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iMarkets Live review – is iMarkets Live a scam?

iMarketsLive is an MLM that combines Forex trading and network marketing, and claims to have a program that can make anyone rich.

No financial or investment knowledge needed, and no massive start-up cost (just $15). Different from the passive income systems offered by Zukul and ClickFunnels, this one relies on the fluctuations of foreign exchange rates.

So have I been involved?

This video explains:

All good? Let’s continue…

1.) What is iMarkets Live? iMarkets Live is an MLM forex and cryptocurrency company founded in July 2020 by Chris Terry.

2.) What does iMarkets Live sell? iMarkets Live sells a subscription package that provides forex and crypto trading software and educational content. They also sell other software tools separate from the subscription.

3.) Who is the founder of iMarkets Live? Chris Terry is the founder and CEO of iMarkets Live. Before becoming an investor, he worked in construction as a worker and eventually an owner in New York. He started trading in 1995 after discovering, eventually making it his full-time gig after leaving his construction company in 1998 (he also became an investing educator at this time). After serving in various investing roles, he started International Markets Live, Inc., shortened to iMarkets Live Inc.

4.) What are iMarkets Live’s products? The Platinum subscription includes iMarkets Live Academy (Educational program with over 100 videos, webinars, articles, and step-by-step modules), iMarkets Live TV (nearly 1,000 per month of weekly live training), Swing Trades and Night Owl Sessions with Chris Terry (weekly education and market news updates from Chris Terry), and the Harmonic Scanner tool (Identifies harmonic patterns in markets for good investing opportunities). Add-ons include the Swipe Trade mobile app (Live trade alerts for forex), the Swipe Coin mobile app (Live trade alerts for crypto), and a Web Analyzer tool (a general market analysis/charting tool).

5.) How do I become an iMarkets Live IBO? All it takes is $15 upfront and $15 per month. However, you don’t gain access to the products you’re selling unless you buy the Platinum package, which will run you $225 upfront then $164.95 per month.

6.) What is iMarkets Live’s refund policy? The platinum package comes with a 7-day, 100% money-back guarantee for the initial purchase and for each subscription payment. No refunds on that month’s subscription payment if you wait longer than 7 days.

7.) Is iMarkets Live a scam? No, although it’s close. First of all, it’s too expensive. Many forex companies offer software completely free. There’s also the risk involved. Many experienced traders lose quite often in forex, which brings us to the last point: the fundamental flaw in the business model. If Chris really found the secret to getting rich in Forex, so many investors would follow his trades that the currencies being invested in would inflate and become worthless. None of those facts make the IBO opportunity sound very fruitful, even when you don’t consider how expensive it is to be an IBO and have access to the products you’re selling.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:

    The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Perfect For Beginners and Middle-Leveled Traders!
    Free Education.
    Free Demo Account.
    Get Your Sign-Up Bonus Now!


    Recommended Only For Experienced Traders!

8.) What is iMarkets Live’s BBB Rating? D+

9.) Comparable companies: World Financial Group

10.) Recommended? No to both the product and the IBO opportunity. There are far cheaper companies out there that truly teach you how to trade Forex, and there are plenty of MLM opportunities that sell more legitimate products and cost less to join.


iMarketsLive was founded in July 2020 by Chris Terry. They’re based out of the financial capital of the world, New York City.

Terry actually isn’t an MLM vet at all, but he does have quite the track record when it comes to finance. He’s been involved in network marketing here and there (worked for Amway in the 90s for a bit), but his claim to fame is 18 years of experience as an 8-figure trader. [1]

Now, he wants to share his secrets, and a massive crowd has gathered around him to listen.

Since launching just six years ago, iMarketsLive has already gained 55,000 customers and has expanded to operate in over 120 countries around the world. They plan on serving 1 million students by 2020.

A few years ago, iMarketsLive appointed a new VP of Sales – Alex Morton. They couldn’t have made a smarter choice. Morton is an MLM prodigy with years of experience in direct sales. Not only has he been successful, but he’s also been an innovator. He’s largely responsible for shifting MLM away from age-old Tupperware methods and into the new millennium, using sales to target today’s youth instead of your grandma. [2]

He’s since been promoted to executive vice president, and rightfully so. He was replaced by a worthy successor in the form of Ivan Tapia. Ivan’s generated over $50 million in sales in his MLM career. When he first joined iMarkets Live, it took him only 66 days to reach the Chairman 50 compensation rank, faster than any other sales rep in the history of the company. I’m sure that skill carries over well to the VP of Sales position.

