Standard FX Review Is A Scam

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Standard Cash Limited – Fund Management Review

Is this business legit or another scam?

Standard Cash Limited What is it ?

Standard Cash Limited is a young and “legit” bitcoin management company.

Its funny, because when businesses say they are “legit” they are more often a scam.

The company has been registered in United Kingdom and operating since 2020.

The business is mainly involved with cryptocurrencies, they claim to have outstanding

technology of bitcoin trading and bitcoin mining, this sounds fishy already .

Standard Cash aims to offer each person a chance to be involved with cryptocurrencies

such as: Bitcoin, Ethereum and earn profit easily with their “powerful systems”.

Standard Cash also claims to have a great team that has different backgrounds which

which results in them helping one another. They also talk about that cryptocurrencies has

brought them all together and how successful the company has been, apparently

they have a lot of positive reviews and feedback from clients quoting “across the world wide”.

Standard Cash Limited Investment Plans

Looking at Standard Cash investment plans, one thing is very clear, they are over exaggerated.

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Totally unrealistic really, how can you expect to earn 280% in 5 hours? that is nearly 1400% daily.

That is their smallest plan which called the premium, which is great and all, but it literally

makes the other 3 plans invalid, the business plan (the highest one) actually pays only 740% in 30 hours.

Which is twice as less then the casual plan, which totally does not make any sense.

It is obvious that these guys behind Standard Cash are not here to make you money, they are

here to take all their clients money and run away without you ever catching them.

These percentages are so unrealistic, even the biggest companies in the world would never ever

come close to what these guys are paying, and they are a new company.

How can a newly established company have so much cash flow to be able to sustain these kinds of gains,

especially when Bitcoin is not sky rocketing anymore, there is simply no way, Standard Cash Limited

is only using these type of percentages to attract naive people that do now know much about

trading and what these schemes are capable off, everybody wants to buy their dream car, house and

be financially independent to travel the world, however that is not how the real world works, people

will try to manipulate you, deceive you to make their life better, this company is not to be trusted,

I am 100% sure this is just another faceless scam, that in near future will disappear in thin air.

Standard Cash Limited About Us

Standard Cash does not have any valuable information in their website.

They have not mentioned any of their names and showed any photos of their team members.

I mean you could say they are camera shy and they do not want to be mentioned.

However, there still should be someone that represents the company such as the CEO Founder.

This is is bad any company, it does not add any transparency and makes clients think

the business is shady and they will be the same with their investment, which is definitely not what you want.

Standard Cash Contact Us

Looking at Standard Cash contact us it is a very typical page that is set up for a scam.

The only way to contact their company is a email address, this is bad, because when you are a

investment firm you need to have live support without any questions, people get protective over their

investment and money and if something goes wrong with their account and cannot control it

they will do a lot of things that are kinda questionable and say a lot of negative things.

However, Standard Cash does not really care about their clients that is why they only have

a email address available, having a email address is great, because they can just totally ignore

their clients that are scammed and not care one bit, also email is very hard to track so if people

get scammed, the possibility to get your money back is slim to none.

Standard Cash Affiliates

The business has affiliate marketing, which is great in one sense, but bad in the other.

Affiliates will bring the company a lot of traffic that will probably be targeted within the trading niche.

Which would result in the business getting more investments deals closed.

However, will Standard Cash actually pay their affiliates is a different question that needs to be answered.

Why do you think they even have affiliate marketing, but do not have social media ? Well, its simple

they would get a massive backlash from their scammed clients, which would result in the company not

getting any deposits and investments, and they would have to close their business down.

However, if they have affiliate marketers its different, the association is not actually promoting themselves

and do not have a page made for people to gang up on Standard Cash, which keeps the business out

of any trouble while the affiliates do all the dirty work for them.

Also a lot of businesses are doing this and hide their numbers to the affiliates, which means if a affiliate

refers a person and that person makes a deposit, Standard Cash can just hide the numbers and tell

the affiliate that there was no transaction made, which will result in the affiliate working and promoting

this business for free, while Standard Cash is enjoying fruits of other peoples labour.


To conclude this article Standard Cash is just another Ponzi-Scheme that will dissapear in the near future.

There are no names mentioned in their about us page, no phone numbers and no evidence their

team of experts are actually real or have any experience within the financial markets.

The company does not have any social media, which adds a lack of transparency and

it feels like the business is hiding something, not to mention their investment plans are totally bogus,

unrealistic and unsustainable, you would never see a business that would offer such percentages.

Final Verdict

Standard Cash Is A SCAM

This software generates me around $200 dollars a day ��

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Beginner’s Guide to Vantage FX: Complete Review

Vantage FX is a leader among Australian Forex brokers and gives traders the ability to access the Forex markets, Cryptocurrencies, Indices, Commodities and Shares CFDs.

The company has received consistent recognition as a secure, safe forex broker that provides highly transparent access to the markets.

Vantage FX was founded back in 2009 with the founders consisting of a highly specialized team with experience in technology, forex, and finance. The goal behind Vantage FX was to assist clients with pursuing financial goals by providing powerful trading platforms, transparent forex market access, award-winning customer service, and exceptional execution speed.

Vantage FX prides itself on delivering better service and access to the forex markets than competitors, both for retail and professional traders. Additionally, Vantage FX strives to enhance its offerings, ensuring it remains superior to the competition in terms of service.

