identified or addressed. Before trading, you acknowledge that the value of stocks is outside the sphere of influence of JFD and that due to the complexity of their evaluation, JFD will not be able to stipulate specific reasons as to how your investment value was affected. Moreover, you should be extra cautious when trading stocks relating to companies in emerging markets, smaller sized companies or startups since there is an increased risk of losing your invested capital and/or it might be harder to buy or sell stocks in such markets.

Additionally, when holding Single Stocks, you are entitled to a dividend payment on a per share basis if such dividends are declared by the Company which you hold stocks. There are however jurisdiction-specific cases that, your profit might be influenced by applicable tax regulations. In cases were tax is due and JFD has the obligation to withhold such tax from your investment, the applicable tax will be withheld accordingly, and the overall profit derived from your investment might be influenced.

Notwithstanding the above, you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience and risk tolerance before trading Single Stocks. You should fully comprehend and acknowledge the risks and obligations involved with such investment. Your single stock investment might have a positive or negative impact to your investment capital regardless of any past performance of a stock which is not indicative or does guarantee future results.

Risks associated with Portfolio Management (Copy Trading)

JFD offers Portfolio Management and Copy Trading features. In making a decision to follow a specific advisor and/or a particular strategy, you must consider your entire financial situation including financial commitments and you understand that copy trading is highly speculative and you could sustain losses and damages of your whole invested capital. You agree to bear complete responsibility for your choice of strategy and/or advisor and acknowledge that JFD has not and will not make any specific recommendations to you upon which you are entitled to rely. The risks associated with Copy Trading are, include but are not limited to, automated trading execution whereby the opening and closing of trades will happen in your account without your manual intervention.

Copy trading features are provided by the Company solely for informational purposes. JFD and its affiliates, agents, directors, officers or employees are not liable for any damages that may be caused by comments or statements by JFD advisors. You are solely and exclusively responsible of the risk of your investment decisions and any reliance on information which is available on the Company’s website or as a result of the use of the copy trading features do not impose any liability with respect to the completeness and correctness of the content presented to the Company whatsoever.

Any past performance of our advisors, strategies and any other information with respect to the copy trading features which might be displayed on the Company’s website and/or a third party’s and/or affiliate’s website are not indicative of future results and should not be considered as a guarantee of future performance. In addition, any information and/or other aspect related to the copy trading features provided via the Company’s website should not be construed as investment, tax or other financial related advice of any kind. You should not consider any such content and/or aspect to be professional financial and/or investment advice whatsoever. Accordingly, you should seek, if you consider appropriate, relevant independent professional advice on the investment considered. If you choose to engage in such activities and/or transactions related to the copy trading facility of the Company, then such decision and any consequential result of this transaction remains your sole and exclusively responsibility. JFD, its affiliates, agents, directors, officers, employees or advisors do not provide investment advice directly, indirectly, implicitly or in any other way You should not make any investment decision without conducting your own independent research and without determining whether any investment, strategy or other service is suitable for your based on your personal investment objectives and financial situation.

Past Performance should be considered as hypothetical performance results. The actual percentage gains/losses experienced by advisors vary depending on many factors, including but not limited to deposits, withdrawals, conditions/settings of the account, market behavior and the actual performance of the advisor. In any case, no representation or guarantee is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses like the past performance of a strategy.


Risk Warning:

You should acknowledge that CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 76% of the retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with JFD. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Уведомление о риске

Принимая во внимание, что SPEED SOLUTIONS (в дальнейшем «Компания») намерено сотрудничать в области торговли внебиржевыми (OTC) контрактами на разницу цен (CFDs), а также валютными контрактами (FX Contracts) с нижеподписавшимся (в дальнейшем «Клиент», «вы», «ваш»), Клиент признает, понимает и соглашается с нижеследующим:

Торговля ненадежна и рискованна.

Торговля контрактами на разницу цен и валютными контрактами весьма ненадежна, подразумевает высокую вероятность убытков и подходит не всем инвесторам, но только тем, кто:

  • понимает и готов принять экономические, юридические и другие возможные риски;
  • имеет опыт и знания в области торговли деривативами и базовыми активами, а также
  • обладает финансовыми возможностями, позволяющими покрыть убытки, значительно превышающие маржу или депозит, поскольку инвесторы могут потерять всю сумму контракта, а не только маржу или депозит.