Hey, even Alex praised him and his accomplishments when iMarkets Live brought him on.

So how much does iMarketsLive cost?

Anywhere from $15-$225.

To start-up as an IBO with the rights to promote and earn commission on their products, you only have to pay $15 to get started. There’s an additional membership fee of $15/month. Very affordable, but you don’t get first-hand access to any of their products.

How can you sell something you’ve never even seen?

In order to join on as a Customer and access their compensation plan, you’ll need to pay the IBO fee and purchase the Platinum Package, which gives you access to their product. This costs $225 to start, and then you pay a membership fee of $164.95/month.


iMarketsLive sells financial products and trading software. According to them, their products are worth thousands, given how much money you can make off them.

There are four different programs included in their package: iMarkets Live Academy, iMarkets Live TV, Swing Trades and Night Owl Sessions with Chris Terry, and the Harmonic Scanner tool.

In addition to these programs, they have various add-ons: the Swipe Trade mobile app, the Swipe Coin mobile app, and a Web Analyzer tool. Each of these can be purchased separately from the subscription for an additional monthly fee.

They used to have a trading software called FX Signals Live which did all the work for you by simply following Chris Terry’s trades, essentially serving as an advisor to the person trading. FXCM, a large forex broker, started locking accounts because FX Signals Live amounted to an unregulated “expert advisor”.

Eventually, they discontinued FX Signals Live after so many were locked out of trading. iMarkets Live still does most of the work for you, but you have to make the final trading decision.

iMarkets Live Academy

iMarkets Live Academy is an in-depth educational program offered to paying members that includes the company’s entire library of webinars, training modules, videos, and articles for you to review at your leisure.

Inside the Academy, there are over 100 educational videos showing you the ins and outs of both forex and crypto trading. The modules break down various forex trading topics step-by-step, and they come in 3 levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Investors of every level of expertise will get some good stuff out of the iMarkets Live Academy.

iMarkets Live TV

iMarkets Live TV provides live training every week to expand upon the training provided in iMarkets Live Academy. It provides almost 1,000 hours of live trading education and analysis per month, so you’ll never fall behind in your pursuit of forex and crypto riches.

Forex is the main topic, offering basic, intermediate, and advanced modules similar to iMarkets Live Academy. Training often covers crypto too. Trading strategies and product training can be found here as well.

iMarkets Live TV is available in 8 languages, and they promise to add more in the future. Hold tight if it’s not offered in your language yet because it might be soon.

Swing Trades and Night Owl Sessions with Chris Terry

Swing Trades and Night Owl Sessions with Chris Terry is a webinar the company offers to paying members only. It’s hosted by their CEO, Chris Terry, offering live financial advice and showing you first-hand how he’s earned his millions through trading.

Harmonic Scanner

Harmonic Scanner is another software program that helps you with Forex trading. It identifies harmonic patterns in the market and then explains them to you in easy to understand terms, helping you to identify major money-making opportunities on your own.

If you don’t know what harmonic patterns are, they try to predict future price movements using a mathematical concept called Fibonacci numbers to try and predict future price movements. I won’t get into the details, as you can read more about advanced trading stuff online, and I’m sure you can learn more about them within the iMarkets Live Academy and on iMarkets Live TV if you buy iMarkets Live.

The Harmonic Scanner finds these patterns for you so you don’t have to constantly track the market and look for them. It’ll tell you good entry points, risk points, targets, and other relevant information.

The best part is the Harmonic Scanner caters to multiple trading styles. You can learn how to use it to maximize your preferred trading style by following iMarkets Live TV.

Swipe Trades

Swipe Trades is a mobile app that alerts you to good trading opportunities. It gives you all the details of the trade, leaving you to do nothing but decide whether or not you want to follow through. All trade alerts are stores on the app, allowing you to search for and filter through past trades to see how they panned out. Adds a little bit of accountability.

These opportunities are found by iMarketsLive’s expert educators all over the world. They’ll send you the symbol, entry price, stop-loss, and target price with each trade idea. Comments, charts, and other guidance is also provided to help you understand WHY each trade is being made and what the plan is.

Swipe Trades sorta does everything for you, but it’s ultimately up to you to make the trade. I think this slightly hands-on nature helps you learn the markets more since you have to analyze the information you’re given.