Risk Warning : Trading derivatives and forex carries a high level of risk to your capital and should only be traded with money you can afford to lose. Ensure you read the documents on our Legal Page (including FSG, PDSs and Terms & Conditions), and seek independent advice, to fully understand the risks,before deciding to trade. The information in this website is of a general nature only and the advice has been prepared without taking account of your objectives, financial situation or needs.

Vantage FX at a Glance

Broker Vantage FX
Regulation ASIC (Australia)
Minium Balance $200
Demo Account
Asset Coverage CFDs,Forex, Cryptocurrency, Shares, Commodities, Indices
Leverage 500:1
Trading Platforms Web, Mobile, MT4, MT5, ZuluTrade

Trust & Transparency

Vantage FX makes transparency a priority, particularly given that the forex industry is frequently cloudy. Because of this, the company goes above and beyond to ensure it is fully available to meet the needs of clients and continue delivering reliable and exceptional services.

Additionally, Vantage FX believes that trust must be earned, something the company feels helps differentiate it from competitors. To earn that trust, Vantage FX always actively promotes integrity and ethical practices and offers the best possible services.

Vantage FX also places a focus on maintaining its reputation of delivering integrity. To do so, the company matches its interests with those of clients, so everyone works toward the same goal. At the same time, the company also holds itself fully accountable for its offerings, which allows Vantage FX to ensure that it never compromises its exacting standards.

Vantage FX Advantages

When creating its services, Vantage FX asked itself what traders want from a forex broker. Based on that question, it chose what to include and what values or features to strive toward.

Vantage FX is transparent with strong regulation, lets clients trade on the powerful MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms, and offers lightning-fast trading execution. It also offers the ability to trade forex, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and indices.

Vantage FX has raw ECN spreads from 0.0, offers exclusive FX promotions, has a leverage of up to 500:1, and has earned numerous awards. There is no conflict of interest since traders get true STP/ECN execution that does not involve a dealing desk.

Additionally, Vantage FX prides itself on using top-tier liquidity providers so clients have access to deep institutional liquidity pools.

Vantage FX Licenses & Regulators

Vantage FX is regulated by ASIC (Australian Securities and Investment Commission) as a leading forex broker based out of Australia. As such, the company upholds the highest standards for compliance and regulation from ASIC.

As part of the ASIC regulation, Vantage FX clients can rest easy thanks to Professional Indemnity Insurance that covers the work done by employees, representative, and authorized representatives of Vantage FX.

Vantage Global Prime Pty Ltd CAN 157 768 5661 has Vantage FX Pty Ltd CAN 140 903 886 as an Authorized Representative (with number 343547). Additionally, Vantage Global Prime is regulated and authorized by ASIC and has the Australian Financial Services License number of AFSL 428901.

Vantage FX Standards

The standards that Vantage FX follows due to its ASIC regulation are considered a regulatory benchmark globally, giving clients a great deal of confidence. Additionally, KPMG strictly audits Vantage FX. KPMG is a network of a global nature that includes professional firms that provide audit services as well as those of an advisory nature and tax services.

KPMG annually audits the Vantage FX financial reports and Australian Financial Services License. Additionally, KPMG conducts quarterly reviews of controls over the client money, with all reviews and audits following the auditing and assurance standards of Australia.

Furthermore, Vantage FX segregates all client funds in a trust account that the National Australia Bank holds. This allows for further protection for the funds as the National Australia Bank is AA rated and among the four largest financial institutions in the country. It also consistently ranks among the top 20 safest banks in the world.

Vantage FX Liquidity Partners

To ensure clients always have the best possible liquidity, Vantage FX has 14 different liquidity partners.

These include KCG Hotspot, J.P. Morgan, NAB, CitiBank, Westpac, Nomura, BNP Paribas, HSBC, RBS, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Societe Generale, and UBS. Overall, Vantage FX has more than 30 liquidity providers.

Vantage FX Account Signup

Opening a Vantage FX account is specifically designed to be incredibly simple. You can begin live trading within minutes. Begin by filling out the online application and then fund the account using your choice of ten different funding methods. From there, you can start trading global markets.

Types of Accounts

Vantage FX offers three main types of accounts: Standard STP, Raw ECN, and PRO ECN, with the second being an incredibly popular option.

  • A Standard STP Account is the ideal choice for beginner traders in search of no commissions and direct, simple access to the market.
  • RAW ECN Accounts are ideal for more experienced traders who need deep liquidity and spreads that are razor sharp.
  • PRO ECN Accounts are ideal for professional traders or money managers that trade with high volumes.

Regardless of account type, Vantage FX clients get access to MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, WebTrader, and mobile apps for trading platforms. In terms of markets, all clients can access 40 currency pairs, 13 indices, and 20 commodities.

As the name implies, the Standard STP account uses STP as the execution type. This account can use the following base currencies: AUD, CAD, GBP, EUR, JPY, NZD, SGD, and USD.

There is a minimum balance of $200 and a minimum trade size of 0.01 lot. The leverage for Standard STP Accounts is up to 500:1 and the spreads start at 1.4 pips. There are no commissions and lot rebates are $2.00 AUD each.

Given the name, RAW ECN accounts follow the ECN execution type. It offers the same eight base currencies and does not offer $2.00 AUD per lot rebates.

The spreads are from 0.0 pips and the commission is $3.00 per lot per side. The minimum trade size is still 0.01 lot and the minimum balance is $500. PRO ECN Accounts limit base currencies to AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, and EUR.

