Dedicated to providing patients with excellence in care, the eye health professionals at Community Eye Center (CEC) are also on a mission of constant improvement through the adaptation of technology and continuing education. Recently, this mission led CEC to optimize its...

21 February 2019

Eye Talk
The month of February conjures up lovely feelings for many reasons. A person can see the evidence of this sentiment as Valentine's Day cards and flowers flood the aisles of convenience stores. It is a time of year to reflect upon and express our love to one another. In k...

11 February 2019

As February is beginning, so is Age-Related Macular Degeneration Month. With so much to do in Southwest Florida this time of year, the everyone at Community Eye Center (CEC) realizes that it is easy to get busy and forget about the importance of routine eye health care. ...

3 February 2019

Eye Talk
While most of the time research centers on the latest technology, it is interesting to look back on through history to learn about the development of cataract extraction surgery.

1 February 2019

Eye Talk
It's the time of year when many are setting goals to get healthy and stay well. Have you considered taking steps to keep your eyes healthy?
Eye Talk
Finding fashionable eyewear is no different than anything else one buys to wear. Looking at the sophisticated trends that stylists create each season is one of the best strategies when searching for that something unique that will set you apart from the crowd.

18 January 2019

Some may think of their work as an obligation and travel as a luxury. However, the eye health professionals at Community Eye Center (CEC) understand the impact that combining the two can have on people.

9 January 2019

I Care. Eye Care.
Community Eye Center brings new meaning to Eye Care
Eye Talk
If you have a family history of glaucoma, you probably already know about it. Speaking to your aunts and uncles and other family members is an excellent way to find out what health problems your family is prone. But, to begin a conversation about glaucoma, you must know ...
Community Eye Center and St. Lucy’s Eye Surgery Center are pleased to announce that Dr. Eric A. Liss is now a board-certified ophthalmologist. The certification is sponsored by the American Board of Ophthalmology.
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