Ready to make the trade? All you have to do is click the checkmark and copy and paste all the trade information into your trading software platform. Don’t want to make the trade? Click the X button or swipe left. It’s kind of like a dating app but for forex trading.

Swipe Trade is an add-on and must be purchased separately from the Platinum package.

Swipe Coin

Swipe Coin is a mobile app that works the exact same way as Swipe Trades but for crypto instead of forex. This time, they only have 1 expert providing the alerts (according to their site), but this expert has over 5 years of successful crypto investing.

It’s based around several cryptocurrency pairs, not just your typical Bitcoin/USD pair.

Swipe Coin has a blog attached full of how-to articles, tools, industry-related news, and other educational topics so you can understand what you’re doing and how your money will be affected. Good that it’s in there because crypto is a confusing field to be in.

Like Swipe Trades, Swipe Coin is purchased separately from the Platinum subscription.

Web Analyzer

The Web Analyzer is a tool that constantly scans the forex markets in real-time to identify good trading opportunities. It then lets you analyze the trade idea before deciding if you want to take it or not. It consists of three tiers of tools/trading ideas based on how much analysis is required: Trade Ideas (Tier 1, no analysis needed), PowerTrades (Tier 2, little-to-no analysis needed), and Volume Bursts (Tier 3, minimal analysis needed, the main feature of the Web Analyzer).

Within each tier, there are both free and paid features. Paid features are marked with an asterisk.

Side note: The Web Analyzer is an add-on to the Platinum subscription, so you have to buy it separately.

1. Tier 1: Trade Ideas

Tier 1 provides you information on several free and paid trade ideas based on market trends the Web Analyzer has identified. No analysis is needed for these trades. All you have to do is copy and paste the information from the Web Analyzer into your trading platform. However, you should probably look at the trade idea a little bit just in case, since you’re putting your money at risk.

2. Tier 2: PowerTrades

Tier 2 offers several automated trading ideas, some free and some paid, each built off a different underlying trading strategy. Not much analysis is required, and sometimes none at all. You really just have to compare each trade idea against a defined set of rules that govern your chosen strategy before you make the trade.

3. Tier 3: Volume Bursts

Tier 3 finds bursts in trading volume (trading activity) and uses a proprietary algorithm to identify the best entry points for you, making a small level of analysis mandatory to use this successfully. It lets you select from a large dropdown of strategies. Some are good for forex, while others are better for crypto, but some are suited for both. The Web Analyzer then works off your chosen strategy to identify the best trades and their optimal entry points.

On the left of the web analyzer screen is a list of trade ideas based on your strategy with information on price, time, stop-loss points, and take-profit points. You can see what’s actually happening in real-time by looking at the chart to the right of the idea list.

Tier 3 is the main component of the Web Analyzer.

It’s a lot to pay for a monthly membership, but if their software and training programs can really get you making money without doing much of anything, it’s totally worth it.

Those of you who know a thing or two about trading and investments have probably already realized a few glaring errors with these Forex trading MLMs. The first one being that you can get similar stuff for free elsewhere – numerous companies offer the same (or better) Forex trading software to budding traders at no cost. They make money by taking a commission out of your winnings, so they have no reason to charge for their software. By companies restricting their earnings to commissions, you’re taking much less risk because you only pay when you win, rather than pay monthly no matter what. Plus, companies that earn through commissions on your earnings are more incentivized to help you succeed.

The other glaring error here: Forex trading is extremely difficult and risky. It’s actually one of the riskiest investment methods out there – it’s like the craps of finance. You can win big, but most of the time, you just lose big. Even the Wall Street Journal has written about traders with over a decade of experience who are still seeing their bank accounts wiped clean by the practice. [3] There’s no possible way that they’ve figured out how to develop a method for your average Joe to get rich off of this volatile industry when the experts routinely fail. According to Daily FX, the average trader doesn’t just fail to get rich, but the average trader actually loses money regularly. [4]

Finally, trade secrets are secrets for a reason. If this guy really did find out how to get rich off Forex trading, sharing his secrets with 55,000 people who can easily replicate them and then recruit 55,000 more people to do the same would destroy any money-making possibilities. In trading, there is a loser for every winner. If tons of people get on board and start buying up the currency this automated program tells them to buy, the currency will inflate and become worthless. You know, supply and demand and all that. The model is inherently flawed.