There is no $2.00 AUD per lot rebate and commissions are $2.00 per lot per side. Spreads still start at 0.0 pips with a leverage of up to 500:1. While the minimum trade size remains 0.01 lot, the minimum balance is $20,000.

It is possible to change your account type at a future date. Log in and make sure that your account has the minimum balance for your desired type of account. From there, close any open trades you have. At this point, you can contact Vantage FX support to upgrade your account.

Vantage FX Islamic Accounts

Vantage FX also offers an Islamic Account for Muslim traders to utilize so they can enjoy a swap-free account. This account was specifically designed for those forex traders who cannot pay or receive swaps due to religious beliefs.

The account type is fully compliant with Sharia law and Sheikh Hasan Qamra, the Chairman of the Sharia Supervisory Board, fully certified The Islamic Account from Vantage FX. This is unique as Vantage FX is the only forex broker that is officially Sharia compliant.

Vantage FX Demo Accounts

Vantage FX does offer a demo account and it takes less than 30 seconds to sign up for one. Additionally, those who already hold a live account with Vantage FX can take advantage of an Unlimited MT4 and MT5 demo account.

This is designed to ensure that all Vantage FX clients feel confident using their chosen trading platform. This is also a useful feature for testing out a new trading strategy in a risk-free manner, so you can potentially adjust your current strategy and improve future earnings.

The unlimited demo account also includes on-demand access to price data from Vantage FX.

Deposit and Withdrawals

There are no fees for deposits to Vantage FX. Funding options include credit or debit cards, bank wires via international SWIFT or Australian banks, BPAY (in Australia), POLi Payments (in Australia), Skrill/Moneybookers, Neteller, broker to broker transfers, and FasaPay.

As is standard, withdrawal requests must use the same method as your deposit up to the original amount deposited. After this amount, you can select another withdrawal method from the same options as deposits.

Vantage FX Bonuses

Vantage FX now offers a unique feature that helps active forex traders, an 8.88 percent cash bonus on the account balance. Those who move their account to Vantage FX or sign up for an account will earn an extra 8.88 percent cash bonus in their available balance. Traders get to opt in to receive this 8.88 percent cash bonus and in either case, you get the same trading conditions, without spread markups.

To receive the cash bonus, you just need to meet the minimum monthly trade volume, which depends on your account balance and whether you have a RAW ECN or Standard STP account. Residents of China should note that this interest promotion is not offered in that region.

There is currently a total of eight forex promotions from Vantage FX, including the 8.88 percent cash bonus, forex rebates, Smart Trader Tools, free forex VPS, a 50 percent welcome bonus, email forex signals, the Active Trader Program, and MT4 Indicators.

The forex VPS means that traders do not have to rely on their own internet connection to make trades. The welcome bonus can be up to 50 percent and depends on your initial deposit.

If you deposit $300, you get a bonus of $150, which increases to $200 for deposits of $400 and $250 for deposits of $500. Deposits over $500 also get a bonus of $250.

Vantage FX Forex Rebate Program

With the Vantage FX Forex Rebate Program, clients receive rebates daily in the form of cash that is instantly sent to their MT4 trading account. This program applies to Standard STP Accounts and makes it possible to receive $2.00 AUD for every standard FX lot.

The program is transparent, showing your earned rebates that you can then withdraw or trade whenever you want. To take advantage of the rebate program, you should deposit a minimum of $1,000, which will let you earn as much as 10 percent of the deposit back via rebates.

The rebate program also applies to future deposits higher than $1,000.

Trading Platform

Vantage FX uses the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms, the best-respected and most popular platforms in the world of forex trading. These platforms are available in 32 different languages with 24/5 market hours.

It also includes forex signals and other features. MetaTrader platform is available via desktop downloads for Windows and Mac, mobile applications, and there is also a WebTrader interface if you prefer that.

There is also support for MAM/PAMM, MyFXBook AutoTrade, and ZuluTrade. The Vantage FX MAM/PAMM solution allows for unlimited trading accounts, with an allocation speed of 5 milliseconds per account, multiple allocation methods, partial close orders, Expert Advisors, all trading styles, and other features. Zulu Trade offers social trading and MyFXBook AutoTrade offers automated trading.

Assets Coverage

The focus of Vantage FX is forex trading, where you will find more than 40 forex pairs available, along with the ability to use up to 500:1 leverage.

Vantage FX also offers access to 10 world stock exchange indices with a focus on the most liquid indices and a leverage of up to 200:1.

Commodities trading from Vantage FX includes a maximum volume of 20 lots traded for precious metals, a leverage of up to 100:1 on energy markets, and margins from 1 percent on soft commodities markets.

Those interested in cryptocurrency trading can trade Bitcoin with a leverage of up to 5:1, Bitcoin Cash with a 2:1 leverage and contract volume of 0.01, and Dashcoin with up to 50 contracts per trade. There is also trading for Litecoin, Ripple, and Ethereum.

Finally, you can trade U.S.-listed share CFDs with up to 50 U.S. blue-chip companies, from $6 per trade and a leverage of up to 20:1.

Trading Tools

Vantage FX offers a Smart Trader Tools Package that helps the MT4 platform rival even highly advanced institutional trading platforms available, helping retail traders get the same benefits as institutional traders.

This package includes an Alarm Manager with six types of alarms and alerts via pop-up, email, SMS, and Twitter as well as a Correlation Matrix, Correlation Trader, Excel RTD Link, Market Manager, Mini Terminal, Sentiment Trader, Session Map, and Trade Terminal.