Ни контракты на разницу цен, ни валютные контракты не подходят для инвестиций пенсионных фондов. Контракты на разницу цен и валютные контракты относятся к числу наиболее рискованных видов инвестиций и могут привести к большим убыткам. Клиент подтверждает, соглашается и гарантирует, что понимает степень риска и готов, как в финансовом, так и в другом отношении, принять риск торговли контрактами на разницу цен и валютными контрактами и что потеря всего остатка средств на счете не изменит уровень жизни Клиента.

2. Риск, связанный с долгосрочными позициями CFD, то есть риск для покупателей CFD.

Долгосрочная позиция при торговле CFD означает, что вы покупаете CFD, рассчитывая на подъем рыночной цены базового актива за время между покупкой и продажей. Будучи владельцем долгосрочной позиции, вы сможете заработать, если цена базового актива поднимется, пока ваша позиция будет открытой. Напротив, вы останетесь в убытке, если рыночная цена базового актива упадет, пока долгосрочная позиция остается открытой. Таким образом, ваш потенциальный убыток может оказаться больше, чем начальная маржа. К тому же, убытки могут увеличиться за счет закрытия позиции, если у вас не останется достаточно ликвидности для маржи на счету, чтобы сохранять позицию открытой.

3. Риск, связанный с краткосрочными позициями CFD positions, , то есть риск для продавцов CFDs.

Краткосрочная позиция при торговле CFD означает, что вы продаете CFD, рассчитывая на падение рыночной цены базового актива за время между покупкой и продажей. Будучи владельцем краткосрочной позиции, вы сможете заработать, если цена базового актива упадет, пока ваша позиция будет открытой. Напротив, вы останетесь в убытке, если рыночная цена базового актива поднимется, пока краткосрочная позиция остается открытой. Таким образом, ваш потенциальный убыток может оказаться больше, чем начальная маржа. К тому же, убытки могут увеличиться за счет закрытия позиции, если у вас не останется достаточно ликвидности для маржи на счету, чтобы сохранять позицию открытой.

4. Высокое плечо и низкая маржа могут привести к быстрым потерям.

Высокий уровень «плеча» относится к особенностям как CFD, так и валютных контрактов. Эффект плеча делает инвестиции в CFD более рискованными, чем инвестиции в базисный актив. Причина этого лежит в системе маржирования CFD, которая обычно предполагает небольшой депозит по сравнению с размером сделки, и поэтому даже сравнительно небольшое изменение цены базового актива может непропорционально значительно повлиять на вашу торговлю. Это имеет и достоинства, и недостатки. Незначительное движение цены в вашу пользу может обеспечить высокую доходность депозита, однако небольшое движение цены против вашей позиции может привести к существенным убыткам. Ваши убытки никогда не будут ниже баланса счета, который будет обнулен, если убытки превзойдут депозит, вложенный на счет. Такие потери могут наступать быстро. Чем больше плечо, тем выше риск. Размер плеча частично определяет результат инвестиции.

5. Маржинальные требования.

Клиент обязан постоянно поддерживать требуемый уровень маржи по открытым позициям. Наблюдение за балансом счета Клиента является его/ее обязанностью. Если маржа на счету будет сочтена недостаточной, Клиент может получить требование вложить дополнительную сумму наличности. Компания имеет право принудительно ликвидировать любую открытую позицию или все позиции в любой момент, если требования к уровню маржи не соблюдаются, и это может привести к закрытию CFD или валютных контрактов с убытком, который вы будете обязаны покрыть.

6. Оплата наличными.

Клиент осознает, что торговля CFD и валютными контрактами оплачивается исключительно наличными, а разница между ценой при покупке и продаже частично определяет результат инвестиции.

7. Конфликт интересов.

Компания является контрагентом по всем сделкам, совершаемым в соответствии c Клиентским соглашением, и, поскольку она является таковым, интересы компании могут вступать в конфликт с вашими. С правилами по поводу конфликта интересов можно ознакомиться на веб-сайте Компании.

