Review- The Bad & Ugly Revealed- Shoptimized Scam

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Contents Review- The Bad & Ugly Revealed- Shoptimized Scam

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eCom Turbo Review: Best Shopify Theme For Dropshipping?

Hey, Drew here for yet another Franklin Hatchett product review. This time it’s for his eCom Turbo Theme for Shopify, which is perfect for dropshipping sites but is it right for you? [Updated for 2020]

Perhaps you have a theme right now from Shopify which is one of the free themes and you think it’s time for a change. Or perhaps your site is too ugly, slow or just sucks.

You’re probably losing conversions and leaving money on the table for many reasons with just a free theme. In this review we will see if eCom Turbo can help you make more money for a more successful business.

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Disclosure: Drew’s Review is supported by my readers. A purchase from a link may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. Learn more

Ecom Turbo was created by Franklin Hatchett and as you may know he is an avid dropshipper and even has his own course called eCom Elites which you may well be aware of already.

He noticed a big hole with the Shopify themes out there, and that was conversions.

If you have an ugly site, or a site that looks bad functionally and loads slowly in both desktop and mobile, then you are literally losing potential sales here.

When you look at Ecom Turbo VS other themes like Booster Theme, Shopify Booster and Shoptimized, you’ll find that there are lot of similarities but Ecom Turbo is cheaper VS these other themes.

So what do you do to decrease your bounce rate? Get a theme that looks great and functions well. eCom Turbo is designed for one thing – conversions. If you are not in the dropshipping game for conversions then you might as well pack it up right now.

I went ahead and bought eCom Turbo and here is a screen shot of the members area. This is not just a theme. You get full training from the man himself! Just look at all the content.

Inside the Members Area

The content is hosted on Kajabi which is an excellent platform in terms of functionality and speed. This is where you will download the theme and get your training on how to use it.

The training is regularly updated when needed, along with the theme to keep up with industry demands.

What you see here is just the first page of training, there’s 3 of them with 27 videos of instruction on how to use the theme to it’s full potential.

You’ll know how to set this theme up perfectly with this training!

Ok, so now you can see that when you purchase the theme you aren’t left in the cold without any help. As always Franklin provides huge value with his products and always over-delivers. I’ve bought many themes in the past and never was there a members area like this!

Features of the Theme That I Like:

Fast Load Times in Both Mobile & Desktop

Whether you know this or not, page loading time is a ranking factor in Google and now for 2020, the same goes for Facebook.

But besides that, if your site doesn’t load quick, you’re going to lose customers. They will get deterred and leave. eCom Turbo addresses this issue with super fast load speeds in both desktop and mobile.

Scarcity Timer & More

You probably have seen the apps available that you need to pay for to get a scarcity timer. Well it’s included here. Also included is a “left in stock” option to provide an additional layer of scarcity and instill a sense of urgency.

You can save up to $10 a month with the apps included in eCom Turbo considering these are paid apps in the app store.

One way to maximize sales is to include a “related items” feature whenever a customer commits to buy one of your products. You’ll need to pony up another $5 to $10 bucks for this PER MONTH in the app store.

eCom Turbo does this for FREE – no monthlies! If Amazon does it. So should you. And you don’t have to pay for this feature! Love it.

Coupon Code Upsells

Another app that is available for purchase in the app store is included FREE with eCom Turbo.

If a customer leaves, entice them with a coupon. Not only that, you’ll be able to capture their email address as well. Double whammy.

Have you tried to customize your footer? With the regular Shopify themes it’s almost impossible and admittedly you can have Shopify support do this for you as they have done for me in the past but it never looks how I want it.

With Franklin’s theme it’s all customizable – if that’s a word. ��

Currency Converter

A recent addition to eCom Turbo is an option to include a currency converter on your store.

If your currency of choice is not included you can even request this in the Facebook group and Franklin will add it. Full training on setting this up is included as well.

Trust Badges

Through testing, Franklin has discovered the best area for your trust badges and he includes this in the training.

Trust badges can be instantly uploaded for all your products and shows you where it should be and why, for maximum conversions.

Building trust with your customers is a crucial element for conversions and you want to do this right and seem authentic at the same time.

These are just some of the features of eCom Turbo. There’s actually more than I mentioned, I just happen to love these ones.

So, Should You Buy eCom Turbo?

If you haven’t figured out yet that eCom Turbo is going to save you money by eliminating all those pesky monthly app charges, then I don’t know what to say! Here’s the thing. You can keep your theme as it is and never know if eCom Turbo will work for you or not.

Or, you can take the plunge starting at only $97, when some of the premium Shopify themes cost over $180 (and some suck if you ask me) and see what it will do for you.