This Smart Trader Tools Package is free for anyone who meets the minimum deposit of $1,000.

Traders can also take advantage of daily forex signals sent right to their inbox thanks to the Vantage FX partnership with Trading Central. This includes Technical Analysis as well as forex signals, with as many as two emails each day covering 70 tradable markets.

You can also view as many as 9 timeframes with up to 3 chart types. The Active Trader Program provides new and existing clients with a cash rebate when they meet the minimum deposit requirement.

Those who opt for ECN trading can take advantage of automated trading, including Expert Advisors. There is also the previously mentioned free forex VPS, so you can ensure your MT4 platform runs 24/7.

The economic calendar from Vantage FX lets you view upcoming events that will impact the market, including their location, the currency affected, and the predicted impact. You can also utilize Client Sentiment indicators.

Are Vantage FX’s Spreads Competitive?

Vantage FX always strives to offer low spreads that are industry leading. This is possible thanks to the number of liquidity providers that Vantage FX works with as well as the fact that feeds come from up to 70 institutions.

  • The typical spreads for Standard STP Accounts are from 1.4 for EUR/USD, from 1.6 for GBP/USD, from 1.4 for AUD/USD, and from 1.5 for USD/JPY.
  • For RAW ECN Accounts, these spreads go from 0.1, 0.6, 0.4, and 0.5, respectively.
  • PRO ECN spreads tend to go from 0.0, 0.5, 0.3, and 0.4, respectively.


Vantage FX provides an extensive selection of educational tools to help forex traders of all skill levels. There is a step-by-step guide for Learn to Trade Forex, including a market overview, market analysis, and trading psychology.

You can also attend one of the broker’s regular webinars that are led by experienced market strategists and professional traders, look at the MT4 user manuals or comprehensive MT4 video tutorials, or view the MT4 SmartTrader Tools videos to make the most of the MT4 SmartTrader Tools Package.

Trading Servers

To help ensure its quick execution times and excellent service, Vantage FX also uses high-end trading servers. The broker has live trading servers in New York and London, allowing easy access to two of the world’s major financial hubs. The trading servers allow for sourcing ECN market liquidity and streaming that liquidity into the MT4 accounts of clients.

The decision of where to place the servers was not taken lightly. Vantage FX dedicated resources and time into researching the location to maximize the advantage of the trading servers for clients. That led to the decision to have the servers in both London and New York.

Vantage FX also constantly works on enhancing its trading network made up of data centers and servers, which includes updates to the physical locations and hardware. This is one of the many ways that Vantage FX aims to maintain its industry-leading position and maximize its strength. Thanks to the carefully planned trading servers, Vantage FX clients can appreciate stable and super-fast trading conditions unlike those from competitors.

Other Technology

Vantage FX also has a strategic partnership with Equinix for a fiber optic network solution that connects its trading servers to the world. That partnership’s fiber-optic network helps guarantee the lightning-fast execution for every trade and gives Vantage FX a further advantage.

The main points of the fiber optic server network are in New York and London, which account for live servers 1 and 2. There are data centers in Sydney, Guangzhou, Kuching, and Tianjin.

Those who are interested in statistics will want to know that Vantage FX is stable at 99.99 percent of MT4 uptime and has improved the execution speed by 78 percent. Vantage FX carefully tested each fiber optic line that connects the servers to ensure minimization of latency. This allows for the quickest execution speeds for every client.

The goal is to make it possible for clients to realize new possibilities, ignite execution speed, and accelerate performance. This is all done with as much as 100 GB/S of bandwidth.

Vantage FX uses a oneZero MT4 Bridge, which is a next-generation price aggregator that connects Vantage FX’s dark liquidity pool with the client’s MT4 platform. This oneZero MT4 Bridge is actually the only existing solution of a technically advanced nature that can handle the vast number of market orders that require execution and do so at high speeds.

Thanks to this technology, Vantage FX can execute as many as 500,000 trades per millisecond and process as many as 150 unique price feeds at speed.

Vantage FX uses Intel Xeon E7 Processors that feature Turbo Boost Technology to ensure the oneZero MT4 Bridge runs at the maximum possible speed. That helps clients receive the quickest access to global markets, with a core speed of 18 and frequency of up to 3.2 GHz.

Vantage FX Partners

Vantage FX has several partners that it maintains and develops relationships with to enhance the offerings and services available to clients. These partnerships are designed to maximize data resources as well as trading methods that are at the disposal of clients.

One of the partners is the previously mentioned oneZero, a partnership that provides Vantage FX with crucial trading technology, including the oneZero MT4 Bridge platform.

This platform has reliable IT infrastructure, reliable technical support, proven liquidity, and a low-latency trading environment. It is fully customized with scaling designed to serve Vantage FX clients via the increase in liquidity options as well as the lightning-fast execution of trades.

With the oneZero Liquidity Bridge, Vantage FX can manage its trading platform via an intuitive front end that offers extensive flexibility in terms of the ways that the broker offers spreads, integrates with post-trade processors, aggregates liquidity, and configures pricing.

Another partner of Vantage FX is MetaQuotes, which was established in 2000 and is a leading forex trading platform provider. This is the company responsible for the immensely popular and useful MetaTrader 4 platform, which has helped it earn the reputation as a leading developer for software applications designed for exchanges, banks, and forex brokers.