Централизованный клиринг отсутствует, и никакое иное лицо не предоставляет гарантий по платежным обязательствам Компании перед Клиентом, таким образом для Клиента существует кредитный риск в отношении Компании. По поводу выполнения всех договоренностей, связанных со счетом, и возврата средств Клиенту следует обращаться исключительно к Компании.

8. Внебиржевые сделки.

При торговле CFD или валютными контрактами через нас сделки не заключаются на признанной или назначенной инвестиционной бирже и являются внебиржевыми сделками. Все открытые позиции закрываются через нас и не могут быть закрыты через какую-либо другую организацию. Внебиржевые сделки могут быть связаны с более высоким риском, чем сделки, заключаемые на бирже, поскольку отсутствует валютный рынок, на котором может быть закрыта открытая позиция. Существующую позицию может быть невозможно ликвидировать, стоимость позиции, основанной на внебиржевой сделке, невозможно оценить, а рискованность сделки просчитать. Мы не обязаны объявлять цены спроса и предложения в соответствии с правилами наилучшего исполнения, применяемыми на рынке. Централизованный клиринг отсутствует, и никакое иное лицо не предоставляет гарантий по платежным обязательствам Компании перед Клиентом, таким образом для Клиента существует кредитный риск в отношении Компании. По поводу выполнения всех договоренностей, связанных со счетом, и возврата средств Клиенту следует обращаться исключительно к Компании.

9. CFD и валютные контракты.

Торговля CFD и валютными контрактами подразумевает высокую степень риска. Уровень плеча, часто доступный в подобной торговле, означает, что относительно небольшое движение на рынке может привести к пропорционально большему изменению в уровне вашей подвижности. Вам следует принимать во внимание возможные последствия, в особенности, маржинальные требования.

10. Цены, маржа и оценочная стоимость устанавливаются Компанией и могут отличаться от цен, объявляемых в каком-либо ином месте.

Компания устанавливает цены, используемые при торговле, оценке стоимости позиций Клиента и установлении маржинальных требований в соответствии со своими Правилами торговли и Регламентом.

Исполнение вашего CFD или валютного контракта будет зависеть от цен, установленных Компанией, и рыночных колебаний в ценах базисного актива, с которым связан ваш контракт. Поэтому каждый базисный актив несет в себе определенные риски, которые влияют на результат торговли CFD.

11. Размер убытков.

При краткосрочной позиции и росте цены размер убытков может оставаться неопределенным, пока позиция не будет закрыта. Вы обязаны проанализировать ситуацию перед заключением сделки, чтобы убедиться в своей способности вынести масштабы растущего риска.

12. Права на базовые активы.

Вы не имеете прав и обязанностей в отношении инструментов или активов, связанных с вашей торговлей CFD или валютными контрактами. Клиент осознает, что торговля контракты CFD могут иметь различные базовые активы, такие как акции, индексы, валюта и товары.

13. Валютный риск.

Если CFD или валютный контракт имеют базовые активы в валюте, отличной от вашей базовой валюты, то это влечет за собой валютный риск, поскольку на размер вашего дохода может оказывать влияние его конвертация в базовую валюту.

14. Торговля одним кликом и немедленное исполнение.

Система онлайн-торговли Компании обеспечивает немедленную передачу ордера Клиента после указания Клиентом условной цены и нажатия «Купить/Продать». Это означает, что ордер нельзя изменить после нажатия «Купить/Продать» и Рыночные ордера не могут быть отменены. Такая функция может отличаться от иных систем торговли, которые вы использовали до сих пор. Клиенту следует воспользоваться Системой демо-торговли для того, чтобы ознакомиться с Системой онлайн-торговли прежде, чем он начнет торговлю онлайн с Компанией. Клиент признает и подтверждает, что, используя систему онлайн-торговли Компании, он соглашается с системой одного клика и принимает риск функции немедленной передачи.

15. Компания не является консультантом или доверенным лицом Клиента.