Compensation Plan

The idea is that you make money off their product, but they also have an affiliate structure. A fast start bonus gets you earning right away, with commission paid out 4 levels deep.

Level 1 (personally sponsored Affiliates) get you 30%, and levels 2-4 get you 10%.

Residual commission is offered on a 3 by 8 matrix – 3 branches, each of which have their own 3 branches, etc, 8 levels deep.

Every time your recruits pay their monthly membership, you get 8%, down to 8 levels. However, you have to move up with the company in order to access all 8 levels. Affiliates with all 8 levels unlocked have personally recruited at least 12 other affiliates.

Lots of other bonuses are available, including a $5-$35 bonus on each Platinum Package you sell and a $1,000-$40,000 Chairman Infinity Bonus.


I’ve already explained the flaws in their product. You’re not getting rich off Forex trading anytime soon.

But what about getting rich off their affiliate program? Well, if you’re okay with vigorously pushing a product you know is borderline shady, go for it.

Usually, you have to be pretty enthusiastic about what you’re selling to do well in MLM. And getting enthusiastic about a product that you know isn’t all it’s cracked up to be is near impossible unless you REALLY need the money.

You’re going to have to sell hard and recruit even harder to see any real money with this company. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have it in me to knowingly recruit people into paying hundreds per month for a program that doesn’t work.

Look, I’m not a hater of the company.

But if you like passive income streams, there are much better opportunities out there. Opportunities that pay you more to sell more legit products.

In other words, you might like our training because it teaches the “good life” without pushing shady gigs on your family and friends.

About the author: Jeremy Page created Multiple Streams for big thinkers and online business owners.

Imarketslive is an excellent company, you pay monthly and have the company’s products. Participate in the business plan who wants … only with the signs of the company already makes good money in the forex.

Wow, such a deep comment with so much evidence, I could say the same about my own business of course Ill do it cause is my own company, iMarkertslive is ghost company with virtual address in UK (it keeps changing time to time) those experts have lots of open trades hoping and praying they actually produce a income , those “Experts” keep closing and opening accounts to do trading, that only means they are not good, FOREX is not for everybody , this is a scam.

Same crap everyone says, they post pictures of their phones, doing swag meetings, they just shows payments from paylution from iml, they always start with forex but endup saying “if you believe”, “be positive”. FOREX is manipulated by goverments and brokers, so do you really think you are going to get the money from the broker just like that? to make actual money you have leverage your trades and thats where the brokers make the money.

Besides this ghost company keeps changing their address, all the top people comes from other MLM scams come on. IS A SCAM, good luck selling a FOREX product to people that doesnt even know what FOREX is

Actually to clarify brokers don’t make money from leverage. How can they make money from the same money which they allow you to borrow? The only thing that brokers make money from is the spread, which is the difference between the ask and bid price. Brokers can’t manipulate the forex market, to educate you the biggest participants within the forex market is central banks and governments, and then hedge funds come into play. Lastly comes in independant traders but either hedge funds or indepensant trader hardly dictate the movement. As you can see brokers are not listed within them. Also governments don’t manipulate the currency market, if they did then that would also effect the countries economy and I don’t think that would be a smart thing especially when its a 5.3 trillion a day industry which everyone participates in within their everyday life.

I’ve had first hand experience with this company so I can say with what you are saying and then looking at the results I’ve seen and hundreds of people, well results speak for themselves, I’ll be 100% happy to show you examples and proof of results but also a backtrack of results that the company has even kept for some of the services.

I don’t think opinionated reviews aren’t really fairly balanced and pretty biased especially when it seems yourself that you don’t really know what you are talking about. Also saying that the top leaders come from scams where is your proof? What companies are you referring to also and who exactly are you referring to?

MLM or network marketing is not a scam, if it were I think the governments would of closed down them all a long time ago as they monitor them very closely. Also network marketing is one of the largest industries within the world which even top entrepreneurs have been involved in such as Jim Rohn, Tim Robbins etc. Also many figures such as Bill Gates and Robert Kiyosaki have even said that network marketing is a good business model.

Tbh I think you need to do more research and look from the other side of the argument also rather than slate your opinion and give negativity especially when the results say something completely different. Have you had any first hand experience?

I have seen people earn with iml so I don’t think they are scam, though I’ve no personal experience.