This partnership with MetaQuotes lets Vantage FX clients get access to the most popular trading platform solutions. At the same time, it also gives clients the ability to enjoy stable and super-fast access to the MT4 forex trading account that you cannot get with another broker.

Trading Central is another partner of Vantage FX and this company delivers research that combines forex signals, mathematical indicators, and a chartist approach for assessing price targets and directional moves. Its methodology is unique, and a team of trading experts and portfolio management experts manages it.

Trading Central’s methodology is award-winning, supplying complex content and a format that clients find intuitive to understand and implement. This is a useful partnership for Vantage FX clients as the most prestigious financial institutions around the world rely on Trading Central for investment strategies for forex, indices, commodities, and more. Trading Central is also a world-renowned benchmark for Technical Analysis.

Finally, Vantage FX partners with CellXpert, which makes it possible for CPA Partners to make use of the latest marketing tools available. CellXpert lets affiliates of Vantage FX server their ads, manage their campaigns, track conversions, and optimize performance in a single, convenient package. This partnership helps ensure that CPA Partners have all the tools needed to enhance productivity and revenue.

Vantage FX Awards

Over the years, Vantage FX has earned honors around the world from respected publications and organizations for premium level service and vast offerings.

  • Finance Monthly honored Vantage FX as the Financial Trading Service Provider of the Year in 2020 as well as 2020 in its Fintech Awards, showing that the broker not only surpasses the competition but does so consistently.
  • Vantage FX is a true ECN broker, and as such, it takes pride in the awards for ECN brokerage services that it has received. The RAW ECN account from Vantage FX has earned honors for its lowest commissions, most transparent trading conditions, and tightest spreads.
  • The Forex Awards honored Vantage FX with the title of Best ECN Broker 2020, Best IB Broker 2020, and Best Customer Support 2020.
  • The Forex Awards 2020 honored Vantage FX as the Best ECN/STP Broker.
  • The Global 100 2020 honored Vantage FX as the winner.
  • Going back further, in 2020, Vantage FX earned honors from the DealMakers Annual Banking Awards for Best Forex Broker and Forex Execution House South East Asia.
  • The same year, World Finance honored the broker during its Foreign Exchange Awards and the IBTIMES Trading Awards awarded Vantage FX for Best Forex Execution in Asia-Pacific.
  • In 2020, the IBTIME Trading Awards honored Vantage FX with an Excellence Forex Award as a Forex Broker Australia and with a Best Forex honor for Forex Broker South East Asia.
  • Also in 2020, the Smart Investor Blue Ribbon Awards labeled Vantage FX as Recommended for Forex.
  • The broker also was a winner at the 2020 IAIR Awards and a finalist for Best Forex Broker from The Bull.

Vantage FX IB Program

The Vantage FX IB Program stands for Introducing Broker and is designed to help corporate clients and individuals by providing a method of earning revenue of an ongoing nature via client trading activity.

IBs are rewarded with competitive rebates. According to Vantage FX, this broker’s IBs tend to have a greater income than those from other brokers thanks to the award-winning customer service, superior IB infrastructure, transparent IB reporting, and strong brand reputation of Vantage FX.

IB partners can earn rebates on 120 tradable assets and trade on the two most popular platforms, MT4 and MT5.

Vantage FX CPA Affiliates

Becoming a CPA Affiliate is another method of increasing revenue with Vantage FX. Affiliate partners earn commissions on referrals and also receive exclusive access for highly personalized and targeted marketing products.

CPA Affiliates get complimentary access to CellXpert, via the Vantage FX partnership with that state-of-the-art marketing platform. The partnership is available for both corporate clients and individuals worldwide.


Vantage FX is in competition with our similar brokers which have covered before, as follows:

Vantage FX Customer Support

From any page on the Vantage FX website, you can click on the Chat button in the lower right corner of the screen to begin a live chat.

You can also call Vantage FX via the phone number conveniently displayed at the top of any page on the website. Vantage FX also has a support email address. The broker always aims to respond to messages within 24 hours.

For added convenience, there are specific phone numbers for those in Australia, the UK, China, Canada, and International, as well as a fax number.

Additionally, those in Sydney can visit the Vantage FX head office. There is an additional office in Melbourne and both offices have their addresses and phone numbers clearly displayed on the Contact Us page of the Vantage FX website and within your client area.


Vantage FX is an Australian broker that focuses on forex trading but also offers trading of other assets, including cryptocurrencies, share CFDs, indices, and commodities.

This broker is regulated by ASIC and has a strong reputation that should inspire confidence in clients. There are several account options available, including an unlimited demo account that you can use to get a feel for their platform.

Vantage FX have a leverage cap in place at $5000 which might put off larger investors but it does have a low deposit requirement of just $200 which is lower than other brokers of this type. Vantage FX also blocks clients from the USA so customers from there will need to find another broker to accommodate them.

You can have confidence in trading with VantageFX, they are a large established company, well regulated so your funds are safe there.

The range of trading platforms is solid, you can trade on the web, mobile, Meta Trader and ZuluTrade.

Risk Warning : Trading derivatives and forex carries a high level of risk to your capital and should only be traded with money you can afford to lose. Ensure you read the documents on our Legal Page (including FSG, PDSs and Terms & Conditions), and seek independent advice, to fully understand the risks,before deciding to trade. The information in this website is of a general nature only and the advice has been prepared without taking account of your objectives, financial situation or needs.

Standard FX Review: Is A Scam?