The cost can easily be justified especially if you are paying monthly for some of the apps that are in the app store. There are other good premium themes out there but this one is so far the cheapest and does basically the same thing as the higher priced ones.

I’ve reviewed some of the best premium themes so you can have a better idea of the price points of the various themes.

My Ecom Turbo Review On Youtube

Here I walk you through the members area of Ecom Turbo. I take you inside the theme training area where you’ll see all the amazing training that you will get.

Once you’re done with training, there will be no questions unanswered on what to do should you get lost. If you do, full support is available as well.

In short, you’re in good hands with this theme and it’s not one of those products where you buy it and are left alone on how to figure it all out

Remember – eCom Turbo is designed for conversions! YOU need conversions or you have no business!

The Cons?

I found that when updating the theme you have to update the entire site again, a bit of a pain but not a huge deal. Things like Facebook bot integrations, one click upsells and custom page layouts are missing but I am sure this will be addressed in the future.

The Guarantee

Franklin’s a stand up guy. If you are not satisfied with this theme you can get a refund after trying it out for 14 days.


If you’re stuck and need help, full support is available. I sent a ticket for a question recently and got an answer in just a few hours.

My Final Thoughts

You’re here because you are looking to improve the look and functionality of your store and get better conversions right? The other Shopify themes are NOT created by marketers.

If you ask me, Franklin is a marketing genius. He originally created this theme for himself because he knew what was lacking in the marketplace. Imagine what this could do for you and your store!

Many people that have his eCom Elites course have also bought this theme. Why would you not emulate a successful marketer and implement what works? Something to think about.


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Shoptimized Theme Review 2020 – Is It The Best Shopify Theme for High Ticket Drop Shipping?

Are you looking for the Best Shopify Theme for High Ticket Drop Shipping?

Are you driving traffic to your site but not converting those leads? If you’re looking to make more sales, then the Shoptimized theme might be for you. Shopify has tons of great free and premium themes in their theme store, but none match the Shoptimized theme in its feature-rich environment and ability to close sales consistently. Find out why I love the Shoptimized theme and use it in my Shopify stores to increase my conversion rate.

Shoptimized Theme Review

There are many amazing benefits of using this theme. It incorporates many of the conversion optimizations present on eCommerce websites like eBay, Amazon, and even information product websites like ClickFunnels.

Many of the optimization features are on the product page, but more are found throughout the theme like the cart page, homepage, and even the blog and article pages.

Click here to see the Shoptimized theme

>> Get 20% Off The PRO Package with code PARADISE20

Features and Benefits of Using the Shoptimized Theme for your Shopify High Ticket Drop Shipping Store

Urgency – countdown timer on the product page

This is an awesome feature that pulls the urgency sales trigger during the product/store evaluation process the customer goes through while shopping your website. Using this countdown timer in conjunction with an expiring coupon code, however, can double it’s perceived realism on the customer’s mindset.

The scarcity of remaining stock

Putting scarcity into your product pages is one of the best sales motivators you can have. If something is running out of stock, chances are your potential customers don’t want to miss out on a great deal and will place their order now rather than waiting and taking the chance that it won’t be available when they come back to order later. Amazon uses this on their website all the time when items are running low in stock. The Shoptimized theme helps you mimic this with a quantity remaining bar showing how many are left or how many have sold.

Shipping Time Estimator

The one thing a customer wonders more than anything else when they make a purchase online is when they will receive the product. Estimated delivery is built into the theme so you can set your customers at ease.

Email Pop-Up

The Shoptimized theme has an email pop-up built into the theme so you don’t have to pay for an email pop-up service at all if you don’t want to.

Sold in last 24-hours

This is an epic feature of the Shoptimized theme. This is very similar to the feature on eBay as seen here:

Marketing Integrations

The theme actually allows you to insert your marketing integration codes directly into the theme customization settings so you don’t have to dig into the code yourself.


The lowest price guarantee or a satisfaction guarantee is an excellent way of using risk-reversal to enable your potential customer to complete their purchase with peace of mind that they won’t find a better deal anywhere else after their purchase. The Shoptimized premium Shopify theme has this feature built into it.

Value Proposition

This feature is on the product page and is included with the theme. Each value proposition adds value to the customer’s experience with your brand and makes it more likely they will choose to do business with you rather than the competition.

Video Embedding

This feature is available near the bottom of the home page and is an excellent place to add your brand’s “why buy from us?” video and also a video compilation of customer testimonials.

Sell Personalized Products Without The Need For Costly Apps

The new version of the Shoptimized theme has product options built into the product page so you don’t have to pay for an expensive product options app to offer cross-sells like accessories with your main offers.


