Toomine Review Is Scam Or Legit

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    Recommended Only For Experienced Traders! SCAM or LEGIT? [SOLVED-SCAM]

Тему создал/а teminalibug, October 7, 2020 in Trading

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    DS Domination Review. Scam or Legit?

    Melissa Troupe

    Published on Dec 19, 2020

    A 2020 review of DS Domination. What is DS Domination? Is now the time to join? Can the compensation plan be trusted?

    At Home Income Package. Is this legit or another scam?

    Product: At Home Income Package
    Overall Ranking: 5 out of 100 or 0.25/5 stars
    Price: $97

    At Home Income Package (AHIP) want us to believe that they are helping people all over the world to make up to $379 per week. The truth is this website wants to make money and it’s the newcomers who are searching for ways to make money online who will pay the price.

    This review is in fact 2 reviews in one: At Home Income Package and Online Income Solution

    As you can see both sites have an identical sales page, everything is the same except the price.

    Even the testimonials are from the same fictitious people.

    What is At Home Income Package?

    AHIP is a program where they will teach you how to make money online. You are expected to sign up for the program without really knowing what you will be doing or what is involved. You see some fake testimonials saying it’s possible to earn more than $300 per week and that’s about it.

    However, they do explain what you will not be doing.

    Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:

      The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
      Perfect For Beginners and Middle-Leveled Traders!
      Free Education.
      Free Demo Account.
      Get Your Sign-Up Bonus Now!

    • BINOMO

      Recommended Only For Experienced Traders!

    When you see a program that doesn’t explain how you will be making your money, promises good earnings with very little work you can be sure it’s a scam.

    To avoid these scams always do your research before giving your credit card details.

    Who is it for?

    The At Home Income Package is aimed at anyone who wants to work from home and make some money.

    Of course, if you sign up for this program the only people who will earn any money are the owners.

    How does it work?

    You are told that if you can drive traffic to some of the 10,000’s of companies that sell products or services online you can earn a commission. In other words, you will be doing affiliate marketing.

    Affiliate marketing is when a business rewards an affiliate for bringing customers to their website. The customers must complete a purchase before the affiliate earns any commission.

    At Home Income Package say they will teach all you need to know to get started in this lucrative market.

    Another misleading statement on their sales pages says “you can start making money today” This is clearly not possible. Affiliate marketing isn’t simple, it’s a lot of work and can take a long time before you may have any sales and commissions.

    Red Flags

    On the At Home Income Package, there are a number of warning signs that should raise red flags.

    • you are not told how you will be earning money
    • use of trusted company logos to instill confidence – there is a disclaimer in very small print, in a color that is difficult to read saying that they are not endorsed by the brands shown on the website
    • non-clickable security seals (VeriSign & MacFee) – these are worthless
    • voted No.1 by many top publications – clearly false
    • a screenshot of a member’s earnings – many scam sites use this strategy
    • free 1 on 1 training – if it’s true this could be good but can be used to pressure you into buying another product
    • they give you the impression that there only a few limited places available
    • discounted price – yet another sales tactic to make you think you are getting a great deal
    • complicated refund policy
    • fabricated testimonials

    If you are new to seeking an income online and you see a company using these tactics steer clear.

    What does Scamadviser say?

    I checked on and this is part of their information on AHIP. As you can see this confirms all the other scam warnings.

    Pros & Cons


    • The only positive point is the 60-day money back guarantee (even that isn’t straightforward see more below)


    • False promises of earnings
    • High-pressure sales tactics
    • You have very little idea of what you will be doing before you sign up
    • No or very little support
    • Plus all the other red flags noted above

    Tools and training

    These are the tools and training you allegedly receive.

    Free 1 on 1 training sounds good but beware. They might use this to pressure you into signing up for yet another scam. If you think they are just after you money hang up. Here’s an article from the FTC about online business coaching scams.

    Automated money making website – if these exist please let me know I would love to try one.


    If you need help you can send them an email, but probably will never get an answer.

    How much does it cost?

    The program costs a one-off payment of $97, which considering what you are getting isn’t cheap. It is possible to find genuine programs that are ready to give you a free trial.

    Refund policy

    Even the refund policy isn’t completely clear. At Home Income Package offers the ClickSure 60-day money back guarantee.

    Nonetheless, there are a few conditions you need to meet:

    • you must have been in contact with their support team asking for assistance if required
    • submitted your refund request within 60 days after your purchase
    • you must provide a valid reason for making your refund request within 60 days of purchase

    With a good refund policy, you shouldn’t have to give any reason.

    As far as I can see if you are not happy with the program you should cancel within 5 days to be sure to get your money back. They don’t actually debit your credit card until 5 days after your purchase. AHIP says this is to allow you time to receive and have a good look through the product. If you are not happy and you cancel within 5 days your card will not be charged. Should you cancel after 5 days you will have to go through the refund process.

    My final opinion

    After reading this review you should be in no doubt that At Home Income Package is a scam along with the other program Online Income Solution. They can’t even be bothered to make two different sales pages. More or less everything is fake or false: fake testimonials, fake endorsements, false earning statements and a misleading guarantee.

    Make sure you stay well away from these products.

    If you are new to internet marketing you must never trust any product that tells you that you are going to make money easily and with very little effort. These are typical promises that appeal to our human nature, don’t believe them they are just not true. Earning money online takes time and hard work.

    Nonetheless, there are some genuine programs where it is possible to get some good reliable training and learn how to earn money online. Although these programs are quite rare, my #1 recommendation Wealthy Affiliate teaches you honest procedures to build an internet marketing business. You receive step by step training that is easy to follow and you can even get started with a free trial.

    Verdict: Scam

    Below is a comparison chart showing what Wealthy Affiliate offers in contrast to what is offered from At Home Income Package.

    I hope you have enjoyed this review and if you have any experience with At Home Income Package it would be good to have your comments.


    Fighting online scams since 2020

    TRANSPARENT SCAM: Toomine review

    We explain in this review that Toomine is an investment scam scheme that you should avoid.

    Toomine is supposed to be a mining company. This means that it should have computers that are used to mine cryptocurrencies.

    This mining activity is supposedly so profitable that you can get a share, up to 5.5% per day on your investment. Does it sound real?

    Toomine scam

    The reality is that there is absolutely no way to make 5.5% per day in crypto mining. The truth is that mining costs are high and crypto prices low, so crypto mining is barely profitable this year.

    This means that any mining program with generous awards like Toomine is a scam, there is no other way.

    There really is nothing more to say about it, you have to accept reality, there is no way to make this kind of money in crypto mining.

    Toomine is just a Ponzi scheme, it might redistribute some of the money that got into the system through deposits, but it is doomed to fail, because there is no real value generating business activity going on.


    Toomine is a scam, it is not a mining service, stay away from it!

    If you are interested in making money with cryptocurrencies, try trading, you can start on a free demo to see how it works.

    There is no legit program that can make you several percent per day on autopilot.

    Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:

      The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
      Perfect For Beginners and Middle-Leveled Traders!
      Free Education.
      Free Demo Account.
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    • BINOMO

      Recommended Only For Experienced Traders!

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