FX Pro is without a doubt a big Forex broker that investes a lot of money in marketing and that has a solid presence in the Forex community. They even sponsor a Formula 1 team. FX Pro runs big and aggressive promotions and that’s one of the reasons why they have been growing so fast the last couple of years. But that doesn’t mean that FX Pro is reliable. There are a lot of traders that are not happy with the FX Pro platform and their service.

The biggest and most serious complaint about FX Pro is that they make it hard for you to withdraw your money. You really have to take this seriously because if a broker keeps money in his pockets and won’t let traders withdraw it looks like a scam. Of course, not every trader has problems with withdrawals but not just a few either. If somebody tells you that they manipulate charts then this could be a personal impression that doesn’t have to be true. But withdrawal issues are another story.
But how does FX Pro react when you want to withdraw your earnings? First of all they accept all deposits and don’t make any bigger security checks. But when it comes to withdrawals they want to know everything and receive documents that don’t even exist. For example if you made a deposit 2 years ago and you don’t use this method any more or moved in the meantime then you will have issues with your withdraw. And it’s highly likely they don’t accpet it or you have to fight for your money at least.

However, you can’t prove any scam by FX Pro but we don’t recommend them. Some practices don’t look reliable and just because they invest a lot in marketing doesn’t make them more reliable.

Experiences with FX Pro

Let’s see what other traders think about FX Pro.

I have no doubt that their demo account is different than real money trading. There’s something fishy here. But I have no complaints and my withdrawals have been accepted so far.

I had problems with my credit card deposit. I deposited money but it never reached my account. I had to send lots of documents but without any result. Still can’t find the money in my account and that concerns me.

Great demo account and good support. Can’t say anything about withdrawals so far.

I made some different trades simultaneously from different PCs and there have been major differences. Something is wrong here.

I could not close a position that was very profitable. The trade went in the wrong direction after that and I lost a lot of money. Stay away from this broker.

I experienced major issues with my withdrawal. They just did not accept the documents I sent. They accepted my deposit without thinking about it but didn’t want me to withdraw. Please stay away from them!

I tried to cashout my earnings twice but the money never reached my bank account. They wanted document after document until they found anything wrong (what actually is no biggie) to refuse my withdraw. I gave up. Recommends:

#1: – Millions of traders use this reliable and simple platform. Get your free demo account. Your capital is at risk.
#2: – Reliable FX Broker with EU-offices and very high safety of funds.

The Alternative – Social Trading:

#1: – the world’s leading social investment network. Just copy successful traders with a click of a button and profit. Risk warning: 62% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with eToro.

46 opinions and experiences

I think fxpro receives most part of bad reviews from the amateur traders. Serious advanced traders choose fxpro because this broker is licensed by the most rigorous regulatory authorities in the world and they withdraw profit extremely smooth.

This is a very good broker. Stop complaining. Maybe you never worked with real scams. The services on the quite high level and they often try to develop it. Client support always tries to help and there are no problems with deposits and withdrawals.

FxPro has recently terminated all my active demo accounts and my access to my direct account without previous notice. My account was verified.They said that clients with live accounts had their accounts moved to the new system. I lost all the history of my active demo accounts trading. I do not trust them anymore.

Most people who gave negative review on fxpro, either you are a bad trader, or just BAD TRADER.

Im not from fxpro side, im just a trader who has been with them for a while and im fully satisfied with them.

I would be more than happy to prove im not working with fxpro
This is my mt4 acc
And investor pass tambangea888

Feel free to check the deposit and withdrawals i made. Dont judge a broker easily by saying they are scam if you dont know how to trade properly.

can you contact me then, because i just paid them 250euro and my account has not opened and i keep emailing the agent who i was on the phone to, he is not answering. I even called the HO number and no one answers. I believed I have been scammed.

i am trading fxpro more than 2 years. i lost 40.000 usd. all my trades stop out. after stop out it moves other side. i am sure now they are market makers and they are opposite of their customers.

you can get it back you know?

How can we get back the money?

I don’t know why some people say that they have problems with fxpro. I opened my account more than 2 years ago and I’m still very satisfied with this broker. The broker has never tricked me.

This broker offers very competitive spreads and fees in comparison with other top brokers and there are many account funding options to choose from. Also there is a great range of accounts and trading instruments.

Their educational block is the best that I have seen among brokers in the industry. They provide free and with simple registration demo accounts, fantastic educational library and webinars.

Overall I’m happy with Fxpro. I’ve traded before with a few other companies and had issues with the withdrawals of my funds. This broker is reliable and responsible to its clients. Now I don’t worry about my money.

FXPro is market maker and if they are not then the LP is. IF a LP is a thief market maker and FXpro is watching how the money get stealed from their own costumers and they are happy with this business model. That makes them an accomplish of stealing. You can not say I saw the LP stealing from my costumer.. I provided it for them but I am not guilty of stealing. I am true ecn honestely.. yeah right.That makes them as guilty as the rest of the heartless MM scammers. I enter a trade short breakout nrent oil…goes against me.. quick change it to long ( this was a test by the way to make sure they are MM) and yesss goes against me. spreads jumping. any trade you do it goes against you.. well 7 out of 10. you gain 100 they manipulate 250 against you. I think it is the best way to avoid this kind of company’s and never become a costumer of those anti social people and let them go bankrupt fast. Bankers are the devils friend and those kind of MM helping brokers are their slaves. Because brokers screw their costumers so they will not stay long because of their behavior. If they did a different business model they could actually make money themselves and long term costumers. But for that they are not intelligent enough Costumer are their confict of interest. They hate you but need you to steal your money. Offices in Russia and Cyprus ? Really ?? how trustworthy is that ? We both know what kind of country’s that is. they are on the news many times for fraud. I think they have an office in London just for the looks. regulation, documentation, .. all bullshit manipulation. All of the many MM who deserves to be hunted down to bankrupty and every client they ripped of may kick them until they don’t move anymore.. any MM broker.. my 5 cents thought. They screw you as policy.. payback time. the only what is fxpro, trade like a pro is that those mind sick people there, screw you and steal your money like a pro