The Shoptimized theme comes standard with a built-in mega menu, making it the perfect Shopify theme for small and large high ticket drop shipping stores alike.

Header Area

The header area of the Shoptimized theme is optimized for transparency. It includes a big, bold phone number area with hours of operation, a search box, and the logo. The top stripe has important links and a promotional section on the left.

Built-in Social-Proof Pop-Up

The social-proof pop-up in the lower left-hand corner you see on many top high ticket drop shipping sites these days costs money to implement with a premium Shopify app, however, this feature is built into the Shoptimized theme.

Live Traffic Count

This is another great social proof feature build into the theme making it even better for making people believe theirs on an eCommerce site that has a line out the door.

Upsell Pop-up

There is a great up-sell pop-up built into the theme that you can activate and add your accessories to your main offers to increase your revenue.

Fully Customizable Call-to-Action Button

You can change the look and feel of the add to cart button and even make it go straight to checkout. This might be a good idea depending on your niche.

Cart Page Urgency

This feature costs money via Shopify apps, but it’s built into the Shoptimized theme and helps push people through your sales funnel in a hurry from the cart page to the checkout page.

Product Badging

The badge in the upper-left hand corner of every product is customizable using product tagging in Shopify. You can make the badges say On Sale, Best Seller, New Arrival, and many other things. This helps to make certain products stand out and is similar to what Amazon does with their best seller and Amazon’s Choice badges.

Awesome Support

I’ve personally made use of the Shoptimized theme support many times and found them to be super helpful. They have a support desk where you can file a ticket and they will ask for access to your store to update the theme. Certain adjustments require custom coding and you must pay more for that, but otherwise, most adjustments are free of charge.

I’ve found the Shoptimized theme to load much faster than other themes even though it has so many features. This is thanks to the unique coding structure of the theme. It’s pretty sweet if I don’t say so myself!

Shoptimized Theme Examples

I recommend getting the starter package if you’re just starting out and have only one store, but if you have multiple stores then I highly recommend the 3 license or 10 license packages. Check out the demo of the Shoptimized theme before you buy.

Update August 2020: New Shoptimized Theme Version 5.0 Released

It’s official! The brand new Shoptimized theme has been released. This new theme has some awesome new features that I’m excited to cover in my upcoming High-Ticket Drop Shipping Masterclass V2.0 by showing how to set the theme up for a real-world case study high ticket drop shipping eCommerce store.

The good news is that if you buy the theme through my link you get access to the original version of the theme and the new version!

Watch my video review of the new Shoptimized Theme V5.0

Click here to buy the Shoptimized theme now

>> Get 20% Off The PRO Package with code PARADISE20

Trevor Fenner

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Hey there! I’m Trevor, the Founder of eCommerce Paradise. I have been an Entrepreneur since a young kid and I’ve been selling things online with eCommerce since 2005, and I’ve been doing High-Ticket Drop Shipping since 2020. I’m an internet marketer, YouTuber, podcaster, digital nomad, and world traveler. I have lots of hobbies including spending time with my girlfriend, Skateboarding, Surfing, Scuba Diving, Photography, Tattoos, Animals. I’m currently based in Bali, Indonesia.

AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: Some of the links on this page are affiliate referral links. I will get a commission from the vendor when you make a purchase after clicking them at no added cost to you. As a result, many of them also provide you with a special discount just for using my link. You can go directly to their support if you have any issues with their software or product.

Shoptimized Theme Review V5.0 – Best Shopify Theme for High Ticket Drop Shipping

NEW Shoptimized Theme Review V5.0 – Best Shopify Theme for.

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The 3 sample stores above are they your stores or your students? Very nice looking stores.

Shoptimized Theme Review — Is It The Best Shopify Theme for High Ticket Drop Shipping?

I am going to talk about the best Shopify theme for conversion rate optimization. There is one theme that’s been custom developed specifically to optimize your website for conversion rates, and it is called Shoptimized. Just go to, you will be able to check out their website and see all the cool things that they’re theme does for customers.

Conversion Boosting Features

Conversion Boosting Feature #1

Urgency with countdown timer

It’s a known psychological fact that the fear of losing something is far more motivating than the prospect of gaining something. If your product is only available for a limited time or you have a special offer that ends soon, it’s a fantastic leverage tool to get people to act now.

Shoptimized lets you simply add a tag to whichever products you want to display a countdown timer for. Choose the number of days or hours that the timer will count down from. It even automatically resets when it reaches zero. This means you can set it and forget it.