Предоставляя общие рекомендации по рынку, Компания не дает персональных рекомендаций или советов по инвестированию и не учитывает ваших личных обстоятельств или инвестиционных задач. Такие рекомендации не являются предложением купить или продать или предложением по покупке или продаже каких-либо валютных контрактов или контрактов на кросс-курсы. Каждое решение Клиента о заключении CFD или валютного контракта с Компанией и каждое решение относительно того, является ли сделка целесообразной или подходящей для Клиента, является независимым решением Клиента. Компания не предоставляет консультаций Клиенту и не выступает в качестве его доверенного лица. Клиент соглашается с тем, что Компания не имеет обязанностей доверенного лица перед Клиентом, а также не несет никаких обязанностей по обязательствам, требованиям, убыткам, затратам и расходам, включая стоимость услуг представителей, которые были вызваны тем, что Клиент последовал общим торговым рекомендациям и предпринял или не предпринял какие-либо действия на основании какой-либо общей рекомендации или информации, предоставленной Компанией.

16. Рекомендации не гарантированы.

Общие рекомендации по рынку, предоставляемые Компанией, основываются исключительно на суждениях служащих Компании и должны рассматриваться в качестве таковых. Клиент признает, что вступает в каждую сделку на основании собственных суждений. Любые предоставляемые рекомендации по рынку носят исключительно общий характер и могут не соответствовать рыночным позициям или намерениям Компании и/или ее подрядчиков. Общие рекомендации по рынку Компании основаны на информации, которая полагается достоверной, однако Компания не гарантирует ее точности или полноты и не заявляет, что следование таким общим рекомендациям снизит или исключит риск, присущий торговле CFD и валютными контрактами.

17. Отсутствие гарантий прибыльности.

Гарантии прибыли или отсутствия убытков при торговле CFD, а также валютными контрактами отсутствуют. Клиент не получал таких гарантий от Компании или какого-либо из его представителей. Клиент осведомлен о рисках, присущих торговле CFD и валютными контрактами и имеет финансовую возможность идти на такие риски и принимать на себя любые понесенные убытки.

18. Клиент может не иметь возможности закрыть открытые позиции.

В силу рыночных условий, которые могут привести к неожиданным и резким колебаниям рыночных цен, или в силу иных обстоятельств Компания может не иметь возможности закрыть позицию Клиента по указанной Клиентом цене, и Клиент соглашается с тем, что Компания не будет нести никакой ответственности за невыполнение такого распоряжения.

19. Интернет-трейдинг.

В случае, если Клиент осуществляет торговлю он-лайн (через Интернет), Компания не несет ответственности ни по каким требованиям, потерям, убыткам, затратам или расходам, обусловленным, прямо или косвенно, неисправностью или сбоем какой-либо системы передачи данных, коммуникационной системы компьютерного оборудования или программного обеспечения для торговли, принадлежащего Компании, Клиенту, бирже или любой расчетной или клиринговой системе.

20. Ошибки в котировках.

В случае ошибки в котировках (включая ответы на запросы Клиента) Компания не несет ответственности ни за какие вызванные этим ошибки в балансах счетов и сохраняет за собой право совершать необходимые корректировки и исправления на соответствующем счете. Любые споры, возникающие на основании таких ошибок, будут разрешаться на основании справедливой рыночной цены на момент ошибки, устанавливаемой Компанией, действующей добросовестно, по своему собственному усмотрению. В случаях, когда преобладающие на рынке цены отличаются от цен, опубликованных Компанией в окне терминала, Компания предпримет все усилия, чтобы совершить или закрыть сделки по преобладающим на рынке ценам. Такими преобладающими на рынке ценами станут цены, отраженные последними в клиентских отчетах. Это может оказать негативное влияние на зафиксированные и незафиксированные прибыли и убытки Клиента или не оказывать такового.

21. Изменения правил.

Компания сохраняет за собой право изменить настоящие правила по своему усмотрению в любое время, которое сочтет подходящим. В таком случае Компания уведомит Клиентов соответствующим образом. Компания будет пересматривать и изменять правила по меньшей мере ежегодно. Правила доступны для Клиентов в любое время по требованию и размещены на веб-сайте Компании.

Я/мы прочитали, поняли и подтверждаем согласие с уведомлением о раскрытии рисков, правилами торговли и регламентом, описанными выше.

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