I hope there will be found a true ECN broker for normal people with small pocket with only good comments and they get all the clients there is away from the MM and let the MM scam burn in hell forever.. Still looking for true ECN with hones LP. will be difficult I guess. Honest company’s are hard to find. Time for a cleaning inside this business.. So all the honest company’s if you want millions of clients.. show yourself to be honest and you will have millions of clients. And if every clients pay 10 euro a day on commission you will get 10 million a day. but I think it is more commission. So here a good business model I think.

Last comment.. Having an ad about Plus 500 is the same kind of scam brokers like fxpro they trade against you each candlestick. They are one of the worst.

In general, the platform is not bad: interface, analytics, range of tools – all at the highest level. At first I was confused by the long verification. But then I realized that this was done for safety. For the sake of this, you can endure this procedure. I trade both with pc, and with the phone. Withdraw on paypal – the process is smooth.

I’m trading forex with FxPro since 2020 and I like this broker because of their reliability, professional support, free educational materials and training webinars. I have no complaints to execution. The deposits and withdrawals are fast enough. And I enjoy the software they provide for algorithmic trading.

Any Forex broker review and comparison guide that reccommends Plus 500 as number 1 is obviously a huge joke.

Truly safe broker with their own innovate platform. I’ve chosen FxPro as my primary broker a year ago and never regret about this choice. Also I want to add that they provide quite good and professional service and quick deposit/withdrawal process.

I have used FX Pro for three years & no one can ever tell me they are not thieves.
They are the biggest scammers out there.

I have actually been researching their scam to see exactly how they do it & some people who have posted here about their scams are all 100% right.



There is no trader who goes around defending their broker with so much determination as you see from the fake commentators here.

Ask yourself. What does a trader have to lose if his broker is attacked online?
If he is making money, what other traders say about his broker should not bother him.

Remember that FX Pro is a big scammer with a big wallet.
They have people specifically employed to go around sites like this one to defend them.

FX Pro is a dangerous broker with a big marketing budget. You have been warned.

Oh damn. The same thing why are you trying to persuade us so badly. If you are just a trader, what other traders say about his broker should not bother you.
Maybe it’s you specially employed to go around sites like this one to insult FxPro?

Because he wants to hurt just you hurted him

still chasing after them to give me back my money (5400$!!) they was good until 2020 since than they are very high risk bankrupt broker

Oh really? Now we have 2020. They are still working. Me and some of my trader friends have no problems with this broker since start. Where is bankruptcy ? Far away.

I have same trouble also – send them withdrawal requests and they doesn’t answer me after three months. Deposited 32,000 $, and it seems lost till today. I don’t know what to do in this situation, but now trying to contact advocate in this case. I heard that there a lawyers from central Europe and they help people to make withdrawals of their funds in that kind of situations

Good broker with clear reputation. Everything works great. Trading platforms, orders and executions, network connection, money deposits and withdrawals – all go smooth and stable. Spreads are low , slippages are rare. Never had any withdrawal problems. So it’s obviously all you need to trade successfully. Strongly recommended to smart, both experienced and novice traders.

The funny thing is you have not told us a period or type of account which you’re basing your ratings from.

I have used FX Pro for three years extensively on both live & demo accounts specifically to identify their fraudulent operation.

Overwhelming evidence points to a major professional scam in operation aided by a number of UK legal loop holes which Im determined to have changed.

FX Pro also uses a huge marketing budget to perpetuate their scam (a lot of lies to unsuspecting new traders & other traders who fall for their big lie).

The reality is opposite to everything you listed in your comment apart from deposits because I have personally experienced problems with each & every aspect you mentioned.

Of course, there in no issues with deposits & not every trader is going to experience the same thing.

However, the evidence is there starting from their contract where, most importantly, they admit that they are not a real broker.

They also admit that all trades are executed & terminated at FX Pro.
They also admit that no trade is ever taken to the open exchange.

They are counterparts & principle to all CFD trades meaning they are always trading against all their retail clients.

They also admit they only get prices than actual liquidity from liquidity providers.
This clearly means they use their own money in all trades with their clients.

When a trader makes a profit, they lose & when traders lose, they collect all that money as profit. Why would you expect them to allow you to make profits?

It is in their best interest for their clients to lose & they have many clauses in their contract which specifically say they will take “action if a trade is not in their best interest”.
What do you think that means??

They have basically given themselves the legal right to take your money if you happen to be winning more than they are & to silently take your money when you simply cant trade.

However, most of their scam is legal due to a number of legal loopholes but there is one UK law they are breaking & this is where we are going to get them.

They are committing fraud because they are deliberately misrepresenting themselves to their clients as an impartial broker (where they deliberately pass themselves off as a real impartial broker who does not “interfere”) when in reality, all their client’s losses are profits for them & they deliberately sabotage their client’s trades for this reason.

If you’re defending them, they have either not hit you yet or you are on their payroll.