Conversion Boosting Feature #2

Scarcity with remaining stock

It’s a known psychological fact that the fear of losing something is far more motivating than the prospect of gaining something. If your product is only available for a limited time or you have a special offer that ends soon, it’s a fantastic leverage tool to get people to act now.

Shoptimized lets you simply add a tag to whichever products you want to display a countdown timer for. Choose the number of days or hours that the timer will count down from. It even automatically resets when it reaches zero. This means you can set it and forget it.

Conversion Boosting Feature #3

To better serve your international customers, recognize which country they are visiting from to personalise their shopping experience.

Conversion Boosting Feature #4

It’s no secret that international customers are proven to convert better when they view your products in their own currency. Because of this, we’ve added currency conversion natively in the app saving you at least $120 per year on an app subscription.

Conversion Boosting Feature #5

Shipping Time Estimator

User testing has proven that “When will I receive my order?” is one of the biggest questions a shopper has. No other theme allows you to give estimated delivery dates.

Conversion Boosting Feature #6

Collecting emails is key to growing your business with email marketing. This pop-up helps you collect emails so you can build a relationship with your customers and make more sales.

Conversion Boosting Feature #7

We’ve made it ridiculously easy for you to add the javascript code snippets from some of the most popular tools we use to grow our Shopify stores.

No need to get your developer involved, simply copy and paste the code into the relevant field in your theme settings and that’s it!

Conversion Boosting Feature #8

A weak guarantee is the fastest way to turn off would-be customers. And what’s worse is forcing customers to hunt around for the information on it before they buy.

It’s an essential part of your unique value proposition so we’ve put it prominently in the footer so visitors can get the reassurance they need before they checkout.

Conversion Boosting Feature #9

You can’t afford to assume your visitors already know why they should buy from you. You need to set yourself apart from your competition and one of the best ways of doing this is telling them why you’re better than the rest.

And the best time to tell them why is just when they’re about to commit to buying. So we’ve added ‘Reasons Why’ icons under the ‘Add to Cart’ button and also on the cart page itself.

You can choose from our template icons or load your own.

Conversion Boosting Feature #10

It’s no secret that product videos increase conversions so we’ve made it easy for you to add your videos alongside your product images (instead of embedding them in the description like most themes force you to do).

We’ve also added a place where you can add videos to the footer so you can tell your story and reinforce your unique value proposition. (You can turn this feature off at the click of a button if you’re not ready to get in front of the camera just yet.)

Conversion Boosting Feature #11

Sell Personalized Products Without The Need For Costly Apps

It’s no secret that selling personalized/customizable items increases conversions compared to non-customizable items. It also means you can charge higher prices too.

The Shoptimized Theme has product customization features built-in. Saving you $180 per year on an equivalent app.

Conversion Boosting Feature #12

The Baymard Institute’s research into top performing e-commerce stores found that those that perform best consistently use a mega-menu. It makes sense that when users can see the entire landscape of what you have to offer in one vista, they’re more likely to find their way to products that they will buy.

With Shoptimized you can customize the mega-menu to suit your niche and range of products making it easy for your visitors to find and buy your products.

Only have a handful of products? That’s cool, you can switch the mega-menu off and stick to traditional navigation until your range grows big enough.

Conversion Boosting Feature #13

Conversion-Optimized Header Area

Your header is hands-down the most important piece of real estate in your store. It sets the tone for your brand and it’s the most visually consistent element. Because of this fact, you have to make every pixel in your header earn its place.

That’s why we’ve made it customizable in 8 crucial ways.

  • Built-in ‘Hello bar’ lets you announce special offers like free shipping or flash sales.
  • Add a strapline under your logo and test different value propositions to find out what brings you the highest conversions.
  • Split navigation: Baymard Institute recommends an upper and a lower navigation for maximum usability. Use the upper navigation for your customer support links like about us, contact us, order tracking and FAQ’s. Use the lower to fast-track your visitors to your products.
  • Promo /Deal of the Day banner: Use this as an additional way to promote offers or your deal of the day site-wide.
  • Prominent search: It’s a proven fact that visitors who use your internal site search are up to 3 times more likely to convert than those that don’t. Most sites inadvertently camouflage their site search costing them precious conversions. With Shoptimized, yours will never be missed. You can also customise the prompt text in the search field to encourage more searches by using persuasive copy.
  • Phone number: Having a phone number displayed on your store is a massive factor in building trust, whether visitors actually call you or not, it’s a reassurance they need to spend their money with you.
  • Mega-menu: As recommended by The Baymard Institute, a mega-menu is essential for usability and conversion when you have several categories and multiple products. See above for more info.
  • Sticky Header: A study by Smashing Magazine found that sticky navigation bars allowed users to find what they were looking for 22% faster. Since mobile users are looking for immediate results and quick access to key data, 22% faster navigation is a big deal. Furthermore, the same study found that an incredible 100% of participants preferred sites with sticky navigation bars, despite often not knowing why.