I have a friend who knows one of the iMarketsLive Reps. DO NOT believe the hype. You do not need to pay a monthly subscription of $165.00 or more to be able to trade FOREX. Do not waste your time or money. I would love to put a “LICENSED” broker dealer in the room with them. You will find that they only know surface details about FOREX trading. I would love to know the actual ratio of people who actually find success with this. Common sense says that you cannot have that many millionaires in this game. FOREX would render itself worthless if there were that many winners.

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Is Stox Market a Scam?

StoxMarket is a broker platform offering one on one services concerning stocks and shares trading. This is a highly risky trading environment and it is very important that you sign up for a legitimate and reliable broker. If you miss doing that, you might end up accumulating losses. And no trader would want that. Initial failure might turn out to be very disappointing for passionate novice investors.

Review Verdict: StoxMarket is NOT a Scam

Our goal is to keep you up to date and informed on the possible scams and genuine stock brokers – which to avoid and which to trust if you wish for a favorable experience. Read our full review on Stox Market if you still have doubts that it might be a scam.

Is StoxMarket Scam or Not?

The StoxMarket brand belongs to the privately owned company Marketier Holdings Limited. Their payment service provider is the UK based London firm Profitier Limited. Our investigation found a bulk of information on the two companies. They have a solid background and add to the reliability of the StoxMarket broker.

Stox Market was launched in 2020 as a brand of Marketier Holding Ltd and its trading platforms are licensed. Since then, their client base has been rapidly growing with lots of loyal and satisfied customers. This is due to the fact that the StoxMarket broker offers not only an easy way to generate good trading results online but also guarantees a high level of security by following strict policies and practices.

Stox Market – Account Types & DEMO

Stox Market is one of the brokers that offer few in number account types, but those are equipped with all the tools necessary for successful trading. Apart from the basic trading account, you can open with an initial investment which is standard for the industry or its equivalent in pounds or euros, there are three other account types which include the following features and benefits:

  • Silver Account – This is an introductory trading account for beginners. It provides daily briefing and research materials and results, video tutorials, webinars and seminars, and a general account manager.
  • Gold Account – It is suggested for advanced traders which want to become experts. This is the standard account type of StoxMarket. Comes with daily news and signals, and premium daily trading analyses.
  • VIP Account – It is suitable for experts in online investments. Apart from everything available for the other account types, and the VIP account comes with premium customer support.

Regardless of your account type, you will be able to trade on all of your devices – desktop, tablet or mobile phone, thanks to the offered apps which are free for download and use. Apart from that, if you are a novice, Stox Market gives you the opportunity to begin trading with a Demo account. You can sign up for it and get to know the user-friendly platform. You are free to upgrade to a live trading account the moment you feel comfortable and confident enough to start investing real funds.

Bonus Policy, Deposit & Withdrawals

Once you sign up for StoxMarket, you become eligible for receiving different types of bonuses. While most brokers offer only welcoming bonus, Stox Market provide also loyalty bonuses, cash back and “refer a friend” bonuses. The only requirement to receive a bonus is to invest as a starting amount. StoxMarket gives you the opportunity to decline the available bonus if you are not satisfied with the terms and conditions of receiving it.

Regarding the transfer of funds, StoxMarket accepts various secure methods for that. You can use Credit or Debit card, you can make a fast wire transfer, use an e-wallet. You can also use local payment methods. Their full list is available in your personal account after you log into the StoxMarket platform. What is curious about the broker is that if your investment is more than the required any transfer fees or charges will be covered by the StoxMarket team and the transfer will not cost you a thing.

Withdrawal requests are usually processed within 3 business days. For safety purposes, StoxMarket has developed a strict method of verifying the owner of the trading balance and you have to meet their requirements to prove your identity in order to transfer your funds. This guarantees a high level of security and safety of your finances.

Advantages of StoxMarket Broker

There are a number of things that give StoxMarket an edge over other stock trading brokers. Most notable among them is the safety of the trading experience provided by the brokerage. It also applies the award-winning trading platform and offers 2048-bit encryption. The customer support service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and offers adequate and quality help to the clients that need it.


Stox Market is a very good broker offering great special features to the average trader. It guarantees safety and security, and most importantly – high quality of service. The StoxMarket brokerage has proven itself to be a reliable partner in trading stocks and shares. With a wide variety of opportunities, extensive training materials, and very good security, our investigation shows that StoxMarket is suitable for both newbie traders and professionals.

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    The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
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