FxPro is a market maker with typical trading conditions, but solid license, that will make you trading more secure, but not easier. A lot of problems with platform, big slippages, poor customer support, all these makes trading crazy. I advise to choose not only regulated brokers, but also ECN, without conflict of interests. If you don’t know what companies to choose, add me in skype, vovkfx, i will help you to solve this problem.

Im sorry what? Problems with platforms? Poor support? Are you sure you wrote your comment about FxPro? Not about any other broker?
Platforms stability and variety, perfect costumer service are one of the main advantages of FXPro. So please stop lying.

Weird that you Herman are so offended by previous comment!

Last year I traded on the FxPro Ctrader. Quite comfortable and modern platform, I satisfied. The UI is convenient for me, there are a lot of tools, good analytics and no requotes. Orders opens and closes immediately. As for me, Fxpro provides quite honest and qualified service.

Big and reliable broker, but crazy slippages and slow execution make trading unreal. Yes, it’s called ECN, but still conditions are awful. CS is also very slow, so you will be alone. If you want to trade with solid broker and get good trading conditions, I can help. Just add me on skype – vovkfx.

Well. I strongly disagree with you. In my case executions are instant. Didn’t notice any “crazy” slippages. Only regular ones. Its impossible to trade on real market without them at all. So you are just unlucky and have technical issues from youк side or this is fake review.

I registered FxPro account in 2020 and still trade with them. I didn’t have any problems with customer service, execution or withdrawals. I think many traders try to blame brokers for their own mistakes. It will be better for them to read rules carefully and learn more about volatility and buy/sell stops and limits.

Totally agreed. My experience shows me its impossible to reach success in this business without fails at start, And its up to you how you manage it. You can get it right and fix your possible mistakes in future. Or you can blame everyone around you. Especially your broker. I have only good stories with FxPro.

I like FxPro, because it is very universal broker. They provide a wide range of services and can offer something interesting for every trader. And there are no limits in trading styles. The platforms and customer support are very qualitative. And it is very convenient for mobile trading. I work with this broker and recommend it to my friends.

am new and i fear already……i will shift to another broker.

When I started on FX, I tried to trade with a few brokers, but after 3 years of experience, only FxPro is still in my list. Only this company never betrayed me, and I have never had problems with withdrawals.

Quite good and reliable broker. During my work with them I have black stripes as well as white stripes, but I have no any claims to FxPro. Working conditions are very good.

yes same here most of the time thay trade against you to the point of you might a well go and buy a scratch card. you got more chance of makeing money that way f know how there in business

FX Pro is definitely one of the most dangerous brokers to trade live with.

I have used the broker for two solid years & I noticed within a few days that something was not right with their platforms.

The biggest scam about this broker is their claim that they get liquidity from certain liquidity providers.
The reality is they only get prices from liquidity providers which they then feed into their platforms.
FX Pro then provides the liquidity which their unsuspecting clients trade with.

They are not connected in any way to any real market in any way shape or form.
Basically, FX Pro is a market maker & their retail contract although written to confuse the reader, states that you trade in a FX Pro market & there is actually no real market. They are the main counter party & principle to all your trades.

It means when you trade on FX Pro platforms, they are trading against you.
This is in their ‘colorfully’ worded contract -which they know most people dont actually read.

You need to read it word by word to basically decode what they mean.
Their entire scam is all there (possibly as a legal requirement) but which they try to hide with lots of confusing terminology.
Their contract also takes away ALL client’s legal rights by the way.

As one person has pointed out above, it is true that your trades will be manipulated so that you lose. I have seen all sorts of tricks they play & I would need a good amount of time & space to list & breakdown exactly how they scam their retail clients.

They have invested a lot into algorithms specifically for this purpose. Trading with them is just as good as playing chase with a computer.

Withdraws are also a big problem with this broker.
I initially did not have a problem with all the small withdrawals I requested & my money usually arrived in my account within three days until I started making bigger profits.

When I asked them, they would tell me all sorts of excuses for weeks.
I stopped trading with them & my money arrived weeks later.

I got the sense, this is just a way to frustrate profitable trades away.
They dont expect you to withdraw your money once you deposit it & if you start making more withdrawals, it means you’re not bringing them profits & you have to go.

As someone else pointed out in the above comments, their spread will stretch to either stop you out at a loss or stride your Take Profit line with the ask line & bid line on both sides of the TP. This way, the trade does not close because both ask & bid line need to cross the TP line.
It will remain striding the TP line with only the ask line moving with the price while the bid line remains behind striding the TP. Only if the volume is high enough will the bid line finally cross the TP to give you a profit.

You therefore can not place a trade & go away to find a profit waiting for you on your return. You have to sit there & watch every move otherwise you will hardly make any profit.

If you try to close a wining trade, the platform may freeze or show a dialogue window saying “Invalid”. You then have to close this dialogue window to try again & by that time, the price may have moved back into negative.

Also, if you try to hedge a trade, the rates will differ on each side to the point where every move the price makes in whichever direction will result in a small loss. If it keeps moving, you keep losing more. Whichever way the price goes results in a loss to your trade.

I suggest anyone who wants to trade with them to first read their contract word by word to make sure you actually understand what is clearly written to confuse the reader.

The only thing I can recommend about FX Pro is their demo accounts which do not expire & you can open as many as you want for as long as you want. BUT never ever trade live with them, you will lose all your money either in their phony markets or when you try to withdraw it.

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