Conversion Boosting Feature #14

Built-in Social-Proof Pop-Up

Like persuasion expert, Dr Cialdini says, people will do things that they see other people are doing. It’s a fundamental of human persuasion, so we built in a notification pop-up that randomly displays sales from your store. If your prospects see a buying frenzy, they’re more likely to join in.

Conversion Boosting Feature #15

Free Shipping Bar

A lack of free shipping will turn your customers away in droves and adding a free shipping threshold is a proven way to increase your average order value. Our free shipping bar also integrates with the built-in upsell pop-up to encourage shoppers to spend more.

Conversion Boosting Feature #16

Your average order value is a critical factor in whether your ad campaigns make money hand over fist, or are losing you money.

This built-in upsell pop-up lets you bump up your average order value by encouraging customers to buy more than one item. It’s simple and effective.

Third party apps that do this are notorious for slowing your site down and killing conversions.

Conversion Boosting Feature #17

Fully Customizable Call-to-Action Button

Getting visitors to add an item to the cart is everything when they land on your product pages, if your button is camouflaged or hidden by clutter, your sales will suffer.

We make it easy for you to test different button sizes, colours and call-to-action text. This way you can find the sweet spot that pulls in the maximum profits.

Conversion Boosting Feature #18

Cart Page Urgency

As legendary copywriter Gary Bencivenga says “In most people, the fear of loss is a much stronger motivator than the desire for gain”. So by making users feel that the deal they want is going to go away, you can create a sense of urgency. That’s why we added an optional countdown timer on the cart page to help motivate users to complete their checkout.

Conversion Boosting Feature #19

The amount of money you’re able to extract from each customer will make or break your e-commerce business. That’s why our cross-sell pop-up helps your customers quickly add relevant products to their cart to increase your average order value.

And because it’s built-in you’ll no longer need a costly and slow-loading third-party app to help you bank more profit.

Conversion Boosting Feature #20

Many of our theme users asked if we could create a way to skip the cart entirely from the funnel, this reduces friction and often increases conversions. We’ve made it super-easy for you to choose what converts best for your store with 5 options for what happens when someone adds an item to their cart:

  • Skip Cart — go directly to checkout
  • Slide Out Cart
  • Pop-Up Modal
  • Redirect to Cart Page
  • Dropdown confirmation

Conversion Boosting Feature #21

This is a key merchandising feature to help highlight items on sale or with free shipping that e-commerce platforms like Monetate charge $30k per year for. We’ve included it for free.

Conversion Boosting Feature #22

Free + Shipping (Tripwire) Offers

It’s no secret that free + shipping offers or “tripwire” offers are a surefire way to rapidly acquire new customers and gain market share. You can now have dedicated call-to-action buttons for your Free + Shipping offers.

Conversion Boosting Feature #23

Improving the user experience of your Shopify store helps channel visitors to your product pages and buy. Our easy to use product filter helps visitors find exactly what they’re shopping in no time.

Conversion Boosting Feature #24

Site Search Auto-Complete

Auto-complete on your Shopify store’s site search helps users to find their way to your products more easily. This plays a huge role in boosting your conversions because according to research from WebLinc, visitors who use your site search are 216% more likely to convert than regular visitors.

Conversion Boosting Feature #25

Volume Purchase Social-Proof

Telling your shoppers how many other customers bought more than 1 of an item helps encourage people to buy in bulk. This catapults your average order value into the stratosphere.

Conversion Boosting Feature #26

Grabbing abandoners’ attention with a last-minute discount offer is a proven way to capture more sales. Offer a percentage discount or money off. We’ve also included an optional countdown timer to leverage urgency/scarcity.

Conversion Boosting Feature #27

Sticky Add-to-Cart Button

Never let your call-to-action button be out of sight on your product pages. As soon as your visitors are persuaded to buy the add-to-cart button is right there for the easy clicking.

Conversion Boosting Feature #28

“Dynamic Day” Cart Coupon

A surprise discount leverages the proven principle of reciprocity and helps make shoppers commit to buy. Add in urgency/scarcity by making it valid for that day only and your conversions sky-rocket.

Conversion Boosting Feature #29

Instant Coupon Code Delivery

What’s the point forcing someone to leave your site the check their emails for a coupon code? You risk them getting distracted by another email and blowing the sale. As soon as someone enters their email address, their discount code is revealed so they can use it to checkout straight away.

You Get All These Conversion-Boosting Features Plus Heroic Support, 7-Days A Week

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